Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dante's inferno ...

If personal dominion is your game, Tiruvannamalai can be hell on earth because there is nowhere to hide from yourself ...

Sometimes Tiru resembles a carnival of the grotesque: all those nasty vasanas bubbling to the surface like rampant acne. This is the place where all the poison in the mud hatches out! Dozens of Westerners have been deported back to their countries in various psychotic states. Deranged devotees have been sent here by Osho and Papaji, creating the social toilet which feeds Mooji, Spermananda and their ilk. Not long ago an Australian woman lost her leg outside the Ramanashramam and strange accidents abound on the Pradakshina Road.

Recent history is also littered with bizarre deaths, a kind of gothic Danse Macabre from a masked Venetian ball. Radha's spectacular self-immolation is but one of the more shocking examples. Does anyone remember the Austrian woman whose burnt corpse was found in 2005 - or the Italian who headbutted himself to death in the Pink House? Then there is the French sadhu clad in only a loincloth who died of septicaemia, having refused all offers of medical help. In a ghoulish imitation of Ramana's famous maxim, he died of Advaitic fixation incessantly mumbling: "I am not the mind, I am not the body." Only recently the Ganapati librarian was killed in a traffic accident after decades in Tiru. It doesn't matter how pure or honourable your seva is here, if it is your prarabdha karma and your time is up, the long hand of fate will reel you in!

Arunachala is an energetic invitation to a different realm of being where the "I" has fled the stage. If that invitation is rejected there can be hell to pay! Arthur C. Clarke based the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey (and the later Kubrick movie) on Arunachala. (There are even extant letters to a deceased member of the community who knew him that prove it!) He considered the hill an evolutionary accelerant to a new way of being, the portal of the star child. Others regard Arunachala as Lord Shiva himself in the form of a pillar of fire (tejolinga). Neo Advaita Kingpin Karl Renz says that Arunachala is a nuclear reactor of cosmic proportions. He has explained his rationale by the high occurrence of cancer in Tiru - he even used Ramana's demise to illustrate the point. All this goes to show that this is not a place to pussyfoot around. This is the Mayan Ball Game - a game for keeps - and if you lose, your heart will end up on the sacrificial altar! Those who dally with spiritual affectation burn up like a moth in a flame and hurtle to the ground at high velocity. Just like Icarus as he went SPLATT!

And now we come to the moral fable of that bumptious clown, Richard Clarke, a ridiculous Dickensian figure straight from the pages of the Pickwick Papers. The spawn of some idiot Californian guru called Nome (who no-one has ever heard of!), R.C. rolled up in Tiru a few years ago and saw fit to appoint himself Protector of the Public Good. His latest debacle has seen him attempt to make his own alternative inner path, in effect immortalising himself and making a monument for his own greater glory. Now his compulsive meddling has caused the inner path to be closed by order of the District Forest Office. The Hindu cites the official reason for this as being that the path passes through reserve forest. Entering is an offence and yet there have been repeated incidents of forest fire. This is because it is believed by some to be spiritually meritorious to ignite fires on Arunachala.

The fact of the matter is that these fires are being started by locals, not pilgrims performing pradakshina. But this is irrelevant. Indian bureaucrats have been riled by Clarke's neo-colonial presumptions and have simply reacted in a predictable manner. The end result is that everyone is paying the price for R.C.'s hubris and self-aggrandisement ...

Richard Clarke's world of "nice" and "good works" is a direct product of the disturbed medieval Christian mindset and its belief in eternal damnation. Remission of temporal sin was only obtained through punishment and arduous penance. Dante's Divine Comedy for example, describes the soul's allegorical journey towards God through Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso where hell is located within the Earth complete with nine circles of suffering. Clarke is a jumped-up fool who thinks he can earn his place in heaven by righteous conduct. He has put himself at the top of the pile and believes he has a moral mandate to tell everyone what to do. His attempts at opening the inner path for the masses have proved utterly counterproductive. A wannabe politician, he has an emotional need to be loved for his many benevolent deeds in the name of the community. To some it all seems very innocent: but in the shadow of Arunachala, the drama of the ego is always revealed. The lingam of fire relentlessly turns up the heat and exposes the cankerous sores of spiritual pride and personal ambition.

Richard ... The road to hell is paved with (so-called) good intentions. You may find yourself sharing quarters with pederast Popes and other perverse creatures in a fiery place from which there is no escape ... Only endless aeons of agony and atonement. As the inscription said when Dante passed through the gate into the inferno: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."


  1. Let us be clear:the fires on the Hill are started by ignorant local people at night,and the forest officials are,as usual,giving the wrong response instead of setting up an effective round of watchmen at night.On the other hand,if Richard Clarke had kept his extroverted american energy in check,there would have been less chances of such an extreme response as closing the access to the inner path.The last four lines of the article,with Dante's refrain "Abandon all hope..."are just showing the state of mind of Kevinanda,and I prefer not to comment further about it.

  2. So you'll be joining R.C. in hell, at least he won't be lonely and you can take it in turns to administer the red hot pokers!

  3. What?!! Only 2 sinners in Hell, what a bore! I always thought Hell must be filled to the brim with billions of sinners of all kinds! Or do you think that Dante just made it all up and he actually didn’t go there? What a blow. If we can not trust these great medieval writers, who can we trust nowadays in this age of lying, cheating and fooling around.

    Well, I’ll check it out when my prarabdha karma is burned up and my little firefly light is extinguished. I wonder which circle of suffering they will put me in. I hope it is the one where it always rains: I can dance and play with nice wicked girls in transparent baby-doll lingerie in the Devilish downpour forever and ever. Ah, total bliss!!

  4. This is brilliant. It really is the essence of Arunachala and about being in Tiru but so few people will understand. It is such a pity.

    Folks: spiritual practices like yamas, niyamas and the 'useless' rituals are the foundation. Without a foundation, how can you build on top of it and be with Arunachala.

    The 'useless' rituals are necessary because they clean out karma and meticulously train the senses to be one pointed and then when all the distractions have been burnt off, only then can meditation and self inquiry begin. Yet if you were to believe Richard Clark, just walking the inner path is it.

    Arunachala out of his infinite compassion has given him so many warnings - two accidents, kidney stones ... and now the District Forest Officer and Kevji from hurting himself. Will Richard listen? I don't know!!!

    Lord Shiva is not to be played with. He is easy to please and easy to get angry. If he were to ever open his third eye at you, total annihilation is all you can expect. Kevji's last para makes a lot of sense.

  5. Sorry, I left out Sister K and Firefly. Arunachala has given Richard warnings through accidents, illness ... District Forest Officer, Sister K, Kevji and Firefly.

  6. No mere mortal (irrespective of his gift for insight and literary skill) could have possibly written this. Superlative, exquisite, breathtaking, and so pointedly accurate, covering so well the entire interplay of the Tiru drama with Richard Clarke being the chief venal, tragic protagonist. This post was a long time in the making but when it came, boy oh boy, unparalleled surgical precision, powerful, a merciful straight shooting, tempered with matching wisdom. Hats off, Kevji.

  7. It's puzzling and disconcerting that Karl Renz, the former peyote chewing, swastika toting, neo-advaita priest is being dignified by Kevinanda, quoting him in support of his otherwise flawless thesis. Cancer cluster in Tiru ... According to Karl Renz who is the newly appointed Chief Medical Officer Tiruvannamalai district, it is attributed to the afflicting power of Arunachala. He must be privy to local morbidity statistics that the rest of us are unaware of. He mentions Ramana in that context but conveniently overlooks octogenarians, a few nonagenarians, and the odd centenarian (PILLAI SWAMI) interred within the ashram. All the same, Tiru like the rest of India is an ecological and environmental basket case which may well contribute to many medical conditions including cancer. Kevji, there was no need to trot SCARY KARL out of his closet!

  8. Kevinanda cites a few cases of individual tragedy and links them with some esoteric forces ... Given the enormous risks, hazards and dangers one encounters throughout India (Tiru no exception in this regard) and given the huge increase in the number of visitors, pilgrims, tourists, seekers and hedonists, the ACTUAL overall number of serious personal mishaps is on the lower side of statistical probability. There is nothing remarkable about a few isolated incidents such as are mentioned. Cases of people indulging in self harm is a worldwide phenomenon ... Butting one's head against the wall is just as desperate as swallowing rat poison. Being hit by a vehicle is as routine as sipping watermelon on a hot day ... Vigilance and a measure of commonsense can be useful, the rest may well be in the lap of those esoteric forces mentioned by Kevji and explicable by none.

  9. Yes, entertaining and well written, Kevji. There are actually more deaths and horror stories here than you mentioned, especially between the villagers.

  10. KEVJI, how did you obtain the promo poster (the one that was banned) for ROSEMARY'S BABY? Roman Polanski always lamented the censorship of this powerful portrayal of Mia Farrow. What other collectibles are hidden in your loft? So much better than those insipid pictures of lilies that used to grace our walls.

  11. That Tiruvannamalai over the years has become an open lunatic asylum is a well known fact. Also in the 1980s when I first came here, there was a high percentage of suicides and psychotic cases among the few westerners who ventured here. I thought it was normal and was part of the energy of the place. That I managed to keep my sanity, to a certain degree, might be called a mystery. All the other people from that time are dead, mad or in a deplorable state of paralysis - like poor old Godot and Sit-Sing Supremo Upahar, who both drool incessantly these days. So nothing has really changed. There are just more visitors and therefore more cases of insanity.

    About the local Führer (that buffoon R.C.) I have said more than enough and I don’t want to give him any more attention. Just let the fucker rot.

    But my keen eye spotted a nasty flaw in this post, probably overlooked by most of you. Kevinji says that the invitation can be rejected. Ah, but that is a silly mistake Swami. I thought that all these ideas about free will are totally passé in this blog and that only small children believe in such a fairytale!

    When you have been invited here for whatever reason, there is nothing to reject, no way to escape or to change your mind. You are caught in the jaws of the tiger (according to Ramana) and he will bite you, chew you and swallow you, till not even the I is there. Yes it has fled the stage - or maybe it was never there? That mystery will always be a mystery for us mortal sinners.

    P.S. I hope to go soon to the Circle of Suffering with the eternal rain. There I can slowly squeeze that little fucker Firefly’s scrawny neck and walk off joyously with the debauched and naughty little cherubs, for a prolonged and sweaty romp in the hay. Ah, total bliss!

  12. Oh dear me, where is your poetic sensibility? You who endlessly spout that Teutonic bilge water which you call Rilke! We are paying allegorical homage to that great son of Florence and the capo di tutti capo of Italian literature, Dante. The medieval Christian mindset is a moral fable of dualism, temptation and redemption: the themes of which are found on every street corner in Tiru. And dear deluded Sister, the rejection of the invitation does not imply free will in the sense that you mean it. This free will is not what you think it is. Rejection of the invitation also happens every day on the streets of Tiru (have you not noticed?) and so does the act of choosing and free will. It's just that there is no one there rejecting or choosing ... that is the mystery ... Once again we find you parroting the Neo Advaita mantra so beloved of Ramesh ("No choice, no free will, nothing to do etc etc!!). Did you provide him with some creature comforts before he departed this mortal coil and in which Circle of Suffering do you plan to continue this liaison, when you are at last reunited?

  13. Dante had a saviour in the form of the poet Virgil. What likely candidate could possibly volunteer to save Richard Clarke?


  14. What about South African Shiva? Instead of annoying everyone in the chai shops and leering grossly at all the girls, Shiva could earn merit helping Richard - and possibly both of them could escape the groundhog day in which they are forever stuck. Ebony and ivory ... live together in perfect harmony! I think it's a wonderful solution, it's called "care in the community"!

  15. A couple of years ago, a lady tried to bow to Annamalaiyar by putting her head on the stationary Deepam chariot, just then the wheels moved and severed her arm. Almost 10 others were injured - many with severed body parts... anyone remember that?

    There was the long-time Tiru resident who did work in the ashram. One day, for no reason at all, he hit his very loyal dog very hard with a stick. It happened in front of Arunachala and wondered what would happen to him. Many weeks later, as he was going home at night, a snake fell on him from the tree above. The guy had a heart attack and died within a couple days.

    There is the man, another long time Tiru resident, who was gored by a bull - Shiva's favourite animal. It is a good thing the man survived after his abdominal organs were torn asunder.

    Makes you want to be on your best behaviour with Arunachala.

  16. Will you please stop insulting my friend Shiva aka Glow-worm, with whom I spend many pleasant nights at the burning grounds. Linking him in any way with that super fuckin' toad Clarke is an affront to me, which I will not tolerate! I therefore curse you to burn in Hell in the lowest circle, which is pretty tough I assure you! (According to eye-witness Dante).

    And take your so called "care in the community" elsewhere ... where it might make any sense ...

  17. Sister Klaus is half way there - which of course describes her/its condition pretty well. She also illustrates a common mistake made by many seekers and spiritual teachers alike. I agree with the post "Revolution": after (what seems like) separation passes, there is mystery: "a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride where the ego has never been known". But this is not a vacuum or a void where some things (like free will) are excluded or impossible. It's quite the opposite. Just like Hassan-i Sabbah said: "everything is permitted". Free will is still in the picture, it's just that it is experienced a completely different way. Sister Klaus would do well to ponder this. Free will is there but it is not "true" per se. It is not really free will, it is just a shadow in a play where nothing is ever the way it appears. Incidentally, this is why Hassan-i Sabbah said at the same time: "nothing is true".

    The tendency for seekers because they are still bound by ego is to intellectually grasp an idea, understand but then, once again to experientially reject something and fall into dualism. Ah ha, thinks Sister Klaus, I have caught them out this time! But it is only Sister Klaus catching herself out ... And this is simply yet another part of the play and the mystery, where of course there are never really any mistakes, just the Divine Comedy.

    Many people now are experiencing the passing of "self". It is not a philosophy: this remains the domain of the (mainly corrupt) Advaita gurus. The passing of self is to see, in the absence of identity, that all things ... body, persons and things ... are like a shadow on the wall devoid of any real intent or purpose, meaning, substance or intrinsic "truth". The world goes on as normal but there is no 'I' there. Everything still happens just the same but everything is not 'really' there. How it does is simply a mystery but it is direct, full and hair-on-the back-of-your-neck crazy. The I was never what the ego-bound personality thought it was: thus now it is seen that it never "truly" existed.

    And before you say it: no, no one "sees" anything. "Seeing", "experiencing", "knowing", and "understanding" somehow happen. Perhaps the best way is to say they flash up. An 'I' does not have to be there for seeing and knowing to occur. It just does. Don't ask me how (or why). Seeing and understanding happen for no "one".

    Sister Klaus, I must applaud Lucrezia Borgia. She has finally killed you off and like the late Sunanda Whitehouse, we must change your thumbnail to a gravestone and issue you with the letters "RIP". My tears are endless ... The mind is simply not enough here, Dear One. Self-realisation or whatever you want to call it has to actually happen. And the thing is, it doesn't happen. It is not "true" either. Lucrezia is right, the tendency to overintellectualise is getting you into all sorts of trouble and the women are ganging up on you. Remember that for some people this is not just a set of ideas in a book but their direct, everyday experience.

  18. Ever wondered, Richard, if what you call service to Arunachala is really a selfish service to yourself?

    The last thing we need is a Richard-led extra constitutional authority in the form of this group to patrol sacred Arunachala. Thank you very much, the forest department and the Indian government can do a good job by themselves, if only there isn’t meddling by you.

    I thought I would let your know. There are so many foreigners and Indians of Tiru right now who are so upset with your behaviour over the past years. Many have tried to speak to you but you wouldn’t listen. The only recourse for us would be to ask for your visa to be revoked. I am sure you would not like that. If my words sound harsh Richard, it is to get a message across to you. You have spoilt it for all of us. It is not fair.


  20. Maryjo: As Head of the newly formed Committee of Public Safety, will your Reign of Terror include erecting a guillotine outside the Ramana Ashram to dispose of social miscreants like R.C.?

  21. Reign of Terror? I didn't realize you were experiencing it as such. Just wanted to keep RC safe because some of the best pictures of Arunachala I have are from his camera. Sorry about that!

    Committee of Public Safety? would that include you, Swami Kevinananda. After all, you are the author of the much acclaimed 'essay' on Richard Clark - Dante's Inferno !!!

    BTW, where did you get that picture purportedly of me. I am way more beautiful than that or so I believe I am :-)

    I shall keep my mouth shut from here on. Thanks for warning me.

  22. So Scary Chum is really Maryjo! Wow! What a revelation!

  23. Maryjo is totally correct in her analysis of R.C.'s wretched behaviour.

  24. Signora Borgia and your acolyte Gauri

    Did you, by accident, take some of your famous poisonous concoctions? If I am parroting anyone, it is Ramana with his great example of being caught in the tiger’s jaws, from where there is no escape. The biting, chewing and swallowing in whatever form it takes is what you see in the streets in Tiru ... NOT the rejection of the invitation. If you dismiss that as Neo Advaitic rant and you are confusing Ramana with Ramesh, then there is not much hope for you and you are in the same boat with Kevinanda and that boat is sinking.

    Whatever you say about free will; that it is still in the picture; or not there but not true per se; or that it is just a shadow in a play where nothing is ever the way it appears ... it doesn't matter at all (as pointed out painstakingly by Gauri, who definitely is world champion in overintellectualising). You are still in the tiger's mouth and you can’t get out ....

    Seeing and understanding happen for no one if the I is not there: yes of course nothing has to depend on the I, nothing new here. However it would really be a relief, wandering around in Tiru with no one ... with or without an I.

    You and Gauri are doing exactly what you are accusing me of. Trying to demystify the mystery in words which read like the bleakest Bela Tarr movie. (And I like Bela Tarr very much!) But yes, if we could just leave the mystery as the mystery, life would be so boring. There would be nothing to talk or fight about and what then?

    Please read carefully the last line of the post: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here". Dante clearly did not leave a choice whether to abandon all hope or not. It is an order, whether you like it or not! So be careful with that poison, it might be you who will end up in a grave without any gravestone at all. No RIP for you but endless wailing somewhere near R.C. in Hell.

  25. Dearest Sister:
    Petulance does not become you! Ramesh borrowed Ramana's words, everybody knows that. And your words resembled Ramesh who was Neo Advaitin, not Ramana. You are confused. No one is in the tiger's mouth. That is an appearance too. And of course it would be a relief wandering around Tiru with no one there ... especially for you ... because by you're own admission you're still lost in separation!! Also you are mistaken. Once separation has seemingly passed, words have no purpose. They just appear. There is no attempt to demystify the mystery.

  26. What is this nonsense that petulance does not become Sister Klaus? That is exactly what the good Sister represents! - Relentless rudeness and wantonness! If you take that away, nothing much is left of the poor woman!

  27. The Sister Klaus fan clubAugust 17, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    Do not despair beloved Sister - Vladimir Putin has shown us how to deal with these bullygirl feminists, now that Pussy Riot have been sentenced to 2 years in jail. That Renaissance libertine Lucrezia and her chum Gauri will soon have those silly smirks wiped from their faces, when they are deprived of their liberty for a few years in the Tamil Gulag!

  28. Fuck ! Scary Chum, I must say that now I see your picture I am not so sure about a date with you (which I was really looking forward to, after our latest lovely conversations). Your old chum R.C. certainly had a most devastating and destructive effect on you, turning you into a poor creature like that, bloody hell! But now you you know. Those who play with fire and the Devil ... !!!

  29. Nothing to say about Richard ... He is ok by me ... and I commend the observations of the many deaths that have taken place around Tiru, suicides of locals, strange events of foreigners ...

    I will offer that Tiru and Arunachala radiate energies from an older paradigm. Arunachala has the small heavy iron-rich pebbles exposed every year by the rain ... Iron is earth energy: whereas silica and other elements, the crystalline ones, resonate with the galactic frequencies prevalent now in 2012 and beyond ...

    If we are in Tiru, we need to let go of old paradigm thinking, and old-paradigm energies ... It's no longer about sadhana, or land, or business. It is about the multidimensional nature of our awarenesses. Vedanta doesn't speak much about this, nor do the satsang mavens ...

    If life keeps you and me in Tiru, we still have to give ourselves permission to extend our awareness into new arenas that we perhaps are not yet comfortable with - and that Ramana may have lived but did not articulate ..

    Onward, into the universes.

  30. Although I don't agree with everything you say Gregory, I really like your thinking. Tiru is very stuck and so are many of the people in it. The energies and dimensions of awareness are all a part of the reality of this day and age - something which the so-called masters dare not address because so much of the time they are simply parroting thousand-year old philosophies which have long outlived their usefulnesss or relevance. Now, more are experiencing liberation and the doors of perception are opening. What used to be rarified states are the beginner levels for some. Don't you think that most of all, it is so striking that all these dead religions peddle the fantasy of the I? If we have to have spiritual teachings at all, we could at least now start from a place which refused to reinforce such a fantasy. Also, the vibration of the Earth has provenly sped up. Man is becoming lighter - not just spiritually but also materially. Our bodies are changing, the configuration of elements our bodies need is also changing and with this, a very different type of light is becoming available to all. The past sometimes does not speak to these things because it never knew them. It is up to us. Each one of us. Not the gurus we have handed our power over to.

  31. Oh No Firefly. That isn't my picture. Kevji put up a scary one of himself with my name beside it. The photo from earlier today was scarier still.

    No date? I am devastated.Can you point to where we had our latest lovely conversations?

    Kevji, I'll get you for this.

  32. Gregory and Anon, don't give up on Arunachala. So many people have seen him. He is for real. He is the only guru you need have. No harm giving your power over to him. The only sadhana you need to do is remember him in your heart. No thoughts, just see him there and surrender every situation to him. Here is something I found a few days ago.

    "Brahma continued: On hearing this the Lord of Sonachala granted all the boons the Goddess asked for. The Lord himself now appears as Sonachala (the red Hill) which is adored by the world. It grants every boon.

    Shambu Himself, with Gowri shines as Arunachala. Those who have darshan of it or meditate upon it, attain liberation.

    All kinds of wealth accrue to those who hear of the glory of Arunachala.

    Those who remember Arunachala will become pure in mind.

    They shall be absolved of their karmas.

    A mere darshan of Arunachala will grant the benefit of bathing in all the holy tirthas and performing all yajnas and yagas. He will obtain the grace of Sadasiva.

    Among the various places on earth which are sacred to Siva, it is only at this place that Sambhu fell in love with His own majestic and magnificent form. He lost the desire to dwell at Kailasa. He asked Parvati, all the rishis and devas to come and perform penance, austerities and all rituals that are laid down in the scriptures. In Bharatavarsha dharma is cherished because of the presence of Arunachala.

    Devotees whose sins have all been destroyed in the blaze of Arunachala live in bliss.

    Arunachala fulfills the wishes of those who adore Him with circumambulation, prostration and perform austerities.

    A single darshan of Arunachala pleases Him much more than austerities, offerings and yagnas performed at other kshetras.

    The Vedas and the epics in the form of hills surrounding Arunachala pay their obeisance to Him. Neither I nor Vishnu with all our skill can adequately describe the glory of Arunachala. Myself, Vishnu, and the devas always worship it while remaining invisible.

    Disease, distress, mental worry and other miseries incidental to the dark age of kaliyuga do not affect those who always adore Arunachala. The power of Arunachala nullifies the influence of planets. I have thus described to the best of my ability the glory of Arunachala which bestows Liberation in a trice on one who contemplates upon Him.

    Suta said: When Sage Sanaka heard with rapt attention the glorious and nectar-sweet story of Arunagiri that flowed from the lips of Brahma, he was full of bliss."

  33. That is beautiful! Where is it from?

  34. Gregory repeats some new age semi fictional views from books he read, which are given little credence outside their limited fan club ... All's well as long as he doesn't get caught in the yarn spun. Now to the real issue ... Gregory asserts that RAMANA did not articulate the AWARENESS, which is the most foot-in-mouth statement ever said of Ramana. Gregory please note: RAMANA'S very PRESENCE is the highest ARTICULATION of the AWARENESS you seem to miss ...

  35. In her latest dispatch from Kandahar, Mullah Manic Maryjo sheds light on the prolonged delay of the operational phase of the recently constructed and commissioned gasfire crematorium (near the cemetary adjacent to Isanya lingam on the pradakshina circuit). It would be fitting to inaugurate the facility upon Richard Clarke breathing his last, thus providing the infidel the ignomy of first ashing.

  36. Does anyone know if RAMANA ASHRAM formally commissioned R. Clarke to photograph the entire proceedings of the opening of the library, or whether he just turned up, muscled his way in ilke a bull at a gate and started shooting material for his humanitarian blog?

  37. Man is becoming lighter!!?? Where do you live? Never heard of the global obesity epidemic? In the US more then one third of the population is obese and it is increasing! Gluttony (Dante's Inferno, the third circle, canto 6, ruled by Cerberus, the great worm) is not really a basis for spiritual lightness, methinks! We have a local Cerberus here to prove that obesity and stupidity goes hand in hand. His name is Richard Clarke. I think you are the victim of another disease called "wishful thinking", which links you directly to the aforenamed buffoon!

  38. Kevji, stop using my name for your posts. I have a (good) reputation unlike you. :-)

    I am going to get you for the lost date with Firefly and now this.

    The real maryjo

  39. I am pretty sure Ramana ashram would not have commissioned Richard to photograph the library opening. They have their own resident photographer, website and facebook pages to fill.

    I think Richard showed up because the heat was on to revoke his visa and residency status. He, like Radha Ma, would have gone for the Prez's protection in time of trouble. There is the pic of his wife in sari, bob cut hair with huge flower on the side sitting with the ladies chanting. Seemed more like kissing up, if you know what I mean.

  40. Where did I get the virtues of Arunachala? Not sure. From somewhere on the internet.

    You all may like this next one. Found it on the internet.

  41. Dear Scaryjo
    Don't you like being a a Chi-Ting devotee? It's a very prestigious honour. As for that last Anon comment about you, that came from Steve Woodman's alcoholic cabal at the Manna Cafe (notice that the prose is confused and very stoned!) If you feel aggrieved over your lost date with Firefly please take some affirmative action. I suggest a suicide bombing at the Manna Cafe, that would provide a final solution for this nest of Luciferian vipers.

    Allahu Akbar and see you in paradise ...

  42. My dear beloved "real" Maryjo
    I am so sorry our intended date went all wrong, due to that bloody Kevinji's meddling in people's comments. He obviously needs room for his gigantic ego to bully other people's good intentions and has the megalomanic intention to shape the imaginary world according to his very limited understanding. The poor sod!

    Oh well, it seems it is not our destiny to meet, but remember the little black crow as a beacon for our spiritual union.

  43. Breaking news: Steve Woodman is already one week in a coma in a Portuguese hospital with liver, kidney failure and lung problems. He might survive, but we wont see him here in Tiru again. So you can count him among the victims of Arunachala.

  44. Steve is a fine gentelman who did the best he could under trying circumstances and hostile detractors that misconstrued his personal foibles ... His kindness and a well developed sense of justice and fairness were the core of his personality. Whether he recovers or not is in the lap of the gods, either way I wish him well.

  45. ARUNACHALA is not in the business of churning out victims for others to gloat over ... Steve, like countless others on the planet are the victims of their own lifestyle choices. You take the chance, you make the choice, you pay the price, whatever you want.

  46. Why blame Arunachala? If you go too close to the fire, you will burn.

    Inquiries reveal Richard Clark hasn't learnt a thing. He is planning on bribing the officials, corrupt them and get the path opened. If Arunachala were to strike Richard dead before he got around doing it, would you blame Arunachala for it?

    Arunachala, out of his infinte compassion, has given Richard so many warnings that he wouldn't heed.

    Can you imagine the plight of the financiers of his dangerous path?

    Folks, don't play with Lord Shiva. He will help only if you are doing serious sadhana and are surrendered to Him. Otherwise, he will open his third eye of Fire.

  47. We, the obese couch potatoes who are always the laughing stock for you brainy and spiritual super developed people, surprisingly have also a story to tell, believe it or not. Of course we are not anywhere near your exalted level of spirituality. But please give us a chance, we are also human. Let's take this example: I feel a bit embarrassed to defend poor Sister Klaus against Ms Borgia's cowardly attack on the Sister's comment, but I noticed that it is definitely Ms Borgia who is confused because it really doesn’t matter whether you are in the tiger’s mouth or not - if both states are just appearances. And if words have no purpose, maybe it would be nice and appropriate just to be silent, Ms Borgia! Well that is my humble Obesian opinion. It looks like Ms Borgia is defeated by her own words. Logical, because she seems to be lost in eruditesque jabbering. Manically focused on words like mystery and appearances. An apparent mystery, or a mysterious appearance? Is that all? What the fuck! Even my 135kg neighbour, who spends 16 hours per day in front of the TV, could come up with a nonsensical statement like that. You, Ms Borgia and that wretched Sister Klaus are just juggling and masturbating with words in a play no one understands. You are preaching to the Franciscan birds with an IQ above 190. Duh! So please have pity on us obese couch potatoes and our undeveloped and deluded brains and our love for embarrassingly bad US sitcoms and please just amuse us with nice and juicy stories about that malicious idiot RC or other phonies in Tiru. There is obviously enough choice!

  48. If you have a high IQ, you will remain in the mind feeling superior. Wont be able to merge with Arunachala.

    To merge with Arunachala, Bhagavan said to take the mind and smoosh it in the heart. Surrender and become child in front of Him :-)

  49. I think Steve is a victim of Arunachala, not in the sense that Arunachala makes victims (that is bullshit, Arunachala is just there, radiating a kind of energy that we cannot name) but it does have an influence on the life of people who are destined to come here and it can take any form. I knew Steve well when he first came here. We were kind of friends, but slowly it became clear that he was one of the people who couldn’t cope with the energy. It turned against him, so to speak, and he slowly went downhill and down the drain. It was inevitable. Maybe it would have happened elsewhere too, we will never know that. Whatever happens I wish him peace.

    And thanks Obesity Fighter for finishing off that crazy woman. I had already given up. For some unknown reason she was just out to nail me, out of some sort of revenge. She will be so embarrassed to have been defeated, she will become a humble and simple soul and we will not see her here for some time. And you are right about preaching to the birds with a very high IQ. I will try not to be so arrogant anymore and speak in words that anyone can understand. I bow my head and touch your feet in reverence.

  50. Funny how the Sister goes into a tailspin when her transgendered ass gets kicked by real women!

  51. This is not a sarcastic, satirical or catty comment so I'm not sure if it belongs on this blog, but I don't know where else to go to get this information. I haven't been to Thiru in a while and have googled without satisfaction. I was wondering if anybody had any information about what really happened to Radha Ma? Did she simply just set herself on fire to prove a point? Thanks and many blessings to you all.

  52. The truth is no one knows what possessed her ...

  53. I met Radhama just a couple of months before she died and I have only good things to say about her. I didn't experience her the way some of you did. So, I am writing this respectfully to all.

    I asked a Tiru elder why she did what she did and he said it is because of the temple she started in her home. First of all he felt women should not start temples. It was not a sexist remark but something very deep that I don't want to go into here. Also, the murthi was way too big for her home. Traditionally, the murti at home should be no more than a fist size of the biggest member of the family. Anything more will start drawing energy out of the family.

    Radhama's favorite brother also died in an accident. She had his picture up in her living room which was so full of things. Clutter is another thing that sucks energy out of us. So start cleaning your home and keep only what you need in a tidy manner.

    There were several warning signs about Radhama the few times I met her but I really liked her warmth and her love - I did not and still do not know much of the politics .

    I really liked Radhama. She met me even though she was in so much turmoil herself but she never revealed any of it to me. She focused on me and helped me. I was so saddened when I heard she was gone and I prayed for her. May her soul rest in peace.

  54. News has just broken that Radha's ex-devotees have finally gone to court and been acquitted of involvement in her suicide. Details are scarce at the moment but it would be interesting to find out if the handwriting on her suicide note was hers? Radha's husband is deciding whether to appeal against the decision. The only outstanding court case is Charlotte's sexual harassment case against VJ.

  55. Real women, where? I want to meet them. I haven't seen any of them for years. Is there anyone among these old spinsters or neo-quasi hippies, who dares to calls herself a woman? I hope you don't mean Scary-Maryjo? That would be really very embarrasing.

  56. At least Maryjo had the guts to give Richard Clarke's messianic fantasy world a savage kick in the groin!

  57. I feel really let down by Richard Clark now that he has admitted that he never asked for permission to re-direct the inner path closer to Arunachala! Well done Sister Klaus and Maryjo for letting him know what a stupid thing he has done!

  58. Now that the inner path is a no go zone for Richard Clarke, he's free to be even more meddlesome in local affairs. He is now a passionate promoter of children's charities - probably in a vain attempt to stave off his inevitable deportation. A petition in support of his expulsion would no doubt garner many signatures.

  59. Seen on a notice board in Tiru:

    "Every evening, prayer meeting for Steve Woodman in Manna Cafe".

    I ask myself for what? To keep the silly bugger alive or to wish him a fast and succesful voyage to Hell? The latter would be in line with his lifestyle. I hope somebody gives him a few coins to pay the ferryman! It would be a real bummer if he was stranded in purgatory for all eternity. He would probably open a stoner's den where he could waylay passersby and bore them with his stories of former greatness!

  60. Richard wants to make Arunachala a World Heritage site. It will mean FLOODS of more tourists wanting to walk the inner path. Also, more readership for his blog :-)

    Where are we at getting him deported?

  61. Kevji, your note on Arunachala is brilliant! Many of the comments are side-splittingly hilarious - thank you for the most reading fun I've had in Tiru for an eon! Poor RC, a bumbler of epic proportions. I wonder whether he knows how pissed folks are with him? I marvel at ignorant neo-colonialists like him who flatter themselves that they understand the complexity of India and fuck around with the authorities ... Time his gargantuan ego was permanently flattened ...

  62. Who is Dev Gogoi? He seems to be inspiring Richard to take the lead on an Arunachala Development Authority :-)

    Poor RC. He thinks his plans for an inner path over Arunchala is going to come to fruition. What an idiot. By his own admission, the only girivalam he has done is from his then house near Niruthi Lingam to the first hotel that came up - Ramakrishna's. The one time he started further up the path he walked till Usha's restuarant. While doing no spiritual practices, RC thinks he is ready for inner path girivalam. I am more than scared for him now.

  63. Dev Gogoi was married to the Ganapati librarian who very sadly, recently died in a traffic accident. He was a devotee of Shirdi Baba - aka Sarat Babuji, usually known as Guruji - who died in hospital in Germany last year.

  64. I hope she didn't die on the stretch opposite Ramana and Seshadri ashrams. It is a dangerous stretch. A group of us are working, on amongst other things:

    1. getting a safe path between the main temple and Bangalore Road,
    2. a safe path between Esanya Lingam and the main temple.
    3. Planting lots of trees on the left side between Vayu Lingam and Vellore Road to provide shade cover for people going on girivalam during non-festival times.
    3. The bus terminus will either have to be moved or the exits closed so that the buses can exit from the other side.
    4. Traffic rerouted so that whole stretch between Esanya lingam and the main temple can become safe for Girivalam walkers all the time, not just on full moon nights.

    5. Lots of public laterines, resting spots and effective removal of encroachments.

    I know we will succeed. We seek the public's support for our endeavours. Richard Clark will NOT be a part of our group. He has created way too many problems in Tiru already. I think as Dev Gogoi wrote it is time for him and those supporting him financially to start the walk to the inner heart. The inner path lies there.

  65. Forgot to add:

    Public Service announcement/educating the public to walk quietly, softly remembering Arunachala. If there is music, it will be temple music played all through the route. No more jarring music from whoever along the route can afford a loud speaker.

    If any of you all have expertise to offer, please do. Suggestions are always welcome.

    I can see firefly and others shaking their heads. Arunachala willing all these will happen.

  66. Heard in a town near Tiru: Sri Sri Kevinanadaji and Sister Klaus are missing. They may have met with foul play and be the latest victims of Arunachala. Can someone confirm that please.

  67. Scary Chum, you became almost more annoying then Buffoon RC! What a waste of energy on plans that will never happen, not even in a hundred years. Arunachala has no interest in your silly plans and I recommend you also start walking the path to the inner Heart, it is the super-fast express video coach connection.
    It's time ... Bon voyage!

  68. Richard's inner path is for his own glorification. The outer footpath and rest tops are for public safety and hygiene. How many accidents have happened on the stretch between Ramanasramam and Seshadri ashram? How many people have lost their lives or an arm or a leg? Speak to their families and ask them if it a waste of energy?

  69. You are missing the point completely! I am talking about things which never can be achieved - this is why they are a waste of your energy. For God's sake this is India! It is much more realistic to call Hanuman on his latest Android 4.1 jellybean phone and ask him to lift up the Hill and put it somewhere in the middle of nowhere: he has some experience. You are just dreaming and being arrogant because you think that the path to the inner Heart is just for idiots like RC. It is for everyone you silly bugger, there is no other way ...

  70. firefly, you're right in attributing undiminished powers to Hanumanji in his digital manifestation.i have uploaded some hanuman apps which i watch and listen when in distress,he's a great mood boost,dont forget Anjaneya as source,progenitor of these powers,in any case reading or listening to Hanuman chalisa is awesomely powerful nostrum for uplift of spirit.

  71. Dear Kevinandaji,
    Thank you very much for this blog!
    I came across a video of Jean Klein in youtube and felt that he was perhaps a genuine master, further read his teachings available on the internet and was more impressed. But there has been this incident quoted in David Godman's 'Nothing ever happened' of a meeting between Papaji and Jean Klein.

    Meera: It was a sort of dinner party that was attended by
    Papaji, Jean Klein and a small group of students from each

    David: What happened?

    Meera: The disciples of the two teachers got into a debate about the teachings of their respective Masters, but the two teachers themselves kept mostly quiet. Though Jean Klein taught self inquiry there was a lot of difference between his and Papaji's approach to liberation. Afterwards Jean Klein advised all his students to stay away from Papaji, telling them he was a dangerous man with a dangerous teaching. He came up to me (Meera, Papaji's defacto wife) afterwards and told me directly that I should leave Papaji because I would be in great danger if I stayed with him any longer.

    Jean Klein's character seemed to undergo a strange change that evening. There was a hostility and a rudeness in him that I had never seen on any of our previous meetings. He seemed to see something in Papaji that made him afraid. He wouldn't say what it was, but he did go out of his way to tell all the people there that for their own safety they should have nothing more to do with Papaji. It was a very strange response because he had previously seemed so calm and self-assured. I was very disappointed by his behaviour and by the meeting in general. It was not a success.

    - I am really at a loss to explain their behaviour towards each other, couldnt this possibly mean that one of them wasnt really enlightened and they knew this between themselves? What are your thoughts? And who would you think is the genuine master of the two, I don't trust Meera's statement where she says that Jean Klein seemed to be afraid of Papaji, it could be a case where she is biased being Papaji's devotee as well as his wife. I dont trust Godman's powers of discrimination either, he is so easily taken over by the likes of Saradamma and Lakshmana Swamy and their theories of conditional results to sadhana often objectifying the 'Self'. I would be interested to know your thoughts. There was kind of a similar clash between Aurobindo and Ramana Maharshi, but it was one-sided - Aurobindo being the one who ordered none of his disciples to go to Ramana ashram while Ramana was neutral, this being recorded by N.Balaram Reddy.

  72. Jean klein projected a carefully crafted persona of a suave,genteel character, fixated with sartorial elegance,and a french predilection for the stylish and the refined,,his thinly veiled autocratic style (not as obvious as gurdjief)was in contrast to being neutral, which is the hallmark of an avadhuta like Ramana. in addition, his borrowed teaching lacked authority,and fell short of teasing out the ENTIRE-KERNEL,which papaji was quite adept at,,,,Klein may have sensed the authority/power in papaji,the very qualities he wrongly imagined in himself,resented it,and threw a hissy fit,,,,perhaps he should have stuck to his musical vocation,and not rush in where angels fear to tread.

  73. I agree with the view of SunGod.
    Both Meera and Godman are not to be trusted and are far from being objective. They have no power of discrimination and have a silly sentimental attitude. The amount of mentally disturbed and narcissistic people that Papaji let loose on the satsang cicus circuit is an obvious sign that he was and is was a dangerous man (enlightened or not!) I give all the credit to Jean Klein, who I respect as being an honest and no-nonsense man. I don't know if he was enlightened and I think he never claimed that. Also he was an excellent musician and he talks a lot about hearing and listening, which I really like.

    About masters, I do not know. Someone like Osho was a master, but then so was Hitler! It is a very random expression. So the winner is ...?!

  74. We live on the cusp of a paradox that is real and unreal. The truth is that there is no such thing as truth! That bastard progeny of separation the enlightened being - is just another shadow dancing on the wall. It doesn't matter how big a name they are. They are all faceless actors moving to the whim of great mystery. The bottom line is - there ain't no rhyme or reason!

  75. Chi-ting Master, quite so, there's no rhyme (crime?) but you cannot ignore rythhm,the essence of music. You are far more gifted than Jean Klein in that field. Just consider ... you wield the Maestro's baton and deftly succeed in orchestrating and harmonising a symphony of otherwise shrill cacophonous noises into a coherent melifluous melodious clarity ... you reconcile clashing chords which run-of-the- mill orthodoxy rejects. Thats why your chamber concerto is appreciated by the few who listen with their hearts rather than ears.

  76. Kevji,beware the darkness of punk(skunk)rock it'll adversely interfere with your gut flora,requiring colonic irrigation with all its unpleasant side effects.better stick to the more healthy kashi morning raga, or any western 12 bar,'Raunchy'is not a bad one.

  77. Thank you Kevinandaji and devotees!

    For time-being stopped wondering over who is enlightened and who is not :-)

    Came across this book, 'Guru Papers' and been enjoying myself :

  78. Enlightment! Only an enlightened Being can recognize a Being of Light. The reason being...the 'I' and the 'eye' is the same frequency. You can only see what you ARE. A simple formular: No 'I' = No 'eye' = No 'Light' or enlightrened Beings to be seen. "When your 'eye' becomes single you will be filled with light". This physiological event only occurs as a results of "standing under".
    I have been here 8 years and no one has seen me. The Vedic teachings are designed to destroy the 'I' keeping you blind, pliable and dependent on your geneticist.

  79. “When I was born I had no head
    My eye was single and my body was filled with light
    And the light that I was, was the light that I saw by
    And the light that I saw by, was the light that I was”
    Douglas Traherne Harding ISB 1968

    I see you are also an ISB fan, great, you know in Tiru there is a little group of fans of that incredible band. You can recognise us on being Cyclops with only one eye and being invisible like you, so if you want to contact us you are most welcome to our weekly chantings of their eternally sacred songs!

    Or you might just be a fan of Thomas Traherne or Douglas Harding, In which case you are on your own.

  80. These are many reasons Gail Tredwell, Amritananda Mayi's (Ammachi's) closest personal assistant for 20 years, felt she needed to escape the ashram.
    New book coming out which will apparently reveal all.

  81. I am sure this is late news: Steve Woodman (Manna Cafe) has been broadcasting off planet since Sept 17 2012.

  82. What does that mean? Has he left his present body for good?

  83. HA! HA!

    Nithy hires PR man to handle the likes of our own Chi Ting Master, His holiness Sri Sri Kevji


    With his image taking a severe beating due to controversies surrounding him in the last few years, self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda is going for an image makeover.

    He has hired one of the men best qualified for the job — Dale Bhagwagar, the publicist who has worked with Bollywood actors like Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty, besides being a PR manager for big-budget movies like Don and Rock On.

    The swami, who was in the eye of a storm after a sex scandal, managed to become the head of the Aadheenam Peetam in Tamil Nadu, but has faced rough weather since. In an attempt to repair his tattered reputation, he has hired Bhagwagar as his personal spokesperson.

    Bhagwagar, who founded the Dale Bhagwagar Media Group, had worked with the controversial Celebrity Big Brother in London when Shilpa Shetty was one of the contestants.

    Bhagwagar's media group has been initiating media manoeuvres such as image-building, brand management, crisis management and makeovers in Bollywood. According to sources, the swami was asked to look for someone who could help him maintain better relations with the media.

    His VVIP devotees recommended Bhagwagar's name to the godman. Apparently impressed with the way Bhagwagar had handled Bigg Boss contestants, including Rakhi Sawant, Kashmeera Shah, Sambhavna Seth, Sherlyn Chopra, and Diana Hayden, the swami had no hesitation in getting him aboard.

    Having decided that Bhagwagar would be his pointsman, the swami has instructed his devotees to stop all interactions with the media and to leave everything to him.

    Acknowledging that he was indeed working with the swami, Bhagwagar told us, "The Nithyananda Dhyana Peetham contacted me and a contract was finalised recently. Now, I am the swami's personal spokesperson. I will be looking after all his media-related matters."

    Bhagwagar, who has been in the business for 14 years, and before that, was a journalist for 12 years, said he was happy working with Nithyananda. "I have worked closely with the stars and with the Big Boss contestants. I will also handle Swami Nithyananda in a professional manner," he said.

    On reports that Nithyananda was appearing on India's biggest reality show, Bigg Boss, Bhagwagar said, "It is true the godman has been approached earlier, but it's too early to either confirm or deny it."

  84. Yes, Steve has left the building!

  85. will richard clarke blast his corpulent frame to outer space with his camera and return with a photo gallery of the various stations of steve's orbital journey around the orion Nebula ,,,? will he join him there perpetually?....

  86. Fuck Steve and his totally useless orbital journey around the Orion Nebula. Totally bullshit, an attempt to make a somebody out of a nobody. To burn out without any punya: totally useless. This is just 'fading away' according to Neil Young. In Steve's case it was a senseless waste of human life according to his karma. The only one who compares with him is the ownner of the empty cheese shop in Monty Python who had no cheese at all: "Such a senseless waste of human life." And then he is shot! Fuck Steve and his atrocious nondescript cronies. Hari Om!

  87. Steve Manna cafe Woodman died on a Monday. It is Lord Shiva's day. So he couldn't have been that bad. I agree with sister klaus, the energy must have been too much for him. I know of another Tiru resident, father of the internet shop boy, who was an alcoholic, made life very difficult for his family, yet managed to die during Kathigai deepam. So let us no be judgemental about others. God knows what is in store for us.

    BTW, I think Sri Sri Kevji is very prophetic in is words. He said Radhama and Steve would die and they did. Sri Kevji needs to put a cap on his mouth.

  88. the elevation of kevji to the high status of "death oracle" is unwarranted,ill conceived and premature unless he comes up with a date of his own appointment with the grim reaper....the posthumous title will then be justified.....the skeptic in me doubts kevji's accurate prediction of such personal event,but one never knows.

  89. The above Anon (Sept 25th) must either have forgotten or simply does not know Shiva is 'lord of demons' among many other things.
    Shiva in exoteric mythology and popular superstition is supposed to possess the special status of lord of the bhutas or kama-lokic spooks, and is the special patron of ascetics, students of occultism, and of those training themselves in mystical knowledge.
    I think Steve would qualify as a bhuta under the banner of Crowley. "Service to self" first and formost.