Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The scary world of becoming ...

Oh the song and dance of separation!

The marionettes jerk around on strings, even believing in their freedom of choice. Like an old Lumiere Brothers' silent flick hardwired into an emblem of schizophrenic modernity like Inception, this drama amazes and confounds at every turn. Who, why, what, no-one bloody knows!

So what is the purpose of this blog? Well ultimately there is none. It's just a cosmic nihilism swirling around in the apparent disorder. But secretly in the midst of our delusional linear reality, Uncle Kevji has a plan to sow little, little seeds of disbelief amongst the spiritual drag queens who plague and infest Arunachala. The hydra's teeth rising from the ground will cut a bloody swathe through this Bonfire of the Vanities.

You may loathe this blog and worship at the feet of a bloated potentate like Mooji, Nithy etc etc. It doesn't matter what your opinion is. A ticking time bomb has been set and all those cosy assumptions will be rent asunder. Because, you don't need to become bigger, badder or better. The Unreality of Reality has always been in front of your eyes ... so close you can hear the heartbeat!

There is NO "ONE" THERE TO BECOME ANYTHING. There are NO ENLIGHTENED TEACHERS and the concept of ENLIGHTENMENT IS A TOTAL FALLACY. Reality is just a temporary flickering light show without substance (it exists but is not ultimately existent: Nagarjuna). You can amuse yourself for decades or even lifetimes playing this game but it's all ultimately hollow and devoid of purpose.

Eventually you will withdraw the succour of your interest from these attention-feeding clowns. Like the fate of old Queen Mabh who lost all her power when people turned away, we will forget them.

Ultimately all parasites without a host, disintegrate and die!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A time of ill omen

Yea verily t'is the time of doom and gloom, the lull before the storm ...

Yes Dear Ones, the news you have been longing for has arrived. That Avatar of the Apocalypse and fearsome dominatrix, Sunanda Whitehouse, the Icon of Moral Rejuvenation has risen from her deathly slumber and the Second Coming of the Most Righteous One is upon us. The eerie cackling of menopausal matrons, the manic clicking of sharpened knitting needles and the massed cry of: "I'll have two sugars in my tea darling!"

If you are of the male gender, flee town before the wrath of her beady gaze and the lash of her stiletto-point tongue dismembers your manhood!

A phalanx of grumpy grannies have been seen massing at the Samadhi of Sunanda (next to the kennel for the Christian doggies) at the Quo Vadis Christian World Domination Centre.

Be afraid, be very afraid!