Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beyond good and evil ...

Faisal said [about Radha Ma]:

Well it is confirmed 100% that she is dead due to severe burns... 80% of her body was burnt & when she reached the hospital she had 10% chance to live... My brother saw her body today in Tiru they will bury the body in the ashram.

I still don't know how it happened but from experience with her I guess as usual she was trying to show that she is beyond death & that she had powers "sidhis", but this time it went in a total unexpected way & the fire ate her to death. She used to burn herself with hot metal or pierce her body with needles or cut it with knives etc to confirm that she is beyond all of this ... Most of the people I know who knew her feel shocked but happy at the same time because they think it is a relief for her students.

It is the furthest from truth that she did it on purpose in the name of self-immolation as she is so attached to her students.

Her students received a good amount of burns too trying to put the fire out so it is obvious that all of this was not planned as "self-immolation".

Dealing with black magic & dark forces is not a joke & it leads to insanity & great imbalance in the brain. She used to tell me "You have no idea what 'they' will do to me if I don't obey them" + she wanted me to worship her body & tread the tantric path in the promise of great sidhis. She asked me to write about her etc ..... Fortunately with the support of grace I was able to leave within 3 months but it took me about 8 months after I left to clean all the mental debris & confusion of being with her.

I know by heart that she dealt with the dark forces intensively & she controlled her devotees thru fear. I remember one night I did something that upset her & I left home & that night hell broke loose as all kinds of dark entities were laughing & whispering in my mind & I saw black ghosts in my house as "her" roaming in my house & even though the house was sealed shut by nets it was full with hundreds of mosquitoes. It was a mad night full of terror & I was on the verge of insanity. I have heard over & over again that she is satin "PURE EGO" incarnate. She used to say my job isn't to destroy mind but to create mind & she told me many times I can destroy a thousand Buddhas & bring back mind to any one. "HER CLAIMS"

Despite all the above it was one of the greatest experiences to teach me so many things. I might be attacked by for sharing this but nothing can stop me from sharing my own personal experience.



  1. I think this WILD. I mean totally fucking WILD. A guru whose job it is to CREATE mind rather than destroy it? I have heard it said in Tiruvannamalai that there are also great forces of darkness - lots of black magic - as well as the truly divine, pure power of Ramana. Of course there must be, the world is after all the dualistic and light & dark go hand in hand. Nut you never really believe those things til you hear them. Black magic? You just kind of laugh and think "maybe". It's a lesson to all of us. All of us are so greedy. We go to Tiru wanting relief, enlightenment, anything to make ourselves better. But spiritual ambition is perhaps the worst. It certainly was bad luck for Radha Ma and as for fucking entities ... well ... I dread to think what was going on there but it sounds like she quite literally got what was coming to her.

  2. The reports in the local papers - for what they are worth - related to me by Dakshinamurti who owns Sathya's Cafe here in the neighborhood were that two months ago some or one of her western female devotees were attacked by a young indian man. the women/woman pressed charges. this young man and his friends have been coming to the gate of Radha Ma's since taunting and making distrubances. in the last day or so the attacker came to Radha Ma and asked that she get the young women to drop the charges. She refused saying that she would not participate in what was happening. The young man then threatened to broadcast something "bad" that he said was going on at her ashram. After he left, she went into her puja room and attempted to self immolate. She died several hours later in a hospital here and the young man is now in jail. this all happened on March 6. that's the local story ... as i said ... for what it's worth!

  3. This reads like a satanic Dennis Wheatley novel from the 60's!

  4. Black magic, dark forces and entities, black ghosts, pure ego incarnate, create mind???
    YOU are talking bullshit man, total crap !!
    This sounds like Voodoo Faisal, i guess you took the wrong plane and ended up here instead of Haiti, yeh and in that state of mind, you will see and hear very weird things.
    Your own personal experience, that's it.
    It's a bit late to share it now, huh.
    Lookes to me a kind of revenge.

    I did not like Radha very much, she was a confused woman, mixed up with mad devotees and their dealings, she could not play the Guru, it made her mad and this is the result.
    Black magic, dark forces etc, exist only in your mind Faisal, but be happy, because actually there is no mind anywhere, didn't anybody tell you that?
    So, shut up and be quiet.

  5. Why is everybody so surprised? If it wasn't black magic it would be something else. Sex, money, false teachings: this is the territory of all gurus, all people who claim they are enlightened. They all have a vice, they are always prescriptive in some way and this is how you know they are false. Why be so taken in?

  6. @Sister:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that is hilarious.....

    I didn't put this here. It seems Kevin doing.

    I posted this on facebook & deleted it but Tony had it in his e-mail box so he copied & re-posted as a note on fucking facebook.

    I lived with Radha 2y ago for 3 months & what I shared is a minuscule of what took place.

  7. I asked the 'Archangel Gabriel' if the black magic/entities stuff was credible and this was his reply:

    "That was never my experience with her. Despite her bizarre and erratic behaviour there was definitely a beauty around her. And everyone's experience is unique, so we can't really draw a conclusion at the end of the day on anything! Ultimately I just don't know, I wish I did but I don't. Praise the Lord and keep taking the pills!"

  8. Hahahahahaha .....

    Well I don't know any angels or archangels ..... Did that Gabriel spend 5 to 6 hours almost daily in her house for two months & 1 month 24/7??

    When I mention Radha ma's involvement in black magic that comes from direct knowledge. I have no intention to disfigure Her in any way. I have just mentioned my own personal direct experience, I don't feel any need to revenge at all "as Sister claimed". The last time I saw her was around two months ago & I enjoyed her company to a certain extent.

    I was deeply saddened & shocked by her suicide regardless of how I perceived her or my own experience.

    When I shared that 1% of my personal experience on facebook it came out spontaneously without any planes.

  9. Sooo, Faisal you think it is funny, i think it is very sad that you can not see that you are projecting your world of black magic amd dark forces and other non-existing phenomena on Radha.
    She was a confused woman, deluded by pretending to be play the guru, encouraged by people like you.
    Your "own personal experience" is not more then that.
    Get rid of the dark and black nonsens in yourself and then speak out, know you are talking just crap.
    Good luck.

  10. The "teacher" claiming mastery in a field, he is a stranger to, must pay for his hypocrisy eventually and in full. The 'seeker' pays for his ignorance soon enough.

  11. Faisal I think you are brave. I sense you are telling the truth. Thanks for coming on here and saying. We needed to know. And without you, we wouldn't.

  12. Mooji is also someone who boasts about his siddhis in private. He even claimed to have enlightened 6 people during his recent retreat in Tiru ... Where do these "powers" to enlighten people come from? Isn't enlightenment a matter of Grace? Who is it that claims to have control over that Grace!?! Isn't this an OBVIOUS corruption, distortion and conceit taken to ludicrous extremes!? Radha's story is an example of this road to HELL.

    PS: Radha thought Mooji was "great" ... Isn't that the most scary of recommendations?

  13. Sister U r an idiot.


    U said:
    "Lookes to me a kind of revenge."

    I say:
    R u inside my brain to know if it is revenge or not!!


    U said:
    "that you are projecting your world of black magic and dark forces and other non-existing phenomena on Radha."

    I say:
    U wanna talk about projection!! than me, u, ur words, ur perception about what i'm projection IS UR OWN FUCKING PROJECTION TOO.

    U said:
    "Black magic, dark forces etc, exist only in your mind Faisal, but be happy, because actually there is no mind anywhere, didn't anybody tell you that?"

    I say:
    Again u r being foolish. Mind exist & doesn't exist simultaneously. So Dark forces, black magic, u, me & all of creation iS real & unreal. SO U MIGHT WANT TO CUT THE CRAP AND DROP THESE CONCEPTS. Perhaps if "father Gregory" came & pulled "sister Kalus" from the tits & fornicated her sadistically leaving bruises all over than the "sister" will learn to be humble & wouldn't say or keep repeating the same shit about mind doesn't exist & it is all a projection & will finally realize that:
    all LEVELS & PLANES of manifestation are REAL & UNREAL concurrently. It is real when it is happening & it is not bcz IT IS OVER.

    U said:
    "Sooo, Faisal you think it is funny"

    I say:
    No I don't think Radha's death is funny. The laughter was on ur own projections & advices to me.


    U said:
    "So, shut up and be quiet."

    I say:
    Apply ur words on urself & c what happens. Perhaps if you shut up & be quit & minded your mind & buiz than u might become "the Merry" instead of remaining a "sister" who thinks her job is to preach & guide others "whom she never met" about mind & projections.

  14. Faisal, the Good Sister prefers a bit of rough trade with the Rickshaw drivers at the Ramana ashram gate: she went through her pervy clerical phase some time ago!
    And actually as you can see, she is a closet Neo-advaitin who has yet to 'come out' and truly confess her aberrant tendencies!

  15. My dear Faisal.
    Looks if you are angry, why ?
    Ok, let's cut the crap about mind and projections and what is real and what is not, because you and i actually don't know nothing about that, we just say what we think and that can only be foolish.
    I do not believe in dark forces and black or any other colour of magic, they belong in fairy tales.
    So i just can not believe your story.
    But one thing bothers me, you said i never met you, but dear Faisal, we met 2 months ago, Radha introduced me to you, and spoke highly of you and your translations in Arabic. You looked very happy , she looked confused, there was no sign on your side about the horror what was going on there. Only now, when it is to late you come out with that story, that makes my suspicious. So, why did you not speak out before, why did nobody speak out before about the horrors, black magic and torturing going on in that place. Even now we have only your story, it is not confirmed by anyone.
    Don't you think that is strange.

    Reading your words and comments again, i find them coming from a confused and troubled person.
    Am i wrong?
    (this is the merry sister speaking)

    And Kevin : closet neo-advaitin... my foot!!!!

  16. Apart from this wrangle between Faisal and Sister Klaus,I am concerned about these three: Kalidas,Shunya,Rachel.They have not been smart people,it took them years to realize how manipulative(setting people against each other,making fun in a nasty way of some morons hailing from Lucknow,etc.)Radha could be,but I do not believe they are"criminals"as Radha in her last letter would want people (the police in particular)to believe.Does anybody know if they have been jailed ? Thanks.

  17. Sister

    I never Translated anything in Arabic!! Where did she introduce us!! I have not been to India for over 16months. Obviously you are narcotized. AGAIN U SLIP IN UR OWN BROWN MENSTRUAL BLOOD.

    Your disbelieve in anything doesn't eradicate its existence but ur narrow, limited, circumcised mind chooses to remain trapped wearing a "Chastity belt" in an attempt to protect its disillusioned fear of the possibility of facing or experiencing such things.

    I have left Radha Jan 2009 & I have shared my experience with many & openly on facebook.

    I'm not looking to confirm anything & whether u or any else take my words to be true or not doesn't make any difference.

    Once more I repeat I didn't choose to put my words here it was taken without any permission after being deleted from facebook.

    Case rested.

  18. My dear Faisal.

    Faisal said, March 9, 2011 9:38 PM

    "The last time I saw her was around two months ago & I enjoyed her company to a certain extent".

    Now you claim you have not been in India for over 16 months or was it jan 2009, that is 24 months. Who is narcotized here, hmm? Do you have any sense of time?

    But maybe you are right about the ghosts and strange entities in the ashram, i apologize for my mistake, or maybe i met your brother, maybe he is one of the dark forces?
    It is all very confusing, dear oh dear.
    No need to be so nasty about my periods, it is always a difficult time for a transgendered.
    I prefer to stay in my state of disbelief, if you don't mind and leave you with your believe in ghost and black magic and voodoo, i doubt if it will do you any good but who am i to tell you that.

    ps i like this sentence of you...

    Your disbelieve in anything doesn't eradicate its existence but ur narrow, limited, circumcised mind chooses to remain trapped wearing a "Chastity belt" in an attempt to protect its disillusioned fear of the possibility of facing or experiencing such things.

    Brilliant, you should write a book
    Hari Om

    These 3 are not in jail.

  19. Sister...

    I met her not in India :). But as usual non knew about her travels.


  20. I think Sister Klaus has confused Faisal with the Arabic translator Amar Alhassan, her transcriber for that stupid book of Advaitic ratnas.

    Faisal, I heard she was worshipping Narasimha who is known to take revenge on the worshipper (and other half-animal deities?) Is this true? What was the purpose of the tantra and what form did the rites take? I want to know if she was using these powers to attack others or if the entities involved had simply taken her over ...

  21. Oke Faisal, so nobody knew about her travels, but you did.
    I assume she traveled on the astral plane or any other plane, only known to you both and other dark entities.
    Wow, man you are living in a weird world, be carefull, it might drive you insane, like Ma.
    You already have that strange laugh of a madman, take care.

    Yeah, i wonder if you have something sensible to say about Narasimha and the other burning questions of that anonynous fan of you.

  22. I think the angelic one is a rare ray of light here. God bless you too and keep taking the pills. Jesus loves you.

  23. rashakas never die

  24. Demons are also God. In the end, they too will be mastered. There is nothing to fear.

  25. You can be sure that if Radha was doing tantric practices and rituals, she was not able to "think straight" anymore. After this anything is possible, even that her act followed an order she received from her "masters". But this is nothing unusual, really. There are many forms of self-sacrifice. And what tells anyone that Ramana himself was NOT a victim too? The world of the exploitation of humans is very subtle, especially this one where time has another meaning.