Sunday, February 19, 2012

The yoga of silence ...

The Madhukar asana. Bernd Jürgen Merkle explores the dark recess of his rectal passage while trying to justify his mission of sexual abuse!

Anon said ...
It seems that people like Madhukar are desperately hungry for admiration and that this hunger is ultimately the hunger to truly be themselves. They feel the pain of not being able to be spontaneous because they have never had approval before (it can usually be traced to childhood and lack of nurture!) The problem is that to satisfy that hunger they have to vampirise others. They can only feed from other human beings, not from animals, plants or objects. And the energetic devotional fix becomes symbolic because something human has to be sacrificed on the altar of their ever increasing egomania. It's an energy demand that occurs when there is an inability to create because that person is so deeply asleep within themselves. That will also generate emotional reactivity because they are so totally identified with their messianic role. You say something offensive to them and they will flare up like a firecracker on Chinese New Year. Vampires... yes, that's it. Who would give a blood-sucking vampire any devotion? Only those who are in turn desperate for attention. Vampires feeding on vampires breeding vampires ...

Madhukar is the King of Cocaine Consciousness: more thrills, more pussy, more bogus adulation. He has become a grotesque posterboy for compulsive-obsessive sexual behaviour. He is totally lost in the addictive labyrinth of separation and it will never be enough to fill the soul-sucking void. All alone in his heart of darkness. No-one will hear him scream ...


  1. As sad and bad as the photo is, it's not as sad as Madhukar's testimonial page; the endless comments and banal sugary drivel!

  2. BERND JüRGEN MERKLE (aka Madhukar) owns 4 trademarks (registered or pending) in the European Union trademark database (CTM) among which u will find:

    In International Class 25:
    Swimwear; Bandanas (scarves); Motorists' clothing; Clothing; Clothing, footwear, headgear; Casual wear; Gabardines (clothing); Articles of neckwear; Slips [undergarments]; Jersey clothing; Clothing for children; Ready-made clothing; Leather clothing; Sleepwear; Outerclothing; Cyclists' clothing; Rainwear; Aprons [clothing]; Sportswear; Headbands [clothing]; Beachwear; Thermal clothing; Underwear; Underwear; Anti-sweat underwear; Rain and windproof clothing; Underwear; Topcoats.

    In International Class 45:
    Organisation of religious events.

    do you get the picture folks?

    wonder if ramana has trademarked "who am i?" as well...

    madhukar is actually just a lonely and lost bugger, who made the non-satsang circus his life style... he has got nothing to give but takes as much as he due time the shit of his hidious game will hit the fan...

    better put your head up you ass, mate...

  3. Madhu is about SEX pure and simple. Anything that moves ...

  4. Last night during Maha Siva Ratri, the great night of silence and worship, I walked around our beloved Arunachala, the air was serene and full of a light fragrance of devotion.

    But when I passed the ashram where Madhukar has his infamous retreat, an increasingly putrid smell started to tickle my nostrils. I felt increasingly nausea and soon the air was filled with putrefaction (OED : putrefaction = the process of putrefying; the decomposition of animal and vegetable substances, with its attendant unwholesome loathsomeness of smell and appearance; rotting, corruption). Which explains and confirms my feeling that Madhukar's followers are not human but sheep or lice or cabbages, led by a great inhuman evil, a Demon. Then a soft wailing and lamenting, reached my ears, harsh suppressed cries and the grinding of teeth.

    Which reminds of the time I visited Hell and somewhere around the fifth circle were all these sinners standing up to their chest in the shit in an unbearable putrid smell. My guide told me that they were worshippers of false prophets and guru’s, I said that their punishment was not so bad. My guide said “wait”. On a black rock sat the demon Madhukar with a devilish grin and a whistle in his mouth, looking at one of his gold and diamond watches. Suddenly he croaked, “airing time’s up for today folks, on my signal, all stand on your head”

    I mean, how stupid must you be if you are taken in by this sick, sad psycho. And yes, you deserve to stand with your head in Madhukar's shit for all eternity!

  5. Sister, that's brilliant! It looks like you have had a glimpse of someone attempting to neurotically impersonate Rahu the demon! LOL. It must have been quite an experience and I am glad you made it back safely! Coming to think of it, you were not in danger: even as a demon Madhukar would remain fake. Here in Europe it is Carnival time and Madhukar would be better off participating as an aberrant, freakish, gross, incongruous, ludicrous, perverted, preposterous, ridiculous, unnatural and whimsical figure in the carnival processions. And when they are over, he'd be over! And with him I would like to invite all of his kind to be part of the same processions too! Enough with the Guru Circus! Or: once a year for Carnival is MORE than enough!

  6. This guy should be locked away and do some serious therapy (let's see if he still keeps that horrific smile on his face). He is all about exploitation of the guru game; money, sex, power, the whole package. A spiritual criminal.

    His 'disciples' are even more pathetic, unable to show any discernment, truly sad! And above this drama the big M-logo shines upon them. One cannot take this seriously, but is only left with headaches and diarrhea ...

  7. Coincidence or not, where is Madhukar there is trouble! Swami Suddhananda has a story.

    Somebody from Germany 'donated' him a website.

    Choose from the Menu: Women - Money - Facts

    What do you know about it? Story or ...?


  8. Can someone provide a picture of Madhukar?

  9. There's a weird spaced out pic of Madhukar on his wiki link.
    If that's not enough for your appetite and you want the full Benito Mussolini portfolio try his website.

  10. Perhaps the most undersold hatha yoga posture, the MADHUKAR asana! May we wish him speedy recovery after this radical therapy.

  11. Interesting link about Suddhananda.
    I thought he was no-nonsense and quite ok. Any other opinions about this?

    And yes, the 'Madhukar asana' LOL!
    The picture says it all...

  12. Where on earth do you find such pictures? LOL

  13. This guy is sleeping with a Japanese woman and an Indian woman and has his bills paid? What am I doing working my way through school? Man, I would rob a swami to sleep with two hot oriental chicks!
    I can't believe this is still going on - it's so 1970's.
    Thanks for having this site Kevenji - you provide the body and Klaus - you provide the soul - God you're funny. I used to sell cars (bad karma) and I though car salesman were cynical. And Lucrezia, you could poison my wine anytime.

  14. Thank you for the flowers Dan, but do not forget that this is not just about fun, but about some serious mad and deranged weirdo’s, who play and fuck around with other people lives. And they can do what they like just because there are so many people who desperately want to belief in something better, bigger, brighter then they are and are ready to fall in any trap, it’s spiritual capitalism gone mad.

    Tony Moo’s latest scam is that he asks his woman devotees to shave their heads, now that’s a brilliant idea and a giant leap forward on the path to 'so called' self realization. Now why could I not think about such a thing, I must be really very foolish and ignorant. Soon he will ask his devotees to put on a white robe and a pointed cap and go forth in the world of unbelievers and heretics and preach the gospel of the great MOO and destroy everyone who dears to say anything against it. Now where did I hear that before, or how many times already ?

    Or he might join ranks with the other big bad M.

    M & M, the saviors of the world, the ultimate couple of infinite love, peace and wisdom. who will not fall for that !?

  15. Apparently 700 people turned up to Mooji's birthday party in Tiru. They all had to pay 100rp's each to get in and everyone was questioned about their level of devotion to the great Guru! He also had a 5-day retreat to which 300 people went, paying $200 each. That is a hell of a lot of money for Mr Papa Rasta! No wonder the Indian tax authorities are seriously interested in his activities.

  16. Can someone please fill me in about Radha Ma because I don't live in Tiruvannamalai. Her anniversary is coming up. Any plans to commemorate the event with puja etc? There were plans to build a samadhi shrine for her. Has that been done? What happened to the three foreigners who were mentioned in RM's suicide note? I wasn't her devotee, even by the long shot but feel badly that such a lovely soul is gone.

  17. Rachel and Sunya are still waiting for the trial to begin, but they are pretty sure it will turn out well for them. As for Kalidas who fled India immediately after Radha's death, he is in trouble and might not get a visa anymore.

  18. Well said, Sister, and you are right. The worst effects I've seen here in the US are the nasty effects these beliefs have on the disciples. The simply end up being self-absorbed to the point of being amoral. Come to think of it, the teacher of the group I mingled in left his wife who and married a much younger follower. The Ex still taught yoga at his place and died a year or two later of breast cancer. I think those who go to India in their search have already shown a greater hunger and vulnerability that the gurus instinctively take advantage of.

  19. You know my coins are counterfeit,
    but you accept them anyway, my impudence and my pretending!


  20. The harlot that runs Arunachala Grace blog is now promoting, spruiking and lauding a self-appointed spiritual master called Mansoor along with his flunky Marissa. They are scheduled to rope in spiritual consumers in Tiru later this year ... Besides being a portal for property transactions, she uses her website as an agency to advertise travelling charlatans, presumably for a financial consideration!

  21. Madhukar is a sexually abusive monster who has set himself up as God incarnate. Damiano personally knows Madhukar and what he is capable of. How could anyone with a clear conscience keep quiet?

  22. casanova is reputed to have laid 10000 women......rod stewart and tom jones confessed to a 1000 each.madhukar's got a lot of catching up....sexual monster to some, or perhaps just a garden variety womaniser self-fertilised with shonky manure to produce a certain aroma to attract the BIRDS.

  23. Does freedom as a natural right mean licence to do anything one wants?
    Our minds are awash with the pull and push of contradictory desires and fears. There is a contest between our duties and our desire to do what we want regardless of others. Our hearts are ablaze with emotions that drive us to actions whether they are reasonable or irrational, beneficial or harmful. The flood of feeling, if left unattended, will find ways to manifest itself whether we like it or not. Whether we be men or women or whether we sit high on a podium or down on a mat.

  24. I do not know anything about Damiano’s conscience and I don’t care what his job is. And yes he should be quiet about it, no need to list his qualifications.

    He is not in the dock here.

    The accused is Madhukar who is a dangerous psychopath. He plays and juggles with the lives of his silly devotees like a naughty boy playing with his flea circus.

    It is not about money, it is about the craving for power - just for the desire to fuck up other peoples' lives. He is a serious perverted sadist who should be locked up in a very small room together with Premananda, Tony Moo, Gangaji and all the other satsang clown shitheads. Lock the door and never open it again!

    Anon sums it up correctly ... Fuck ya all!!!

  25. Can we please keep on the subject. At least Damiano has had the BALLS to say something. Madhukar is an infamous guru and the abuse is TOTALLY justified. You can spout as much sophistry as you like about contradictory desires and fears but the fact remains he is a PARASITE who sexually feeds on women. Madhukar is a product of the teachings of tantric tulku, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Tibetan Buddhism advocates the use of young (often under-age) girls as "batteries" to power them towards enlightenment: a gross, addictive corruption of power, shrouded in secrecy.

  26. Sure Madhukar is a low life!
    If you're counselling or helping 'others' - it's the counsellor's view of the world, you are just swapping one way of thinking for another.

  27. Some views are more valid than others.

  28. Why is it that so many western teachers, advaitists, yogis, mahasiddhas and so forth are primarily adepts of self promotion and trumpet blowing?

    Whatever happened to the profound realization of selflessness - has it been completely lost in translation?

  29. some views more valid than others??...the familiar mantra mouthed off by moral relativists who seek to justify and validate their positions by denigrating others,they defend their abominations by castigating the sins of their foes.,,,,according to them the muddying of the other is the cleansing of myself.

  30. It seems you are culpable of the same heinous sin you denounce so stridently in the rest of us. And as for your 'Born Again' Biblical language and the wrath of God, isn't it just the usual pulpit bashing? I think you just like arguing for its own sake. Does it get the juices flowing?

  31. the writer of the above tirade is eligible for salvation,in spite his recalcitrant nature.LORD JESUS grants the ultimate gift, and blessess both the rightous and the errant..l

  32. It might help if you could actually spell correctly. Are all of God's elect illiterate idiots? Is that the necessary qualification?

  33. I notice Madhukar not wearing a condom while performing his stunt ... Be more responsible if he did, so we could condomplate his low act.

  34. Tiru's famed mystic poetMarch 22, 2012 at 7:37 PM

    Mirror,mirror on the wall who is the most egoless of them all? (some scenes in search of a cartoonist)

    Of course, I was called here
    by the mountain,
    and also this beautiful guy
    I met on the beach,
    who woke me with bhajans at dawn,
    as he rolled his morning joint
    and stuffed it in my yawn.

    What shall I wear for satsang today
    to catch the guru's eye
    so he can sense the beauty
    of this non-existent "I"?

    As she sought to get
    to her space at the front
    where she could touch the guru's feet.
    She found some unenlightened cow
    had stolen her special seat!

  35. Meenakshi Mummy who runs the Arunachala Grace website is at it again! In a post dated 21-3-12 she is crowing about her property shenanigans, in this instance facilitating a sale of 5 acres to a Frenchman. She made no mention of the size of her commission or her intent to pay tax on it. All the while she posts syrupy pseudo spiritual drivel as a smokescreen.

  36. So much attention and love for Master Mad-you-are. Nice.

    Already checked one (the only one, I guess...) of his "fruits" - the deeply enlightened "Omanand" ? No ?

    Fasten your mind- and seatbelts and here we go:

    WOW ! Can you feel his energy ???

    Hear, feel and SEE him "teaching":

    Any other proof needed for holy Masters Mad-you-are holiness ???

    Down on your knees (but do not forget to pay before !) !!!!

  37. i recommend reading madhukar's book very very much...

    it shows you the road map and the definite possibilities of the ego's many tricks and refusals to simply BE.

    it is literally a textbook of ego's search and a great laugh, when you can recognize your own failures in his 'success'.


  38. Isn't he in the Jesus lineage? Seems so from browsing his website: