Tuesday, May 1, 2012

T.V.Malai transgender is Miss Koovagam ...

From the Asian Age, May 1st:

Harini, a transgender from Tiruvannamalai, was crowned Ms Koovagam 2012 at the annual contest held on Monday. Deepika of Chennai was named first runner-up and Chaya Singh of Dharmapuri, the second runner-up at the contest conducted as part of the annual Koovagam festival at the Koothandavar temple in Villupuram district. Hundreds of transgenders thronged Villupuram to participate in the 18-day festival. The festival, held at Koovagam village, symbolises the mythical wedding of Lord Krishna in female form to Aravaan, a warrior who is subsequently sacrificed for the victory of the Pandavas in the Mahabharatha.

Of course our beloved sponsor Sister Klaus Apitakuchambalammal has cried foul play. The Holy Hermaphrodite is even claiming the Asian Age newspaper photoshopped her out of the picture and put in another stupid face and name instead. Outraged and disgusted that her Rocky Horror picture show chic has been so wantonly rejected, the Sister is now proclaiming that the CIA and the Luciferian/Sabbatean cabal are behind this travesty of justice.

Unfortunately there are also rumours that the Sister started waving her retractable wiener at the judges and was chased out of the hall by a machete-wielding mob!


  1. It is an outrage that they did not mention Sister Klaus coming runner-up. The newspapers were probably shocked and stunned by my outrageously mad outfit of gold and purple velvet, with totally non-matching accessories. This old hag will be depressed for a long time, not least because Kevinanda seems to be on holiday or might even have thrown in the towel. Apart from that, lovely hot summer weather with a rain surprise once in a while. An almost foreigner-free town. What joy!

  2. What a bevy of beauties, I can't wait to get my sweaty hands on these lovelies!

  3. What a refreshing post Kevji! Finally something substantial after all that suffocating spiritual crap about advaita (neo- or post) and fuckin' tantra, sordid satsang clowns and nunneries. It lets me breath again, makes me feel alive, and turns me on, like Godot the insatiable sex addict. His friendship with Sudhananda is an open secret here in the local gossip circles. Oh, how I envy those guys ... More stuff of this quality please.

  4. OK Sister Klaus, you are among the few fortunate people to live near Aruanchala all year round. Tell us about your experiences in TVMalai. How do you survive without some of the western conveniences that we take for granted? Life must be hard there

  5. How can life be hard if you are one with the Beloved, one with existence, living in Grace in pure ecstasy and bliss. For that you don’t have to be in Tiru. Of course it is everywhere, every moment. Let's just say that I am at home here. I don’t feel an urge to move, I am in the right position. Who cares about Western conveniences, which just make you weak and dependent, especially when you take them for granted. As for my living, the most generous Kevinanda pays me a handsome sum for my brilliant analyses in the Comments section, for which I am most grateful. The only shadow cast is by the sordid satsang clowns and their flock of bleating sheep ... the annoying Kashmiri shops, lousy eateries and stupid tourists who don’t even know that you take your shoes off when entering a house, temple or ashram.

    But this is just a small inconvenience for a few months. It is quickly forgotten in the rest of the year's blazing heat ... The amazing beauty and vast silence of Arunachala ... amidst the noisy but beautiful and innocent Tamils ...

  6. Err Sister, sorry to interrupt your poetic reverie but who are these "beautiful and innocent Tamils"?!? Did you by any chance mean Divakaran from the Rip Off supermarket and that malevolent creep from the chai shop next door or any of the multitude of scurrilous wannabes on the make? Do they get a special dispensation (obviously a transgendered Papal bull!) for their venal and malevolently greedy ways?

    And one last thing: when you start paying me compliments, I smell a rat. Not one paise more, do you hear me?! Shake down Mad Anna and Godot, they've got loads of monies from their real estate scams and are ripe for the taking!

  7. Thanks Sister Klaus for the generous sharing. You are home in TVMalai. That is what makes the differing. I like Tiru but I miss driving at 120 mph above the speed limit on our well maintanined highways in the west. Ofcouse, I could do that in TVMalai or for that anywhere in India but I dont like knocking down cows, goats, and little children.

    Respected Chi Ting Master:

    Salutations to thee. I have been to Diwakaran's supermarket. His prices were the same as others. How come he charges you extra unless you are buying the organic same day bread from Auroville. I suggest you try the savouries at the Big Temple. They may be oily and way too sweet but atleast they are blessed by Arunachala.

    I agree about the creep in the chai shop next door to Diwakaran. He creeps me out. He has four daughters to marry off. They are all under 10 years and his only income is from making chai at that chai shop.

    BTW, the Tamils are not nearly as noisy as the Telegu people from Siva Sannidhi who are buying up all the land opposite Ramanasramam. How come you haven't a thing to say about them. Are you on Suri Baba's payroll? LOL

  8. The silence is deafening. OMG Sister Klaus and Kevinanda are on Surya Baba of Siva Sannidhi's payroll or have been or wannabe or all of the above.

  9. Dear silly Anon,
    You are jumping to ridiculous conclusions. Also your contempt for the noble people from Andra Pradesh, who according to you are noisy and flatulent! Remember there are always a few rotten apples, that is the nature of things.

    His Holiness Kevinandaji and I are both Chi-Ting masters of the most exulted rank and are not beholden to linear petit bourgeois morality. So if some drooling agent of Mammon wants to give us a bung (crisp 1000 rupees notes please!) We are both happy to accept this as the fruits of divine providence.

    So Anon why are you here? Beware the fate of Meenakshi Mama, Garbage Gal Bobby, Kali Baba, Mad Madhuvan etc ... All zombies shambling along the dusty roads ...

  10. Now I get it! Surya Baba wants to get rid of the Tamil supermarket and chai shop so he can expand his Siva Sannidhi empire along that stretch. Duh!!!

    Still Chi Ting Master! I totally object to Sister Klaus calling me 'silly' and asking me 'why are you here' Like you have to be as intelligent as Sister Klaus to read this blog. That is a low blow, Chi Ting Master.

    BTW, taking bribes in 1000s is not a good thing. The bank will ask questions and there is a greater chance of it being counterfeit. Tell that to Sister Klaus, Chi Ting Master. I will not talk to her until she shows remorse.

  11. A PIL petition has been filed by M Solaikannan, a local politician, claiming that Nityananda had appointed himself the spiritual head after taking the previous (292nd) pontiff into his illegal custody by deploying “henchmen” from Karnataka. The petition sought a direction to the State government to take control of the Madurai Adheenam.

    Solaikannan alleged that Nityananda “does not practice celibacy and is not a sanyasi” — in the sense that he had not relinquished worldly pleasures — and was therefore ineligible to head the spiritual order. It's nice to see that not everyone in India has been cowed, steamrolled, and/or hoodwinked into believing Nithyananda.

  12. What is a PIL petition? Answer: one filed by a Pesky Irate Litigant ... according to Nithyananda, that is ...

  13. Religious Leaders Unite in Opposing Nomination of Nityananda as Adheenakartar
    on 2012/5/3

    MADURAI, INDIA, May 3, 2012 (India Today): Nityananda has been prepared to fight tooth and nail for his newly acquired crown after heads of 13 Saivite mutts put their heads together in Nagapattinam on Tuesday to finalise their strategy to oppose his appointment as the chief of Madurai Adheenam.

    "My devotees will go on an indefinite hunger strike if they don't withdraw their stand and, in the meantime, legal action would be taken against all the 13 head of the mutts acting us," Nityananda said on Wednesday threatening that he would write a letter in blood to the Tamil Nadu government. "We have branches across the world. Nearly 12 million devotees are with my organization."

    There is no word yet if Nityananda himself will fast until death. Only that he will make his devotees do that. By the same token, the "letter in blood" that he is planning to write, is probably his devotees' blood. Why would he want to prick himself, right?

  14. Siva Sannidhi's Surya Baba is a very cunning and ruthless real estate baron. It is just that he always wear white pants and shirt and doesn't call himself a guru that he has passed under the radar of our Chi Ting Master.

  15. So much fuss lately about Arunachala in flames! Is this something new? Check out Richard Clarke’s blog http://richardarunachala.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/arunachala-in-flames/ and see pictures of local foreigner hero “Govinda”, taking on the bush fires in a pair of sandals. Can’t he afford a good pair of boots? Or is he just too broke now from paying off all those officials. I guess sandals and foot burns look more cool and foreigners need to look as less foreign as possible these days. Along with twenty or so volunteers from his Forest Way Society they spend hours beating the fire with banana leaves! With occasional breaks for some coconut juice provided by his wife down at the nursery, they seem to have extinguished the fires all by themselves. After a big fire on the Ramana Asharam side in April, and now another one on the Adianamalai side in May, my question is: so where were all the concerned Temple Officials, Adianamalai villagers, farmers, goat herders and part-time cave dwellers while this was going on? I guess they must have been celebrating happy in the knowledge that finally the very resourceful lemon grass gets a chance for some re-growth after so much re-forestation bullshit philosophy for the last thirty years that has made our beloved mountain almost inaccessible unless you bring along a chain saw. If we are lucky, the fires may have helped to reduce the recent tic infestation on the mountain.

  16. agree with AFFORESTATION-RUN-AMOK ASSESSMENT OF THE ABOVE COMMENT.;;;as to to the spectacle of the quixotic LUKE BOWLEY,AKA GOVINDA, ill prepared under resourced and probably ill trained,flailing leafy twigs triyng to subdue arunachala's fiery nature is as poignant as it is bizzare....his haughtiness at having mounted a sucssessful challenge to arunachala has just received a temporary boost.his battle weary countenance will go down in history as the SoN WHO TOOK ON THE FaTHER AND WON...he may even demand equal power sharing with him........grace.

  17. SISTER K's prolonged silence is a bit of a worry. Is she taking her time waking from a deep hyonotic trance perpetrated by LAFRANCHI? Or more likely engaged in perpetual clitoral gazing as means of SELF-REVENGE for flunking the KOOVAGAM test. Either way you are missed.

  18. Yeah, its supposed to be a hill of fire, for God's sake, not a nice green nature park for Western tree huggers. Bring back those black goats and more fires please.

  19. No comment yet on the new Clark blog ... 40,009 squatters in 22,000 homes to be removed from the Hill side near the temple by order of the Chennai courts (less than two persons per home?) As usual it is hard to see which side our ardent blogger comes down on. They are named as squatters but he has friends amongst them. The main article ends with the powerful but rhetorical question, "Who knows what else will happen?"

  20. Agree that Arunachala is a Hill of Fire and not a playground for people with huge ego’s.
    Beside the yearly symbolical Deepam, the hill should burn at least once a year, it was always like that.
    In Ramana’s time there was not one tree on the hill; did he ever complain about it ?
    He knew that the Hill has its own rules and will not allow some silly people to change the unchangeable.
    I like trees in a place where they belong, but planting trees on the Hill of Fire is as ridiculous as planting a forest on a working volcano.

    Ps I hope that the next fire will burn down the place of that ludicrous squatter Nityananda while that clown Richard Clark is drinking a cuppa with him, that will teach them a lesson.


  21. re the above,,,,,the term used to describe unlawful occupation of land in english speaking countries is generally referred to as squaters, or squating.,,,,in india the common terminology for such acts is encroach,encroechment,encroacher,,,wheras to squat is a particular bodily stance undertaken mainly in the morning,customarily under the skies.

  22. I'm not missing Sister K. The character is completely wrong. It sounds like a man's wet fantasy and it reads like a man is writing it. Possibly Chi-Ting Master himself or the other one who shares the running of this blog. The distorted spiritual philosophies are out of date. The only thing left is to complain about everything and everyone. This is completely boring.

  23. One wonders why one is reading this ...

  24. Of course my character is wrong ... especially if you see me through the lens of sexual dysfunction. You are not very smart, are you? And whether I am written by a man or a woman is hardly the point is it? It doesn't matter ... unless you also have a problem with men as well as the transgendered ... Oh dear, oh dear. Are you a friend of Garbage Gal Bobby or her stupid chum Sam? Both are known for their extremely silly remarks. Are you a brainwashed slave of some idiot guru like Madhukar? You don’t even seem to understand the bliss of boredom!

    For my fans who were complaining that I became too serious ... I have been catching up with the great 17th century French writers of the absurd and vulgar to sharpen my wit and pen ... to please you with more frivolous and pythonesque humour. So this is what you can expect:

    The young Gargantua's roundelay by Francois Rabbelais

    In shitting yes’day I did know
    The sess I to my arse did owe:
    The smell was such came from that slunk,
    That I was with it all bestunk:
    O had but then some brave Signor
    Brought her to me I waited for,
    In shitting!
    I would have cleft her watergap,
    And join’d it close to my flipflap,
    Whilst she had with her fingers guarded,
    My foul nockandrow, all bemerded
    In shitting.

    Even silly cows can not complain about such delightful and carefully arranged words.

  25. For the record, I am not the Anon at May 28, at 8.51 a.m. who wrote "I'm not missing Sister K. The character is completely wrong."

    While I did miss her, I am still not talking to her until she shows remorse.

    As for that Johnny who hates Richard Clark, get with it. I think Richard and Carol are lovely people and have done a lot of good in Tiru. May Arunachala bless them.

  26. MASTER CHI-TING lists his interests as: 1. pyromania; 2. petty larceny ... That may explain both the fire on the hill and the shoplifting at the busy Tiru Lemurian Supermarket ... a real golden hand.

  27. I do my best to raise the tone of proceedings and inspire my devotees to acts of revolutionary ardour!

  28. Remorse ? ………Why should I.
    If you think that Richard Clark is a lovely person then you are silly indeed.
    I know Richard and I am sure he is doing some good work, but he is an arrogant windbag who thinks he is the most important person around.
    Just look at his picture on his blog, he is even greater then Arunachala.
    A lovely person, fuck off !

    I leave you with an old French proverb, which reminds me of Richard…….

    Who his foul tail with paper wipes,
    Shall at his ballocks leave some chips.

  29. right on sis'K,and he's got a hide thicker than a fleet st paparazzi. wasting his talent in tiru,this richard the ferret.will he show remorse for his photographic shenanigans ? FAT CHANCE.

  30. OMG! you guys live in Tiru with such a rotten attitude? I can't believe it. I know Richard and Carold. He is not arrogant. He is retired - could have gone to a Florida beach - but Arunachala called him to Tiruvannamala (how many of us can be so lucky?) and he is using his time and energy usefully. What is wrong with that? I saw the picture of him and I saw him being protected by Arunachala. It was so beautiful.

    You saw "he is even greater than Arunachala" Mirror, Mirror on the wall why are you reflecting back to us what is inside of us!!!

  31. My dear OMG,

    First read again the warning on the top right of this blog ... Geddit!? I love “taking the piss”, the absurd, the satire, the cynical. I try to make all my comments less serious, lighter, even by being sarcastic about you and myself, so that you can see that also I am not the all-knower, the better-knower than all the rest, even though I might pretend it. That is called satire. If you call that a rotten attitude, then you put yourself in a lousy, pitiful position. You must be a really serious person. I know Richard and I see a person who is doing some good work but is very conceited, very big-headed. He likes to hear himself talk, is arrogant and is a bad listener. I am not the only one who sees this. Now whether this is true or not doesn’t matter, it is just a point of view and what you want to see. So you see him being protected by Arunachala, good for you. I see something else. We are both right and we are both wrong. Nothing is as we see it!

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, why are you reflecting back to us what is inside of us?! Yes, well spoken. So if you know that, where is the problem?! Try to laugh about yourself. See what an idiot you are.

    I do it all the time ...

  32. Being ritually abused by the Sister is a sign of great spiritual merit and a shamanic rite of passage. I must admit my first impression of the Holy Hermaphrodite was crudely judgemental, along the lines of "yer a fucken whackjob". The Sister whirled around me like a whirling dervish on crack, gobbing at me with manic abandon. I cleared the saliva from my eyes and was just about to headbutt the bugger when mysteriously the doors of the imagination opened and reality was forever altered. We've been best mates ever since ...

  33. Methinks OMG Clown might be Richard singing his own praises - and Florida is all the poorer not to be the recipient of his good deeds. He may well need divine protection, after displaying a hissy fit when the dosa he ordered at a restaurant wasn't served within the prescribed limit of his patience. He lashed out by mounting a boycott in a bid to hurt those who dared to act slow when HE was hungry ... So much for the (bad) attitude imputed to me, Sister K and all other CHI-TING loyalists who can tell a village idiot when they spot one.

  34. Richard CLUCK is a revealer of mysteries!! How??!!! The Goose pokes his sticky beak into every nook and cranny and cave, intruding into many a sadhu's personal space. Then he posts his FINDINGS to the cosmos with unparalleled goofiness. He hides his INNER slavishness to the notorious NOME by assuming the name Richard Arunachala. He fancies himself as a self-appointed ARUNACHALA--SARVADHIKARI (along with Luke Bowley/Govinda) ...

  35. Breaking News! Swami SUDDHANANDA SEX SCANDAL!! (Swami Suddhananda of UTHANDI, Samvit Sagar Trust, Uthandi, Chennai and with an Ashram in Tiruvannamali, Tamil Nadu, India)

    SPREAD this message to ALL your FRIENDS and PUBLIC and get Swami SUDDHANANDA ARRESTED and JAILED in order to SAVE INDIAN and Foreign Men and Women from Swami Suddhananda's SEXPLOITATIONS!!!

    Source: http://www.suddhananda.com - Also see “The SWAMI REPENTS”:


  36. Swami Violates Dharma

    Dear Ramji, the scandal around Swami Suddhananda has been bothering me. As you know he was my teacher and I still love him but I cannot go to see him anymore. I don’t understand how this can happen. He was such a good teacher. Can you perhaps explain it to me?

    Ramji: The Suddhananda story is a case of self realization but not self actualization. His ego co- opted the knowledge and remained in control of the sex vasana. I call it enlightenment sickness. Had he fully assimilated the knowledge "I am awareness", the knowledge would have rooted out the vasana eventually. When all the binding vasanas are rooted, you are self actualized. When the knowledge is firm you can't violate dharma. You are dharma. His vasana was more powerful than his knowledge. He has some work to do. This is Isvara's way of telling him that he has work to do. He is very conflicted because if he wants to indulge that vasana then he needs to take off the orange. But he can't take it off because it is his power. He needs it to lure the women and get money. What woman is going to shag an aging Indian that has no glory or does not hold out the prospect of enlightenment? From what I understand, these women, however, were not sex or power-crazed like many of the Western women who go to India to bag a Swami or a Yogi. They were the vulnerable types. So this is a particularly egregious violation of dharma. The right thing for him to do is to start again. Take off the orange clothes because it is a total violation of sanyassi dharma and teach as a householder, making it clear that he has vasanas. It is the deceit and the abuse of power that is the issue, not sex. I met him several times and had some nice chats. But from the beginning I felt that there was something about him that was not right, that he was hiding something. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and recommended him. I am sorry I did but what to do except give an explanation for those students of his that are suffering from it. Love, Ramji

  37. The incident in the restaurant with Buffoon Richard, reminds me of another very important foreigner in Tiru, General Leslie from the famous dog hospital. He is also a doer of "good deeds" but a very nasty person. (That they are both Yankees, confirms my belief in where the real Mr/Mrs Evil Silliness lives). He is banned from the Shanti Café because he made a big fuss several times. He was not served faster than the other customers, who were just having a good time, while he had really very important work to do, shouting and swearing at the poor, nice waiters. What an idiot.

    And there are more of these really very important gasbags here, who use Tiru as a playground for their megalomania. Come on Kevinji, name a few (apart from Godot and Govinda) ... Maybe they could be cleaned up as illegal and harmful squatters in the upcoming big onslaught on the encroachments.


  38. Firefly since you are on a roll here, what do you have on:

    Apeetha, the beautiful Aussie lady
    Mrs. Shanti on line
    Mrs. Mountain Saran
    Devraj, the India-born taxi driver from Canada
    Alan Jacobs
    Kevin, our Tai Chi Master
    Sister Klaus

    I hope you have good things to say about them!

  39. I have nothing good to say about them.

    -Apeetha is an ugly, silly, sour, disappointed old hag.
    -The next 3 persons I don’t know.
    -As for Alan Jacobs the following quote :
    Beware of the likes of Alan Jacobs His deeply dualistic, one-sided perspective attempts to hush up the nasty and sordid misdemeanours under the surface. Perhaps the most "insincere aspirant" is Jacobs himself, who peddles the respectability of his own views, minus the darker side of the same reality which he scorns as "slanders" made by "unscrupulous persons".
    Is that enough ?
    -Kevin’s tai chi classes are rubbish and below kindergarten level and he asks a ridiculous high fee for it, in short : a petty old swindler.
    -Sister Klaus, like anon said: a woman’s wet fantasy, a boring, arrogant, deranged old tart.

    But I have a few other windbags in mind.
    What about Steve “manna” Woodman, Meenakshi Mammi, Kali Baba, Bharat, Shanti Devi, Sit-sing clown Upahar, Madhuvan aka KC, Sarah “stiff upper lip” King, Chris Quilkey, Swami “fatty” Sven..........

    And the list could go on and on, so what do you say about this lot.
    However it seams there are still a few “normal” people around !
    But where are they ?


  40. To add to the firefly list of Tiru's worst foreign offenders: put Charlotte "I will set you up and ruin your life" Block right at the top of the list.

  41. The focus on 'foreign offenders' overlooks the prevalence of indigenous malfeasance. So beloved Farangi visitors, don't be so hard on yourself. Besides, in the eyes of Tiru's native Tamils, the Kashmiri colonisation of Ramana Nagar is no less alien ... and Master Chi-ting can vouch for that. He also advises to tone down the vitriol, even when it's called for. Definitely enjoy the farcical nature of this blog, its every minutia and nuance of the multiple moods that Tiru reflects.

  42. Sourpuss Apeetha Arunagiri spearheaded the 'Turn Arunachala into a SEA OF GREEN movement', along with other equally miguided sentimental jerks, unaware of the dictum: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Luke/Govinda sprang forth from her ovum to carry on where she left off, supplying the Hill of Fire with the requisite combustible fuel for future conflagrations, and then ritualistically used banana leaves in an attempt to SMOTHER ARUNACHALA ... into submission.

  43. The indigenous malfeasance is not being overlooked. Its in your face. The advice to turn down the vitriol suggests that what has been going down joking aside has had you shitting in your pants. And "even when its called for" means that its just too dangerous to talk about. The farcical nature of this blog might keep you safe. But when the time comes, you could be next. Thats my advice.

  44. In a Youtube clip posted February last, David Godman lucidly and perfectly explains Ramana's teachings to visiting seekers, inside the grounds of Ramanashramam ... He also touches on the subject of Lakshman and Sarada where the listener (I for one) is left less convinced and none the wiser. But overall, a breath of fresh air from David.

  45. I'm told that large portions inside the precinct of Arunachalaeshvara Temple have fallen prey to the ever encroaching electronic eye, a device known as CCTV ... Presumably replacing the omniscient EYES of all the resident deities. Tiru not being unique, as many other temples in the land are tightly monitored ... One is left pondering whether the ultimate heart's temple of a person should one day be trespassed on by some futuristic manmade quantum eye ... Perish the thought!

  46. For a number of years now the words apocalypse and cataclysm have adorned the heading of this website. Did its creator have some prior intimation of, or was he privy in any way to the impending culling of perhaps as much as a third of the town's populace: largely the already marginalised. Why didn't the Master shout from the rooftops to muster his troops in a show of indignation? But then maybe a more pernicious event is alluded to, which is yet to unfold.

  47. Fuck off you bloody idiot, this isn't a site for erudite and utterly pointless remarks. Your comments are totally meaningless, devoid of any soul, just words floating in the air. That is probably where you belong, in outer space. The problem here are not these few Kashmiris - just doing their job - but foreign morons like you, trying to impress ... A dry bone without any meat.

    You are on my hitlist, so be careful. My torture chamber is still working!!!

  48. Sister K rages like a mad bull on testosterone and the paroxysm of an exploding super nova but she is in fact a mere White Dwarf. Her trangenderism is of the female to male variety, that's why she is overly aggressive (and also barred from participating in Koovagam, which is for the gentler male to female specimen). She is still trying to regain her lost equanimity ...

  49. Kommander Kevinji was heard to intone to his conjoined sister K thus; Been beat up and battered round,been sent up and ive been shot down,you're the best thing that i've ever found, handle me with care!!!! in your mythical chambers.

  50. thank you sister kay for endorsiing our Kashmiri retail outlets in tiru.our growth projection may be scaled down next season because as you point out,we are doing our job,but the problem is many foreigners just would not part with their money in our shops,they have little appreciation for our merchandise. Sister,as a loyal costomer,please tell them how happy you feel shopping with us. Farookh.

  51. Rages ???

    I am perfectly calm, relaxed and in Bliss as usual, you just see the appearance of a small Vasanacal bubble on the surface of existence.

    But as I see, you are also an expert in the field of the transgendered !
    I would bow to you and kiss your feet,
    but alas you got it all wrong,
    so instead ,I piss on your head.

    The bones become dryer and dryer, they’re crumbling……

    I recommend to read the instruction below, and since you are so clever I am sure you understand German, to improve your writing skills in a way that it might make any sense to the reader and to yourself.

    „Dem Dichter [...] muß das vielfältig Einzelne gegenwärtig bleiben, er ist angehalten, die Sinnes-Ausschnitte ihrer Breite nach zu gebrauchen, und so muß er auch wünschen, jeden einzelnen so weit als möglich auszudehnen, damit einmal seiner geschürzten Entzückung der Sprung durch die fünf Gärten in einem Atem gelänge“.

    And your useless activities will be more successful and appreciated on blogs like Arunachala grace, or buffoon Richard Clarks blog, or the pathetic German site “Erwachen”, they like petty clowns like you…..

    Good luck !

  52. Do the allegations made against Sudhananda have any substance or is someone trying to maliciously undermine him? Other than rumours and hearsay, can anyone corroborate them? Otherwise all these accusations are slanderous, so he deserves the benefit of doubt without being hounded.

  53. If this is not enough proof, then nothing will be


    It does't have his fingerprint, so it could be written be anybody, i mean, is there atill anyone you can trust in this fading world.

  54. Perhaps those in touch with Sudhananda could persuade him to make a video and post it on YouTube.
    Its rare to hear spiritual teachers making confessions regarding their own wrong doing. Authentication would be welcome.

  55. Once again SKA diverts attention away from important current affairs and focuses on extreme prejudice, vulgarity, threats and false claims i.e. relaxation, bliss etc. The twisted sister indeed! Are we hearing nothing more than the Chi-ting Masters attack dog "Kevan the Terrible" or is this just one and the same?

  56. Kashmiri shops, noisy Telugu people, Shiva Sannidhi expansion, Surya Baba and his loud mouthed manager Radhakrishnan are all alien to Tamil culture. Get rid of all of them.

    Why Shiva Sannidhi Manager Radhakrishnan keeps yelling "M A N J U L A" on the top of his voice every two minutes is not yet known. He only does it when Surya Baba not there. Not sure who Manjula is - his wife, or girlfriend or the cleaning lady!!! If he screamed ARUNACHALA like that may be he will get moksha or maybe Arunachala will turn around and give him a tight slap. Who knows?

  57. Important current affairs like:

    Farting Telegu people
    Buffoon Richard Clark's unparalleled goofiness
    Electronic eyes in the temple
    Suddhananda’s sexual behaviour
    Encroachments on the hill

    The adventures of local hero Govinda
    Some dirty gossiping from some “Firefly”??????

    So that is what you are interested in ... infantile sensations and utterly disgusting gossip. I get the picture. Actually you remind me of somebody I know ... What do you know about relaxation and bliss? Do they exist in your world of Sky News and ludicrous sitcoms? Oh yes, the terrible twisted Sister ... But look ... Something beautiful and unexpected happens in your small, petty world. The Sister presents you with a gift and introduces you into the mysterious, magical world of Rilke. Now, you could not expect that from that upper class twit Kevinanda, could you? Only we Germans can go so deep ...

    Die Sonette an Orpheus, Zweiter Teil xxix

    Stiller Freund der vielen Fernen, fühle,
    wie dein Atem noch den Raum vermehrt.
    Im Gebälk der finstern Glockenstühle
    laß dich läuten. Das, was an dir zehrt,

    wird ein Starkes über dieser Nahrung.
    Geh in der Verwandlung aus und ein.
    Was ist deine leidendste Erfahrung?
    Ist dir Trinken bitter, werde Wein.

    Sei in dieser Nacht aus Übermaß
    Zauberkraft am Kreuzweg deiner Sinne,
    ihrer seltsamen Begegnung Sinn.

    Und wenn dich das Irdische vergaß,
    zu der stillen Erde sag: Ich rinne.
    Zu dem raschen Wasser sprich: Ich bin.

    Please give me some feedback on how this advaitic poem touches your inner being. Thank you and be happy.

  58. Hee! Hee! Sister doesn't realize there is more than one anon here. Why would I bother telling her that. I am not talking to her until she shows remorse.

    Although I wonder why sister rushes to protect the farting and noisy Telugu people in Tiruvannamalai. Does she make the same percentage as Meenakshi mami from referring people to Siva Sannidhi and Kashmiri shops? Some money from land deals? Hee! Hee!

  59. I am just pointing out the people who are useless gasbags, annoying silly buggers or the really very nasty ones. Tiru would be better of without them. Why call that dirty gossip Sister K? You do the same thing, you always insult people. Are you pissed of because I called you a deranged old tart?You would call that satire. So cut the crap!

    And I have some advice for that Hee Hee Anon who constantly complains about people from Andra Pradesh. Your comments are totally ridiculous, not funny and totally uninteresting, wonder why Kevji still posts them. Is he on your pay roll? Wonder who else!


  60. Firefly Anon,

    My comments get posted because nowhere on Kevji's blog does it say that Firefly Anon should NOT find our comments "totally ridiculous, not funny and totally uninteresting." That is not one of the criteria, sourpuss.

    Besides, I like Kevji and Sister K. I don't think they are "crap".

  61. Can someone contact Kevin and tell him to fix his email contact link?

    There is only and 'x' in the 'image box' so no way to contact him through his email link.

  62. Thanks! For now you can use kevinanda@gmail.com - sorry about that. I'll fix the contact page as soon as possible.


    Online Registration for the July 2012 Monte Sahaja Camping Retreat
    Opens on: Tuesday, 12th June
    at 2pm Portugal Time

    Dear Friends,

    The online registration for the 18th-25th July 2012 retreat at Monte Sahaja opens on Tuesday, 12th June at 2pm Portugal time. Space is limited for this retreat.

    A 100 € non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your place. During the registration process, you can make the payment using Paypal or your credit card. We recommend that you create a Paypal account before registration opens on Tuesday. Please check the Payment section of the registration page before Tuesday, as we will add a "bank transfer" payment option if possible. We are researching this option.

    For more information about online registration, click here.

    Pricing and housing information for this retreat can be found

    Monte Sahaja is beautiful and we expect for those staying on the land to be very comfortable. However we want you to know you must be reasonably fit to attend a retreat at Monte Sahaja. The land is hilly and for some of the accommodations, you may have to walk up and down many steps to get to the toilet. If you have physical limitations, we suggest you come to the 13th-21st September retreat at Zmar in Portugal.

    **Please note that anyone who wishes to participate in the
    Seva Program (11th-30th July) must also register for the retreat as soon as the online registration opens.
    To find out how to apply for the Seva Program, click here.

    Om Shanti,

    Mooji Team


    Satsangs with Mooji in Kiev, Ukraine 17th-26th August, 2012
    Live Satsang Broadcast today, Sunday 10th June at 4 PM *New time*
    Audio Podcast - Drown in Your Own Ocean
    Dialogue with Mooji - Inquiry: Subjective Existence
    Music CD - Sahaja Sat Songs - 'Take me all the way Home' and a Lyrics page

  64. BANGALORE: The Karnataka government Monday ordered arrest of controversial Hindu religious guru Nityananada Swami and sealing of his ashram complex near here following allegations of sexual exploitation of women.

    The order was issued by chief minister DV Sadananda Gowda in the wake of a state-wide demand for his arrest and closure of the ashram in Bidadi, 35 km from Bangalore.

    Nityananda would be arrested in two days, Gowda told reporters.

    The whereabouts of Nityananda are not known as he is believed to have lef this ashram late last Thursday after a stormy press meet.

    Gowda said he had ordered a search of the ashram and for a probe into charges by several women that they were sexually exploited by Nityananda.

    Steps are also being taken to get the bail of Nityananda in a rape case cancelled, the chief minister said.

    Nityananda has been on bail since June 2010 after he was arrested from Solan in Himachal Pradesh. He had gone into hiding in Solan for about a month in March-April 2010 after a Tamil TV channel aired a video showing him indulging in sexual acts.

    After being picked up by Karnataka Police, he was in a Bangalore jail for seven weeks.

    The latest trouble for the controversial religious leader began after a Kannada TV channel started telecasting complaints by several women that they were sexually exploited by him.

    The Congress and Janata Dal-Secular as well as several Kannada groups have been demanding the immediate closure of the ashram and action against Nityananda.

    The ashram saw a fracas between media personnel and disciples of Nityananda last Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, Nityananda ordered a reporter out for asking inconvenient questions, which led to protests. The next day, a press meet called by his disciples also ended in chaos.

  65. Godman Nithyananda absconding; arrest warrant issuedMonday, June 11, 2012, 15:22 [IST]

    Bangalore, Jun 11: Looks like more trouble is in the offing for self-proclaimed godman Swami Nithyananda in Karnataka after the government ordered a probe into the allegations made against him recently. Meanwhile, there are reports in local channels that the godman is absconding. The Karnataka government has also ordered to search the ashram premises of Nithyananda.

    Meanwhile, action has been taken by the Karnataka home department to cancel his bail as well. Nithyananda has been in the media glare recently after several female devotees accused the godman of rape and sexual abuse.

    Last week saw a clash erupt between certain members of the press and certain Kannada organisations and ardent devotees of the godman. The row was on a complaint filed by a US-based woman alleging that the godman had sexually abused her for five years.

    OneIndia News

  66. Nithyananda, Ranjitha get notice from HC

    MADURAI: Even as the Karnataka government has cracked its whip on Nithyananda, the opposition for the self-styled godman's ascent in Madurai Adheenam, one of the oldest Hindu organisations in the world, continues unabated in Madurai.

    On a day when the whereabouts of Nithyananda was shrouded in mystery, the Madurai bench of the Madras high court has ordered notices to him on a petition filed by a Hindu outfit alleging that immoral and illegal activities were carried out in the mutt premises. Hindu Makkal Katchi's Madurai district president M Solaikannan alleged in the petition filed before the high court bench that women devotees of Nithyananda, including actor Ranjitha, were involved in objectionable acts in the name of meditation and prayers. The petitioner also contended that tiger skins and elephant tusks were found in the mutt premises in violation of Forest Act.

    Hearing the petition, Justice A Selvam ordered notices to the DGP, Madurai city commissioner of police, inspector of Vilakuthoon police station, Nithyananda, Ranjitha and another devotee Vaishnavi. The judge later posted the hearing for June 22.

    Meanwhile, senior pontiff of Madurai Adheenam, Arunagirinatha Desikar brushed aside the accusations made in the petition as well as allegations levelled against Nithyananda in Bangalore. "Nithyananda has not gone into hiding. There is no need for that. He is very much in Bangalore," he told reporters in Madurai. "The Bidadi ashram of Nithyananda is a private property. The government cannot take over it as is made out. The government cannot even interfere in the activities of the ashram. There is no room in law enabling the government to seize the properties of a religious institution," he said.

    But the senior pontiff appeared to be a futile attempt at pacifying the opponents of Nithyananda. Solaikannan, who was opposing the entry of Nithyananda into the Madurai mutt ever since he was anointed as the 293rd pontiff by Arunagirinatha Desikar in April this year, had stated in the petition that he himself witnessed the "objectionable" activities going on in the mutt on May 12.

    "During my visit to the mutt, Nithyananda urged me to drop the protest against him. Later, he invited m e to the evening prayers where senior pontiff Arunagirinatha Desikar, was present. At the prayer hall in the mutt, I was offered 'holy water' by the devotees. Moments after drinking it I felt dizzy. Other devotees who drank the water were also in a similar state," Solaikannan claimed.

    He alleged that as many as 10 tiger skins were spread on the floor and elephant tusks were placed on it. He also charged that actor Ranjitha and another woman devotee resorted to objectionable dance movements. Solaikannan claimed that he lodged a complaint with Vilakuthoon police, but no action was taken.

  67. Richard Clark is an angry old fool who promotes the worst kind of sick thoughts to anyone who does not want to listen. His brain cannot understand basic logic or polite requests to shut up.

  68. Why does Richard Clark bother you so much. If you don't like his blog then don't read it. A lot of us like him and his blog. He has helped a lot of people.

  69. Firefly says

    Again blah, blah about this buffoon Richard Clark.
    Leave the poor village idiot alone, he can not help that he is a Yank, born with a superiority complex, arrogant, deaf, dumb and blind.
    Let him have his silly blog and his supporters, it will do not much harm.
    But please, don’t mention him ever on this blog again
    It’s such a disgrace.

  70. I know what erks you about Richard Clark. He likes to help. That is how it should be, especially in your senior years. You guys (and gals) must be from Europe - selfish, opiniated and born with the belief that you are superior Did I mention selfish to the core. What gas balls you are. phut phut

  71. What is happening to Nityananda? Now I am beginning to feel sorry for him.

  72. Latest news is that Nithy gave himself up to the police. Probably another cunning move from the werewolf of Thiruvannamalai.

  73. I am sorry for you but I am Indian and I am disgusted with the way people like Richard and Lesley treat my fellow country people under the false pretence of doing good, you must be a Yank if you can’t see that, they are worse then the English a century ago, who at least brought something good to our country.

    As for the helping American, yes I can remember how they liked to "help" in Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq etc, etc and now offer their altruistic help to Iran, noble unselfish people indeed.


  74. Garbage Gal BobbyJune 15, 2012 at 9:28 AM


    The worst kind of sick thoughts that Anon buffoon refers to can only be found right here on this very sick, childish, mis-guided, cheating blog. I appeal to all sensible and reasonable people out there to keep filling these pages with sensible and reasonable material. This will so infuriate the sickies and twisted perverts (and yes I mean you Sister K) that they will eventually give up and walk away. And good riddance to them!

    Yours sensibly and reasonably Bobby
    P.S. Pass me the lithium!

  75. If you don't like this blog, don't read it.

    Nity got rearrested because the cops feared for his life. In the west, they would arrest the people threatening to kill a person, not the person they are trying to kill. Only in India!!!

    What happened he said he would write a letter in blood and that his followers will fast untill death. Starved for news. Someone please fill me in.

  76. If Richard, Lesley and Meenakshi Mami are treating people badly, Arunachala will deal with them. Why do you worry?

  77. Wrong . . . Arunachala will not deal with them, with you or with anyone else. What are you imagining? Arunachala the wrath of God? Arunachala the avenger? Arunachala the just? Go back to your creepy bibles!

  78. Karma Theory!!! All religions have a variation of 'sow as you shall reap', or 'what goes around, comes around'

    Either that or you can complain as much as you want about Richard, Meenakshi Mam and Govinda. No one will care a damn. :-)

  79. Garbage Gal BobbyJune 15, 2012 at 10:40 PM

    I did not write "P.S pass the lithium" - as those who know me well can attest, my taste in anti-psychotic medicine is much more exotic than lowly lithium. So be warned readers and posters, you can be easily manipulated and misrepresented by these cheating administrators with their hidden agendas. As the blessed Mooji so wisely said: "Dark forces are at work!"

  80. There was a nonduality conference in Europe attended by Jerry Katz. This is the rubbish he comes up with: "There were many young people, those under 40. They are simply curious, or studying for advanced degrees, or working in a field whose expansion requires a knowledge of nonduality"
    blah, blah blah!

  81. More from the nonduality conference: The movie Kumare was a heartfelt experience for everyone. It is about an Indian man who impersonates a guru and attracts a loyal following. His attachment to them is genuine but his persona is false. In the end he must expose his true identity. The story is full of reality and warmth. I think anyone at the conference would recommend it highly. After the movie and during the following day many were talking about the movie.

    But that wasn't the end of the fake guru drama. On Saturday morning the guru Madhukar was scheduled to talk. Afterward, Zaya Benazzo, one of the organizers of the conference, said that she understood Madhukar abused a number of women. Madhukar handled the situation as coolly as possible. What actually transpired may one day be available on video. The interaction was powerful and direct and shows that the SAND conference, and nonduality such as we know it, has a built-in way of weeding out those are are not making a genuine attempt to come from a state of presence.

  82. "On Saturday morning the guru Madhukar was scheduled to talk. Afterward, Zaya Benazzo, one of the organizers of the conference, said that she understood Madhukar abused a number of women. Madhukar handled the situation as coolly as possible."

    That sounds really interesting. Would love to see his aura grow dim on video. Must have been a public provocation, as happened also to good ol' dirty Ramesh.