Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The revolution will not be televised ...

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" (Hassan-i Sabbāh).

Life is an imaginary perhaps, full of substance but simultaneously empty of significance. The moment action is no longer yours - then the bite of anger and its force simply dissipates like vapour into the ethers. The difference between the world lived in separation and the one devoid of identity is what was formerly only real is now just an appearance - both real and unreal (the impact of a closed fist versus the caress of a velvet feather!) The world in its multitude of forms is no longer taken so seriously and even problems are not really a problem. So this planet may be run by the Illuminati-Reptilian consciousness (well some serious sickos anyway!) but there is no-one in residence to give a flying f#ck!

The person for whom separation is real, truly believes they can make a difference and bludgeon reality to their taste through an act of free will. They don't question their assumption that they are masters of the universe controlling their own destiny and the fates of others. But the person wielding free will and the free will itself are just an appearance. There is not really any personal autonomy: it just seems that way. And there is no internal or external orchestrator shaping the proceedings (God, Brahman, the Self and the ego can all take a running jump!) The grand magi of our society - totally intoxicated by their invincibility and power - are as empty as everything else. They are nothing but wraiths and shadows: temporary and impermanent. It's a lesson that our political leaders and their chums in finance (better known as Banksters) would be wise to ponder. As Chuang Tzu so pithily said: "If you want to see them fall, let them rise!"

The real revolution is spontaneous and uncontrived: an implosion of identity that throws us into a vortex of immediacy and wonder. It's a child's playground of delight even in its horror and awfulness. Fixation ends; reality has become a fluid dance. In this free-flow montage, nothing sticks because there is no-one really in the command chair. The absolute reality of anything is an empty echo of the past. Duality has fled through the back door. The eternal play of good and evil is now the best show in town ... even more electric because there is no filter.

Here raging about the world is simply as it is. It is neither right nor wrong. Attempts to make the world a better place may improve our lives or be the building blocks in a new paradigm of hell (and they usually are!) But this is utterly besides the point. The revolution is not an act of collective evolution through class struggle. It is not a political act. It is an alchemical mystery that never was and always will be. This is pure unadulterated experience: a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride where the ego has never been known.

The revolution will not be televised, IT WILL BE LIVE ...

[With apologies to the late great Gil Scott-Heron]


  1. Sadhana and bondage is the only solution.

  2. Now boys, don't get too impatient. You're both booked in for your usual sessions.

  3. It is rumoured that Sister Klaus went on a pilgrimage to Amarnath cave to embrace the lingam of ice to cool her boiling anger. She seems to be disgusted with life in Tiru and especially with Kevji’s degenerate blog. Maybe sister,klaus can take over her job for a while and write some silly comments.

  4. There's also Lao Zi's verse 77 which is even better:

    The Tao of heaven is like the bending of a bow.
    The high is lowered, and the low is raised.
    If the string is too long, it is shortened;
    If there is not enough, it is made longer.
    The Tao of heaven is to take from those who have too much and give to those who do not have enough.
    Man's way is different.
    He takes from those who do not have enough and give to those who already have too much.
    What man has more than enough and gives it to the world?
    Only the man of Tao ...

  5. I am just wondering how people can avoid falling into the trap of thinking that one's own misbehavior could be quickly rationalized away as a "dream" (Madhukar for example would not be able to recognize it). Maybe it is necessary to point out something about the two possible levels of discourse in Buddhism (samvriti-satya and pâramârthika-satya) in order to avoid the neo-advaita pitfalls?

  6. Wow what a good question! We do try to use the phrase "real and unreal" a lot to show that we are not falling into nihilism. Nihilism is the suggestion that something completely doesn't exist and this as you suggest is quite similar to the idea of life being a "dream" or an "illusion". Instead we are saying things definitely exist - but never as an absolute.

    Essentially people can't avoid the trap you describe - in separation the amount of words used (or the type) will always be a problem. While this is in the realm of the intellectual, people will always think of liberation as either being "something" or "not something". Everybody is hooked on concrete descriptions thinking if they can grasp it, they can have it.

    Meanwhile we are talking about direct experience. It really can't be understood or rationalized. As for Buddhism, Buddhism has lots of problems of its own - principally its preoccupation with ultimate states - and it's also very technical. Let's not even go there!

  7. Om Nama Shivaya from cool Amarnath, the cleaner of doubts.
    Here in the cold I can forget the silly arguments in Tiru, with people I should call friends, but thought they were foes and ridiculous persons. Here the fire of hatred, jealousy and misconception crystallizes into understanding and sympathy. The all consuming fire lingam of discrimination becomes the frozen clear ice lingam of compassion. Even RC seems to be a wonderful man.

    About the post I would say, yes maybe but there seems to be something wrong with the time aspect. But for now I will just delight you with this wonderful poem by RMR, which deals with the contents of this post in its own way.

    Du musst das Leben nicht verstehen,
    dann wird es werden wie ein Fest.
    Und lass dir jeden Tag geschehen
    so wie ein Kind im Weitergehen von jedem Wehen
    sich viele Blüten schenken lässt.

    Sie aufzusammeln und zu sparen,
    das kommt dem Kind nicht in den Sinn.
    Es löst sie leise aus den Haaren,
    drin sie so gern gefangen waren,
    und hält den lieben jungen Jahren
    nach neuen seine Hände hin.

    Have to run for the 6 o’clock Abishekam.

    Allahu akbar!

  8. Really, the point I am trying to make is not so much about Buddhism and its theoretical intricacies, but rather about very practical consequences of a certain way of thinking. "Permanently realizing the Self" is something that, if true, influences one's behaviour, at least over time, if not suddenly. So, if people who say they are "(permanently) realized" (like Madhukar or Nithyananda) go around behaving inappropriately (i.e. using their power of influence to abuse women or to extort money, etc) they obviously are not congruent with what they claim to have "realized." If, instead or moreover, they justify their inappropriate behaviour with the fact that "it is all God's play anyway"/"All is a dream anyway"/ "Everything just happens anyway"/"I am the Master therefore I can"/"It is for your Englightenment"/"You're Enlightened therefore you can"/"All is One anyway"/... etc etc, they are misled, misleading, and harmful.

    Hence, it is appropriate to point out that, there is in fact a conventional experiential level of reality where categories of "appropriate and inappropriate," "helpful and harmful," "right and wrong," "justice and injustice," etc do apply! Given that, one is free to take any flight of fancy one wants and to go into the intellectual discussions about the fact that ultimately what happens is all "perfect", and, one step further, that only the nondual singularity of ... whatever (infinite Awareness?) is truly what "there is now" (no fundamental multiplicity or no fundamental separate existence).

    The corruption is rampant, so people who read about the pitfalls of certain types of poorly understood words can develop their critical mind and make better choices, and therefore help themselves avoid tons of unnecessary suffering ...

  9. First of all, you are saying that there must be a difference between separation and enlightenment. Yes ... and no. In separation, claims to be enlightened will be intellectual and a function of identity. For the enlightened being, there is just what happens: "their" actions are not "theirs" but spontaneous random occurrences of no purpose, meaning or significance. That's the difference. But these two things - both the person who still exists in separation and the person who does not - are both mere appearances. So actually they are the same. Which means there is ... and there isn't ... something fraudulent about the person who exists in separation and claims to be enlightened.

    Then you are saying, to keep it practical, there must therefore be two levels of reality (also a Tibetan Buddhist idea). Again, yes and no. The two levels are merely appearances so they definitely exist (that's the yes) but at the same time, there are not truly any levels at all (that's the no). Levels as "truths" are a feature of hierarchical power-based religions. There is never an ultimate or a conventional level of reality. There is no reality in the first place and "two levels" would be to say there "really are" these levels, rather than acknowledging that while they exist, they are not absolutes.

    As a result, there's not really a problem with corruption even though it definitely happens and it is often a very serious problem. The point is not about developing a critical mind. If that happens (or doesn't) - fine - but it is a spontaneous, random occurrence of no meaning or significance. The point is not to make better choices or to avoid suffering. That again falls within the realm of power- hungry religions. Better choices and the avoidance of suffering may happen but also they may not. We are saying two things. There is not really anyone there making/experiencing better choices/suffering. Also, even though they definitely occur, there is not really any "better choice" or "suffering" either ...

  10. At last something decent,and worthy of reading,thanks.

  11. The ego always wants to avoid suffering and searches for practical and intellectual solutions to what it decides is a "problem".

  12. This post is rubbish!

    Nobody knows if he lives in separation. Nobody will know when it ends. There is nothing to know because before and after, the world is just an appearance and so the two states are not different to the knower because separation is also an appearance!

    Good try Kevinji but a failure. Your words are for the elite, not for the masses (who are not interested in spiritual revolutions) but just want to keep the little or much that they possess: that is money, power, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

    An intelligent person knows that IF there will be a revolution it will be staged and broadcast on TV, since for 99% of the population, the world presented on television is reality. In other words ... The revolution will not be live, it will be televised. You can count on that.

    And no Scary Scum to punch on the nose, what a blow. But anyway she would not understand one iota of this post. Sigh! Why not a post about RC? That would be fun ...

  13. So you did learn something, Firefly: separation and enlightenment are both appearances. Well done!

    But oh dear, still a way to go. Of course no-one knows when it ends and there is nothing to know! But knowing can arise - and often does - some time after separation has apparently passed.

    Also nobody knows if he lives in separation - but the appearance of the person definitely does. Look at all those seekers trying to get enlightened and ask them! Or are you denying they exist?

  14. Firefly anon: I am here. I read the post a few times and didn't understand it. You all are talking about me, right? in code! It is ok. I am just happy to be allowed to hang out with you -- the big, important, intelligent people of Tiru.

    One more thing, I don't mind when you caution people against the dangerous 'guru's out there but when you have negative feelings against one and all, that is not good. You all live in Tiru. So you are almost there in your sadhana. Don't spoil it by letting your mind run amok.

    Bhagavan said to take the mind and merge it with the heart. I got this from Godot's book:

    The Maharshi spoke out in a calm, mellow, silvery voice: ‘Take refuge in silence. You can be here or there or anywhere. Fixed in silence, established in the inner I, you can be as you are. 'Gather your thoughts in the thought centre within. The world will never perturb you if you are well founded upon the tranquility within.' ‘Allow karma to work itself out and march on in faith. You will not miss the goal.’

  15. "The real revolution is spontaneous and uncontrived. Fixation ends. Duality has fled through the back door."

    3 statements saying something is happening or has happened. Now a multiple choice quiz:

    A/ The revolution will happen
    B/ The revolution will not happen
    C/ The revolution has already happened
    D/ The revolution happens here and now

    Sorry but whatever you choose, it is wrong! Since time is a supposition or a concept, none of the answers can be correct.

    But ... the quintessence of Beckett’s "Waiting for Godot" is: “that life, which is characterised by a complete aimlessness, may be said to have become a 'life without time'". What we call "time" springs from man’s needs and from his attempts to satisfy them. Life is temporal only because needs are either not yet satisfied; goals have already been reached; or objectives are still at one’s disposal. Now, in Estragon’s and Vladimir’s lives, objectives no longer exist. For this reason, in the play, time does not exist either - and it is for this reason and quite legitimately - that events and conversations are going in circles. After a while this circular movement gives the impression of being stationary and time appears to be standing still.

    So, since life has apparently no purpose, who cares about the revolution. Can I ask David Godot to shine his superior light on this matter?

    P.S. I admire this slightly absurd statement: "It is an alchemical mystery that never was and always will be." Wunderbar!

  16. Please consort with the great Godot and ask his illumined opinion. Though I have heard he is a little short on affection for our beloved blog.

    As for your comment, we do love your Neo Advaitin rants. Your words are very eloquent though: I'm sure you will remember to administer the suitable punishment for such heretical tendencies. Perhaps some more of those nice coffee enemas to purge the soul? Time most certainly does exist in the play but only as an appearance.

    P.S. Scary Chum, I think Firefly is trying to apologise for some of his intemperate language. Being a Firefly it is not in his nature to do so ...

  17. Signora Borgia

    So you are saying that after an appearance passes apparently into another appearance, knowledge can arise. From where? Are you kiddin’ me? There is still only appearance. That means that the arising knowledge is also an appearance, wow, but then you have a really very long way to go, because you are moving in circles my dear.

    That bloody idiot Sister Klaus might be right. Why don’t you just say that separation and enlightenment are one and the same appearance, get over it and make your self a nice cuppa tea. Since the Stone Age seekers trying to get something. Today they seek enlightenment, tomorrow something else. It is just hype!

  18. Dear Anon: I do so love it when my victims squirm ... Appearances don't pass into other appearances, sorry. Knowledge simply arises and not from anywhere. That's the mystery.

    As for Idiot Savant Sister Klaus, yes, much better company. The poetic is so endearing and he would never say that separation and enlightenment are the same appearance. They are both appearances ... but they are never the same thing! Or have you been hanging out with Mooji lately?!!

  19. My dear Scary Scum, it doesn't matter if you don't understand the post. I also don’t and even Kevinji doesn’t. That is why I throw around some questions about it. But to think that WE all are talking about YOU, IN CODE, in a conspiracy against you ... that is absurd! You are not THAT important. Who do you think WE are? The Illuminati or some evil cabal?

    You still don't understand the nature of this blog and I feel almost embarrassed to explain it. It is satirical with a very serious undertone. What you call "negative" is just a cynical play. You definitely don't understand our humour. Recognise the important things said here and play along with the rest.

    And thanks for your advice, it is always nice when someone reminds me why I am here. About my sadhana, don't worry, Bhagavan takes care of it.

  20. Dear deluded Kevinji
    I said ... "After a while this circular movement gives the impression of being stationary and time appears to be standing still". And your reply was: "Time most certainly does exist in the play but only as an appearance". Are you devolving to parrot level or are you losing your marbles?

    I assume you don’t really understand the play at all. I doubt you ever read it or saw it. So you accuse me of neo advaitin rants, just because you haven’t a clue what I am talking about. Do your homework and come up with some sensible reply, this is really appalling and embarrassing, even for a Chi-Ting Master. And I repeat ... since life has APPARENTLY no purpose, who cares about your fuckin’ revolution?!

    And Lucrezia, what makes you think that I would never say that separation and enlightenment are one and the same state? Actually I very much think they are, THAT’S the mystery! Mooji would never say such a thing. He wouldn't even understand what we are talking about!

  21. Dearly Beloved Sister
    Urr ... at least I've got some marbles to play with!

  22. Whatever the full truth is or isn't ... I say to hell with all of the scam-gurus and purveyors of “truth”, real or imaginary. They are doing a disfavour to the “dream” and I wish all the stupid sheep would finally wake up and use the power of their free will to liberate themselves. They have denied themselves this free will and they have been denied its recognition by stupid laws, educational systems, cultural memes, and arguments that have never been investigated.

  23. Yes, that is how it seems in the dream. Things could be so different if only everyone woke up. But haven't you noticed: it never seems to happen and the same old story plays out over and over again? Perhaps it is not down to you. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the dream even though people are always being duped, lied to and deceived. Look around you. Just as many don't suffer this way and never fall for religions and gurus. It is just the story of separation, with all its thrills and spills, which keeps on going round and round and round. And ... there isn't really a dream anyway, so what's to worry about?

  24. Sister Klaus, you asked for my views on life apparently having no purpose. In my august opinion, there is "be as you are", then for those who cannot grasp this immediately, there is philosophy and sadhana (especially bondage). As my esteemed tome reveals, the great Ramana Maharshi was a living example of summa iru (to be or remain still) ... this is the only purpose of one's unfortunate life trapped in the cycle of rebirth. And as for this silly revolution, it will have to wait until I have finished my latest collaboration with the great and illumined Sri Premananda entitled: "I am Only in this Game for the Money and the Pussy".

  25. Firefly, Got it. I'll play along

  26. Signora Borgia

    I am not stupid and I did learn to read in school. You apparently definitely said that after the apparent separation has apparently passed into another apparent state like enlightenment, knowing can arise, apparently of course. Apparently you can not admit that you apparently made an apparent mistake and calling me your victim, can it be a matter of your apparent ego.

    OK what I am trying to say is, that using the word appearance (apparently) all of the time, doesn’t really makes sense. It is confusing but if that is what you want then you are successful and it does credit to your name as a poisoner! Maybe you could try another word like seemingly or ostensibly, just to make a change.

  27. You obviously can't read because I've already said before: "appearances don't pass into other appearances". Separation arises, enlightenment arises, and so does knowing - and all of this is a mystery. 'Apparently' pedantry is a sin closely related to pederasty. As a poisoner of repute, I know of several purges which will flush you out - especially of the retentive urge to overintellectualise!

  28. I wish RC would send our Firefly, Sister K and Kevji on an all-expense paid world tour.


    Why must Firefly, Sister K and Kevji live like this?


  29. Thank you Scary Chum for these generous offers but I hope you don't mind if I don't accept them. Can you imagine what would happen if I were to go on a tour with that jerk Sister K? No thank you! And as for your other kind offer, we are not THAT old! However I think Kevinanda must be pretty old: he seems to have become rather senile if you read his comments, poor fellow. Finally I would not accept a farthing from that fat toad Richard Clarke. Fuck him and his useless paths!

  30. No offence taken, Firefly.

  31. your favourite kittenJuly 25, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    Good article!
    However...."Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscribed In one self place, for where we are is hell, And where hell is there must we ever be..."

  32. compliments to this blog and its commenters for perfectly mirroring its environment .. it reads exactly like a dinnertime conversation at usha's.

  33. Dear Old Fart Gregory
    Thank you for your piece of profound and exalted wisdom: that this article and its comments are superficial masturbatory nonsense. Is this the same type of dinnertime conversation that you wrote in one of your previous comments on this blog? I remember you said:

    "Indian-based teachings are of the earth frequency .. there are many newer teachings that include galactic and universal energies, with quite different models of what is a human being, of what consciousness is, or is capable of experiencing." (???!!!)

    Guru Gossip and Cultural Cataclysm is the title of this blog and its raison d'etre. It confirms that you have found this cosmic elixir at Usha's toxic eatery. Actually, I've noticed that you have become a regular customer at "Chez Usha". Is this so you can keep up with all the interesting news about our local guru wannabes? Are you bored with your barely tolerable art? Or are you just trying to get into the pants of some young fresh meat? You silly man, there is much more attractive prey around, like me for example! I know you fancy me but you are not manly enough to take me for a ride.

  34. Sister Klaus Apitakuchambalammal

    tiru cafe society ... just trying to meet members of the opposite gender, like every other tiru sadhak .. or in some cases, the same gender .. or the beyond gendered .. or or

  35. Gore Vidal R.I.P 1925-2012
    One of the truly great satirical writers of the 20th century. Check out Creation, Live from Golgotha, Kalki and perhaps best of all, his 1950s classic, Messiah (a salutary tale of a guru who starts a cult of death - this was 20 years before Jim Jones and his cyanide and orange: truly prescient!) His writing - always full of vim, vigour and great erudition - was laced with high camp and acid wit. One of the last of the giants.

    We shall miss you ...

  36. Firefly: I hope you are happy. You have got Richard's inner path banned for girivalam. All the markings he put up will be removed and trespassers will be prosecuted. Way (NOT) to go Firefly.

    I know I will get my safe foot path from the main temple to Bangalore road. I know I will get it and you will eat crow. :-)

  37. Oh, oh Scary Scum ... Why don’t you use your brain for God's sake? I have walked the inner path for 25 years. In the beginning there was hardly any path and you had to find your own way. Later a kind of path appeared. That was enough: changes in the path, done by itself and caused by water reservoirs and fences. RC’s efforts to make the path available for the masses was a foolish mistake. His assinine meddling with parts of the Hill he doesn’t own and creating more and more paths, draws the attention of the Forest Department. They are rightly concerned by the increasing traffic on the path - especially after 4 big fires on the Hill this year. It's no surprise they decided to close the path.

    So you can thank your chum RC, Local Chief Buffoon, for spoiling it for us all. The bloody idiot! You think that makes me happy?!?!

  38. Ah! Firefly. I wanted a response from you and got it. Hee Hee. I agree with you that Richard's efforts to make the inner path available to the masses was a huge mistake and he still doesn't get it. May be it is the American selfishness in him as tho the world belongs to them. May be I will see you walking the outer path someday. You will now back my wish for a safe path between the main temple and Bangalore Road, I hope ???? 25 years in Tiru, eh? I am all in awe of u.

  39. Well SC we finally agree, hurrah! I doubt if your wish about that path will be fulfilled and I doubt if you will see me walking on the outer path (because I know a secret inner path along goat tracks, which I wisely keep for myself) but if you see me somewhere you can recognise me by the small black crow, usually sitting on my left shoulder.

    I hope it is not that one I have to eat?!

  40. Now that R.Clarke's pathways to (divine) peace are obstructed and effectively blocked,he may use the current uneasy truce to extricate himself out of the current impasse by relocating them Inwards,where they're likely to be more secure.

  41. The tamil-nadu government regularly places full page ads in newspapers in a bid to encourage and promote tourism (domestic as well as foreign),there's all the usual talk of the need to develop infrastructure along with rhe requisite amenities to attract such would be cash cows,SO FAR SO GOOD. They then proceed to deny,indeed destroy such tourist friendly amenities with the logic a-la-mulla-nasruddin,,,More pythonesque than Eric Idle could have dreamt of.

  42. No level of government in India has promoted the inner girivalam path. That is for sure. This is a wholely Richard Clark created problem. Now they are talking about civil disobedience movement on his blog. I need ring-side seats to this. Kevji and Sister Klaus your thoughts on this. How about a whole post on the Richard Clark saga, as Firefly suggested.

  43. I'll be blunt. He's a bit of a prat. Another one (just like Manic Maryjo) who thinks they own Arunachala as part of their private fiefdom.

    It's ironic how these issues of personal sovereignty get played out on the big screen. Radha's gang thought they had bought a piece of paradise before it turned into a macabre tale of suicide, bitter recriminations and legal mayhem. They come and they go. They get chewed up and spat out, all in the drama of "I".

    As for Richard Clarke's blog, it is SO deeply boring, almost beyond belief. I am always suspicious of someone who spouts all this goody two shoes cant. The world of "nice" is often a very squalid place: his blog reeks of something rotten, especially when he quotes Ramana to justify himself. He also needs to learn how to write in a cogent, engaging manner and stop inserting all those inane pictures. All in all, a piss poor effort!

  44. I posted this comment on Richard Clarke's blog:

    ... Richard, did it ever occur to you that you might have created this problem? Did you ever ask permission for your creations from the forest department? If not, don’t you know that they don’t like that attitude? Do you really think that a pooja for the mountain fairies would be enough? Don’t you think they might be afraid that this meddling in their affairs will go on and on and out of control? They are rightly concerned about the situation and their reaction might be blunt but it is highly predictable. Never offend Indian civil servants Richard, you should have known that. Your probably good intentions have spoiled it for a lot of people, can’t you see that? Now what are you going to do about it? ...

    His response was evasive as usual. He said he had wondered the same thing (?!) and that his solution was to form an Arunachala Patrol with the Forest Department to prevent further mischief (sigh!) No sign of regret or, “SORRY, MAYBE I WAS WRONG”.

    Clarke in his “God's own country” arrogance will never admit that he might have made a mistake and will blame anyone else, playing the poor wounded child. He will just mumble: "But I did everything only for my beloved Arunachala! ...” A post about this foolish man would not solve anything. It would just feed his colossal ego and his rampant megalomania.

  45. The way Richard brings up the Western/Indian divide to garner support for his 'work', I hope political parties and anti-social elements don't get involved. Richard has said that he is getting email support for his stance and money for his schemes. That is a big worry too.