Friday, August 19, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Another day, another mysterious death in Guruland ... 

The Chi-Ting office was rudely awakened from its summer slumber by a hysterical Sister Klaus, incoherently wailing about the loss of her most beloved and best friend (probably the only one!) So after sedating the good Sister with a fistful of downers we decided to investigate and this is what we found:

Sudha, a mother of two, was a much sought-after Godwoman along the Girivalam path in Tiruvannamalai a year ago until her death recently. She had proclaimed herself as ‘Karuppasamy and hit the headlines with her shocking style of spiritualism.

Sudha, aged about 30 years, was dressed in a black saree and had a whip around her shoulders. She used to drive away evil spirits and predict the future of her visitors. She used to drink excessively and smoked cigars (suruttu) while being possessed, said persons close to her family. A cheating case filed against the Godwoman and subsequent arrest brought her spiritual practice down. However, she maintained a low profile after her release on bail. Sudha was the daughter of a government employee Durai, who encouraged and motivated her to continue her practice as ‘Karuppasamy’. The question is, if she was really possessed by a holy spirit, why did she have such a sudden and unexplained death?

Sudha died three months ago under mysterious circumstances. While a few alleged that she committed suicide following a family dispute over property, another section claimed that she hanged herself due to mental pressure from the family to continue her spiritual practice. Some say she hit the bottle too hard and so died an untimely death. Denying the rumours, Sudha’s husband Raja said: “My wife said she was experiencing chest pain and fainted. I rushed her to the nearby hospital. But the doctors said she had already died”. However, no police inquiry or case has been registered regarding the death of this once famous Godwoman. The police are clueless about her death.

Sounds familiar? Like a spooky B movie re-run of a certain local diva/guru who ignited to the afterlife a few months back!


  1. Was rather amused that yet again dear ole Sister has been at it with the whip, chasing fruitless dreams of deliverance sniffing at the hem of sacred women. But seriously couldn't that guy come up with anything more original? Obviously pseudo-saddhus sell!

  2. I ignore the comment of that foolish anon, calling me a guy, what an idiot.
    More serious is Kevinji's foolish mistake calling me a she, he knows better.
    In future address me with my proper status please: that clear ?!

    Yes Sudha ( Karuppasami, the black God) was my most beloved friend and we had lots of fun getting drunk and stoned and indulging in murky and pervert sadistic sexual activities.
    She was a true Saint, possessed by the powers of KaliMa and capable of anything, I have seen wonders happening, beond imagination.
    Sometimes she told me of her friend Radha Ma and what was going on in that bunker
    before the Narasimha statue, representing divine anger, wow, even I was horrified and I have seen lots of monstrosities happening in my dungeon. The whip she gave me will always remind me of her extraordinary life, tears of uncontrolable sadness are still filling my eyes, my dark purple mascara dripping over my swollen cheeks.

    But now they are both gone, their suicides hidden in mysteries and presumptions, their restless souls at peace and I wonder, who is next ?
    After 2 Godwomen I vote for a Godman, maybe Godot, he looks depressed these days, something gnawing at his soul.
    Would be interested if we can get a statement from him.

  3. One is reminded of a certain Walt Disney natural history documentary from the 50's, all about lemmings. Unfortunately the lemmings didn't want to jump off the cliff, so those kind people from the wonderful world of Disney had to push the poor buggers off the cliff!
    Please inform the Holy transgendered IT, that one is not in the mood to jump at the moment!

  4. Now Godot has been cut loose from his guru he has nothing to worry about. As for Sister K (transgendered demi-god/dess at the feet of Arunachala) a short course in the nothing of nothingness and perhaps we will be able to approach your divine feet (absent the money of course). By the way Godot. Haven't you tired yet of that house by the lake? It's time to leave India and find a better place for your books ...

  5. It wuz the Sister Didi affair that broke Godot. After his exposure as Premananda's 'BOY TOY' he was at a low ebb, but being rejected by a French transexual blow up doll was the final straw that shattered his self esteem.

  6. hi guys!

    would u mind sharing, who Shuda was?

    don´t know her, don´t find anything.


  7. Recently deceased Tiru excorcist/fortune teller who had a taste for black attire, bull whips, cigars and loads of whiskey. Sounds a bit like Calamity Jane from the TV series 'Deadwood'. If you want any more intimate details you'd better ask the Sister, just don't call IT a guy as a volcanic explosion of bile may spew forth!

  8. Anybody walking around the hill could see here on her favourite spot near the ashram of that mad and silly Godman Nityananda, must be a place for weirdo's, since Radha Ma's place was also there.
    And no, you can not find any information about the great Sudha on internet, she did not had a website, was not on facebook, you could not follow her on twitter or call her on her mobil.
    These things are for the more sophisticated holy ones, or must i say pseudo or fake guru's, you know Mooji, Spermananda and the rest of these imposters and cheaters.
    She was a simple local jewel in a rotten den of pseudo sadhu's and guru's.
    And since i am mourning and grieving, i forgive you for calling me a guy, but don't fuckin do it again !

  9. Anyone wishing to to check the veracity of this story should look at the Deccan Chronicle, Aug the 17th under the headline 'Famous Godwoman spirited away'.

  10. Kevji, saw this on a German website, thought you might be interested. They say Sudha was another woman who was involved with black cults who committed suicide near Radha's ashram. Also that is is not easy for them anymore to see the people behind
    Chi-ting as criminal or demonic, as they thought for a long time. It is now clear to them that though you write in an exaggerated wicked way, you never tell a lie ...

  11. I am aghast that I've lost my 'Satanic street credibility!' I will have to ask my chum Steve 'Ibn Al Haq' Woodman, to go out after midnight with some menopausal harpies and piss against a few trees. And what's all this bollocks about never telling a lie. These bloody people have put a stake through my heart.

  12. If you go to the same German blog, 1 page back (page 2) there is a guy called Edgar who writes this about you, just after Radha's death.

    " All this evil gossip, specially in that blog from Tiru where that guy slanders all the satsang teachers and wrote 14 pages only about Radha Ma, a kind of spititual stalking and even after her death keeps on tackling her, what an asshole, it is spine chilling "

    So don't worry, your reputation is still standing up, rest assured.

  13. Hosanna hymn of joy, praise the lord! Thank you Edgar, normal transmission is resumed.

    There are 6 posts soley about Radha, 5 by me and 1 written by her ex-devotee Faisal (which is a much more cogent and damming critique than anything I've written about her). The other 8 posts mention her in passing. Just click on the sidebar under her name and actually try reading them!

    And talking of spiritual stalking Edgar, Radha had a link to Chi-Ting on her Facebook page. She would write to me about how much she liked the blog and actually admitted to writing some of the comments under the posts, in particular the fake and very gross Ammar comments about her diabetic scars in the post 'Downfall'.

  14. Kevinji, I find that very common that people can't read. In his whimsy style Edgar poses to be expert guru (rather than directing people to the source), saying things like: 'We don't really know', 'So many facets and all true somehow' etc. (emphasis on somehow) basically saying nothing at all, and pseudospiritual rationalizations.

  15. We are all tired of fuckin expert gurus. We ll know that if they were real they would have ZERO to say and wouldn't be interested. Keep going kevnanda and set fire to the spiritual maketplace (with shit edgar on top)

  16. I am the one, who wrote that his view of u switched from regarding u as a demonic criminal to seeing u as a relyable source of accurate infos.

    well, the things with the lies is not really clear much.

    why ?

    I regard Sister Klaus and Chi-Ting Master as one and the same person, as a simple tool to throw in different aspects of a story.

    and I don´t believe, that u or Klaus, in case "it" really exists, ever had sex with that Sudha freak.



  17. Oh Karl, sometimes I just despair! The last time I read some comments in your blog, you were making the paranoid claim that I was secretly running Radha's Facebook page to publicise the Chi-Ting blog! I know concepts like irony and satire can be a little bit difficult to swallow, especially if you are a bit literal and have had a humour bypass, but please lighten up and ask your Thai wife to explain the meaning of 'Sanuk'.

    I'm sure Sister Klaus will be delighted to hear that you believe we have morphed together in alchemical union! Hopefully you will soon be hearing from the Divine IT in German so you can GEDDIT and we won't have to do this culturally challenged thing again.

  18. that was when I met radha ma online on facebook.

    I only know her from premanandas movies.

    never met her in real, never was in tiru ever.

    I had told her at that time, that I feel not sure if I really communicate with her on facebook or whomever.

    cause for me some things felt a bit weird about her facebook wall.

    she mainly played around and joked with my feelings about this.

    and nobody listened to my worries about her at that time.

    especially not u and premananda.

    now it´s to late anyway.

    what u want with such old stories ?

  19. ALL is Kevinanda quite clearly. AUm Shanti ...

  20. Karl, that story was just an example of your mind blowing deductive brillance! Smashing square pegs into round holes don't fit, it just makes a helluva mess!

  21. Personally I think Sister K is the left nipple of Kevinanda and that Karl wears very tight briefs but isn't this pretty DUMB. Karl you weren't ever in Thiru and you write to RM and think it is is Kevinanda who is SK. I mean are you for real or are you just another spiritual loser who has an opinion about everyone and think's he's the coolest guy on the planet? In which case this blog is written for YOU - specially cause it's obvious you never understood A WORD OF IT. Jeez give me strength

  22. about this sudha I cannot say much, I feel thankfull, that u told about he death and also, that u asnwered my anonymous requests and hinted to

    but that´s it and I can also say, that she doesn´t seem to have been someone I would have wanted to meet.

    radha ma is a different story for me so, but that´s just personally.

    I was more or less a bit with premananda 2 to 3 years ago and really felt a lot for her after seeing his interviews with her.

    she just had something I could really understand and connect to.

    but since her a bit weird and also a bit lame reactions to my contacting her on facebook offcourse since her death I´m nearly glad, that my crazy wife intervened so heavily against my wishes to work more with premananda 3 years ago and my deep wish to go to tiru since I know about ramana, which is not since long, just since about 5 years.

    and if I would have gone there nad have met radha ma, I could have more than easily have connected much deeper to her and taht´s something I envy nobody right now for.

    what´s left about this now is some kind of deep disgust for ppl like alan jacobs and his attitude and spreadings about this sick jeeva samadhi stuff concerning radha mas death.

    it just pisses me off big big time, cause it creates a huge tabu to talk about what really happened.

    and it makes any discussion a sacrilege more or less.

    in my eyes that´s the reason, why ppl don´t dare much to talk about this issue.

    I´m not 100% sure if this claims of jeeva samadhi come directly from alan jacobs, but it looks like that to me.

    it´s very possible so, that this cliams come fro a bit more interesting ppl than this lame guy alan jacobs.

    no idea how to investigate this further, believe me, I tried a lot allready and am stuck more or less, cause I have no means than the net.

    and I also don´t know who u really r and where u really belong to.

    in my eyes this stuff is worth further digging, which I unfortunately cannot do.

    well, just from a certain lousy view offcourse.

    from any higher view it doesn´t matter offcourse.



  23. Verdamte Scheisse.
    Wass ein ekelhaftig Gewschätz mein lieber Karlchen, was meinst du eigenlich mit diesen schwachsin was du da schreibst.
    Niemals in Tiru gewesen, niemals die Radha begegnet, niemals mich gesehn, deine info hast du von der premananda, gröstes Arsloch es gibt und jetzt weist du einfach alles,.
    So do you believe this proves i am German, off course not, it can be written by anyone. Neither is there any proof that your writings are by you, it could be anybody. So you can regard what you like it doesnt matter, that is why nobody listens to your worries, Karlchen.
    About this blog, as far as I can see it………… as soon as you read or write in this blog you become part of the multiple personality disorder called Chi-ting, we are all a in the dream of an entity called Chi-ting, if this sounds crazy to you, then you have no sense of humour and imagination and you must live a tragic life.
    And because of that I forgive you the humiliation of my friend Sudha, calling here a freak and if I had sex with her is not of your fuckin business.

  24. sorry sister, the only thing right now I´m seriously interested to dicuss here is this jeeva samadhi crap and guys like alan jacobs involved in spreading sich weird nonsense.

  25. Yo Sister,
    I hear you were having your new Prussian dentures fitted yesterday. Is it true that they have great white shark implants? The rumour on the street is that you will now be offering a new service called 'the fellatio of death!' Reminds me of a Philip Jose Farmer sci/fi shocker from the early seventies called 'The number of the Beast', alien sex vampire stuff. Have you been reading up or just making friends with the Tiru branch of the H.P.Lovecraft society?

  26. But my dear Karlchen, how can you be seriously interested to discuss something you call crap and weird nonsense, you made your position clear with that statement and curiously, i agree with you, this jeeva samadhi and alan jacobs shit is CRAP, so not worth to give it 1 second of serious attention.

    Much more interesting is, if you actually know that you are part of this chi-ting entity, since you seem to like discussions so much i am curious to hear your view.

    And kevinji, how the fuck do you know about our secret Tiru Lovecraft society, you are not a member, was it Kevin M ( the great mystic poet)who told you that.
    It is true about the dentures and i plan to use them in the coming satsang circus season to un-man all the satsang clowns, that will teach them a lesson.

  27. Alan Jacobs is senile (Karl are you his uncknowledged love child?) and jeeva samadhi is BULLSHIT. More Hindu fuck-up. Typical of South India which has always tried to reinvent the Atman in the name of the person. Complete and utter fantasy conjured by money-hungry fakirs. Body-centred ambition foused on a God-man: a gnani who focuses his mind on the Almighty? Absolutistic, eternalistic, dualistic delusions of living forever ... pickled fucking saints ...

  28. South India is the home of Nagarjuna (2nd century) who understood the Buddha's teaching of emptiness/no self to mean the world exists but only as a temporary mirage. His explanation was later formulated by Buddhapalita (5th/6th century) Candrakirti (7th century) as the Prasangika Madhyamika school. Meanwhile the Shankarans and Advaitins are petty second-rate fakes who believe in a supreme reality. As a result these Hindu schools had to keep on borrowing regional Buddhist philosophies to keep on upping their game. Jiva-Samadhi is just one example. Jiva is the individual - an impossibility if we are talking about samadhi. The name is therefore a contradiction in terms. The concept is also just the bodhisattva ideal for Hindus who accumulated siddhas as a result of their ego-centred practices. Those in Tiruvannamalai are deluded pilgrims who would do better going to a psychotherapist to find out why they need a mountain with cosmic powers to make themselves feel better. (The answer is that most of them are criminals on the run who can't go back to their own countries). They are delusional and believe just like all the residents of India that spirituality is a material object which can be formularised, bought, and sold.

  29. Dear slightly deluded anon.
    I know your love for Boedhism and the world as an appearance and i even agree with you in that.
    But are you not just pissed off that Adi Shankara got rid of Boedhism in India and reinstalled a revised hindoeisme ( in 16 years time according legend).
    And what about all these places in India where relics and memories of Boedha's events are worshipped by Boedhists to make them feel better, Bodhgaya, Sarnath,Shravasti, Anuradhapura ( Lanka)etc, so i presume that these pilgrims suffer from the same delusions as their Hindu colleagues.
    And yes, i know a few (ex) criminals in Tiru, but most? and that most people are deluded seekers, oke.
    But is clear that you do not understand the real nature of this hill, so what is your frustration.