Friday, August 19, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Another day, another mysterious death in Guruland ... 

The Chi-Ting office was rudely awakened from its summer slumber by a hysterical Sister Klaus, incoherently wailing about the loss of her most beloved and best friend (probably the only one!) So after sedating the good Sister with a fistful of downers we decided to investigate and this is what we found:

Sudha, a mother of two, was a much sought-after Godwoman along the Girivalam path in Tiruvannamalai a year ago until her death recently. She had proclaimed herself as ‘Karuppasamy and hit the headlines with her shocking style of spiritualism.

Sudha, aged about 30 years, was dressed in a black saree and had a whip around her shoulders. She used to drive away evil spirits and predict the future of her visitors. She used to drink excessively and smoked cigars (suruttu) while being possessed, said persons close to her family. A cheating case filed against the Godwoman and subsequent arrest brought her spiritual practice down. However, she maintained a low profile after her release on bail. Sudha was the daughter of a government employee Durai, who encouraged and motivated her to continue her practice as ‘Karuppasamy’. The question is, if she was really possessed by a holy spirit, why did she have such a sudden and unexplained death?

Sudha died three months ago under mysterious circumstances. While a few alleged that she committed suicide following a family dispute over property, another section claimed that she hanged herself due to mental pressure from the family to continue her spiritual practice. Some say she hit the bottle too hard and so died an untimely death. Denying the rumours, Sudha’s husband Raja said: “My wife said she was experiencing chest pain and fainted. I rushed her to the nearby hospital. But the doctors said she had already died”. However, no police inquiry or case has been registered regarding the death of this once famous Godwoman. The police are clueless about her death.

Sounds familiar? Like a spooky B movie re-run of a certain local diva/guru who ignited to the afterlife a few months back!