Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jamaican Jesus

Gauri said ... [about Mooji]

The real problem with Mooji is his insistence on self-enquiry as the one true way. He has borrowed this - apparently from Ramana and Papaji - because he has nothing to offer himself and needs to establish a lineage to furnish his claims of Messiahship. Little does he know Ramana only advised on self-enquiry to those who asked about it. Ramana simply upheld the ancient Indian context when a method was requested of him. Silence not self-enquiry was the hallmark of Ramana's teaching. Ramana never needed a method ... Teaching self inquiry does not endorse spiritual authenticity. Mooji's emphasis on self inquiry is a cheap sales trick from a cheap con artist who is well known to have never been acknowledged by Papaji.

Mooji has publicly announced on his posters from late 2006 to be the standardbearer of Ramana's lineage. However, as Gauri says, his only tool is self-enquiry. Mooji is a secondhand car salesman offering the liturgies of spiritual greats who have walked before him ... which he has the audacity to claim for his own personal ambition.

His background is in mystical Christianity and Seventh Day Adventism, an End Time religion which emphasises the imminent second coming of Jesus (a role Mooji believes he fits perfectly!) Apparently at last year's retreat he personally enlightened six people and in private he boasts about his siddhis. Where do these "powers" to enlighten people come from? Isn't this an obvious corruption, distortion and conceit taken to ludicrous extremes!? Mooji also cannot bear to be in the company of those who have "excessive ego" - especially women who have to be moulded to his energetic (and sexual) needs. There are even rumours that he has slapped around some of his former girlfriends. How this squares with the Lamb of God, we do not know ...

Mooji is enacting a self-serving religious drama. He is a self-obsessed bore who spends most of his time talking about himself in excessive and tedious detail. This is a dangerous form of self-indulgence which pampers his sense of personal vanity. Mooji surrounds himself with sycophants and feeds on the adulation of the gullible, the weak and the needy. His politically correct spiritual performance caters perfectly for his young naive audience lost in Zen aphorisms and New Age wish fulfillment.

Mooji's satsang is a Papaji-lite tribute band completely devoid of inspiration, originality and true feeling. He has polluted and prostituted both Advaita and Arunachala for his own egoic ends.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fatty throws in the towel!

Apparently there are "dark forces" at work in Tiruvannamalai (that's us folks!) ...

There has been an outburst of spontaneous elation in the People's Republic of T.V.Malai following the news that Lurv in Supremo Tony Tubby Moo (alias Mooji) is no longer coming to Tiru this year. In his rambling address to the insipid music of Love Story on Mogadon, the great pseudo-saint clearly looks ill and short of a few marbles. Like Jim Jones just before he passed the orange juice and cyanide around, Mooji makes obscure claims about threats from sources unknown (has he pissed off some Tamil politico?)

For 6 years now Mooji and his gang of Goan refugees have turned Tiru into a Stoners' Toilet, so we say good riddance!

[LATEST NEWS: Mooji has taken down the original video that we posted. No reason has been given].

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The age of the guru is over

Chi-Ting devotees celebrate the fall of gurudom ...

We have replaced the worship of an ultimate state (God) with the worship of enlightened beings (gurus). But there is neither an ultimate state or an ultimate being, this is just a chimera of the imagination. Apparent reality is in a state of permanent flux and there is no ultimate truth, just a shimmer and a fantasy which slips away in the night, like teardrops in the rain. Enlightened beings are actors in a movie, very real in their performance but in the end just a part of the story. As the Bard sagely observed in Macbeth: "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!" This fiction is real but simultaneously unreal: that is the crux of the paradox.

We have assigned power and prestige to entities who exist yet are empty; totally devoid of substance. Gurus are no different from a blade of grass to be stepped on and then forgotten.

The time has come to step beyond the age of enlightened beings. They are like politicians: they will always fail you! These select individuals have never held the keys to paradise, it is just an exercise in religious fetishism that is as absurd as it is vacuous. As the old paradigms of control and hierarchy are crashing down around the globe in a Bonfire of the Oligarchs, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of former subservience. Our reality never was an ordered Newtonian assemblage of molecules with God's Anointed at the top of the pyramid. Schrödinger's Cat has now truly escaped from the bag along with the neutrino and the old stories have finally lost their power.

We are the children of great mystery. Things are NOT what they seem!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trouble at the nunnery

We were sad to hear about the recent death of Madhuva ...

... a devotee of Sri Lakshmana Swamy and his adopted daughter Mathru Sri Sarada. Then the bizarre news filtered through that Saradamma had ordered the immediate demolition of Madhuva's house so that his ghost had nowhere to rest. (Obviously no squatting rights for dead devotees past their sell-by-date!)

Swamy and Saradamma are very reclusive. They hide away in a spiritual fortress in the midst of a large garden behind huge metal gates. They are rarely seen: especially now that they have ceased their slow-motion Drive-by Darshan (It was like something from a silent movie, their car trolling around Arunachala at 5 miles/hr!). Swamy attained the Self in front of Ramana in 1949 and is probably the last living vestige of Ramana's era. Then Saradamma became enlightened in 1978, recreating a father-husband fixation on Swamy, modelled on the relationship between Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi. But perhaps the Divine Duo are most famous for their mad devotee at The Gate and believing that one of their dogs is the reincarnation of Ramana's grandmother.

The whole thing is a complete mystery, the rules to which no-one is ever quite sure. Swamy and Saradamma actively discourage seekers who have to prostrate in the dirt in the driveway for endless months (and sometimes years!) in the hope of being accepted. Even the great David Godman who penned the turgid No Mind, I am the Self is no longer considered a devotee and has been ejected from their orbit. Like a game of snakes and ladders: you're in and then you're out!

Their most extreme teaching concerns SEX which has been a source of angst and division between their devotees for many years. Saradamma usually mandates celibacy and advises couples to renounce sex and even to separate if they truly want liberation. Effectively there's a caste system. Those who get to work in the garden or serve the ashram are considered to be higher than the others who grovel in the driveway. It is also believed that devotees who are married are not equal to those inside The Gate because these have gained access to the garden by virtue of their sex-less purity. It's a veritable nunnery full of repressed passion where physical love is denied and only love for the guru is permitted.

Saradamma has been meddling in people's personal lives - breaking up relationships in the name of a higher spiritual good - for over 30 years. An ex-devotee from the 1980s told us he was still bitter about losing his girlfriend after Saradamma told her to renounce sex. This has only intensified. A long-term devotee, married with children, who lived in the same street as the ashram was recently told if he wanted to be near the guru he had to practise brahmacharya. i.e. if he couldn't give up his marriage and family life, it was best for him to move away. (With Saradamma it's my way or the highway!) At around the same time, she split up another family by sending a wife and child back to their homeland, while the husband dutifully remained behind in the garden. Marital separation was enforced and even if the couple are reunited here in India, the pressure for a sexless marriage will likely lead to divorce.

What is the basis of this monastic requirement? This is more to do with deeply conservative Hinduism than anything about enlightenment. Brahmacharya in its true sense means complete non-attachment to all things. It indicates being able to experience everything (including sex) without holding on to it. Traditional Hinduism however has rejected sexuality outright and imposed a moral hierarchy where celibacy is superior to being sexually active. This is a materialistic interpretation of brahmacharya which objectifies reality then renounces one aspect of it. Meanwhile Saradamma's injunction that "the ideal man-woman relationship is one in which the couple live as brother and sister" comes from the example of Sarada Devi, the Martyr-Saint of Hindu womanhood. Sarada Devi was originally betrothed to Ramakrishna at age 5 before joining him in a sexless spiritual marriage aged 18. Ramakrishna regarded her as the Divine Mother and her motherly care for her devotees was legendary. Saradamma is projecting this one-off, 19th century, Indian union on all of her devotees, regardless of their culture. Further Sarada Devi (in contrast with Saradamma) is known for often recommending that her devotees took on married life in all its aspects.

And there is a fatal flaw. Saradamma insists there is no mind. She says: "Everything is done by the Self." If this is the case, there is absolutely no one or any thing there when something happens. Any human act is spontaneous and entirely without volition, even the act of choosing itself. Saradamma therefore knows that the lowly devotee could never have done anything else (even though their experience is different to the Jnani's). The bottom line is there is no one to have free will or choice. Everything including the human being is an empty apparition, ultimately devoid of substance. So sex may arise (if you forgive the pun!) but there is no-one doing it - a kind of ego-lite phantom intercourse!

As a result some of Saradamma's devotees have begun to question her. Is any type of prescription really necessary if whatever happens, could not be otherwise? Do they really need a formula for enlightenment if everything is the Self and there is no one capable of following it (or not)? Do they really need threats if they do not comply with Saradamma's wishes? On her website for example she promises: "If anyone claims to be a jnani, he is the worst sinner and will lose all peace life after life." (We also have a track record of not liking these clowns either!). All of this is simply divine play - the maya of the Self. Saradamma also says: "It is good for the devotee to fear the guru." Fear, coercion, vengeance, and punishment: is this the modus operandi of a truly enlightened being?

Such a teaching divides people into the good and the bad on the basis of an ego with the power to choose when that choosing is under the jurisdiction, only, of the Self. This is pure dualism and it creates the problem it solves, producing the unworthiness that is subsequently prayed upon. Like the concept of original sin, the seeker is made out to be wrong, impure and not worthy and then needs the guru's formula to save them. This is nothing short of the doctrine of moral purity forced on us by the corrupt regimes of world religions. It is also no different from the mind-bending dictates of Christianity which places absolute authority in God's human representative on earth and imputes an ultimate state in the name of God.

And yet there is another sting in the tale ... The guru with their improbable demands is also the maya of the Self. These devotees who scramble so desperately to be in the garden have failed to realise that the figure advocating such stringencies in the bedroom is empty too. So Saradamma, enlightenment and her teachings are simply shadows on the wall while the whole vista of reality beckons beyond ...

Instead Saradamma's devotees are clouded by the delusion that what they see before them is truly God in human form. This is exactly the same materialistic interpretation of reality which underpins the prescription of celibacy that has come to haunt them! They have also succumbed to the belief that the "I" is a totally real material object which can die in the Heart and can be removed via physical proximity to the guru or by the practices of self inquiry, surrender and devotion. Saradamma's devotees are desperate to build their homes on the ashram wall to secure their place in paradise and to hug The Gate day and night in the hope of their own personal enlightenment! They are consumed by spiritual ambition, self-advancement and greed - and when they die, their hungry ghosts will be chased away as so much waste and flotsam ...

Is it any surprise then, that there are reports of Saradamma shouting at Arunachala in despair at being sent such poor devotees? But from our perspective it seems more a case of the Guru and her devotees mirroring each other in a game of dualist denial spiced with a touch of hocus pocus that fuels their mutual elitism.

Mistaking the guru for a material object and failing to realise that they - like the world - are not wholly real leads to a type of pain and suffering which can never be alleviated. This is not the pathway to enlightenment; it is the Gateway to Hell!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Pure life, raw, pulsing and vibrant, unmediated by identity or separation. It's a truly scary thought!

So we seek refuge in the cosmic heroin we call spirituality. In return we embark on an endless journey of becoming that gives us hope, aspiration and piety. This odyssey of Doing to Be causes endless pain, agitation and angst but is preferable to the gut-wrenching existential freefall into the abyss. This spiritual game we play is the ultimate mythology of ego. It is more rooted in separation than even the most self-obsessed acts that we all decry and disdain, because it puts the "I" on a pedestal which society universally approves and emulates.

We can rebel against the world because of pain, following paths that society rejects such as crime, drugs, alcohol and sex. And when all of these avenues are found to be empty and devoid of substance, we bite the spiritual bullet in the belief that we are one of the lucky ones who have truly arrived and transcended the squalid realm of desire. But heroin addiction is pure kindergarten besides this hellish world of eternal seeking. It is all the "I" - another extension of materialism in a more subtle and morally seductive world - except that now it is even more fixated than before!

This realm of spiritual experiences is the realm of the ego incarnate. Awakening and the bliss of yogic states only come about when the "I" is under such pressure that it transcends reality and projects another world of pure goodness out of its own separation. The spiritual seeker wants the spiritual orgasm 24 hours a day, maxed out on the credit card, debauched in the bordello with an unending source of narcotic comfort straight out of the genie's bottle. Even the quest for secret and arcane knowledge can never top this one. It is the ultimate quest of self-obsessed fixation all in the name of God!

Spiritual seekers reproduce the same moral judgement so pervasive of society within this transcendent domain, replicating it from a higher spiritual throne. They turn their back on the bad places they have been and the bad people who do not agree with them and threaten their sense of personal autonomy. They even spurn society saying they are better because they are no longer materialistic. But they are just more sanctimonious and more holy - usually a form of buttock clenching Christianity with New Age knobs on - and fail to realise the web of self-deceit has drawn them in even further. They have reacted violently to the world and are lost in an even more polarized fantasy world of good and evil.

There never was anything wrong with the world, the pain was simply too great. The seeker has become a Frankenstein monster of their own making and has retreated to a state of catatonic oblivion, because the reflected image is too grotesque to bear. "Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the saddest of them all?" ...

Spirituality is just junkiedom with a righteous attitude en Route 66 straight to hell. We are not talking about Percy Shelley and his chum Lord Byron having a laudanum jolly on the Swiss lakes, or even William Burroughs blowing his wife's brains out in a stoners' game of William Tell. We are talking about the social decimation of a whole generation on crack and the messianic meltdown that creates Hitler complexes ... a moral and existential car crash that would make even J.G. Ballard blanche

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Club Cthulhu

Chi-Ting Apocalypse brings you an incendiary expose on a vipers' nest of conspiracy in the very heart of our beloved Tiruvannamalai ... 

Many outwardly pious and respectable members of our community have been gathering each month on the night of the black moon at the Bose compound on the Chengam Road to secretly attend the H.P. Lovecraft society, otherwise known as Club Cthulhu. Their demonic mantra is: "ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" and the echoes of black tantra and blood-curdling screams are heard long into the night.

Our informant is a man in his mid-sixties, famed and revered as a mystic poet of the Karl Renz school of mouthing-off. His face is pale and sallow. His jowls quiver like a Christmas turkey and his hands have an uncontrollable tremor. He whispers:

"You have no idea of the diabolical deeds they are capable of. They are soul-sucking vampires in league with dimensions beyond mortal knowledge."

Who are they?

"Everyone is involved, it's truly shocking. Everyone! Mahalaxmi (Byron Bay psycho-sister) is their high priestess, Steve Ibn Al Haq her consort, Chandi Devi (Papaji Policewoman) and Shivani carry out the sacrifices. How do you think Chaitanya lost his mind?"

They sacrifice people?

"All the time. That's how all the local dogs get fed. There are body-parts flying everywhere. Divakaran at the Rip Off Supermarket is doing a roaring trade in Sweeney Todd pies. The rickshaw drivers love them!"

Who else is involved?

"Nearly everyone. All the big names: Mooji, Nithyananda, Premananda (Spermananda). All the local businessmen. The corruption goes from top to bottom."


"His name in the brotherhood is Beelzebub Baba. He is the Lord of the Flies."

What is Spermananda's role?

"He has been taken over by a faecal shit-eating demon. He carries out monstrous perversions on the corpses of the freshly sacrificed. He is big into necrophilia."

And Nithy, dare I ask?

"His depravities are so gross that words fail me!"

There are rumours of a 9th dimensional demon, lurking in the pit beneath Manna Cafe. Can you confirm this?

"They have been summoning her. She is the one foretold. Many will die to bring her back through the portal. All of our world will be laid to waste."

"They are collecting host bodies so that the Moral Majesty that is Sunanda may return to our dimension and wreak vengeance on the unbelievers."

Where will you go now?

"I will leave this place but the horror will never leave my heart!"

At this moment, the unfortunate poet releases an incontinent stream of yellow fluid, that forms into a steaming puddle on the floor by his feet. He starts to speak in tongues as his bulky body lapses into contorted spasm. The smell of palpable putrefaction in his faux Auroville-style slum becomes nauseous - even to the hardened stomachs of the Chi-Ting interview team - who promptly leave the scene. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Another day, another mysterious death in Guruland ... 

The Chi-Ting office was rudely awakened from its summer slumber by a hysterical Sister Klaus, incoherently wailing about the loss of her most beloved and best friend (probably the only one!) So after sedating the good Sister with a fistful of downers we decided to investigate and this is what we found:

Sudha, a mother of two, was a much sought-after Godwoman along the Girivalam path in Tiruvannamalai a year ago until her death recently. She had proclaimed herself as ‘Karuppasamy and hit the headlines with her shocking style of spiritualism.

Sudha, aged about 30 years, was dressed in a black saree and had a whip around her shoulders. She used to drive away evil spirits and predict the future of her visitors. She used to drink excessively and smoked cigars (suruttu) while being possessed, said persons close to her family. A cheating case filed against the Godwoman and subsequent arrest brought her spiritual practice down. However, she maintained a low profile after her release on bail. Sudha was the daughter of a government employee Durai, who encouraged and motivated her to continue her practice as ‘Karuppasamy’. The question is, if she was really possessed by a holy spirit, why did she have such a sudden and unexplained death?

Sudha died three months ago under mysterious circumstances. While a few alleged that she committed suicide following a family dispute over property, another section claimed that she hanged herself due to mental pressure from the family to continue her spiritual practice. Some say she hit the bottle too hard and so died an untimely death. Denying the rumours, Sudha’s husband Raja said: “My wife said she was experiencing chest pain and fainted. I rushed her to the nearby hospital. But the doctors said she had already died”. However, no police inquiry or case has been registered regarding the death of this once famous Godwoman. The police are clueless about her death.

Sounds familiar? Like a spooky B movie re-run of a certain local diva/guru who ignited to the afterlife a few months back!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is there life on Mars?

H.H. Kevinandaji - in a moment of profound reflection as he fondles his favourite pussy!

Dearly beloved Chi-Ting devotees, it is with a heavy and deeply saddened heart that I must inform you of the defection of Sister Klaus Kumari to a life of bourgeois domesticity. She has foresaken us for a heterosexual dalliance! I too was utterly shocked by the news, having believed that the Sister had viciously removed her wiener and baubles while strung out on ketamine. This turns out to be a grotesque deception, having mastered ancient Taoist techniques of genital retraction the Sister was in fact not unmanned but secretly operational. Now consumed by outrageous lust, her bits have sprung back into position and he/she is fully functional and armed! The question remains will the Sister continue with the rabid drag queen chic? I believe this grave moral lapse has been caused by a fervent and unspoken attachment to "I"-centric states of attainment etc etc ....

To be continued ...

Sunday, April 3, 2011


What is the relationship between the devotee and guru? What is more important: the external authority or what unfolds for us at the centre of our own experience? Or ... NEITHER ...

Is Self realisation purely a personal project, describing various "I"-centric states of attainment? ... Have we missed something and been directed into a blind alley of pure self-indulgence, investigating our navel while missing reality right under our noses? Are we still constrained and defined by the magic theatricality of gurudom and its superstitious incense-filled fervour? Do we have to continually answer to a spiritual and moral God-man who no longer represents us and plays a game of teaching and hierarchy when no true teaching exists ... only an annihilation of identity over which they and we have no control?

Traditional and Neo Advaita is calcified, hierarchical and egoically driven. The seeker is locked into a material quest for personal attainment and self-aggrandisement. Both are all about power and domination. In this historical time, as everything disintegrates and social structures collapse, no social relationship is immune from this contagion. Vistas of opportunity suddenly beckon: how will we reconfigure? Everything is up for grabs. Isn't it time for a reappraisal of the guru and the disciple in this kaleidoscope of change? ... A True Reformation!

The concept of enlightenment as we know it, begins with the historical Buddha and his teaching of nirvana. We have no idea what he actually said though because it was never written down and after it was, the early Buddhist Councils left us with a dialectical car crash of re-written and re-interpreted records. In the early centuries after the Buddha's death, the Buddhists argued with the myriad Indian philosophical schools who all believed that the world absolutely does (eternalism) or doesn't exist (nihilism). This is the long-running saga which has never gone away and it is wreckage the seeker is still crawling out of today.

The arguments that held sway then are still with us. They reappear in the clash we see in Advaita between Traditional and Neo Advaita. Both are also stuck in the conceptual brain-jam of things either completely existing or non-existing. There is the "I" which absolutely exists and needs to be subjected to methods (Traditional Advaita) and an "I" which doesn't exist at all so there's nothing to do (Neo Advaita).

Advaita is the bastard progeny of the Hindu reaction to Buddhism largely originating in South India from the 8th century onwards (Shankara, Gaudapada etc). Hinduism could only offer the paltry concept of moksha or liberation based on the eternalist belief there is an ultimately-existent "I" which is absorbed into another equally ultimately-existent entity known as the Self or atman. This conceptual Achilles' Heel is why Advaitic philosophy took on Buddhist theories. The Hindu notion of Self was re-branded beyond the confines of an ultimately-existent entity and its ailing theology was given a whole new lease of life.

But unfortunately in most cases, Advaitic Self-realisation still does not go beyond realisation of an absolutely-existent "I". Something is still going on in Advaita where the Self remains an ultimate state to be realised. This makes it a personal project of enlightenment where the "I" remains firmly intact and the claim is made: "I" am enlightened. This is the equivalent of Advaitic original sin and opens the door to all of the deceit and corruption so self-evident today in Tiru. For example:

  • acting as a guru with the power to enlighten others
  • teaching a method for enlightenment
  • chanting the Neo Advaita mantra: "There's nothing to do!"

Nearly all of these gurus are coming from an absolute centre of "I". Perpetuating methods and non-methods is a dance of total hypocrisy where the one-eyed man leads the blind into an endless maze of delusion. Both traditional and Neo Advaita gurus play the same game either in the doing or non-doing of a method. They perpetuate the Hindu belief that the "I" is totally real, rather than the Buddhist doctrine that it is empty.

The meaning of the Buddhist doctrine of emptiness has been overlooked by most of Advaita and its devotees alike. Here the "I" is neither completely existent or non-existent. Both extremes of eternalism and nihilism are avoided. The "I" exists but is merely a temporary appearance: something which is both real and unreal.

So should we now reject Advaita because it falls short? If we did, we would return to the hapless state of depending merely on our own selves for enlightenment. But surely this also fails because that self is empty too. Following a guru is no different from relying just on one's personal intuition and knowing because both rely on the separate "I."

A True Reformation is not a return to personal liberation. It is the falling away of the guru and the personal self as a means to enlightenment. This is about Grace: it is not under your (or anyone else's) personal control. If you want an all-singing, all-dancing Bollywood production with a magical mystery tour to nowhere, then please carry on. But for how much longer will we kowtow to the clowns who tell us they can liberate us and promise emancipation through techniques of doing or non-doing?

Why not bite the bullet: all is empty - including the "I." Let us be blunt: in this motion picture, there is nothing uglier than mutton dressed up as lamb!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

All that is solid melts into air ...

Sister Klaus Kumari in an exclusive extract from The Confessional Comments:

If God, Self, guru and devotee are one and if that unity is simultaneously real and unreal and we therefore are not totally existent, I can only conclude that we maybe exist. I can confirm that, I always thought it was a kind of suppressed madness in myself, but now the clouds have lifted and I am standing naked in the blazing sun of Awareness and Sister Klaus will shine forever as a Maybe!

There are some events that fracture us along lines of dissonance, causing the identity to fragment and disintegrate. Likewise there are some that cause the identity to clench and harden. Moments like Radha Ma's death are the poisoned darts that speed towards our deepest doubt: our deepest doubt that we truly exist! Events that strike at the heart of us - unnerve us and cause us to question - reveal our deep uncertainty about the nature of existence. With the disintegration of presumed identity, the mirror of separation can finally shatter ...

As Karl Marx said: "All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned!" A natural opening is possible when, with the death of the alleged individual, a colossal energy demands to be integrated. Our sense of cast iron identity, once present in material form, destabilises. This energy strikes at the root of our belief in anything solid or real - and at this point we are subject to something far greater.

The ego - that hard, crystallised tower of views and conceit - resides at the epicentre of this seismic shock to the system. But we never know when the tidal wave of destruction will come. This dissolution and its internal alchemy is a wondrous thing. Like quicksilver it runs through our conceptual hands, evading futile attempts to imprison its magic and luxuriant mystery.

Apparently we live in tumultuous times: tsunamis, nuclear meltdown, uprisings in the Middle East, ever-rising food prices ... and self-immolating gurus! These all add spice to the Society of the Spectacle that feeds our apocalyptic imagination. But the apocalypse is not the end of society or the world as we know it ... it is the death of the self.

Enjoy the ride, it's gonna get helter skelter ...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The good shepherd

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear:
(With thanks to Dennis ... )

There is an Eastern tale which speaks about a very rich magician who had a great many sheep. But at the same time this magician was very mean. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where his sheep were grazing. The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines, and so on, and above all they ran away, for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and skins and this they did not like.

At last the magician found a remedy. He hypnotized his sheep and suggested to them first of all that they were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned, that, on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant; secondly he suggested that the magician was a good master who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them; and in the third place he suggested to them that if anything at all were going to happen to them it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it. Further the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians.

And after this all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins!

P. D. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous, Fragments of an Unknown Teaching.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where angels fear to tread ....

Had a bad day at the office? 

Is your Messiahship in doubt because of defections to a sleazy Jamaican Rasta or just plain pissed off because Satan's favourite daughter has just gone up in smoke? Don't worry, help is at hand! Contact Chi-Ting Gurus Anonymous and we will put you back on track ...

From the plethora of banal and vacuous spiritual platitudes flying around the internet about Radha Ma, we have concluded that a moronic level of pseudo Love & Light posturing is becoming all persuasive, hence this little missive.

BEWARE of the likes of Alan Jacobs (he almost died a pathetic death of neglect at Radha's hand whilst living in Tiru 5 years ago) who proclaims the gospel of Advaita from the pulpit of that North London uptight gentleman's club, the hopelessly misguided Ramana Maharshi Society. His deeply dualistic, one-sided perspective attempts to hush up the nasty and sordid misdemeanours under the surface. Perhaps the most "insincere aspirant" is Jacobs himself, who peddles the respectability of his own views, minus the darker side of the same reality which he scorns as "slanders" made by "unscrupulous persons".

... Also Papaji Policewoman in collusion with Richard Clarke (Richard Arunachala, yawn, vomit!) who has churned out the most dire, sycophant commentary you have ever seen in your life on the "amazing, beautiful time" of Radha Ma's questionable end.

Meanwhile there is the incontrovertible evidence that Radha Ma was not some divine Saint but flirting with the dangerous and wholly unnecessary practices of entity worship and tantrism (dodgy real estate deals too!) as part of her nefarious claim that she was enlightened.

Dualism splits reality: good versus evil. It takes one side of the equation and rails against its opposite. But non-dualism goes beyond this conceptual, moral framework. What happened to Radha Ma reminds us that reality is a mixture of light and dark, good and bad. The two can never be divorced.

So who has the courage to get their hands a little dirty and see through this sanitized Love & Light confection of reality that always stops short of leaping into the abyss? Can we go further than saying Radha was either a saint or a demon?

Putting anyone up on a pedestal to this extent makes the mistake that the guru is ultimately real. But this reinforces separation and is entirely "missing the mark" (the original Aramaic definition of sin!) What you see before you is simultaneously real and unreal (it is and it isn't!). The guru is therefore NOT totally existent.

Geddit?! All we can say in exasperation is ... "JESUS WEPT!"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beyond good and evil ...

Faisal said [about Radha Ma]:

Well it is confirmed 100% that she is dead due to severe burns... 80% of her body was burnt & when she reached the hospital she had 10% chance to live... My brother saw her body today in Tiru they will bury the body in the ashram.

I still don't know how it happened but from experience with her I guess as usual she was trying to show that she is beyond death & that she had powers "sidhis", but this time it went in a total unexpected way & the fire ate her to death. She used to burn herself with hot metal or pierce her body with needles or cut it with knives etc to confirm that she is beyond all of this ... Most of the people I know who knew her feel shocked but happy at the same time because they think it is a relief for her students.

It is the furthest from truth that she did it on purpose in the name of self-immolation as she is so attached to her students.

Her students received a good amount of burns too trying to put the fire out so it is obvious that all of this was not planned as "self-immolation".

Dealing with black magic & dark forces is not a joke & it leads to insanity & great imbalance in the brain. She used to tell me "You have no idea what 'they' will do to me if I don't obey them" + she wanted me to worship her body & tread the tantric path in the promise of great sidhis. She asked me to write about her etc ..... Fortunately with the support of grace I was able to leave within 3 months but it took me about 8 months after I left to clean all the mental debris & confusion of being with her.

I know by heart that she dealt with the dark forces intensively & she controlled her devotees thru fear. I remember one night I did something that upset her & I left home & that night hell broke loose as all kinds of dark entities were laughing & whispering in my mind & I saw black ghosts in my house as "her" roaming in my house & even though the house was sealed shut by nets it was full with hundreds of mosquitoes. It was a mad night full of terror & I was on the verge of insanity. I have heard over & over again that she is satin "PURE EGO" incarnate. She used to say my job isn't to destroy mind but to create mind & she told me many times I can destroy a thousand Buddhas & bring back mind to any one. "HER CLAIMS"

Despite all the above it was one of the greatest experiences to teach me so many things. I might be attacked by for sharing this but nothing can stop me from sharing my own personal experience.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Suicide in the bunker ...

We are stunned and totally shocked by the news that Radha Ma died on Sunday, March 6th after an act of self-immolation the previous day at her ashram. She was rushed to hospital with 90% burns but doctors could not save her life.

It is rumoured that she left a letter blaming 3 of her former devotees who had become disenchanted with her after real estate problems!

There was also a pending sexual harassment case brought by one of Radha's devotees against the ashram's former caretaker. It has even been whispered that Radha was the guiding hand behind the case, which turned into a vicious dogfight. Emails where she threatened Yama (death) to one of her ex-devotees had recently been passed to lawyers.

Her funeral has been held today and it is said she will be interred as a saint. The question arises would a Saint commit suicide and lay the blame at the feet of those who had left the fold? And why was it necessary to kill herself in such a dramatic and painful way over petty legal wrangling?

With a horrid sense of hindsight, it might have been wiser if she had heeded the advice of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Apparently he personally warned her,"not to play the role of a guru."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The scary world of becoming ...

Oh the song and dance of separation!

The marionettes jerk around on strings, even believing in their freedom of choice. Like an old Lumiere Brothers' silent flick hardwired into an emblem of schizophrenic modernity like Inception, this drama amazes and confounds at every turn. Who, why, what, no-one bloody knows!

So what is the purpose of this blog? Well ultimately there is none. It's just a cosmic nihilism swirling around in the apparent disorder. But secretly in the midst of our delusional linear reality, Uncle Kevji has a plan to sow little, little seeds of disbelief amongst the spiritual drag queens who plague and infest Arunachala. The hydra's teeth rising from the ground will cut a bloody swathe through this Bonfire of the Vanities.

You may loathe this blog and worship at the feet of a bloated potentate like Mooji, Nithy etc etc. It doesn't matter what your opinion is. A ticking time bomb has been set and all those cosy assumptions will be rent asunder. Because, you don't need to become bigger, badder or better. The Unreality of Reality has always been in front of your eyes ... so close you can hear the heartbeat!

There is NO "ONE" THERE TO BECOME ANYTHING. There are NO ENLIGHTENED TEACHERS and the concept of ENLIGHTENMENT IS A TOTAL FALLACY. Reality is just a temporary flickering light show without substance (it exists but is not ultimately existent: Nagarjuna). You can amuse yourself for decades or even lifetimes playing this game but it's all ultimately hollow and devoid of purpose.

Eventually you will withdraw the succour of your interest from these attention-feeding clowns. Like the fate of old Queen Mabh who lost all her power when people turned away, we will forget them.

Ultimately all parasites without a host, disintegrate and die!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A time of ill omen

Yea verily t'is the time of doom and gloom, the lull before the storm ...

Yes Dear Ones, the news you have been longing for has arrived. That Avatar of the Apocalypse and fearsome dominatrix, Sunanda Whitehouse, the Icon of Moral Rejuvenation has risen from her deathly slumber and the Second Coming of the Most Righteous One is upon us. The eerie cackling of menopausal matrons, the manic clicking of sharpened knitting needles and the massed cry of: "I'll have two sugars in my tea darling!"

If you are of the male gender, flee town before the wrath of her beady gaze and the lash of her stiletto-point tongue dismembers your manhood!

A phalanx of grumpy grannies have been seen massing at the Samadhi of Sunanda (next to the kennel for the Christian doggies) at the Quo Vadis Christian World Domination Centre.

Be afraid, be very afraid!