Friday, December 24, 2010

Chi-Ting Christmas address

Dear Readers

Now that your turkey costs 3 trillion dollars and your house is completely worthless, we thought a patronising moral homily from these 2 fine upstanding sociopaths would fill you with the requisite seasonal joy.

"There is only one God: the Holy Trinity of Money, Power and Corruption."

"There is no God: only the Science of ME, ME, ME!"

While pondering these uplifting and inspirational diatribes, we have concluded that none of these worthless bastards exist. They are all part of the smorgasbord of maya and lila that captivates and deludes us into believing this silly bloody story.

So don't worry about saving the rainforests - or the decimation of the species by HAARP technology and the approach of Planet Nibiru. There is liberation in the End Times and The Rapture is available priced £450 from Mooji Inc while stocks last!