Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gaia ... Wannabe Wang-kar of the Month

This month's award winner and recipient of our ire and vitriol, is Gaia (yes he's a bloke and German too!) and not forgetting his dreadful girlfriend, an evil variation on the Deutsche ice maiden theme.

Gaia's lineage descends from short-ass troll Isaac Shapiro (who is actually more famous for beating up his ex-wife's lover in Lucknow than his so called spiritual teaching. Last time Shapiro was in Tiru 3 years ago, he got an invite to see Kalki and became a deeksha junkie and has never been back since).

We don't know anyone who has actually been to Gaia's satsang but he's put a lot of colour posters up and has stacked up lots of pamphlets which look lonely and forlorn in internet cafe entrances. His girlfriend is a real deal über bitch who wears her attitude like a strap-on at a dyke's orgy and that's when she's being nice! She must have been spawned from the same alien pod that Benita and Katrina Von Sass slimed out of (they're the 2 spoilt harridans who turned John de Ruiter into such a polygamous figure of fun!) His retreats look like a barrel of laughs too as punters can and I quote: "Deeply give your attention to ESSENCE for a few days, this is supported by ESSENCIAL healing (is this a German pun?) and Feldenkrais! Retreats take place in specially chosen seminar houses with WEALTHY food and nice atmosphere!" We suspect this means that Madam will have ethnically cleansed all the smelly poor people in the vicinity, using their bones as fertiliser for her rather splendid flower arrangements!

Gaia please, we have enough idiots selling bullshit in Tiru already. There is no job vacancy ... Do us all a favour and bugger off back to the Fatherland and take your harpy with you too!


  1. This is just the kind of nice young man in town we want. He patently ignores everyone and snarls behind their backs and his nice, beautiful young lady trots off into the distance without even a backward glance bearing malice for everyone she sees. Really Cheating, you must have more compassion. In this Devilish Age, what we need is a Real Satsang Guru!!!!

  2. "DANKE". Hi Keninanda, da du anscheinend kontrollieren willst, wer deine artikel kommentiert, durfte ich leider nicht komentieren. Deine veröffentlichten Infos über Isaac und meine Lineage stimmen nicht. Aber du scheinst jemand zu sein, der glaubt, was er liest oder hört. Bis bald in Tiru, Gaia xxx

    Hier mein unveröffentlichter comment:

    In reading the article of the one who knows what Tiru wants and needs and how it has to be there and the comment of Sunanda, I can see that at least you 2 haven't been in any Satsang or havent got the message. But you have many chances. also for writing gossips out of your real experience and not from your second hand information. My bitch and me ignorant snarler will be again in Tiru for Satsang at 7th of february 2009. I am looking forward to really meeting you. May I send some of my colour pamphlets for your favorite places? We go now for ice skating... Gaia xxx

  3. Hi Gaia,
    Glad you loved the site. I will indeed be attending your satsang and hope that you take English lessons very, very soon! Chi-Ting xxx