Thursday, September 27, 2012

Venus in furs ...

Pranaams and salutations to Thee, Oh Right Reverend Kevinandaji
Defender of the Faith, Supplier of Infinite Mirth, Protector of the Faithless
Reliever of Heaviness to the Myriad Suffering Jivas trapped in our present Kali Yuga

I write to submit an image of a recent flyer I received as a direct emailing from His Holiness, the Paramhansa NithyaSaiBabananda. He (or Sevadars doing his holy advertising work) has just sent this to millions of his online subscribers who are registered to receive his weekly digital darshan. It is given out worldwide by His Holiness over the internet.

His ministry program features a question and answer period covering important Vedic topics such as the casting out of evil spirits, the use of shakti energy to avoid traffic accidents, removal of psychosomatic karmic impediments, etc etc ... But there is more!

He has announced his availability for reading the Akashic records of devotees, potentially conferring a wide range of benefits (see the brochure!)

You may also observe he is now showing himself off in a splendid new designer outfit, standing in front of an impossibly large moon. Is this a studio shot or simply a skilled photoshop rendering, one wonders?!

We understand that he has engaged a brilliant Bollywood costume designer to create his new look. Here we see an example of his splendid new image arrayed in a designer simulated tiger skin that hugs his well proportioned, androgenous, upper male-female body. This is strikingly set off by the use of a giant Tibetan rudraksha bell necklace with waistband combo, accentuated by rudraksha-only bicep and wrist malas. Will he wear a similar attire to this to attend his police gender inspection appointment? One somehow doubts he will!

With folded hands, I again salute you Sri Sri SRI Kevinandaji, for bringing a realm of sanity and humour to an insane world!

Myles O'Blarney