Sunday, November 16, 2014

Triumph of the will

Our take on the self serving shenanigans and the unholy matrimony between certain Hollywood scientists and nondual wannabes ...


  1. I share the sentiments expressed in the post. Consider one of their favourite slogans, "Science of the Self." It's the mother of all absurdities. If their tongue becomes irreversibly twisted, voicebox disabled or vocal chords cauterised, they'll have less power to attract the dupes. You're right on the money Chi-Ting Master: at the bottom of it all is the the metaphor we refer to as the "Illuminati" and their propensity to debase, deceive and degrade all that once was authentic and noble. To create a sale-able commodity, the ploy of rationalism is used to undermine the age old TRANS-RATIONAL nature of spirituality. It sits well with the global imposition of so called rational economic principles, which has at its core the exchange of money in all spheres of human activity, the spiritual notwithstanding.

  2. The ad in front of this doesn't even seem out of place.

  3. which ad ? I must be blind....where's that frickin ad he's talking about Kevji.?AND WHY IS it ONLY VISIBLE TO HIM/?

  4. Its just more advertising for people who would more than likely never have been heard about outside of this blog. Chi-Ting has become the satsang junkies quick reference guide. More gullible truth believers than wise intelligent sceptics inhabit this domain, so who is ultimately being served here?

    1. Oh dear, yet another purveyor of ultimate truth and of course your truth is higher than ours ... and then you garnish your statement with a facile reference to self enquiry just to reinforce your sense of superiority - how original! It states very clearly on the sidebar: "If you don't like it, don't read it!"

  5. it's not about being served you silly brainless goose at 6.25.....where the hell do you see advertising on Kevji's part?...what caused your distorted and neurologically mangled frontal lobe to conjure up such preposterous vision? fancy yourself as an intelligent sceptic,which is the very fallacy that binds you to your moronic notions and stands in the way of your rehabilitative process..