Sunday, March 20, 2011

All that is solid melts into air ...

Sister Klaus Kumari in an exclusive extract from The Confessional Comments:

If God, Self, guru and devotee are one and if that unity is simultaneously real and unreal and we therefore are not totally existent, I can only conclude that we maybe exist. I can confirm that, I always thought it was a kind of suppressed madness in myself, but now the clouds have lifted and I am standing naked in the blazing sun of Awareness and Sister Klaus will shine forever as a Maybe!

There are some events that fracture us along lines of dissonance, causing the identity to fragment and disintegrate. Likewise there are some that cause the identity to clench and harden. Moments like Radha Ma's death are the poisoned darts that speed towards our deepest doubt: our deepest doubt that we truly exist! Events that strike at the heart of us - unnerve us and cause us to question - reveal our deep uncertainty about the nature of existence. With the disintegration of presumed identity, the mirror of separation can finally shatter ...

As Karl Marx said: "All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned!" A natural opening is possible when, with the death of the alleged individual, a colossal energy demands to be integrated. Our sense of cast iron identity, once present in material form, destabilises. This energy strikes at the root of our belief in anything solid or real - and at this point we are subject to something far greater.

The ego - that hard, crystallised tower of views and conceit - resides at the epicentre of this seismic shock to the system. But we never know when the tidal wave of destruction will come. This dissolution and its internal alchemy is a wondrous thing. Like quicksilver it runs through our conceptual hands, evading futile attempts to imprison its magic and luxuriant mystery.

Apparently we live in tumultuous times: tsunamis, nuclear meltdown, uprisings in the Middle East, ever-rising food prices ... and self-immolating gurus! These all add spice to the Society of the Spectacle that feeds our apocalyptic imagination. But the apocalypse is not the end of society or the world as we know it ... it is the death of the self.

Enjoy the ride, it's gonna get helter skelter ...


  1. Eh, Swami, very kind of you to quote from my "Confessional Comments", but what about the little sum of money you promised to put in my bank account for using my precious words, so far nothing came, are you short of cash or short of memory.

    I think you are referring to the recent theory of the "Universe as a quantum fluid", or the "dark fluid universe", something like "Reality is an ocean, not a bag of marbles, no boundary of any real form is so set that it cannot deform and flow in the sea of eternity". Which reminds me of Ramana's words...."Ocean of nectar, full of Grace, engulfing the universe in thy splendour" from 5 stanzas on Sri Arunachala.

    So again nothing new under the sun!

  2. Dear Sister,
    I was born with a regressive Scottish gene which means that no one gets into or out of my wallet alive! As for any blarney I may or may not have said, I think it would be wise for you to remember that I am a Chi-Ting Master ...

    Yours H.H. Kevinandaji

  3. I want to make a couple of very important points. Number One: All of us need all the help we can get to find our true passion, discover our inner potential and live life to the full. But only a fool would take a paracetamol for a headache and then become addicted. Number Two: You don't need anyone to come between you and God (however you define God) - all major spiritual traditions intimate that we are an integral part of the divine, quantum physics states that we are an indivisible, quantum entangled part of the underlying entity. Find God by finding your inner self - not by becoming hooked on some guru. (even Ramana)

  4. WOW, signs of intelligent life in the cosmos. Dig up Carl Sagan, inform S.E.T.I we have finally made contact!

  5. Maybe? Well do you exist or don't you? This is the place to say the things that in real life would get you hissed out of the opera house. In the west organised religion has been taken out by the tide and has not returned. Church pews are pretty empty with a few frantic arm wavers left representing the charismatic churches. In India religion has also gone out with the tide to be replaced by rampant materialism, temple tourism and ashram hopping.
    The Arunacheleswar temple is not sadhu friendly in contrast to years ago when sadhus and pilgrims were encouraged and were the prime focus. Now tourists, and that's what they are, are faced with fenced off areas and locked gates.
    You can have special darshan if you pay extra. Yes, a scale of fees for various darshans.

  6. deep axe to grindMarch 22, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    You know all this reminds me of the old Terrance Mckenna quote "the bigger you build the bonfire the more darkness is revealed"

  7. The world is real AND unreal and so are you. The person is a fiction yet simultaneously exists. We and all things are empty. Agree with Anonymous above. Tiru is nothing but a theme park full of spiritual pleasure seekers and vendors dressed up as gurus, ever ready to sell you a ticket to their ride. But these attractions never last. Some see through them instantly, many get stuck in Tiru forever feeding off of the energy and the memory of Ramana. Where is the humility. People cannot even remember what it is.

  8. Dear Anon, Enjoyed your comments but it's a little disjointed. Who is stuck and why? Who is lacking humility and what is it people cannot remember? Could you please clarify.

  9. I just mean the people who buy property and start businesses and stay in Tiru to take or get something they think they do not have. This is what I mean by the lack of humility: things just as they are is sufficient, nothing extra is required. The normal, the ordinary. We don't need all the glamour and attractions. Who we are is enough. This is what people have forgotten.

  10. Doesn't matter we go slightly off topic, some people go lightyears of topic.
    A small sample of how deep people can fall into the world of maya, inconceivable nonsens, madness and total bullshit.

    About the activation of the fluid universe......

    9:9:9 The Fluid Love, Fluid Universe Activation

    A message from Kuthumi, Mary Magdalene channeled by Michelle Elof

    These energies that are being anchored today is expanding the Crystal Egg of Light in Cairo to embrace your entire planet. It is for this purpose that I come forward with my league of Solar Archangels accompanied by Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada and the Cosmic Grandmother

    If you not allready starting to vomit or feel a strange sensation in your stomach region, you could read the whole story here,

    I am not responsable for any possible suicide attempts or spontaneous conbustions.

  11. If one wants to settle down in a place(Tiru,in this case)one may end up buying a property or starting a business if one has not enough money to survive.What's wrong with that?What has it got to do with lack of humility?in ordinary life people may buy properties or do businesses,why not here?Anonymous,you seem to be a bit confused about what ordinary life is and how this fits with fake gurus and satsangs and this circus,which is the "real" problem being discussed in this site.

  12. There is nothing wrong with buying a property or starting a business in Tiru. Only if you think you are going to "get" something spiritually, or if it is with the intention of taking something.

  13. Dear Sister,
    I bow down before your majesty. Truly this "fluid love universe activation thingy" is the the most odious form of torture in the known galaxy. That Kuthumi goes on and on and on infinitum, it is death by droning. The one thing that did interst me was the bit at the end when Mary Magdalene offered us her "Deep Love", does she do private parties and how much?

  14. when I hear about the big White brotherhood I always get a bit of an if the embryo's of the descended masters have been nourished and pampered in Hitlers personal chambers and whilest fullygrown shuttled into space...only to re-appear in time stating:"We're back!!!"


  16. Dear Bruno, old buddy.
    The use of only capitals in your incoherent rant, indicates an incurable form of megalomania.
    I know about your condition, but didn't know it was so bad, i really feel sorry for you.
    The other day i thought i saw you with your ex-gopi, looking if you took an overdose of clonazepam and wondered; what is going on in that poor mans head.
    Well, here it is and it is not nice and it worries me.

    Vyasa said:
    question savages and madman and listen to their stories, it is always pleasant and it sometimes improves you.
    Yes, dear Bruno it was a pleasure to read your interesting story, i doubt if it improved me, but we'll never know.
    Eh, do you have anything, i mean just anything to say about the subject of this post, could be interesting to see it from a madmans point of view.

    ps, i think we met once and had a very short love-affair in the Kaiserkeller, those where the days man, yeh those where the days.

  17. Sister Klaus, What is your understanding of the aspect of Siva known as Ardhanaishvara? How does it gel with you trans-genderism?
    It seems that there is a gap which you could possibly bridge?

  18. I am thinking of marketing a new product, called Enlightenment -In-A Can. Wherever you have a bald spot in your consciousness, you just reach in and spray this product on. Once it is on, it stays on for eight hours. During this period, you can appear on talk shows telling people the secret of life.

    This could be a heady business. If you are interested, there will probably be a franchising opportunity. Let's work together on this. With your money and my enlightenment, say it with me...."Together We Can".

  19. Hi Bruno, happy you made it back to the "normal" world.
    About your question.....There is no gap to bridge, because i am already in that state.
    As you know Shiva and Parvathi(Uma) united here in Arunachala (spare you the whole story) and became known as Ardhanarishvara, half male, half female, the ultimate form of a human being.
    Trans-genderism ( as i understand it )is an attempt to reach that state, and ultimately become the holy Hermaphrodite.
    Living in Arunachala has off course an enormous advantage, because we are already part of Ardhanarishvara, also you old chap, you just have to recognise it, look inside and see who you are.
    Thiruvannamalai looks like an unique and rare collection of total weirdo's, mad people, freaks and "serious" seekers, but if you look inside these forms, you'll find only the Hermetic Hermaphrodite( the emblem of spiritual union ).
    That is why it says....."in the end everone has to come to Arunachala".......everyone has to give up name and form and melt into the eternal bliss of oneness.
    Hari Om

  20. sister klaus,fascinated by your description of various categories seekers fall ihto,,,,,,kindly state the one you slot into,,,,,are you beyond all categories?? in case you are we offer endless namaskars.

  21. That twit Richard Clarke is at it again. He has become the self appointed spokesman for the reconstruction of buildings at Ramana Ashram. As if the ashram doesn't have it's own website! Richard as usual is just parroting what he has heard and making out he's the first to break the news.

  22. wackos, all wackos all the way down. tiru-effing-vannamalai :-)

  23. dear Anon.
    You seem to be attracted by appearances and so missing the whole point,
    If you look at me you might see a weirdo, a mad peron, a freak, a honest seeker, whatever you wantto see, you will see.
    So from your point of view i slot into all of them.
    From my point i'm "slotting" in no one.
    So spare me your namaskarams and start looking inside and find that what makes us all one, or none if you prefer that.

    That was what my comment was about, next time you could try and read, instead of asking a silly question.

  24. gregory lent,,,,your ill tempered and linguistically-challenged outburst is neither edifying nor conducive to a civilised discourse,,,take a cold shower.

  25. it is surreal and sublime to read a conversation between anon and anon...

    this is my first time commenting here, although i have been visiting this site periodically with varying degree of comfort, since i heard of the 'immolation'

    i would really like to know what happened with regards to radha ma...can you HH please elaborate?

    and also, the post above is truly stellar. keep it up. indeed the dance is in the falling apart and the putting back together and done enough times, may be, just may be, one finds a rest somewhere along the way...


  26. In the present hysterical climate it's understandable that nobody wants to put their head above the parapet. Hence the proliferation of Anons involved in somewhat surreal conversations with other Anons (think of them as teletubbies and they will seem more cuddly!). Especially now as it seems likely that legal action will be taken against the 'Gang of 3' and the rapacious shadow of local law enforcement further muddies the waters.
    And will anyone ever know exactly what was really going on in Radha's mind that fateful day?
    There are even some bizarre and manic apologists on the net who believe that Radha's self immolation is "a wonderful teaching!!!"
    It is up to your personal discernment and intuition to sift through all the diverse info and opinions presented in the posts and comments sections, here and in other sites, and to draw your own conclusion. That in essence is one of the main themes of this blog, i.e. not handing autonomy and power to those who would use and abuse it for their own ends. "Know thy self", it's simple innit!

  27. thanks hh...i was looking for a narrative....i am not local, so i don't know what is being said there, and i am not part of the community in any way...there are some similarities, presumed between her and i, and so my interests are somewhat personal but also academic.

    i guess the question might fall in this order:
    1. was it intentional?
    2. was she self-realized? (whatever that is supposed to be)
    3. was she self-realized but not a guru?
    4. she was not self-realized but a guru?
    5. was she a guru?

    i guess these are the real questions for me....i guess i ask it here, for although you hh have been fairly critical of her, you also seem to have a wierd sense of honour. and i much prefer to know the opinion of a critical mind than an adoring mind (for it is hard to tell if the critical process was ever engaged before the present supplication)...




  28. anon - i *love* your definition of 'humility'...


  29. It's a bit more messy than that but I will try to answer your bullet points.
    1/ She left a letter blaming 3 of her devotees, so it would seem that it was intentional. But this is disputed by her former devotee Faisal who believes it was a Tantric rite that went very wrong.
    2/ She claimed to be self-realised.
    3/ She claimed not to be a guru but she had an ashram! On the exterior walls were painted exhortations for people to go to the Ramana Ashram and not to trouble her: "I am not a guru, go and see the one true guru at the Ramana ashram".
    And this is where all your questions bleed into one. She held public satsang at the Ganapa temple until 2006, then she withdrew keeping a small number of devotees around her. They were involved with her in real estate projects, foreigners are not officially permitted to own land in Tamil Nadu. She then fell out with most of them over money and this was a cause of persistent bickering. She also published a book called "Advaitic ratnas" which called her an Advaita guru on the front cover. So it gets very contradictory: she was a guru who claimed not to be a guru!
    My personal feeling to paraphrase Hamlet was that "there was something rotten in the state of Denmark."

  30. it's gonna get helter skelter,,, sounds like charles manson's battle cry...or perhaps just an ill chosen slogan..otherwise the post is brilliant.

  31. Disciple "There are so many sadhus wandering around how am I to know who is a genuine one?"
    Ramana Maharishi most graciously said "He is a real sadhu in whose presence you get an indescribable peace without making any effort"

  32. The world is not totally real so your question is a little awry. You also can't choose a genuine guru. You go to who you go: all of this takes place with only the appearance of an I who chooses and discerns. Beyond separation you realise choice is impossible and so is going to a genuine over a fake guru. Further, you see how the guru is just an empty (but wonderful) picture on the screen of reality. Gurus are never genuine or fake. They are just (highly engaging) pictures. Ramana said lots of things about genuine gurus. He also said it is impossible for the non-realised to tell if a guru is genuine or not. He said that quote to someone else - not you - and it had a context: a time and a place correct only for that person at that moment. The best thing is to ignore the scriptures, especially Ramana. Both are a subtle decoy for those who really think they need a guru and are going to get something if they do.

  33. well, y.h, she is not the first to claim not to be a guru, and yet apparently function like one....infact no guru will claim to be one, i think.

    it is just another form of identity, why would you want to take on, if some help is provided by satsang then great, if not, great. nothing lost. nothing gained.

    also paradoxes do not necessarily imply falsehood.

    anyways thanks for your summary analysis.

    the mystery will continue, until the mind stops.



  34. above commment singles out ramana as an object better ignored...dont know what's inside your head to elicit this asinine utterance.and doubt if ramana would solicit such observation from you,,,try another laxative on your brain.

  35. The problem here is your conservatism which blinds you to the depths of Ramana's teaching. Your approach is rooted in idolatry and fundamentalism, something which not only skims the surface and misses the essence of what Ramana said but traps you even further in the illusion of maya.

  36. According to the above clod Ramana's closest disciples themselves spiritual giants of the first order; such as Maruganar, to name but one, absolutely adored Ramana and therefore must be fundamentalists and idolators!Without any devotion you'll become a dry husk as is reflected in your comment.

  37. Dear Sodden Husk of Devotion:
    Of course Ramana's closest disciples were fundamentalists and idolators! They too are just mere objects of your aged imagination and they were never real. Devotion is fine for the one who exists in separation and intends to stay there. But it is never instrumental in self-realization, only spiritual pride. And by the way, Murugunar is spelt with a "u" not an "a".

  38. above comment reflects a thinly veiled hostility and disdain for ramana and his devotees....he may need a helping hand to guide him out of the spiritual cul-de-sac he finds himself in,but would he deign to be receptive to ramana-arunachala instead of being pejorative towards him and his devotees,,,,and here's to you kevji,,,assuming this is a ramana friendly blog,shouldn't you step into the breech to fend off susch attempts at cheapening and denigrating our gold standard?....maybe a more active role on your part regarding this aspect is called for,,,,,impartial objectivity has its drawbacks,

  39. Your castigating the devotional element in Ramana's teaching puts you in the catagory of spiritual red necks!

  40. The comments on April 1 and earlier, made it very clear what april fools day is about, if you can't guess, its about fools holding an almost dadaistic discussion in the schizoid brain of 1 person.
    I am not gonna add more nonsense. Only this : both Ramana and Adi Shankara said that both devotion and self inquiry are needed and that one is not better then the other. so stop fooling around and go on with what you have to do, even if it will take you nowhere.

  41. The mind
    can come to believe it is honest, and the mind
    can come to believe it is open. But the mind
    cannot help but run from vulnerability and criticism For the
    entire edifice of the mind is constructed on the
    notion of safety for the individual.

  42. After an emergency meeting of the Chi-Ting Politburo (chaired by the resplendent Sister Klaus) we have decided to elect Nurse Strict as our new beacon of Moral and Ideological Correction. Any more fisticuffs between devotees will not be tolerated and punishment will be swiftly and firmly administered!

  43. Ramana is the "Capo di tutti Capi" of Advaita. He gave us an invitation to look in the looking glass, but when we look through it we may find something alien and uncomfortable. To our minds and preconceived ideas this can be very challenging/painful. Ramana may end up taking us where we really don't want to go.

  44. In addition to what HH Kevinji said it must be clear that this blog is for people showing any signs of intelligence and a minimal yearning fot Truth (whatever that may be), all other people not in this league can take refuge and indulge in the utter sillyness of blogs like "Guru's feet" and stop polluting this splendid blog with their Scheisse and other excrements.
    That should be our beacon !!1

  45. haha. i think the very last comment is most noteworthy...

    "...may end up taking us where we really don't want to go.'

    i really don't think most of us really 'want' 'liberation'...we just want something other than 'this'. and this not wanting of 'this' spurs us on a search and leads us down the rabbit hole. we all have our cack-a-phony idea what 'that' might be, which only propels us further on or away and apart...

    oy. enough already. enjoy this but that we wont do! we like our terrible miseries too much, all of us closet fetishists after all. sister you are not alone, bravo for embracing it. we are all you, but we just don;t know it. oh dear...