Friday, May 14, 2010

Chi-Ting summer special!

Tired, depressed and lonely?

Verily your head is caught in a cleft stick! No-one wants to buy your Life Bliss Technology and all your devotees have done a runner. It can't get any worse or can it? Then some big bugger of a bull comes along and shafts you without lubrication!


Question 1.Is the victim ...
A) Nithyananda - caught on film playing kiss and cuddle with an errr ... 'actress'.
B) Nithyananda - pretending he's not really a boy but a girl in disguise so he couldn't have done it anyway!
C) Nithyananda - getting down for a bit of Jailhouse Rock.

Question 2. Is the perpetrator ...
A) Mr MOO-ji (geddit?) - sharing out some big time lurv-ing for a soul in distress.
B) Herr Madhukar - "Ja und anything mit ein hole that valks"
C) Professional Idiot Premananda (alias Spermananda) - who used to boast that the only reason he was in the guru game was to shag young women for free. "How else can a hairy old git get laid?" he remarked smugly as if reciting his daily mantra! This moron has even got a TV station to broadcast his prattle.

Answers on a postcard to:

PO Box 666
Post Office Road
Ramana Nagar
Tiruvannamalai 606603
Tamil Nadu

The winner will receive a voucher for a punishment session at the Advaita Monastery where top dominatrix and Chi-Ting devotee Radha Ma will be getting very strict! Dog food, chains, whips, the dental chair and the Mr Priapus strap-on, plus all the usual goodies including the cheese grater ...