Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fuck the Mayan calendar!

Dearly beloved Chi-Ting devotees

Never mind about the Fifth Dimension, the End of Time, imminent cataclysm and the deliberate extermination of the human race which is so obviously under way ... His Holiness Sri Sri SRI Swami Kevinandaji is pleased to announce the joyous advent of a new revelation:

During the annual Chi-Ting party, a newly indoctrinated Chi-Ting devotee Commander Alkar (the renegade progeny of Ashtar Command) was found writhing in ecstasy beneath an apple tree shrieking: "This is it! This is it!" Having just partaken of the DMT Pipe of Peace - offered round by our beloved Sister Klaus who deigned to leave her cave for the festive season - the Commander duly departed in his fleet of ships; saved the universe by destroying the reptilian threat once and for all; and returned for a celebratory cheese fondue and a line of coke somewhere in the region of the Swiss Alps ...

So rejoice! While the forces of materialism continue their rapacious bout of seasonal gluttony (like the parents in the manga movie Spirited Away) ... we no longer need to fear that the Mayan calendar has come and gone. What happened? Nothing or everything? And is it the same thing? All this apocalyptic frenzy is an integral part of the human psyche. It's a cliff hanger: just another story to tell ... a potboiler plot with all the momentary thrill of a Dan Brown novel and the added anti-climax of Foucault's Pendulum. A veritable tale of expectation followed by inevitable disappointment, we have been kindling our fire for millennia with the heroic myth of Gilgamesh and the likes of Odysseus with his dodgy wooden horse. Even the smiting and smoting of the Old Testament has a certain base and bestial allure. The human imagination craves entertainment and this is the biggest game in town. We at Chi-Ting may snipe from the sidelines with our own brand of Swiftian mockery but that too is part of the pageant - the colour and flavour of the fickle mob brought to riotous life with a sharply penned phrase or two!

The corridors of time converge and the clock stops ... Perhaps during this momentary and pregnant pause in the collective psyche, the battered remnants of the counter culture will make their last stand along with any other fellow passengers on the Spaced Out Enterprise. A new vista beckons. Could there be a sea change from the spectacular freefall into Corporate Nightmare World that we are currently witnessing? Maybe we will live to see some form of 60s' Star Trek socialism all trussed up in camp velcro uniforms! (Let's just call it the Neue World Order!) Has our long promised shiny new utopian world actually arrived? Or have our ET chums been indefinitely delayed at customs? Time is allegedly no more yet we still seem to be here resplendent in all our 3D glory: lumpy, grumpy, warts 'n' all! Are we destined to be forever stuck in the same 'ol game of charades - and ultimately does it matter?

The bottom line is who gives a flying fuck. The time for contemplating our navel is over ...
Just seize the day. It's bold and beautiful out there!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Danse macabre

The circle of "I" goes like this ...

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever spinning reel
Like a snowball down a mountain
Or a carnival balloon
Like a carousel that's turning
Running rings around the moon

Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes of its face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find

With the close of the Mayan calendar there is the expectation of a new reality where even the totally fuckwitted will wake up on December 21st with their underpants over their tights, armed with nth dimensional powers and a huge lingam of power ...

Urrr ... or maybe not. Take a look around you and you will see we are still stuck with the same 80s/90s' creative manifestation; pseudo-therapy land "mindfulness" based on tired old Buddhist vipassana meditation; the Advaitins still fighting about Traditional and Neo Advaita (oblivious of the fact they're really all closet Brahmanists with a Buddhist twist); and the satsang world whoring themselves with gay abandon, protesting their many versions of Truth. (Just imagine the scenes of Foucault's promiscuity and perversion on the L.A. Bathhouse scene in the 70s: Mooji, Madhu and the gang jamming for all their worth!) ... And if you're really psycho killer qu'est-ce que c'est, why not become a Born Again Christian?!

If none of this does it for you, please take drugs ... It's simpler, cleaner and more honest ...

So where do we go from here? Because all we really have is an everlasting homage to the "I". Either the "I" exists but there is no control, it's all predetermined and we are puppets on a string being jerked around by an omnipotent entity or the forces of destiny. This is fatalism. Or there is the "I" with the power to shape its own destiny. Here the "I" can meditate or self-enquire its way to liberation, or as an all-powerful creator in the mode of the Christian God, it can manifest the perfect reality of its own choosing. This is what we call "personal autonomy". These two are both sides of the same coin and either way the "I" stays intact: an apparition of infinity like the Face of Death staring through the crowd ...

But there is no "I". And it's even worse than that. There is no "I" and yet we experience life as though there is. Further it's not just that there is no "I" (and rather weirdly, there is). There isn't truly any "thing" either! What to do?!

All of this sounds suspiciously Buddhist rather than Advaitic. The Buddha taught the doctrine of no self (anātman) which properly understood, maintains that everything is empty (śūnyatā) or "self-less" because it is interdependent (pratītyasamutpāda). Put another way, nothing has any independent existence or any substantial nature of its own. Something wholly independent such as an "I" is therefore impossible: that isolated state of pure "one" we call "identity." Equally both "person" (pudgala) and "thing" (dharma) never contain any self-subsisting entity within them. This means neither can be fixed, unchanging, ultimate or absolute realities. The question then becomes: so what exactly is the nature of the people we see in front of us and the things we smell, touch, taste and feel every day? The Heart Sutra of Mahayana Buddhism reminds us: "form is emptiness and emptiness is form." Life is a simultaneous emptiness which is also a fullness. That is, all the people and things around us, including ourselves, are both concrete happenings yet fleeting phantasms ... The paradox will drive you nuts!

This leaves us with the thorny issue of exactly what "separation" is, if there is no such thing as the "I". Basically, for Buddhists separation definitely exists but it is not an absolute reality. Rather, it is once again an empty, interdependent happening: both concrete yet fleeting. This time it is the Madhyamaka Buddhists who solve this conundrum, using a sophisticated tool called The Two Truths (Sanskrit: satyadvayavibhāga; Tibetan: bden-pa gnyis). They say there are two levels of truth. Ultimately there is no separation (in the absolute sense) because separation is empty and interdependent. But relatively, there is separation because it definitely exists and is experienced.

From the Madhyamakan perspective, there is not truly any enlightenment to be attained and no one really there to attain it. The correct term for "enlightenment" in Buddhism is nirvāṇa and just like separation, this too is empty and interdependent. Thus we have the famous statement of Nagarjuna, that there is no difference between the world (samsāra or the cycle of existence) and nirvana ... that's the "ultimate truth" (Sanskrit: paramārthasatya, Tibetan: don-dam bden-pa). But we also have the undeniable fact that nonetheless samsara exists and it is very different from nirvana ... this is the "relative truth" (Sanskrit: samvṛtisatya, Tibetan: kun-rdzob bden-pa) ...

While ultimately, there is not truly any such thing as separation or nirvana then, the seeker does not experience it like this. Buddhism therefore features spiritual practices for dealing with the (relative) reality of separation. From the perspective of The Two Truths, if someone uses a method, there is not really any "one" there doing this and so it couldn't be any other way ... Here we see how for Madhyamakans everything is uncaused, spontaneous and unknown. There is not truly any single thing such as a "cause" to make something happen. Events simply 'arise' and what happens, happens. And though things definitely do happen, they also just as mysteriously don't - because they were never truly there in the first place! So someone sitting down to meditate is a totally spontaneous event needing no more explanation .. There isn't really any "one" to know or any "thing" to be known ...

Advaita has completely failed to grasp these points in any shape or form. It rigidly clings to the ultimate state of the Self as a future attainment and has descended into infighting over whether practices and methods are necessary and whether there is an "I" or not. But with the cogency of Buddhist arguments, there is no room for escape into the playground of negation we call nihilism (ucchedavāda) or that absolutist mausoleum of divine authority, eternalism (sassatavāda). These are both ultimate states, between which the Buddha strove so hard to carve a Middle Way (madhyamāpratipad). For Buddhists, Advaitic statements such as "There is only the Self" and "I am That" are therefore the conceit of asmimana or "self-identification" (an "I"-centric autoerotic form of fellatio or for the unintiated, a self-pollinating blow job!) Additionally Advaitic arguments about the legitimacy of methods have entirely missed the point. There is no "one" truly there to decide whether to do a practice or not ... Practices just happen ... or they don't ...

Here all philosophies and moral maps of reality are desecrated and deflowered, leaving us with the sheer wonder and awe of pure unadulterated mystery. This is because rather than being a doctrine, The Two Truths are a deconstructionist method for opening the door to the non-conceptual. The ultimate aim of Madhyamaka is to undermine all views and reveal them as erroneous. A view can never be reality and a view is never what it seems: being interdependent and empty it is never actually true. Rather than dealing in the dirty business of Truth then, Buddhist dialectic produces a transforming crisis that destroys the "one" seeking to grasp reality. Thus we trip over the wire into a land where words and the mind are useless ... and the "I" has never been seen ...

But of course, nothing is ever so straightforward.

There are, after all, huge problems with Buddhism. For a start, it is highly political, corrupt and hierarchical. Historically Buddhism always serviced a centre of power (traditionally the king's court) not so unlike the "I" it is attempting to eradicate. Then you can add into the mix its chronic misogyny (if you're a femme better luck next incarnation!) Buddhism is also incredibly diverse and it can hardly agree on anything. You can find deity worship, compassionate action, amulets against negative entities, lineage initiations, and a whole host of abusive tantric practices for advancing your spiritual credentials. We cannot divorce the metaphysics from the murky nature of the institution ...

Meanwhile on points of doctrine, there are obvious contradictions. Some Buddhist schools claim that nirvana can be "known" or that it is an ultimate state. (Obviously they didn't understand the Buddha's teaching of emptiness!) But even more worryingly, Buddhist teachers think that their methods have the power to bring about enlightenment. But in Buddhist philosophy nothing could be further from the truth. As previously stated, Buddhist reality is without cause. Practices may arise - and so may nirvana - but it will not be the result of those methods. Nirvana is just as spontaneous a happening as everything else: it often occurs where there has been no spiritual practice whatsoever ... Buddhism is mired in spiritual arrogance and intellectual elitism. And like the Advaitins, they believe they have the superior solution to the problem of separation.

But the major issue here is that life lived in liberation is something of an anomaly. Words are not words and teaching is no longer teaching. Here there isn't a teaching and the person standing in front of you is not really a person. Their words mean nothing. And yet in their proximity ... something may happen ... or not. The seeker is reduced to suicidal despair at the sheer uncontrollability of it all (or in the case of Sister Klaus self harm and high velocity genital mutilation!)

This must be why the "I" remains centre-stage and why fatalism and create-your-own reality cosmologies are still so seductive. Spiritual practices creates a false sense of hope that there is somewhere to be going - something to be doing - and someone to do all these things. This cranks up the machinery of the ego, giving it an erectile sense of purpose and power ... (the Madhukar syndrome!) The next step is the ultimate addiction ... the conquest of illumination. The search for enlightenment is the biggest bully on the block!

The circle of "I" goes round and round ... It seems the traditional practices never left us and are constantly rebranded under new commercial agendas. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun! We are forever lost in an age of prostitution ... selling mind, body and spirit for the full market price. Never has spirituality been so rigid and rotten, eaten up with the maggots of pure self obsession. It's not a new world that awaits us, just a steroid enhanced cyborg version of an ancient nightmare!

However ... it is only when we are faced with the full hypocrisy of the "I" that we can finally unmask it. In Roger Corman's 60s' camp horror - Masque of the Red Death - Prince Prospero (played by the leering Vincent Price) throws a grand ball. There he finally discovers the identity of a mysterious red-cloaked figure who has been pursuing him. When Prospero asks to see the figure's face, it tells him: "There is no Face of Death until the moment of your own death" ... and with this the ball is transformed into a Danse Macabre. Prospero rips off the figure's mask .... to reveal Prospero's own blood-spattered face. The figure is the Red Death and none other than Prospero's own hell ... the end of his own life!

The Danse Macabre is a pageant of life and death with the omnipresent threat of our own mortality stalking us through the crowd. An ancestral reminder of the Black Death in the 14th century, its symbolic purpose is to show that we are all equal in the face of death. Kings and Queens consort with harlots and villains (or in this case gurus!) The irony is that even in our diversity, we are all the same ... There are no special ones ...

The Face of Death appears and this could be the end ... Or it might be just the beginning. For the Buddhist there never was an "I" to eliminate. For the Advaitins there definitely is an "I" and all it needs to do is disappear ... As the Red Death said to Prince Prospero: "Each man creates his own God for himself - his own heaven, his own hell."

Meanwhile the horror of the Black Death heralded the destruction of the feudal system and provided the seedbed for the flowering of the Renaissance. The catastrophe of those times is the blood-soaked midwife attending our present reality. Apparently we are on the cusp of a new age where the frequency seems to have been turned up. Maybe we are going through the birth pangs of a Brave New World but will we have the pain-free entry into the E.T. assisted utopia that our New Age pals predict?

It seems unlikely. The historical process will probably mutate into forms we least expect. The price to pay could be unimaginably high. Blood, sweat and tears are back on the menu ... and that's just the hors d’œuvre ... Betcha can't wait for the main course!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The darkness before dawn?

2012 theories and the revelations of Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar ...

"We live in interesting times," as the enigmatic Chinese saying goes. Extreme weather conditions, economic meltdown and an elite oligarchy who do not even bother to hide the fact that they are robbing the coffers blind ... A population so stupefied they don't know or don't care as long as they get the latest iPhone and their hit of reality TV ... Add to this mixture the magic numerology of 2012, a few apocalyptic messengers and the promise of ET disclosure - and you have a potent bitches' brew of End Time eschatology!

In Tiruvannamalai, the deluge of Cyclone Neelam has just drenched the streets. Local sage Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar has published numerous predictions on her website for the seismic changes now upon us:

At the end of 2012, there will be lots of chances for having ‘natural calamities’: earthquakes, heavy rain, etc… all over the world. In Tamil Nadu, it will be less. In Western countries it will be a lot more. There are a lot of saints and siddhas who have meditated in Tamil Nadu. That’s why the impact of ‘natural calamities’ will be less here.

Siva Sakthi explains that in 2012 the Earth is going to rotate faster and then slow down again - because of the weight of humanity's karma. Our planet is not able to tolerate adharma, the path against nature or the 'truthless path'. So this is causing the atma jyothi - the light of atma or light of the spirit - to come to the centre with a 'jerk' (perhaps a major vibrational change or axis shift?) In March 2011, she gave her one of her most detailed predictions of the troubles to come:

There are more 'natural calamities' waiting to happen throughout the world by way of water, earthquakes and tornados. Natural calamities will happen in India. There will be loss of lives. Tamil Nadu will also be affected: wind and heavy rains; extreme heat. There will be a small, but felt, earthquake in Tamil Nadu. Rameswaram and Kanyakumari will get heavy rain and wind, which will cause the wave surge on the beaches in Rameswaram to get higher. People living on the coastline need to be very alert and careful. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka will get heavier winds and rains and more destruction ...

Siva Sakthi then advises that these 'natural calamities' can be mitigated through sadhana and bhakti. If we close our eyes and meditate, she counsels, focusing on the Diamond Light (manickam) inside for ten minutes each time, this light will then travel upwards and clear our personal karmic blockages in the head. (Basically if you're pure enough, you will survive these troubled times!)

Siva Sakthi's 2012 predictions take the form of an End Time scenario involving morality and environmental disaster. The indigenous wisdom of particularly North and South America and the Dogon peoples of West Africa foretells major Earth changes and contact by "star beings" (i.e. extraterrestrials) who they say, have always been in contact with their ancestors, elders and shamans. The predictions of Chippewa medicine woman No Eyes, recorded from the early 1970s by Mary Summer Rain, point to the earthquakes, nuclear accidents, extraterrestrial visitors, and economic meltdown to come. Perhaps most famously she says that when the Phoenix Days come - the time of the world's regeneration - there will be a greenish hue in the sky. Robert Morning Sky's Terra Papers give an elaborate galactic history, revealed by an ET named Bek' Ti to his (alleged) Native American grandfather. The Hopi Prophecies have also long spoken about the emergence of the Fifth World making reference to World War III and the time when Saquasohuh - the Blue Star Kachina - will dance in the plaza (presumably an alien landing of some sort or the arrival of a star or comet).

Non-human races are a huge feature of Endtime predictions both old and new. Some commentators think that Nostradamus predicted how the existence of ETs will be revealed. In Century 4-28, he says that with the event of Venus covering the Sun, a previously "hidden form" will come into view. Broadly interpreted, the quatrain possibly hints that world leaders will take an aggressive, warlike stance at this discovery. Additionally, as early as 1448 we have the detailed Mother Shipton Prophecy. These few lines are particularly striking:

And before the race is built anew, a silver serpent comes to view
And spews out men of like unknown, to mingle with the earth now grown.
Cold from its heat and these men can, enlighten the minds of future man.
To intermingle and show them how, to live and love and thus endow
The children with the second sight. A natural thing so that they might
Grow graceful, humble and when they do, the Golden Age will start anew.

Some think the "silver serpent" Mother Shipton mentions is an alien ship - and in the minds of many, these older and more ancient references make the existence of extraterrestrials an indisputable fact. As a result these narratives have been linked to the end of the Mayan calendar and also modern spiritual teachings of ascension, which state that under extraterrestrial guidance, mankind is currently moving to a higher dimensional (or fully inter-dimensional) reality. Thus today we have multiple websites sporting the channelled messages of Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation of Light (as channelled by Sheldan Nidle, Mike Quinsey, Greg Giles, Wes Annac, Steve Beckow etc), the Andromeda Council and many more. All speak of a battle between the forces of light and dark, the better of which are fighting for control of the planet and the coming of mankind's Golden Age.

David Icke who has visited Tiru as a guest of Jacqueline Marie Longstaff has long championed claims that an offworld race is controlling Earth via an organisation known as the Babylonian Brotherhood (the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, the IMF, the UN, etc etc). His infamous theory is that a reptilian intelligence called the Anunnaki from the Draco constellation is drinking our blood and has imprisoned us in a low vibration holographic reality, having seeded itself in an elite bloodline including that of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, the Bush family and the British monarchy. These days the mockery has truly worn off since many of his outlandish predictions have come true (e.g. the Gulf of Mexico/New Orleans hurricanes; the attack on New York in 2001; the corporate Orwellian nightmare scenario and the New World Order; an engineered economic crash in 2008; and the paedophilia of Jimmy Savile linked to the British government and Prince Charles).

The progenitor of Icke's vision is Pleiadean channeller Barbara Marciniak (she encouraged him to discuss reptilian bloodlines). In her cult classic Bringers of the Dawn, she explains how - 300,000 years ago - Earth was wrested from the hands of the Original Planners of the Family of Light and taken over by "space beings" who were part reptilian and part human. "The Lizzies" as she affectionately calls them, temporarily inserted themselves on Earth via a portal in the Middle East and proceeded to biologically engineer forms of life. Critically they downgraded human DNA from twelve strands to two in order to control mankind - and continue to this day, to feed on human emotions such as fear and violence as their source of nourishment. Further, these "Creator Gods" are set to return. It is therefore the spiritual task of humanity to throw off its reptilian shackles and activate the Living Library of Earth: to restore Earth and humanity to the forefront of creation. Apparently, at this time in history the Lizzies are losing control of the planet and our DNA helix is retooling. Additionally, just like the Pleiadeans, we are Game Masters who have the capacity to orchestrate reality in order to learn the value of life. By using our sexuality as a bridge to higher consciousness and restoring the feminine principle within each and every one of us, we can reclaim our cosmic birthright ...

The master narrative on which these modern contemporaries draw is the work of Zecharia Sitchin. He translated the ancient Sumerian clay tablets which in the Babylonian creation myth, the Enûma Eliš, speak of a non-human race called the Anunnaki. Sitchin said their name means "those who from heaven to earth came" and identified the Anunnaki with the Biblical Nephilim (the "Watchers" of the Book of Enoch). Then he sensationally declared that 450,000 years ago these aliens had come to Earth from the Planet Nibiru to mine for gold and minerals. However, they also mutinied in protest at their working conditions (sounds a bit like our so-called free market!) and as a result, head honcho Enki decided to outsource labour to improve production. With his half-sister Ninhursag, he genetically engineered a hybrid slave worker: a crossbreed of Anunnaki genes with homo erectus. The Anunnaki 'Gods' then departed after some seriously fratricidal in-fighting but left a genetically pumped up hybrid - a blue blood/reptilian elite - in charge to mind the shop (hence that famous nonsense the Divine Right of Kings!)

Meanwhile an important alternative cosmology comes from the little known Welsh psychic surgeon, Chris Thomas, who claims to be hardwired into the Akashic records. On his two recent Youtubes, he reveals that the reptilian influence came from a group called the 14th Faction who have systematically attempted to eradicate free will in our universe. His idée fixe involves something called the Human Plan where the population of the planet must complete their "soul reintegration" by the end of 2012. In the last 300 years however, an alien race called the Velon (with their 6 subtribes including the Hathor and the Anunnaki) have attempted to sabotage the Human Plan via their acolytes, the Illuminati, and claim Earth for themselves. He therefore suggests that the work of Marciniak and Sitchin plus all channelled material is a product of the Velon agenda: a reality insert meant to confuse mankind and make them think the Velon are their saviours and creators (i.e. the Gods incarnate). In a similar vein, Peggy Kane exposes the dark underbelly of both angelic consciousnesses and media depictions of blood, horror and war. Through her use of extensive reverse speech analysis, she maintains that these are simply reptilian strategies for feeding on human emotions. But she goes even further. She says that these entities are energetically raping us while we sleep. They are torturing humans and literally consuming their flesh in hanging pens on Orion and Mars (like a particularly grisly meatlocker scene from the TV series "V"!)

Where does all this leave us? Perhaps with a lot less than we might imagine ...

Take Barbara Marciniak. On closer inspection, she goes little further than The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, which inspired her. This series of channellings, which began in the early 1960s, focuses on creative manifestation, which via the work of Shakti Gawain, Esther Hicks, and Rhonda Byrne's The Secret (and many more) has become the callsign of the New Ager and their comrade-in-arms, the modern therapist. The message here is that you can shape your life. By the use of focused thought, visualisation, and positive affirmations you can transform the world. This is what we in the Chi-Ting office like to call the moral fascism of Louise L. Hay. That is: if you are not having the happy, problem-free life that you want, it's your own fault! Or put another way: if you have problems, you created them and there's something wrong with you!

This is nothing more than a tale of purity and spiritual betterment. 

The built-in assumption here is that the world (and oneself) is bad, wrong, flawed or somehow deviant and must become something else. Further, this transformation will naturally be desired by someone who is spiritually and morally 'correct'. Basically it's a rightwing consumerist guilt trip built on the legacy of original sin, flaunting a consummate belief in free will: the power to choose (or not) and control your own reality. David Icke spins the same line: we can make this world the way we want it: YOU can do it. Here we have a massive dose of personal autonomy - someone with the intrinsic power to achieve something - injected into the architecture of Christian dualism while climbing the Stairway to Heaven. It's good versus evil time again folks and only the elect and pure of heart will be saved!

All these jaded cosmologies offer us is a composite domination myth across a polarised battlefield of light versus dark. Nothing much has changed since the time of Zoroaster! What's especially worthy of note is that the Bible sounds very similar to the Sumerian cuneiform record ... and 2012 theories tend to mirror both. So perhaps the religions we see today originate in and mirror the mechanism of power and control, which existed in the Anunnaki times: set up across the hierarchy of Creator God, spiritual intermediary, and human subjects. Meanwhile within the new alien cosmologies we see today, across a modern-day hierarchy of spiritual power, we see aliens replace (or consort with) angels; nature (the original indigenous peoples of Earth) has once again been destroyed by culture (the technologically advanced, extraterrestrial Creator Gods); and the "higher" must for the billionth time, subsume or overcome the "lower". And as for the aliens coming to save us ... errr isn't that the Second Coming?! This is nothing more than an "I"-centric attempt to redeploy the divisive forces of Judaeo-Christianity in the name of "freedom" and "spirituality"!

It is easy to see, then, where the notions of the "higher self" come from which pepper New Age literature and 2012 theories. In both the Sumerian cuneiform record and the Bible, we have an authoritarian male Creator God from, or in, the heavens who is perfect and must be obeyed by the lesser mortals on the earth. Meanwhile these lesser mortals exist only to serve God yet rather curiously, perpetually go off-program. These themes have been translated into the higher and lower nature of man - the spiritual nature versus the animal nature - the latter of which must bow down to the former. Judaeo-Christian salvation lies in overcoming the animal nature, which inspired by the Devil (Satan) constantly conspires to tempt us.

It's equally unmistakable what these ascension parables really are. In Christian theology those who are good and obey will go up to Heaven, while those who don't will get left behind and descend into the fiery realms of Hell. Look at the hugely popular Ra material - The Law of One - which originates in the Orion Group and rather creepily mentions a "harvest" of ripe souls around 2012. Watched over by angelic consciousnesses, the Confederation and the Guardians, apparently those operating according to the "violet ray emanation" will undergo a transition from the third to the fourth density. David Wilcock who now speaks and writes prolifically on "soul growth, ascension and the evolution of consciousness" - and had the No.1 video on Youtube, The 2012 Enigma - started off with the Law of One. Then there is David Wolfe the self-proclaimed raw foods guru - and the newly re-invigorated Breatharian movement. In both cases, via our food choices (or lack of them), we can steer ourselves to a higher spiritual level and fall in with the agenda of good ETs who are battling bad ETs in a bid to save the planet. Interestingly David Wolfe and David Wilcock are friends: they have appeared together on Youtube talking about "Earth changes", a "transformation of the human spirit to a higher evolution" and welcoming in "visitors" while this shift comes into being. Wolfe is also deeply involved with the modern-day Essene movement. Meanwhile Breatharianism draws on the 90s' channellings of Charmaine Harley (made famous by faux Australian avatar Jasmuheen) and the Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs. The principle ethos here is that we must move away from the poison of cooked food to the purity of raw food, liquids and even just saliva, prana, ch'i or light. In so doing we gain access to a higher dimension; get lighter and less dense; and become more spiritual rather than material.

Suspiciously many of these endeavours end in the attempt to become 'superhuman' or even the gods themselves. But surely this is just the Anunnaki's semi-divine intermediaries - the genetically enhanced slaveworkers they left behind - and the very Creator Gods themselves all over again!. Now we must defeat the old gods, replacing them with ourselves, the new gods. Or even better, we must return ourselves to the state of those from whom the planet was stolen by the Annunaki. Fascinatingly, Sitchin's translation indicates that when they engineered their gold mining slave workers (i.e. US!), the Anunnaki or "Elder Gods" also spliced their own DNA with the prior, indigenous race of Earth (the "Ancient Ones") whom they had defeated:

Man is born of sadness, for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones, but has the Spirit of the Elder Gods breathed into him. And his heart goes to the Ancient Ones, but his mind is turned towards the Elder Gods, and this is the war which shall be always fought, unto the last generation of man; for the world is unnatural.

Here the battle is between the natural ancient/indigenous and the unnatural Elder Gods/reptilian influence. This is a war between blood and spirit, also heart and mind. And once again, we must restore ourselves to an original pristine state, which has always been a part of us, but has been masked by an interfering, alien "other".

This type of spiritual reinvention is common at critical junctures in history when there is endemic fear, confusion and doubt. For example, at the time of the sack of the Jerusalem Temple in AD70, the centre of the Jewish world disappeared, its community scattered and the position of the followers of Jesus became highly polarised in relation to other Jews. An eschatology of angels and demons could explain these catastrophic events, which the Jews and the virtue of their religion had been powerless to prevent. A newly transformed concept of "satan" (which was originally a superhuman agent of God sent to protect humans from harm) allowed New Testament writers to account for the misfortune of the Jews as the forces of "evil" acting through certain people. In a similar vein we see the Essenes - identifying themselves with "Israel" - calling themselves the "Sons of Light" in contrast with the remainder of the Jews who they refer to as the "Sons of Darkness." Their sacred texts invoke secrets of angelology allowing for the identification of themselves from evil 'others' within the Jewish faith. This is a veritable tale of the dispossessed: a way for the disenfranchised to put themselves back on the top of the pile!

In just the same way, today we have never been so unsure. Our economic system seems to be collapsing, it appears that certain powerful elites are squeezing off our food supply and in the mind of conspiracy theorists, there may even be a deliberate attempt to substantially reduce the global population. From this we can see it would be unwise to consider 2012 cosmologies and predictions apart from the politico-economic context in which they arise. These must in part be a counternarrative to the unfairness and inequality of the prevailing culture: an act of resistance by the socially disaffected. They are the cry in the wilderness of the victims of society: the lame, the holt and the blind. The God Kings of the market have failed and the roof is about to fall in!

This also reveals the nature of prophesy and psychic messages. Regardless of whether they are accurate (which is nearly always impossible to tell), such predictions play the all-important role of staiving off fear and providing temporary relief from hardship, pain, and not knowing. These elaborate doomsday stories are merely attempts to manage uncertainty and their future prognostications are only ever projections, rather than truth. Nevertheless they give space for an injection of hope and the possibility of a brighter future. A brighter future that in fact, may never come ...

You may think from all of this, that we at Chi-Ting are against ETs, don't believe in an alternative history of Earth, or think that there are no natural disasters to come. Not so. We don't doubt that there are extraterrestrials and that there is far more to the story of this planet than has been officially recognised. Additionally our species is constantly evolving and adapting to its environment. We know that man only uses a fraction of his brain capacity and that the field of DNA and human consciousness has barely begun to be explored. As Aurobindo said: "Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the Earth evolution." But we do suggest that these alternative cosmologies may not be all that they seem ... and that they can be hijacked for other, less than pristine agendas ...

Firstly, the thirst for an alternative account can lead innocents into the lair of wolves. Look at the cocaine-adled lunacy of the likes of Benjamin Fulford and his chums the White Dragon Society, the Gnostic Illuminati and the rightwing gun lobbyist Drake. All of these characters take some version of the Illuminati tale for granted and their conspiracy theories linked to everyday global politics have swollen to epidemic, fantasy proportions. (Apparently the new Messiah is none other than Vladmir Putin and the Pope was supposed to resign back in April!) Many of the "truther" websites inculcate far more fear and negativity than the original scenarios they are reporting on. Further, literally millions of internet readers were waiting and waiting this year for the infamous "green light". This was when the long anticipated mass arrests of the Global Cabal/Illuminati were supposed to occur alongside extraterrestrial intervention, prior to actual alien disclosure (commonly referred to as The Event). Of course nothing happened and it was all postponed to some imaginary date in the future with a host of 'good reasons' given. This is just another playground for psychosis. Cast adrift in a mental projection which has little crossover with everyday life, this world is just as illusory as the one beamed out by state-run/corporate media!

Secondly, there are other accounts apart from the Sitchin-inspired version which remain somewhat overshadowed and marginal. These also need to be considered especially as Sitchin - alongside his peers von Däniken and Velikovsky who pioneered Ancient Astronaut Theory - have been much criticised for their literalism, sloppy research and/or wide translations. The work of R.A. Boulay for example, may present a more coherent account of the reptilian/saurian saga, while the Nag Hammadi Codices are particularly important for presenting a more female-centred story. In Origin of the World 116, the Gnostics talk about the Archons (extraterrestrials uncannily similar to what today we call the greys and the reptilians) who they say were sexually attracted to Eve, wife of Adam. The text describes Eve as a "luminous woman": the Archons planned to rape her in order to obscure her inner light but she was aware of their plan and easily outwitted them. In this case alien intrusion into the affairs of Planet Earth was unsuccessful; Eve was smarter than the aliens; and the human race was never genetically corrupted by ET forces.

Thirdly, if Sitchin's interpretation has been questioned, what about the Sumerian clay tablets he was translating - or for that matter the Nag Hammadi Codices? Religious texts are always highly political and these would have been written by elite scribes to present a certain view. Here truth and fiction hardly come into it. What was the purpose of these texts and what did their authors intend us to think or believe as a result of reading them? Further, if there really are extraterrestrials, these texts may be the trance writings or direct channellings of these non-human intelligences. What would be the intent behind giving such information and would that information necessarily be true? As John de Ruiter once remarked, channellings are 'lower beings talking about higher things' ... Would a higher being engage in the mutually parasitic activity of channelling in the first place? What is the status then, of the messages received in recent times, which so often suggest the superiority of alien beings, a certain unsubstantiated worldview, and even a preferred American presidential candidate? These are questions which must be asked but seldom are ... Cui bono?

All of this information potentially leaves us floundering in the dark. Symptomatic of an "I"-centred state of mental agitation, we are left with more questions than answers. Is this really the darkness before dawn as the likes of Barbara Marciniak promise or a prelude to a fall into the abyss?

Perhaps Advaita can help to answer this question ... We started this post with Siva Sakthi and her revelations of natural disasters. Advaita tells us that all of this Endtime drama is shadow-boxing with ghosts of our own making: a wholesale projection of the terror engendered by the death of the ego. Further, because the world is both real and unreal, while debating which version of Earth's history is "true" is completely valid, for Advaitins, there is more to this than meets the eye. According to Advaita there is no time. History is only an 'apparent' happening. Nothing truly ever exists or occurs. On the one hand then, because these environmental disasters and the corruption and murderous intentions of the elite are definitely real, Advaita urges us to take these happenings very seriously. But on the other, because it also says that these events are equally unreal, Advaita reminds us that there is an additional dimension to economic meltdown and the impact of extreme weather conditions such as Hurricane Sandy and Cyclone Neelam. Essentially life is not quite what it seems: anything that happens is undeniable yet an empty, transient drama of unknown quantity. Advaita therefore fully acknowledges what is going on in the world today in all its profundity, while at the same time underlining its ephemeral nature.

This makes Siva Sakthi's predictions all the more fascinating and engaging. We seem to be in the midst of the Earth changes she speaks of and yet, this remains the maya of existence. Here perhaps we have the clothing for the skeleton of Advaitic philosophy. What can often be a very dry, abstruse form of Indian intellectuality springs to life when applied to what amounts to a new history of the planet; a galactic shift in human consciousness; and the possibility of other types of being. Is perhaps the attainment of the Self found in Advaita, the self-same "ascension" described in 2012 theories? Where do they cross over, if at all? After all, many of the modern-day writers and theorists we have mentioned in this post speak of Oneness and the end of separation. Is this the same as "enlightenment" described so often in the Eastern religions?

There are obvious correspondences but there are also substantial differences ... And, to get too drawn into this line of enquiry, overlooks the fact that Advaita has at least two serious problems:

1) Advaita is simply another calcified religious belief system. It seeks to dominate the human individual and place their spirituality at the feet of a divine being or the promise of a future realised Self. We already know for example, that the power structure of Christianity may build on the Anunnaki setup remarked upon within the Sumerian cuneiform record. The theme here seems to be "as above, so below". In ancient India, were there also gods descending into or interacting with their divinely appointed intermediaries on Earth: the priest-kings and their religious teachers? Does Advaita also originate in a hierarchy of power and control based on a long forgotten episode buried in the ancient past?

2) Advaita has not yet got to grips with the issue of personal autonomy. While talking about the Earth changes to come, Siva Sakthi pays homage to the god Siva and displays the predominant Advaitic fixation on purity. She operates within the moral framework of karma and advises turning inward to fix on the light of the Atma. Strangely, this makes Advaita appear not so different from Christianity since apparently, the Advaitin also has the power to choose to better themselves spiritually. But this is not actually the case when we look at Advaitic philosophy. Whereas personal autonomy is the lynchpin of Judaeo-Christian theology, Advaita purportedly questions this inbuilt assumption and instead, analyses its status. In Advaita, no single entity or thing has any absolute existence or non-existence. An "I" is therefore impossible (and so is the intrinsic essence of any object). So there is always free will but rather than it being "real" (as in a concrete, permanent entity), it is both real and unreal (as in a temporary appearance). Put another way, it is not that there is "no" free will. Rather, it is that there is no "one" to have it.

However virtually all of Advaita's proponents are caught up in the inane argument of whether there is or isn't free will. Just like Christianity, they too are stuck in the belief that there is (or isn't) the personal autonomy to do something. So when Siva Sakthi advises us to focus on the Diamond Light, there is a huge problem. There is no one truly there to do this and this means that whether it happens or not cannot be controlled. The Advaitic gurus who instruct their devotees to engage in spiritual practice are simply reinforcing the belief in an absolutely existent "I" WHICH HAS NEVER, EVER EXISTED! Here they are reinventing the notion of an all-powerful self with the ability to achieve something (the Judaeo-Christian Creator God again in a personal form!) This is the Gordian Knot explored in the recently republished Spiritual Humanism vs Neo Advaita. Convoluted verbal gymnasts Alan Stoltz and Möller de la Rouvière engage in a tortuous discussion with a slightly bemused Tony Parsons about self-enquiry - and who there is to do it. After a while it becomes a trilateral exercise in banality. Each of them argues ad nauseam and only succeeds in eating their own tail! Where is the wit, vigour and aliveness in all this verbiage? This is the graveyard shift locked in an endless loop of déjà vu!

Advaita - just like the New Age agenda and 2012 theories - is a promise to nowhere. All it has to offer is a perpetual cycle of extreme spiritual disappointment. And it's exactly the same fixation on purity and spiritual betterment we've been hearing about for eons! Meanwhile the rest of us are no better off. We are left with rising food bills and the struggle to afford petrol and heating: in other words full throttle existential meltdown. Perhaps this is the biggest apocalypse of all ...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Venus in furs ...

Pranaams and salutations to Thee, Oh Right Reverend Kevinandaji
Defender of the Faith, Supplier of Infinite Mirth, Protector of the Faithless
Reliever of Heaviness to the Myriad Suffering Jivas trapped in our present Kali Yuga

I write to submit an image of a recent flyer I received as a direct emailing from His Holiness, the Paramhansa NithyaSaiBabananda. He (or Sevadars doing his holy advertising work) has just sent this to millions of his online subscribers who are registered to receive his weekly digital darshan. It is given out worldwide by His Holiness over the internet.

His ministry program features a question and answer period covering important Vedic topics such as the casting out of evil spirits, the use of shakti energy to avoid traffic accidents, removal of psychosomatic karmic impediments, etc etc ... But there is more!

He has announced his availability for reading the Akashic records of devotees, potentially conferring a wide range of benefits (see the brochure!)

You may also observe he is now showing himself off in a splendid new designer outfit, standing in front of an impossibly large moon. Is this a studio shot or simply a skilled photoshop rendering, one wonders?!

We understand that he has engaged a brilliant Bollywood costume designer to create his new look. Here we see an example of his splendid new image arrayed in a designer simulated tiger skin that hugs his well proportioned, androgenous, upper male-female body. This is strikingly set off by the use of a giant Tibetan rudraksha bell necklace with waistband combo, accentuated by rudraksha-only bicep and wrist malas. Will he wear a similar attire to this to attend his police gender inspection appointment? One somehow doubts he will!

With folded hands, I again salute you Sri Sri SRI Kevinandaji, for bringing a realm of sanity and humour to an insane world!

Myles O'Blarney

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dante's inferno ...

If personal dominion is your game, Tiruvannamalai can be hell on earth because there is nowhere to hide from yourself ...

Sometimes Tiru resembles a carnival of the grotesque: all those nasty vasanas bubbling to the surface like rampant acne. This is the place where all the poison in the mud hatches out! Dozens of Westerners have been deported back to their countries in various psychotic states. Deranged devotees have been sent here by Osho and Papaji, creating the social toilet which feeds Mooji, Spermananda and their ilk. Not long ago an Australian woman lost her leg outside the Ramanashramam and strange accidents abound on the Pradakshina Road.

Recent history is also littered with bizarre deaths, a kind of gothic Danse Macabre from a masked Venetian ball. Radha's spectacular self-immolation is but one of the more shocking examples. Does anyone remember the Austrian woman whose burnt corpse was found in 2005 - or the Italian who headbutted himself to death in the Pink House? Then there is the French sadhu clad in only a loincloth who died of septicaemia, having refused all offers of medical help. In a ghoulish imitation of Ramana's famous maxim, he died of Advaitic fixation incessantly mumbling: "I am not the mind, I am not the body." Only recently the Ganapati librarian was killed in a traffic accident after decades in Tiru. It doesn't matter how pure or honourable your seva is here, if it is your prarabdha karma and your time is up, the long hand of fate will reel you in!

Arunachala is an energetic invitation to a different realm of being where the "I" has fled the stage. If that invitation is rejected there can be hell to pay! Arthur C. Clarke based the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey (and the later Kubrick movie) on Arunachala. (There are even extant letters to a deceased member of the community who knew him that prove it!) He considered the hill an evolutionary accelerant to a new way of being, the portal of the star child. Others regard Arunachala as Lord Shiva himself in the form of a pillar of fire (tejolinga). Neo Advaita Kingpin Karl Renz says that Arunachala is a nuclear reactor of cosmic proportions. He has explained his rationale by the high occurrence of cancer in Tiru - he even used Ramana's demise to illustrate the point. All this goes to show that this is not a place to pussyfoot around. This is the Mayan Ball Game - a game for keeps - and if you lose, your heart will end up on the sacrificial altar! Those who dally with spiritual affectation burn up like a moth in a flame and hurtle to the ground at high velocity. Just like Icarus as he went SPLATT!

And now we come to the moral fable of that bumptious clown, Richard Clarke, a ridiculous Dickensian figure straight from the pages of the Pickwick Papers. The spawn of some idiot Californian guru called Nome (who no-one has ever heard of!), R.C. rolled up in Tiru a few years ago and saw fit to appoint himself Protector of the Public Good. His latest debacle has seen him attempt to make his own alternative inner path, in effect immortalising himself and making a monument for his own greater glory. Now his compulsive meddling has caused the inner path to be closed by order of the District Forest Office. The Hindu cites the official reason for this as being that the path passes through reserve forest. Entering is an offence and yet there have been repeated incidents of forest fire. This is because it is believed by some to be spiritually meritorious to ignite fires on Arunachala.

The fact of the matter is that these fires are being started by locals, not pilgrims performing pradakshina. But this is irrelevant. Indian bureaucrats have been riled by Clarke's neo-colonial presumptions and have simply reacted in a predictable manner. The end result is that everyone is paying the price for R.C.'s hubris and self-aggrandisement ...

Richard Clarke's world of "nice" and "good works" is a direct product of the disturbed medieval Christian mindset and its belief in eternal damnation. Remission of temporal sin was only obtained through punishment and arduous penance. Dante's Divine Comedy for example, describes the soul's allegorical journey towards God through Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso where hell is located within the Earth complete with nine circles of suffering. Clarke is a jumped-up fool who thinks he can earn his place in heaven by righteous conduct. He has put himself at the top of the pile and believes he has a moral mandate to tell everyone what to do. His attempts at opening the inner path for the masses have proved utterly counterproductive. A wannabe politician, he has an emotional need to be loved for his many benevolent deeds in the name of the community. To some it all seems very innocent: but in the shadow of Arunachala, the drama of the ego is always revealed. The lingam of fire relentlessly turns up the heat and exposes the cankerous sores of spiritual pride and personal ambition.

Richard ... The road to hell is paved with (so-called) good intentions. You may find yourself sharing quarters with pederast Popes and other perverse creatures in a fiery place from which there is no escape ... Only endless aeons of agony and atonement. As the inscription said when Dante passed through the gate into the inferno: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The revolution will not be televised ...

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" (Hassan-i Sabbāh).

Life is an imaginary perhaps, full of substance but simultaneously empty of significance. The moment action is no longer yours - then the bite of anger and its force simply dissipates like vapour into the ethers. The difference between the world lived in separation and the one devoid of identity is what was formerly only real is now just an appearance - both real and unreal (the impact of a closed fist versus the caress of a velvet feather!) The world in its multitude of forms is no longer taken so seriously and even problems are not really a problem. So this planet may be run by the Illuminati-Reptilian consciousness (well some serious sickos anyway!) but there is no-one in residence to give a flying f#ck!

The person for whom separation is real, truly believes they can make a difference and bludgeon reality to their taste through an act of free will. They don't question their assumption that they are masters of the universe controlling their own destiny and the fates of others. But the person wielding free will and the free will itself are just an appearance. There is not really any personal autonomy: it just seems that way. And there is no internal or external orchestrator shaping the proceedings (God, Brahman, the Self and the ego can all take a running jump!) The grand magi of our society - totally intoxicated by their invincibility and power - are as empty as everything else. They are nothing but wraiths and shadows: temporary and impermanent. It's a lesson that our political leaders and their chums in finance (better known as Banksters) would be wise to ponder. As Chuang Tzu so pithily said: "If you want to see them fall, let them rise!"

The real revolution is spontaneous and uncontrived: an implosion of identity that throws us into a vortex of immediacy and wonder. It's a child's playground of delight even in its horror and awfulness. Fixation ends; reality has become a fluid dance. In this free-flow montage, nothing sticks because there is no-one really in the command chair. The absolute reality of anything is an empty echo of the past. Duality has fled through the back door. The eternal play of good and evil is now the best show in town ... even more electric because there is no filter.

Here raging about the world is simply as it is. It is neither right nor wrong. Attempts to make the world a better place may improve our lives or be the building blocks in a new paradigm of hell (and they usually are!) But this is utterly besides the point. The revolution is not an act of collective evolution through class struggle. It is not a political act. It is an alchemical mystery that never was and always will be. This is pure unadulterated experience: a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride where the ego has never been known.

The revolution will not be televised, IT WILL BE LIVE ...

[With apologies to the late great Gil Scott-Heron]

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bonfire of the vanities

It doesn't rain, it pours. Or in the case of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, verily it doth piss down!

One minute he's a Hindu porn star, next he's claiming inability as he's really a girl. Yes, it gets down and dirty and then it dissolves into a quagmire of confusion. Is he in jail or is it protective custody for his own safety? With good ol' Nithy it's through a glass darkly all the way. Life Bliss Technology has become a pseudonym for a right crock of crap ... The burning question is of course how he managed to climb to the position of World Number 1 Spiritual Leader (well, according to his site anyway), after his embarrassing fall last year. A veritable phoenix risen from the ashes or maybe better, a toad that crawled from the mud! Is the CIA behind it, the Great White Brotherhood, what is Richard Clarke's role, is it a false flag operation etc, etc ...

Just when we thought this relentlessly ambitious bullshit artist had emerged unscathed from the morass of scandal that threatened to destroy him - having just bagged one of the highest positions in Hinduism (God knows how big a bribe that needed!) - suddenly he nosedives back into the pigshit again. This is a modern day Messiah in all his glory, a veritable avatar for the collapse of the consumer society. I asked our resident Holy Hermaphrodite Sister Klaus for an opinion on the difference between Nithyananda and Madhukar:

Hmm, I don't see anything different between these 2 crooks, apart from how one is cheating thousands, the other millions. But they use the same method of luring their victims into the web of their charms (?!) Consume them and then spit them out. They are both crazy about power over other people. They are politicians; the lowest form of the human species!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

T.V.Malai transgender is Miss Koovagam ...

From the Asian Age, May 1st:

Harini, a transgender from Tiruvannamalai, was crowned Ms Koovagam 2012 at the annual contest held on Monday. Deepika of Chennai was named first runner-up and Chaya Singh of Dharmapuri, the second runner-up at the contest conducted as part of the annual Koovagam festival at the Koothandavar temple in Villupuram district. Hundreds of transgenders thronged Villupuram to participate in the 18-day festival. The festival, held at Koovagam village, symbolises the mythical wedding of Lord Krishna in female form to Aravaan, a warrior who is subsequently sacrificed for the victory of the Pandavas in the Mahabharatha.

Of course our beloved sponsor Sister Klaus Apitakuchambalammal has cried foul play. The Holy Hermaphrodite is even claiming the Asian Age newspaper photoshopped her out of the picture and put in another stupid face and name instead. Outraged and disgusted that her Rocky Horror picture show chic has been so wantonly rejected, the Sister is now proclaiming that the CIA and the Luciferian/Sabbatean cabal are behind this travesty of justice.

Unfortunately there are also rumours that the Sister started waving her retractable wiener at the judges and was chased out of the hall by a machete-wielding mob!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bring on the nubiles ...

Fuck your way to freedom ... It's a wonderful story ...

But sometimes it has a darker, shadow-side. Tantra, Taoist practices, Yab-Yum, Thelema ... These are all a form of abuse sold to you in the name of enlightenment. Sexual parasitism, rape and even human sacrifice: this is the heart of darkness which can justify almost any level of degradation at the hands of a guru.

The quest for liberation through sex is the ultimate egomania. The guru practises sexual excess, claiming multiple partners. "They are enlightened" so the normal rules of engagement do not apply. But this is a sinister puppet play - the fairy tale of the ego - which uses any means to justify its behaviour while engaging in an extreme demonstration of personal power. This is sex in separation, which is always a quest to burst the boundary of identity. At the point of orgasm existence can be transcended, this is why the desire for sex can be so insatiable. But this is just a transient awakening experience: temporary relief from the confines of the ego. The experience must then be sought again and again, inciting endless appetites and addiction ...

After separation passes there is no boundary. Everything is orgasm and rather paradoxically the need for orgasm ends. Orgasm happens when it does and sex is like an ongoing spiral, devoid of identity, twisting endlessly into infinity ...

Tantra is a counterfeit simulation of this endless wave of sexual energy. It is not an Osho-style lurv-in for confused yuppies on a weekend retreat but a type of vampirism which abuses your partner for your own ends. Tantra attempts to copy sexual experience after separation has passed. It imposes a technique which deliberately avoids the male orgasm and attempts to summon and endlessly surf the energy of the female. A fantasy superhighway to nirvana!

Taoist sexual practices seek the conquest of the feminine. In this realm women were seen as dangerous and to be feared. They have been branded "the enemy" because during sex the man can spill semen and lose vitality. Men were therefore encouraged to have as much sex as possible to replenish their life force - especially with young virgins who offered the greatest reserves of ch'i (qi). The male strategy was coitus reservatus or applying pressure on the perineum to ensure that the jing was retained and channelled up the spine to nourish the brain. Meanwhile the female became a mere "crucible" or "stove" to be exploited for energetic ends. In effect a fleshy Duracell battery!

Tibetan Buddhism also has a secret world of occult and arcane sexual practices. The moral universe of the seeker is inverted with the consumption of menstrual blood, women's sexual fluids, excrement and even human flesh. The official hierarchy denies such practices even exist. Tibetan Buddhist monks take a vow of celibacy yet at the higher stages in their practice, they select a woman consort to balance their sexual energies (yab-yum). The aim is to attain enlightenment via the quickest possible path. Often threatened with death, the woman is sworn to secrecy and is under the total control of her lama. (For more info read June Campbell's expose of her illicit relationship with the irreproachable Kalu Rinpoche). This could also involve low-caste women who were considered of no account once they had been used up sexually. Afterwards they were simply disposed of or killed. Sometimes they were burnt alive (the legendary Burning Dakinis). But even in death they continued to function in the service of their tantric master. The sheer trauma of their sacrificial death saw them trapped between worlds like a Persian jinn (genie). Incapable of rebirth, the energies of these “murdered mudras" were then employed as malevolent Buddhist wraiths in occult rites. (This is eerily reminiscent of the macabre death of Radha Ma last year who self-immolated and was involved in tantric entity worship!)

This is all about the maintenance of patriarchy. Ageing male authority figures use their status to seduce young women or order them to sacrifice their sexuality on the altar of enlightenment. Denouncing the female, the hierarchical elite have turned the sexual act into an illicit black market commodity. They are then forced to bring it back in by hidden occult means. Behind closed doors dead male energy feeds on the vitality of the feminine, gaining access to sexual energy, usually forbidden beyond the cloisters. It's spiritual heroin and it's all about POWER.

Women also collude in this process. Many volunteer for service. Remember the late 90s' sexual hysteria around John de Ruiter where hordes of female followers would groan in collective orgasm while fantasising and scheming to attain the Sperm of Christ? (Ask the Von Sass sisters: their experiments in sexual tantra with the self-proclaimed Messiah came to a very bitter end!) The circle of corruption is complete - everyone is culpable - because they believe they are going to get something out of it. Victim and abuser, they're both lost in the infinity of mirror-images of SELF.

The only intention here is to fuel the guru and the seeker's omnipotence. In the world of separation we are all prostitutes seeking salvation! Take Crowley's nihilist battlecry: "Do what thy wilt shall be the whole of the law". This is a fascist formula for the most extreme ego-centred indulgence - all in the name of Divine Will. An inversion of Christianity's sexual suppression, this is the "orgiastic excess" of personal dominion and conquest. Both excess and sexual restraint are two sides of the same coin, preached by the person who believes they are GOD. The 'great religions' - Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, and Bahaism - all control the sexual impulse. The ego always embarks on a method to try and get enlightened. In this game a sexual renunciant like Saradamma and a priapic übermensch like Madhukar share the same bed. It doesn't matter whether you're the Virgin Mary or Jack the Ripper: it's still the same "I"!

In the clutches of the ego, the freshness and childlike immediacy of sex is lost. The guru seizes power where before it flowed spontaneously - a coup d'état that imposes rules, formulae, paths, practices and secret worlds of progress towards spiritual enlightenment. The sad irony is that this life force was already freely available to all ...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The yoga of silence ...

The Madhukar asana. Bernd Jürgen Merkle explores the dark recess of his rectal passage while trying to justify his mission of sexual abuse!

Anon said ...
It seems that people like Madhukar are desperately hungry for admiration and that this hunger is ultimately the hunger to truly be themselves. They feel the pain of not being able to be spontaneous because they have never had approval before (it can usually be traced to childhood and lack of nurture!) The problem is that to satisfy that hunger they have to vampirise others. They can only feed from other human beings, not from animals, plants or objects. And the energetic devotional fix becomes symbolic because something human has to be sacrificed on the altar of their ever increasing egomania. It's an energy demand that occurs when there is an inability to create because that person is so deeply asleep within themselves. That will also generate emotional reactivity because they are so totally identified with their messianic role. You say something offensive to them and they will flare up like a firecracker on Chinese New Year. Vampires... yes, that's it. Who would give a blood-sucking vampire any devotion? Only those who are in turn desperate for attention. Vampires feeding on vampires breeding vampires ...

Madhukar is the King of Cocaine Consciousness: more thrills, more pussy, more bogus adulation. He has become a grotesque posterboy for compulsive-obsessive sexual behaviour. He is totally lost in the addictive labyrinth of separation and it will never be enough to fill the soul-sucking void. All alone in his heart of darkness. No-one will hear him scream ...