Tuesday, May 1, 2012

T.V.Malai transgender is Miss Koovagam ...

From the Asian Age, May 1st:

Harini, a transgender from Tiruvannamalai, was crowned Ms Koovagam 2012 at the annual contest held on Monday. Deepika of Chennai was named first runner-up and Chaya Singh of Dharmapuri, the second runner-up at the contest conducted as part of the annual Koovagam festival at the Koothandavar temple in Villupuram district. Hundreds of transgenders thronged Villupuram to participate in the 18-day festival. The festival, held at Koovagam village, symbolises the mythical wedding of Lord Krishna in female form to Aravaan, a warrior who is subsequently sacrificed for the victory of the Pandavas in the Mahabharatha.

Of course our beloved sponsor Sister Klaus Apitakuchambalammal has cried foul play. The Holy Hermaphrodite is even claiming the Asian Age newspaper photoshopped her out of the picture and put in another stupid face and name instead. Outraged and disgusted that her Rocky Horror picture show chic has been so wantonly rejected, the Sister is now proclaiming that the CIA and the Luciferian/Sabbatean cabal are behind this travesty of justice.

Unfortunately there are also rumours that the Sister started waving her retractable wiener at the judges and was chased out of the hall by a machete-wielding mob!