Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bring on the nubiles ...

Fuck your way to freedom ... It's a wonderful story ...

But sometimes it has a darker, shadow-side. Tantra, Taoist practices, Yab-Yum, Thelema ... These are all a form of abuse sold to you in the name of enlightenment. Sexual parasitism, rape and even human sacrifice: this is the heart of darkness which can justify almost any level of degradation at the hands of a guru.

The quest for liberation through sex is the ultimate egomania. The guru practises sexual excess, claiming multiple partners. "They are enlightened" so the normal rules of engagement do not apply. But this is a sinister puppet play - the fairy tale of the ego - which uses any means to justify its behaviour while engaging in an extreme demonstration of personal power. This is sex in separation, which is always a quest to burst the boundary of identity. At the point of orgasm existence can be transcended, this is why the desire for sex can be so insatiable. But this is just a transient awakening experience: temporary relief from the confines of the ego. The experience must then be sought again and again, inciting endless appetites and addiction ...

After separation passes there is no boundary. Everything is orgasm and rather paradoxically the need for orgasm ends. Orgasm happens when it does and sex is like an ongoing spiral, devoid of identity, twisting endlessly into infinity ...

Tantra is a counterfeit simulation of this endless wave of sexual energy. It is not an Osho-style lurv-in for confused yuppies on a weekend retreat but a type of vampirism which abuses your partner for your own ends. Tantra attempts to copy sexual experience after separation has passed. It imposes a technique which deliberately avoids the male orgasm and attempts to summon and endlessly surf the energy of the female. A fantasy superhighway to nirvana!

Taoist sexual practices seek the conquest of the feminine. In this realm women were seen as dangerous and to be feared. They have been branded "the enemy" because during sex the man can spill semen and lose vitality. Men were therefore encouraged to have as much sex as possible to replenish their life force - especially with young virgins who offered the greatest reserves of ch'i (qi). The male strategy was coitus reservatus or applying pressure on the perineum to ensure that the jing was retained and channelled up the spine to nourish the brain. Meanwhile the female became a mere "crucible" or "stove" to be exploited for energetic ends. In effect a fleshy Duracell battery!

Tibetan Buddhism also has a secret world of occult and arcane sexual practices. The moral universe of the seeker is inverted with the consumption of menstrual blood, women's sexual fluids, excrement and even human flesh. The official hierarchy denies such practices even exist. Tibetan Buddhist monks take a vow of celibacy yet at the higher stages in their practice, they select a woman consort to balance their sexual energies (yab-yum). The aim is to attain enlightenment via the quickest possible path. Often threatened with death, the woman is sworn to secrecy and is under the total control of her lama. (For more info read June Campbell's expose of her illicit relationship with the irreproachable Kalu Rinpoche). This could also involve low-caste women who were considered of no account once they had been used up sexually. Afterwards they were simply disposed of or killed. Sometimes they were burnt alive (the legendary Burning Dakinis). But even in death they continued to function in the service of their tantric master. The sheer trauma of their sacrificial death saw them trapped between worlds like a Persian jinn (genie). Incapable of rebirth, the energies of these “murdered mudras" were then employed as malevolent Buddhist wraiths in occult rites. (This is eerily reminiscent of the macabre death of Radha Ma last year who self-immolated and was involved in tantric entity worship!)

This is all about the maintenance of patriarchy. Ageing male authority figures use their status to seduce young women or order them to sacrifice their sexuality on the altar of enlightenment. Denouncing the female, the hierarchical elite have turned the sexual act into an illicit black market commodity. They are then forced to bring it back in by hidden occult means. Behind closed doors dead male energy feeds on the vitality of the feminine, gaining access to sexual energy, usually forbidden beyond the cloisters. It's spiritual heroin and it's all about POWER.

Women also collude in this process. Many volunteer for service. Remember the late 90s' sexual hysteria around John de Ruiter where hordes of female followers would groan in collective orgasm while fantasising and scheming to attain the Sperm of Christ? (Ask the Von Sass sisters: their experiments in sexual tantra with the self-proclaimed Messiah came to a very bitter end!) The circle of corruption is complete - everyone is culpable - because they believe they are going to get something out of it. Victim and abuser, they're both lost in the infinity of mirror-images of SELF.

The only intention here is to fuel the guru and the seeker's omnipotence. In the world of separation we are all prostitutes seeking salvation! Take Crowley's nihilist battlecry: "Do what thy wilt shall be the whole of the law". This is a fascist formula for the most extreme ego-centred indulgence - all in the name of Divine Will. An inversion of Christianity's sexual suppression, this is the "orgiastic excess" of personal dominion and conquest. Both excess and sexual restraint are two sides of the same coin, preached by the person who believes they are GOD. The 'great religions' - Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, and Bahaism - all control the sexual impulse. The ego always embarks on a method to try and get enlightened. In this game a sexual renunciant like Saradamma and a priapic übermensch like Madhukar share the same bed. It doesn't matter whether you're the Virgin Mary or Jack the Ripper: it's still the same "I"!

In the clutches of the ego, the freshness and childlike immediacy of sex is lost. The guru seizes power where before it flowed spontaneously - a coup d'état that imposes rules, formulae, paths, practices and secret worlds of progress towards spiritual enlightenment. The sad irony is that this life force was already freely available to all ...


  1. I was in a tantric set up with a Tibetan Buddhist male for a year. I was engaging in this alongside my normal sexual relationship with my boyfriend. At the time I saw no conflict. The tantric relationship was secret, in the name of the Buddha, with a famous lama and it would also have massive spiritual benefits so it could only be positive - even for my boyfriend who didn't know. That's how I rationalised it and that it also what I was told many times by the lama concerned. But it is never so simple as that. I was clearly there for my lama's benefit and it was obvious he just wanted sexual experience which was otherwise forbidden. He said he was pursuing the whole thing for strictly spiritual purposes but it was obvious to me he craved sex and that also his spiritual rationalisations for using sex as a path to enlightenment were deeply flawed. Tantric sex is not balancing one's own energy with the opposite energy of the other to allow non-dual experience. It steals energy from the partner which then feeds the neuroses of the identity structure, makes the ego rear up and leads to massive energetic and emotional issues for both practitioners. You can inherit the psychosexual fixations of your tantric partner. There is a huge build up of pent-up rage and excess energy which blows the circuits psychologically and leads to disturbed behaviour. And don't think this is something which does not happen much in Tibetan Buddhism or that this was just a fucked-up lama. It is happening a lot. There are very real and dangerous consequences. You'll never get enlightened through it - but you can think you are getting very spiritual. I told my boyfriend and very luckily for me in the end he accepted what had happened. Of course I discontinued. But there are others who persist and even think they are more advanced than other mudras because they have not weakened and have stayed the course. They are spiritual sex slaves. And Tibetan Buddhist lamas who do this are deeply deluded: mired in a tradition which sees the woman as inferior and polluted and an "opportunity" to triumph over the darkness of the sense world.

  2. The whole tantric scene is about human sacrifice. It is not meant for the advantage of the practitioner. It is something that will give food to someone else. So forget the "spirituality" bit, it's total human exploitation. Most of those involved are not even aware of being just puppets in the hands of other masters, in an endless chain of slavery, all in the name of "freedom!" And those few who are aware, keep doing what they are doing out of fear, greed, attachment, stupidity, or just plain madness. On both sides it boils down to the same thing: taking advantage of the gullibility of people and their need to "be" something.

  3. Where does one sign up to become a sex slave?

  4. Just as common is the imposition of celibacy in order to gain enlightenment, it's the flipside of Tantra. Trapping someone into something that is not already there naturally is an act of violence. The Guru binds the devotee to them in a relationship of power and traps them into forever reaching for something they are 'not' when they were always OK as they were.

  5. What kind of rubbish do you come up with now Kevin?

    Posing as Chi-ting Master, your perverse escapades with your infamous blog groupies Garbage Bobbie; that sick moron Sister K; insatiable Lucretia; Satsang Barbie the whore; that sluttish Sunanda Whitehouse; and other local lunatics with who you share your grubby bed in your local Yab-Yum, are common knowledge here in Tiru.

    Are you now repenting of your heinous deeds or are you just putting up another show to cover up your shady, odious actions?

    Quote: “This is all about the maintenance of patriarchy. Ageing male authority figures use their status to seduce young women or order them to sacrifice their sexuality on the altar of enlightenment.” Yes, that is what it is all about ... hmmm?

    OK, I will give you some advice. If you want to fuck around or about, just fucking do it and don’t try to hide behind a mask of pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-spiritual drivel. Be a man.

    A Well-wisher

  6. Tantra is just another name for the materialistic pursuit and enjoyment of the senses. There is nothing "spiritual" to it because there's s nothing "spiritual" anyway. The tantric teachings are another attempt at justifying the satisfaction of sexual urges. There's nothing wrong with satisfying sexual urges but there's no need to make it about enlightenment.

  7. What these practices more often than not bring is just more suffering in various ways at all levels!

  8. There is a big difference between tantra and all the other practices that people do to attain liberation: it can be much more traumatic. If a "master" gives their picture to the disciple to wear around the neck with the promise of salvation, there's much less personal cost than if the "master" has intercourse with them.

  9. As an Icon of Moral Rejuvenation I have learnt to ignore the outrageous slanders of our heathen foe. But rest assured Well-wisher I will have your bollocks for breakfast if you give me any more lip.

    As for those filthy, disgusting Tibetan Buddhists, I heard they don't wash and smear themselves in yak butter before coupling like rutting beasts. Drinking vaginal fluids and smearing dog faeces round their faces? Just like that sicko Sister Klaus!

  10. I might be a sick moron but I protest against these accusations from somebody called fuckin' Well-wisher that I had any kind of sex with the highly repected Kevinji. Our relation is purely platonic and that is (as any sensible person knows) the purest and highest relation between people available in this world.

    I have my rikshaw drivers to get laid once in a while or some silly tourist who falls for my charms.

    About the post, I can only say that exploitation of sex in any form, always comes from the desire for power. This craving to be somebody else's master is deeply rooted in mankind, man and women. You can see that in any culture, on any level: intellectual, emotional and spiritual and in the extremely greedy form of the POLITICAL. Basically we are all vampires, feeding on each other's blood and energy to maintain a very fragile balance in this utterly silly concoction of lost souls ... waiting and wailing in limbo ... till finally the Redeemer comes to set us free.

    Anybody who claims to be free from greed for power I call a bloody liar.

  11. Kevji, given your pathological preoccupation with depictions of sexual imagery, and a predilection for other prurient themes, would prompt expert Lafranchi to declare your mind synonymous with genitalia. As such you are not in a position to impute sexual slavery to Godot or any one else until you've liberated your mind from the same affliction. So get to work on it Sunshine ...

  12. Let Madhukar and his kind bang on about what they want openly and transparently (assuming that this is what they really want) as long as their mudras are of legal age and agree with it. What is despicable is making sexual compliance something "more valuable" and "holy" than anything else. If it weren't suggested by Madhukar, there wouldn't even be agreement to have sex with him PLUS he is promising what cannot ever be delivered ANYWAY ... The corruption! The lies!

  13. Indians are taught 'you are not the body' and 'no desire' but most don't believe it! They nearly all want the good life...look at the population explosion!
    In the West the body is all you are and fulfillment and desire is everything.
    All are unripe. It's only a rare one like Ramana who points the way.
    We talk of purity but our minds are full of burning fears and desires. Best keep quiet!

  14. Here is Mr. Moo with some apologetic ramble on how it is not a bad thing in itself sleeping with your own mother, chasing young girls and being a drunk once you are 'realised'(the last third of the audio):
    Such deluded crap. I am sick of it!

  15. I agree with Damiano. It is time to renounce all of these preachers (at least for me). None of them have left me better off than before.
    I had a dream with RM in it last night and someone else that I don't recall. He is an enigma to me and after 20 + years I confess I still haven't even begun to understand the man.
    I like this commentary, though. It is a persistent problem. In Jack Kornfield's latest book he talks about scandals and has a chapter on Chogyam Trungpa and I quit reading after that chapter. We need to put these people aside and move on when they "f" up. No excuses.

  16. Just before 36 mins on the audiotape Mooji describes the antics of Drukpa Kunley (1455-1529), an apparently enlightened Tibetan yogi who was also known as the "Divine Madman of the Dragon Lineage". He slept with multiple women (including his mother) who allegedly sought him out for the blessing of his 'liberating' sexual company. Mooji is saying that despite his 'unconventional' behaviour Drukpa Kunley had a pure realisation.

    The question here is NOT whether the sexual behaviour is acceptable but whether the being is actually realised ... In Mooji's case it is obvious his sexual shennanigans originate in the separation state because he has an adoration complex, a cult of personality, a teaching and a prescribed method.

  17. I agree with Dan ...Chogyam Trungpa had a terrible reputation but a mature devotee like Pema Chödrön could not be played with or manipulated.
    Don't ask where is the guru but where are the 'real' devotees?

  18. Damiano,

    We are all lost in samsara and there are no signs to point a way out of it. Being lost is not the same as being free: isn’t that obvious?

    Using your legs or crutches doesn’t really make any difference. You will stumble and fall, again and again.

    What do you know about freedom? Are you free? Or is this so-called freedom just another concept and a trick of the mind to keep you tied to your EGO?!

    Be quiet - be silent - is never passé. It is the only way to prepare yourself for the moment when existence decides it is time to end your state of separation. Only then will you now what it means to be free.

    Screaming and showing balls and being angry might do well in an American political talk show or sitcom - but I do not think you want to sink to the lowest possible level.

    Yes all are unripe, including you and me. Just face it and admit it and things might start changing. You will be surprised.

    And Kevinji, your point is really very weak. Mooji might just call them vasanas and you don’t have a leg to stand on. You have to do better then that!

  19. Dear Sister: have you been playing with your 'retractable member' again? I've told you before ... if you rub it too hard you will go blind!!

    Firstly, vasanas are just a part of identity - i.e. the state of separation. In this state vasanas seem totally real. After separation passes there is no identity: this is why vasanas (and karma) end. From that point on, any karma or vasanas are merely an APPEARANCE (not truly real - or "real and unreal").

    Secondly, you have misunderstood what I said about Mooji. What Mooji says is correct: there are no signs of an enlightened being and for example, we can look at Drukpa Kunley who was supposedly enlightened and engaged in multiple sexual liaisons (and other bizarre behaviour). This is because Drukpa Kunley is only an appearance: totally devoid of identity. The behaviour that arises in relation to that appearance is therefore a meaningless, spontaneous happening attached to no "one". You can call this behaviour vasanas, sin, whatever you like ... but it is just an appearance.

    But what I was saying is that the problem lies with MOOJI HIMSELF who makes this claim about Drukpa Kunley. What is the case for someone like Drukpa Kunley does not apply to Mooji because Mooji clearly exists in separation. Yet more proof of this is that Mooji insists there is such a thing as an enlightened being (i.e. Drukpa Kunley) in the first place to possess vasanas or signs of enlightenment (e.g. sleeping with loads of women). Mooji's state of separation is very obvious here: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ENLIGHTENED BEING AND NO SIGNS OF ONE EITHER.

    Other glaring blunders:

    The instruction "Be quiet" IS passé when it comes from the mouth of someone who is not realised because it is just words - words that we have all heard time and time again - that was Damiano's point.

    Existence does not "decide". What is this?! Some God-like, all-calculating "existence", which premeditates action like a human being? Have you become a closet Christian?!

    Now Sister, go and cool off and reflect on your errors. It is time to go for a dodgy massage down at Well-wisher's local Yab-Yum!

  20. We should be aware of the huge emotional investment we have in gurus and teachings. We do not want to drop them because we still think they will someday deliver the impossible. It's through that they can keep exploiting us.

    When we wake up to the truth, it's a huge relief, really. We have finally relinquished the desire to get from someone the love and understanding we had been looking for expecting to get from our parents. We always thought we could get it from them in some form or another. When we realized they could not deliver we went to look for someone else to give us the magic potion. And finally we realized that was another blind alley. Eventually we understood the need to renounce this dependency because we are able to be the source of that love ourselves and we can at last stand alone and feel really good and totally comfortable about it. At that point dropping the crutches is really a no-brainer and after a brief period of "shaky legs" it really does feel good!

  21. The hermaphrodite versus the hypnotist. It will be the bitch fight of the century! I can't wait for round 2 ...

  22. My dear Kevinji, did you take the wrong pills again? Be careful, your brain is already a bit wacky and wobbling.

    How can you compare a supposedly enlightened being like Drukpa, with the “clearly in separation existing Mooji” if you state that there is no such thing as an enlightened being and therefore also no such thing as an unenlightened being? Is separation not also an appearance?

    I was referring to Ramana’s statement that there is no such thing as “free will” and that the best course therefore is to remain silent. It doesn’t matter if that comes from a “saint” or from a dog or from the man who eats the dog. If anybody says be silent, I listen, while you and Damiano start screaming and showing balls. Well if that is your way ... Good luck!

    And Damiano dear, we all talk about things like freedom, truth, love, awareness etc, without knowing what we are talking about. It doesn’t matter it seems to be a human vice. Please say what you have to say even if it is complete bullshit. I do the same all the time. Sometimes there might be even a pearl of wisdom in it. Isn’t that worth the trouble we go through, wasting our time to write this bloody blog?!

    Yes it is just a game.

  23. Dear Sister

    At last we finally agree: of course separation is an appearance! That is why we say there is no such thing as an enlightened being or enlightenment ... nothing is "truly" real. And the problem (which is not a problem because it is an appearance) is that Mooji doesn't understand this. Hence the comparison: Mooji is just using the story of Drukpa Kunley as a cover for his own sexual antics. There is a difference between the experience before and after separation has (apparently) passed - even though they are both just appearances. Otherwise you are back in Neo Advaita land! I don't want to have to rescue you from there again!

  24. can't get my head around equating jack the ripper with mother mary,,,,the former was ripping throats,the latter a symbol of comforting the sufferer,,sort that one out kevji,

  25. DUH, you're not very bright are you?! The point is that sexual repression and sexual excess are both expressions and symptoms of personal identity. And neither abstinence or debauched indulgence i.e. tantric practices will not make one iota of difference in the game of enlightenment. Of course if you insist in spouting the nonsense of Judaeo-Christian morality, it will all seem beyond the pale. Can we have a little more intelligence and a lot less Christian dualism in your comments Mr ,,,,,

  26. Satsang Barbie Nr. 2 together with Ever-smiling Ben:

    That's what Tiruvannamalai and the world reeeeally needs!

  27. If this is what we "reeeally" need, I will withdraw into a closed monastery and never speak again. If you are pulling our leg and it is a funny joke, OK!

    You show us just 2 more cheesy talking heads, quoting from various books and rambling on about "recognition of our true nature or Self" (who, what??) ... and that experience and awareness are one and the same (duh). And the most beautiful one of all is: "Focus behond (?) the experience, behond what is seen".

    Yes ... "behond" ... at least they invented a new word! In German it would mean "be a dog". Yeah I wanna be your dog, as Iggy and the Stooges said.

    What we reeeeally need is to get rid of these silly, pretentious know-it-all clowns and focus on what Thiruvannamalai really is about. At this moment it is ... streets free of horny satsang junkies, arrogant "teachers", and crap Kashmiri clothes shops. Just heat and dust - Indian people - and the occasional lost tourist. There is the Hill, Ramanashramam, the Temple and a vast silence and emptiness, amidst the noisy Indian people.

    That is what we need!

  28. And so we have the hard-faced Karen Richards with her finely chiselled words. Yet another tawdry self inquiry merchant. We have heard it all before Karen: your ultimate states, recognising the true self, going beyond what is seen to focus on the seer, even the crass romantic music Mooji-style at the beginning (you betta watch out). Is there no end to your arrogance? You say that suffering is optional. I invite you to tell that to the homeless person robbed by the banks, the child born with leukaemia or the pregnant woman raped by her father and brothers. Suffering is not optional. Advaita very clearly tells us there is none of the personal volition or Western-type of free will you are selling, to recognise one's true self in the face of pain. Suffering either happens or it doesn't - as do the horrors of everyday life. Fuck off back to England with your flimsy awakening which isn't even worth hearing about. Start a self-help school with therapy courses on how to deal with suffering. That's where you belong.

  29. What I find really disturbing is Baby Bentinho's rictal grin. Like a contorted malformed gargoyle, it lingers unpleasantly in the imagination. So I decided to investigate and after an arduous internet journey I discovered Alfred W's most excellent Exopolitics blog:

    Shape-shifting aliens, time travel and lots of occult goodies. After digesting this wondrous tome of infomation, I have come to the conclusion that Baby Ben is a disastrous experiment in genetic modification, splicing together a certified retard and a baboon's ass. He is obviously something very unpleasant that the CIA time travel program has teleported in, from a very confused and maladjusted future.

    As for the 'born again' Vestral Karen please deport her back to the Azuric hell zone from whence she came ...

  30. Well spoken, venerable Sister.
    Of course, this was meant as sick humor.
    It is striking, as anonymous pointed out, with what arrogance they put themselves in front of a hungry audience presenting an incomplete teaching derived from stolen fragments of books they read. [Yawn]

    Smiling Ben is also making himself a commercial satsang star charging big bucks for his hollow babble under the heading of his FREE Awareness org. The silly irony...

  31. This Alfred L. Webre is a genius! I will immediately join this Exopolitics movement and next week, I will start arresting all the local suspects who are still hanging around here - poisoning this environment with their atrocious, disgusting personalities i.e. Kali Baba, Sergey, Garbage Gal Bobby, Godot and all other alien-looking suspects.

    Finally I can be of some use to save mankind from extinction. Hallelujah!!!

  32. So Sister have you found your true mission in life? For me it was getting rid of unwanted husbands with regular doses of arsenic in wine plus a killer combo of hemlock and cyanide, just to finish them off ...

    What about using the time travel option to get rid of Mooji before he got to Papaji and all this nonsense started ...

  33. My new vocation ist Wunderbar ... I feel like the hand of God and can strike down every alien-looking fuckheaded idiot in the ashram vicinity. There seem to be more and more of them: I have been giving them my all-seeing Eye.

    About Mooji and the time travelling thing, I am not sure. Some idiot might pull the wrong handle and I might end up under the guillotine in the French Revolution. Better to arrest the blubbering Rasta fucker the moment he shows his ugly face here. Pillory him in front of the Rip-off supermarket and expose him to public ridicule, insult and molestation (the locals would love it). That would teach him a lesson. Then we could hand him over to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, where he will be convicted and transported to the prison planet Sydonia in the Andromeda constellation, also known as Hell, together with his cronies Bush, Blair, Queen Elisabeth, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Prince Harry, the fuckin’ Pope, Madonna, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Lady Gaga etc, etc.

    Let it be a warning to all other satsang clown shitheads, who come to desecrate our holy hill with their filthy bodily presence ...

  34. sister kluas,, this my name yazdi,i am read you write all crap this kashmiri shops in tirrunnamalai,why,why,,this all good bisness,many advantage bringing this town.,,if you wanting me (also brothers) go back to valley?..then tirunamalai tourist economy much bad,very less foriness come,inshalla sister you give us blessing instead,youcan come kashmir no burka,only tell imam we no bad crap shops in tirunamalai.

  35. my dear my name yazdi
    sister kluas think good bisness for you and brothers ok, but still is crap. Advantage for Tirrunnamalai econom is zero, only advantage for you and brothers,,. Less foriness is good for tirunnamalai, much less stinking and road more clean. Shop only open for Indian tourist is good idea, with sign “foriness fuck off” Goin back to valley then no need foryou and brotters Sister coming to kasmir no posibel. Sister give blessings to all kasmir brotters and sisters and also imam. Inshallah one day sister come to your shop to receive bakshees rp 50.000 Tank you

  36. Sister Klaus: "What we need is no arrogant 'teachers', and crap Kashmiri clothes shops. Just heat and dust - Indian people - and the occasional lost tourist. There is the Hill, Ramanashramam, the Temple and a vast silence and emptiness, amidst the noisy Indian people"

    Yep I was in Tiru in the winter of 1990 and that was 'peak season' and that was what it was like, just the occasional spiritual seeker and lost tourist. Sad but you can't turn back the clock ...

  37. In the midst of the hot discussions here is what Baby Ben has to say:

    LOL! Is he really one of those breeds the reptilians secretly planted on earth with the mission to deliberately obscure the truth for a race already confused? Otherwise something must have went terribly wrong as this poor thing apparently lost his way on the satsang highway...

  38. He is not EVEN a reptile, just an adolescent wanker!

  39. This guy must be a John de Ruiter clone. Same arrogance ... same expression, a mix of sheep and lizard ... Same attempt to do a slow hypnotic voice and mumbling the same rotten nonsense. So success guaranteed - because this is what the spiritual junkie wants, what they need. There is a huge market out there: maybe something for Damiano.

  40. Could Peter Fenner be the evil twin of Madhukar??

  41. I thought it was that great Tantric master Bernie Prior who was Madhukar's more nerdy sibling.

  42. I am very sorry and have to say to all the students, friends and other open minded people I/we have brought to the ashram of Swami Suddhananda.

    “I apologize and please excuse me, I was not aware about his lifestyle and lies!”

    For the complete story:

  43. I was so impressed with this site - especially the bit about the one hour restful blow job - that I've added it to the sidebar menu under the title: Bad Boy Swami Suddhananda. It's eerily reminiscent of Harvey Keitel's psycho/sexual meltdown in Bad Lieutenant!

  44. Well said Sister Klaus: "those noisy Indian people"

    What is with the Telugu people buying up all the land opposite Ramanasramam. They are so noisy and they fart so loud. That seems to be their only contribution to Tiruvannamalai. Must be all the chillies they eat.

    Self inquiry, "what is that"? they will say. Why do they even come to Tiru and spoil our fun. Go away you noisy Telugu people, Kashmiri shop owners and fake satsang gurus.

  45. Arunachala Grace posted pictures of a shiva lingam (possibly for financial gain from arranging pujas) and refusing to take them down even going so far as to delete comments imploring her to take it down. See

    Now there is the huge fire on Arunachala that destroyed almost three decades of forestry work. You have to wonder if it is Arunachala expressing his anger.

    Taking pictures of murtis where the energy of the diety has been installed is a huge NO NO. Pictures of idols are allowed before they are installed or during the Mahakumbabhishekham period when the energy is temporarily transferred to another receptacle until repairs and cleaning can be done and then transferred back. This happens every 12 years.

  46. Here is one of the comments that Arunachala Grace deleted. It said:

    "There are deeply spiritual reasons why a photo of the murti is not taken. If you don't know that intuitively after living all these years in Tiruvannamalai, there is not much more I can say."

    "I find it very hard to believe that the official Temple photographer would have allowed you to take the picture. Maybe he didn't care what happened to you."

    "And the 'kid' in the photo is probably a priest-in-training, like they have in Ramanasramam. He must be a really high being (though young in body) for Lord Shiva to allow him to be so close to the murti."

    "It is only when the deities show you (as in teach you) that you will learn to respect the practices of this path. Until then it will be 'native' or 'superstition' and you will have the 'what do I care for your customs' attitude."

  47. Meenakshi Mummy has resorted to the undemocratic act of disabling the comments facility on Arunachala Grace relating to her posts. It is therefore proposed that such comments as were intended to appear on her blog are henceforth sent to Chi-Ting Apocalypse for publication without fear or favour. These are the very core qualities this blog is renowned for.

  48. Surely the antics of Meenakshi Amma should be curbed. Her constant foraging for commercial opportunities around Arunachala has gone beyond a joke and is now an embarrassment. All the pictures in the world of her benignly dishing out prasad to various grinning orphans will not save her from her karmic comeuppance.

  49. Respected Chi-Ting Master: Meenakshi mami requires a full-fledged expose i.e. a post on your esteemed blog.

    BTW, what is Meenakshi Mami's background? Is she English or European. Those who donated to her causes got an email back from
    J EKERHOLT. Is that her real name?

    I'm truly amazed that she has survived so long in India without a job and no known help from family. Are the powerful real estate barons supporting her and her sumptuous lifestyle?

  50. is an adjunct of Meenakshi Mami's blog. In it her mercenary self shines through. She has set up Arunachala Grace blog as a smokescreen, drumming up business along with asinine second-hand washed-up spiritual babble.

  51. Meenakshi Mami aka Mad Anna is the ultimate nutcase. Garbage Gal Bobbie is a saint in comparison with her. Meenakshi is the Whore of Babylon, the Beast with the 1000 breasts. She is Evil Incarnate and should be burned alive at the stake in the middle of the Shiva temple, whose reputation she so blatantly defiles.

  52. A guru can only point the way, no guru wants to do ALL your dirty work. As all of you must know, Ramana made no claim to being a guru and never initiated devotees–others sought him out, including intellectuals and scholars. If you want to cross a turbulent river , it makes sense to find the sturdiest craft. When you get to the other side, you drop the craft. Meaning: first be humble enough to study and absorb genuine teachings; then hone your intuition sufficiently to find out who is qualified to be your guru; finally hang in there until you know for sure you can make it on your own, without blundering into the gazillion ego traps awaiting the narcissistic. It’s the eternal student, always looking for someone else to lean on, who invariably goes wrong.

    Re Ramana’s “Summa Irru” – he wasn't asking you to shut up and put up with crap. He was merely pointing out that as long as our very busy minds are spinning around, we are in the grip of the ego. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

    As for Tantra, one definition is “the transmutation of darkness into light”. And despite the noxious corruption of the basic teachings in both east and west, that’s all Tantra, both celibate and sexual, is——spiritual alchemy. So, if an educated westerner allows a horny lama to mess up her head and body, obviously she did not get her fundamentals right. My two cents: go back to the basics. Gautama Buddha said it was our job to check things out for ourselves–especially the teachings of so-called gurus.