Sunday, April 3, 2011


What is the relationship between the devotee and guru? What is more important: the external authority or what unfolds for us at the centre of our own experience? Or ... NEITHER ...

Is Self realisation purely a personal project, describing various "I"-centric states of attainment? ... Have we missed something and been directed into a blind alley of pure self-indulgence, investigating our navel while missing reality right under our noses? Are we still constrained and defined by the magic theatricality of gurudom and its superstitious incense-filled fervour? Do we have to continually answer to a spiritual and moral God-man who no longer represents us and plays a game of teaching and hierarchy when no true teaching exists ... only an annihilation of identity over which they and we have no control?

Traditional and Neo Advaita is calcified, hierarchical and egoically driven. The seeker is locked into a material quest for personal attainment and self-aggrandisement. Both are all about power and domination. In this historical time, as everything disintegrates and social structures collapse, no social relationship is immune from this contagion. Vistas of opportunity suddenly beckon: how will we reconfigure? Everything is up for grabs. Isn't it time for a reappraisal of the guru and the disciple in this kaleidoscope of change? ... A True Reformation!

The concept of enlightenment as we know it, begins with the historical Buddha and his teaching of nirvana. We have no idea what he actually said though because it was never written down and after it was, the early Buddhist Councils left us with a dialectical car crash of re-written and re-interpreted records. In the early centuries after the Buddha's death, the Buddhists argued with the myriad Indian philosophical schools who all believed that the world absolutely does (eternalism) or doesn't exist (nihilism). This is the long-running saga which has never gone away and it is wreckage the seeker is still crawling out of today.

The arguments that held sway then are still with us. They reappear in the clash we see in Advaita between Traditional and Neo Advaita. Both are also stuck in the conceptual brain-jam of things either completely existing or non-existing. There is the "I" which absolutely exists and needs to be subjected to methods (Traditional Advaita) and an "I" which doesn't exist at all so there's nothing to do (Neo Advaita).

Advaita is the bastard progeny of the Hindu reaction to Buddhism largely originating in South India from the 8th century onwards (Shankara, Gaudapada etc). Hinduism could only offer the paltry concept of moksha or liberation based on the eternalist belief there is an ultimately-existent "I" which is absorbed into another equally ultimately-existent entity known as the Self or atman. This conceptual Achilles' Heel is why Advaitic philosophy took on Buddhist theories. The Hindu notion of Self was re-branded beyond the confines of an ultimately-existent entity and its ailing theology was given a whole new lease of life.

But unfortunately in most cases, Advaitic Self-realisation still does not go beyond realisation of an absolutely-existent "I". Something is still going on in Advaita where the Self remains an ultimate state to be realised. This makes it a personal project of enlightenment where the "I" remains firmly intact and the claim is made: "I" am enlightened. This is the equivalent of Advaitic original sin and opens the door to all of the deceit and corruption so self-evident today in Tiru. For example:

  • acting as a guru with the power to enlighten others
  • teaching a method for enlightenment
  • chanting the Neo Advaita mantra: "There's nothing to do!"

Nearly all of these gurus are coming from an absolute centre of "I". Perpetuating methods and non-methods is a dance of total hypocrisy where the one-eyed man leads the blind into an endless maze of delusion. Both traditional and Neo Advaita gurus play the same game either in the doing or non-doing of a method. They perpetuate the Hindu belief that the "I" is totally real, rather than the Buddhist doctrine that it is empty.

The meaning of the Buddhist doctrine of emptiness has been overlooked by most of Advaita and its devotees alike. Here the "I" is neither completely existent or non-existent. Both extremes of eternalism and nihilism are avoided. The "I" exists but is merely a temporary appearance: something which is both real and unreal.

So should we now reject Advaita because it falls short? If we did, we would return to the hapless state of depending merely on our own selves for enlightenment. But surely this also fails because that self is empty too. Following a guru is no different from relying just on one's personal intuition and knowing because both rely on the separate "I."

A True Reformation is not a return to personal liberation. It is the falling away of the guru and the personal self as a means to enlightenment. This is about Grace: it is not under your (or anyone else's) personal control. If you want an all-singing, all-dancing Bollywood production with a magical mystery tour to nowhere, then please carry on. But for how much longer will we kowtow to the clowns who tell us they can liberate us and promise emancipation through techniques of doing or non-doing?

Why not bite the bullet: all is empty - including the "I." Let us be blunt: in this motion picture, there is nothing uglier than mutton dressed up as lamb!


  1. kevji,your analysis and perspicasity are mention the buddha, shankara,gaupada etc to support your far so good...however you remain reticent about the REFORMATION from the standpoint of RAMANA MAHARISHI.i would appreciate if you take up this point and shine your torch on it. after all tiru still has some linkage to ramana....albeit very tenuous to some....awaiting your feedback,dear leader master chi.ting

  2. Ramana is many different things to different people. All we now have is often flawed texts and an inspirationl story. What is important to remember is that Ramana is a fleeting appearance and we should not make the mistake that he was completely real. Like everything else Ramana is a picture on the screen, to believe otherwise is the road to fundamental zealotry and that is not Advaita. Ramana taught many times that all of this is unreal, a fact that is often ignored by Advaitins and usually not understood.

  3. a very creditable insightful posting,,,,not sure why you incorporate bawdy and ribald images and text especially in the early offerings.....we dont need porn before dawn to awaken our dormant cerebllum....

  4. This site uses many portals of the imagination to make its point, including risque and ribald humour.
    There is no porn on this site: porn entails the use of graphic sexualised images to incite intercourse! This is a satirical site with a serious message. It doesn't cater to anyone's comfort zone, in fact it is about pushing boundaries and going beyond dualism.
    From the Advaitic perspective there is nothing wrong with porn, it is just another appearance; real and unreal like anything else. So carving up reality into good and bad is not the business of Advaita ... more the realm of undigested Christian dualism.

  5. would the honorable member for arunachala,the distinguished sister klaus give her frank and fearless assessment of brother kevji latest musings on the topic of Reformation, for instance would it impact on trans-gender view of the things that matter........thank you.

  6. coming to nonduality
    getting rid of all the rites
    the superstitious attitudes,
    the big fatherly authority projected on a god,
    the social fear instilled by my mother,
    (jung wouldn't like what i'm doing to his archetypes)
    to be more surely in close contact with you here now
    without fear or power or expectations
    yet very aware of your sensitivity
    and respecting your feelings;
    standing as naked as possible
    but with a desire to be unnoticed
    at last in this sacred place
    where i can rest and enjoy
    e p

  7. it doesn't seem to be quite as simple as that. because, you still have to get up each day, and the day stretches out in front of you like a yawn, and you have to engage with it, or dissolve into your non-exitence in your addiction of choice, mine is internet, these days. and the great part is after all the debauchery of addiction, you are still where you are...or you die. the addiction is a temporary postponement, nevertheless it has to stop, or you do. after that i don't know.

    so say you don't go into 'non-existence' aka avoidance, then you have to face the day, you, or whatever it is. you can choose to do 'something' half asleep, or half-aware as most beings on planet, or you choose to 'exist'. now who is doing the existing, that is the venerable question. is it the same being doing the non-existing?

    seems so.

    at the end of it all, you are here, face it. whether you call it 'me' or 'godgodgod', seems to only make a difference as to how you relate to it. and there is the problem....the me relating with the me. and that only has happened because you have ended up calling it something or know the zen story about commenting on the beauty of sunrise...

    pure existence without a second, is pure existence with out a first.


  8. Hi Kevinanda what a great post. have to say: have you noticed the amount of unintegrated Hinduism in Advaita which entirely supports what you are saying. Making pujas, japa, vegetarianism, sexual abstinence, devotion/surrender. These are all distinctly HINDU, and what people forget is that advaita and "Self-realisation" is a hugely political matter that comes out of a intriguing chapter of 7th and 8th century Indian religious history.

  9. There is a scurrilous rumour flying around in Tiru that Sister Klaus has transformed into Balor of the Evil Eye, King of the Fomorian sea monsters and arch foe of the Tuatha de Danaan. Due to this bizarre metamorphosis the Sister is unable to comment today and ardent Chi-Ting devotees will have to wait until tomorrow, when the transgendered Cyclops will resume her sacred duties.
    One is of course reminded of the time, when the Emperor Caligula became a God and made his favourite horse a senator. We await events with great interest!

  10. Dear H. The getting up each day simply happens. The "you" is not needed to make it happen, it just seems like that. Same for the engaging and the dissolving. You think "you" do that but actually that would still go on quite happily without you if the "you" suddenly disappeared! If you don't go into non-avoidance and you have to face the day, that would have happened anyway. Only "you" make a song and dance about it. And that "you" making the song and dance about it is equally a part of everything that simply happens. Even the "I" is empty. That is the point of the post! All questions get asked by an empty "I". The empty "I" is doing the existing and the non-existing. At the end of the day you are NOT here and there's no-one there to face it. Pure existence. You don't need a first or a second. Good luck!

  11. By contrast, the secret of the standard, historically proven spiritual disciplines is precisely that they do respect and count on the bodily nature of human personality.”
    If we ignore the boundry, there is no telling where we will end up...
    maybe that's why by example mentally disturbed people find solace in advaita while the physically ill have more basic things to consider!

  12. admiral kevji captain of the good ship,thanks for the latest update on our sister K. here, down in the lower decks we row furiously as per the tempo set by you.being buffeted on all sides,trying to stay afloat,....we never doubted our sister's ability to TRANSMOGRIFY,and eagerly await her second coming with apprehention and trepidation.

  13. Reformation suggests that there is something to change into something else.
    This takes place in time and space, but since existence only can be here and now and nothing exist outside that, it is obvious that an event as reformation is just a trick of mind.
    All was and is and will always be or be not, or MIGHT be perfect, it is mind that wants change, because it is it’s nature (assuming it exists)
    So from the Absolute we can close the book of reformation.

    Still, while sitting on my usual place on the hill, the throne of the holy Hermaphrodite, in the blazing April sun, some words floated by, miraculously emanating from the eternal Silence and Emptiness of the lord Arunachala.

    By surrendering you can not contain your (false) individuality and you become whole again, your original state, instead of the apparently separate spark of beingness you imagine to be you.

    Guru, Grace and disciple are one, eternal and immanent.
    Since Grace is not something outside you or is something to gain or get,
    it is not for the Guru to bestow Grace by look or touch.
    A Guru who does so, do not deserve that name and is false. ( hello, hello Mooji and all other idolaters of Gog and Magog, these are words by your hero Sri Ramana Maharshi )

    Silence is Emptiness, Truth is beyond words, Existence IS….. facts certainly not overlooked by Ramana, it is the core of “his” teaching.
    Yes, it is about Grace, only there is nothing to fall away, it will not happen, since it is always there.
    And the other giant under Guru’s said….Reality is all and nothing, the totality and the exclusion, the fullness and the emptiness, fully consistence, absolutely paradoxical.

    Just words floating in the sky !

    And again I repeat my earlier statement that we can not know if we exist.
    We might exist is all we might know.

    About the evil eye…..I’ll keep it till next season and will cast it on all the satsang clowns and their silly fanclubs and reform them into toads and frogs, but since there is no such thing as reformation , they must be already toads and frogs.

  14. to anon who addressed h.

    very kindly of you. however, you are assuming so much there in your post. you have merely restated what i have said, and are seemingly consoling me. the appreciation was for the sentiment.

    but really, i am not sure how to respond to your post...except may be you are saying that i am making a story of avoidance, yes? and whether i avoid or not, whatever happened in the day would have happened...

    this is what i think is considered 'neo-advaitic'...the easy way out. it works only for so long, until the vasanas surface. when the vasanas surface they have to be experienced...and this is the experiencing that i feel that i am avoiding...or am drowning it.

    so really, thanks for your clarification. but you have not displayed an understanding of my understanding so it does not help.

  15. i second this comment -

    "By contrast, the secret of the standard, historically proven spiritual disciplines is precisely that they do respect and count on the bodily nature of human personality.”
    If we ignore the boundry, there is no telling where we will end up..."

    which is basically that the small self exists until it irrevocably does not. a mere shift in perspective may be, but this shift has to be permanent, until then, you have to 'deal' with what is.

    in many ways i think i have lived this...and this brings me to the other aspect of the post that kevin had made - the guru/disciple relating.

    it seems that the 'nowhere to go, nothing to do' while it is true from one point of view, can only be free of suffering when there is complete dissolution of ego-traits. when appropriated before hand, however dramatic and thoroughly existent the realization might have been (as was the case for me), until the surrender happens in totum, the events play out, and the skin of personality is relevant...for there are consequences for your actions and non-actions, and you should be prepared to accept that...when you are not, or in suffering, then it is time to drop this 'knowing' that has become dead, and merely knowledge, and start again, for you are no longer in the center of the cyclone, you have moved away.

    and the refinding the center, takes non-avoidance, which is more than a story, and much less a song and dance.

    and that is what i have learnt living in association with a guru, although everything about that process is shredded in utter confusion right now.

    taking our satoris into our non-moments is the utlimate betrayal of what is. this is the worst kind of has to be a bit embarrassed by it, especially when we try to 'help' others when our own understanding is limited.

    but this 'help' might work, if there is internal acknowledgment of one's own little self functioning. for yes the truth is, that all is SELF, but the self might not cooperate just yet...and allowing it space, instead of ignoring it, is what i mean by 'facing' it.


  16. The standard historical disciplines are not proven at all. That is the problem. They are erroneous, a decoy and in many ways a conscious corruption. If all these amazing spiritual methods were correct there should hundreds of enlightened beings and quite obviously there are not. There is no boundary between the "spiritual" and the "bodily" - this has been artificially set up by man and therein lies all the suffering. I agree only the mentally ill get into advaita. They are the poor lost ones who can only live life in ease with the aid of short-sighted philosophy and a God-mummy or God-daddy who tells them what to do!

  17. Vasanas are not a problem, H ... what I was trying to point out is that ALL that you describe in that comment, is empty and not under your personal control so ... relax! (We can say the same for your reply too). And that is not neo-Advaita. As Kevji says, neo-Advaita is a nihilism: an ultimately existent "I" which is completely NOT there. I am not talking about the nihilist neo-Advaitic "I". I am talking about an "I" which is neither completely present nor absent - an "I" which is definitely there but in such a way that it is EMPTY. Emptiness is not an "I" which is totally existent but an "I" which is a temporary 'appearance' rather than being set in stone, like a permanent eternalistic entity. This is what the Buddha taught and is at the root of Advaita. Hope that is more helpful!

  18. sister are being too lenient with those cretins and imbeciles, besides insulting frogs and toads........ please devise another strategy to deal more effectively with their stratagem...// go for it.........on a more serious note, you've juxtaposed GOG and MAGOG with SRI RAMANA can only hope it's not a freudian slip on your part subconciously equating the two.anyhow.keep well and blessed be thee.

  19. Who is Rama? He is the one who plays in everyone. And when Rama enters in the ten senses, he becomes Ravana. When you enter the ten senses, then your peace, Sita is lost. Sita means peace.

    - Ranjit Maharaj

  20. I hate English scholars, zey always make fun about ze smallest mistake, or slip of ze tongue or pen of us poor Germans ( specially when zey are from Ulm in Bayern ) when zey try to speak zat silly language
    Zey are just jealous about our beautiful language, far superior to ze mishmash of languages called English.
    To illustrate that I will quote a poem by ze great Rilke which is ze quintessence of zis post.

    Pont du carrousel

    Der blinde Mann, der auf der Brücke steht,
    grau wie ein Markstein namenloser Reiche,
    er ist vielleicht das Ding, das immer gleiche,
    um das von fern die Sternenstunde geht,
    und der Gestirne stiller Mittelpunkt.
    Denn alles um ihn irrt und rinnt und prunkt.

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    So how would zat sound in English, hmm ?
    If Herr Hittler had not been a vegetarian, we would have won ze war and you could all speak German, I pity you, silly English speaking simpletons.

    Also, I am totally fed up by zat kind of “discussion” between a H and one or maybe two anons, started already in ze last post, a great example to show zat zere is no difference between “spiritual” people and politicians, zey tell zeir confusing story and repeat it over and over in other words, without listening to ze other and it goes on and on in stubborn self-indulgence.
    Please make your statement and take the time to listen to ze other, zat usually will do, zan go together to the ze pub and have a pint, or smoke a joint, or go to bed and have a good fuck.

  21. richard clarke [arunachala] is a cross between a town- square buffoon and a village idiot,running anound everywhere like a headless chook,snapping pictures all around, revelling in his congenital there's one immune to reformation.

  22. SISTER-KLAUS has the charm of a cockroach and the wit of a sewer-rat,problem is,,,,no amount of pesticide is likely to eliminate them....kevji,anything up your sleeve that might work ????

  23. The Divine Sister is the first genetically modified Terminator, try to dismember or decapitate her and she just keeps coming. She is a loaded gun with an itchy trigger finger and it is just a question in which random direction she will explode! As I know from past fisticuffs it's not personal just a part of the play. Watch the vid on the side bar "Sister Klaus before the OP" and you will get a flavour of this game.

    She has also been overdosing on the great Flann O'Brien, so she is especially prone to surreal bouts of dementia at the moment!

  24. Imagine watching a movie in which two men walk toward
    you. The setting is a desert. The sun is blazing overhead,
    and a huge mountain range is visible in the distance. One of
    the men stops and says to his companion, "Do you realize
    that this is all an illusion and we are just variations in one
    single light appearing as us, the sun, the sky, and the whole
    landscape?" His friend looks puzzled as he continues. " This
    whole world we see is a flat screen, though it appears as if
    there is space all around us." Now his friend gets slightly
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    turns and points to the screen. His friend follows his finger,
    but sees nothing but the far off mountains.
    L H

  25. OKE, to proof that even cockroaches have their heart in the right place, i give you a possible translation in the silly English language

    Pont du Carrousel

    The blind man who stands on the bridge,
    grey, as if a markstone of nameless realms,
    perhaps he is the one thing that remains the same,
    around which from afar the star-hour turns,
    the heavenly body's quiet center.
    For all stumbles and struts and rushes about him.

    He is the motionless one, the just one,
    placed in a confusion of many ways;
    The dark entrance to the underworld
    among a race of superficial beings.

    But maybe you have to step down to cockroach level to understand that this is the gist of
    Swamiji's post.

  26. the vid you recommend is spoken in fricki'n rotten kraut-what's it all bloody mean ? got anything in swahili?,,,,lift your game kevji,

  27. Well the Sister is German, so it goes with the territory. And with that kind of manic distemper, do you really want to understand it?

  28. Master chea-ting ,in the name of ethnic inclusiveness, and in keeping with the cosmopolitan spectrum of your devotees,we urge you to introduce us to a spanish,french,morrocan,or perhaps even a javanese version of Sister-Klaus,, put your creative skill to work,shuold'nt be to hard for you.

  29. Sister Klaus is an archetype of cosmic weirdness and I could not make her up. She is an eternal and elemental force that is awesomely scary. And without the Teutonic bile and angst it really wouldn't be the same. Can you imagine a French version with breton shirt, baguette and beret? Shall we call her Sister Didi ... Now that would be an apocalypse of the imagination that makes even Inspector Clouseau seem respectable in comparision!

  30. The problem I always had with Hinduism and Buddhism was this innate sin thing: the sin of vasanas, samskaras and karma. Both are really no different from Christianity in this way. We are set up to fail from the beginning. Why? Over the years I have suspected it is not the case. We are told these things exist and then as if by magic, someone pops up who seems to have the key to the problem. But what if there weren't a problem in the first place ...

  31. Religion is over. It has been for a long time. All these gurus are just hangers-on who need to get a day-job (the devotees too).

  32. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

  33. Kevinji, slightly off-topic, but I have to protest against the ridiculous attacks against my person and the superior German culture an sich, by some silly imperial capitalists from the West.
    As we produced giants as Bach, Beethoven, Wagner and Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, Nina Hagen and Rammstein, Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Freud and Jung, Goethe, Rilke, Mann and Grass ,Marlene Dietrich, Bruno Ganz und Hanna Schygullah, Fritz Lang, Murnau, Fassbinder, Herzog and Wenders just to name a few.

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    If you don’t agree with my witty comments, reply with a wittier one, but never hit me below the belt again, since that is a fragile and holy spot for a trans-gendered
    Is that understood?

    Alles klar herr Lipp ? ( only for insiders !)

    Not tonight sister Didi, but what about Sunday, hmmm ?
    And i want a clearer picture, i'll not share my holy body with a doll.

  34. DIDI is henceforth on our sister klaus's hit list for being a VAPID interloper,and her handler is likewise sri maharaj kevinanda ki jai. durga mata ki jai.

  35. What we need is a return to good old fashioned Chi-Ting values. Compulsory viewing of Carry On movies till your eyes pop, Sid James, Hatti Jacques, Barbara Windsor plus that weird one with the nasal voice and the creepy leer. Bawdy and lewd humour is a well known cure for spiritual constipation. Now behave or I will have to put the latex gloves on!

  36. sister klaus....all the lumpish luminaries so painstakingly enumerated by you DO NOT amounnt to the occassional pimple sported on mooji's mongrel kedleft for DIDI....she'll develop a take no prisoners approach ,as she often does with the excessively depraved,,,,,,and she's got kevji's entire arsenal at her disposal,as well as his blessing.

  37. I didn't bless her, just paid for her services the same as everyone else.

  38. There's a rumour in Tiru that Bruno is Didi's Pimp. I suppose someone has to keep him in psycho-pills.

  39. Didi come and work for me. Together we shall avenge ourselves upon these patriarchal fascists.

  40. Did you mean the luminaries from Das Reich or the ones from Disneyland ?
    Ah, so it seems that mooji is didi’s pimp, always surprises on the sleeve of his Sillyness.
    As for didi ; doesn’t show much meat, eh…. think the only thing she will develop in other people is syphilis, so I cancelled my date with her, I might be an idiot, but not a fool.

  41. Lucrezia darling, how is a transgendered blow up doll going to avenge itself upon patriarchal fascism?
    It seems you have been smoking too much DMT again, stick to what you know best, Seduction and Murder!

  42. Hellfire and damnation is too good for the lot of you!

  43. While you peasants have been bickering, I have withheld the Judgement of Godot. But now I will unleash the supreme wisdom and compassion which I embody in my august personage - especially in the region of the loins which are always hot to trot! So Didi why loiter with these malcontents when you can really get down and boogie at my palatial residence by the lake.

    As Heraclitus once said while attempting to manhandle an Ionian slave boy, "Shurrup and get yer kit off!"

  44. Changing the subject slightly!

    Byron Katie was invited to Beirut - Lebanon. They asked for 50000$ for a two day event + First class airlines seats + 5 star hotel booking. How amazing when she started she gave it all for free & now she asks for 50000$ for a 2 day event. I wonder when THAT revealed ITSELF that night in the attic did it ask her for 50000$!!

  45. salacious gossip is evil lord jesus is good and will triumph with his mercy over this sinful and satanic web site. amen

  46. Thanks anon for telling us about greedy old Byron Katie. Could everyone please respond to the posting instead of all these pointless detours and discussions about 'nurse strict' and all the rest of the garbage that has been on line lately. I don't blame h for saying adios.

  47. Actually if you want a patent cure for the spiritual search - being manacled down with your eyeballs forced open (like Alex in 'Clockwork Orange') watching endless re-runs of 'Carry on Screaming', is definitely the way to go.
    The strictures of Nurse Strict are sometimes cruel but always effective!

  48. Byron Katie is quite an interesting one. "The work". Sounds rather Protestant to me. But really it is just a bit of Buddhist mind-fuckery dressed up in good ole New Age self-help thereapy. What a weird time we live in. All these preachers in the marketplace ... decked out in gold!

  49. dear anon, i totally agree with you about the garbage, i think kevinji lost controle over the ship, probably tripping on some weird drug, but do not underestimate detours, they are often very interesting, even if they seem pointless to you.

  50. this web site is headed for golgotha for some good old traditional exorcism. christ's grace saves the repentant,so dare to overcome the fetish of paganism.

  51. kevinanda,the sling aimed at david is sure to rebound on its sender with seven times the velocity it hit goliath,that is certain.

  52. Our giving contributions to a so called spiritual master may mean we are seeking to gain merit. This is just another sort of greed. Can we buy our way to enlightenment?
    Can the teacher dispense enlightenment for a fee?
    If we think so, we're all in a sorry state!

  53. re byron katie.she helped many folks through her tireless work and dedication.criticism levelled at her is the sour geapes of sore losers begrudging those who succeed.

  54. Please tell what are sour geapes? Is it a small rodent or a bizarre form of texan slang.
    As for Byron Katie it is a sad sign of warped social values that this level of insatiable greed and self delusion has become a sign of success!

  55. A geape is a small person usually found chained to the railings in the local park protesting for animals. They collect stamps, go to art movies at the weekend and wish they had a girlfriend. The last one I saw was creeping out of a Karl Renz satsang ...

  56. On the one hand Byron Katie revolutionised life for most people because they'd never stoppd to think that if they just didn't believe what was in the heads, they would feel fine. But on the other hand, she falls into the trap of making people think there is a key to success - a solution - which if they just get right, happiness will be theirs. And so the branding of her "method" began ... Have you seen the front cover of her books lately? She has become a gargoyle of self-conceit: very scary and better placed on the pages of Cosmopolitan. It's the same old story: "Come here all ye who will listen ... GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY AND I WILL GIVE YOU SALVATION!"

  57. It's all about the WORK, now aint it?
    vier fragen!!!
    four questions!!
    she's probably just another walk in or something, making us forget ALL untill we haven't got a clue, EVIL kate

  58. Dear Stoic chum of Godot,
    How is the great man and has he recovered from the shame of his exposure as Premananda's catamite? In Roman morality the perpetrator (or the Top) was perfectly acceptable but being the submissive one was a cause for instant social digrace!

  59. kevji,curiously premananda's name was david before he made the switch to the more catchy nom de plume. do you imply roman morality is the inverse of today's acceptable standards and therefore superior?

  60. Attention sour geapes "A realized soul does not desire wealth from those who approach him. So give him the flower of your mind,and obtain his benediction by devotion and service."
    Obviously Byron Katie does not fall into the above catagory.

  61. I'm just saying that Godot got shagged senseless by that rapacious toad Premananda (over that silly book). And for a man of Senatorial rank like Godot this is a cause of deep public shame and disgrace. Hope he doesn't do a Seneca and slit his wrist in a hot bath et al (Sister Klaus telling witty anecdotes before the surgeons open the veins etc etc..) We've had too much of that kind of madness round here recently.

  62. The capitalism of BK is no different to the method-packages of traditional advaita. They both presecribe a path, fitting for their cultural contexts. These silly Westerners who say charging money is not OK overlook the fact that the gurus in Tiru are doing exactly the same thing as those secondhand salesmen in the west, just for NO money at all!

  63. In my dementia i totally forgot what this post is about, it seems to be about the transformation of geapes shagged by Godot, into a neo-capitalistic alloy of Lord Byron and Spermaman.
    Wow, Kevin i really admire your imagination.
    It will be hard to write something more dadaistic, but i could give you some demented divine help.

  64. It's all an empty arising, so c'mon join the party!

  65. Can we put an end to disputation?
    Really pause and think...How can any person who has touched the divine sell his experience?

  66. You thought Tiru was bad? Wait for the invasion from Sai Baba's grieving baboons, it will make the Papaji influx look like a pleasant picnic.

    Its all over, Shiva has left the building!

  67. Maybe we can all worship Elvis instead!

  68. We at the Chi-Ting International are totally gutted at the news that Punk Heroine Poly Styrene of Xray Spex has died of cancer. As the great lady once said, "I live off you, and you live off me, and the whole world lives off of everybody ... see we're gonna be exploited, by somebody, by somebody." And not forgetting this sublime opening verse, "Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard/ But I think, oh bondage, up yours!"
    We will miss you ....

  69. yes, i also see them coming, like the barbarian Picts over the Hadrian's wall, more rip-off supermarkets are needed, more fun, more amusement, more Kasmiri shops, more Satang clowns.
    O dear,o dear, lot of rotten work to be done Swami.
    What about my retirement, hmm ?

    But one thing is in our favour...Shiva can not leave the building, because He is the building, so we just can pray that he will intervene and as the God of destruction will commit suicide or simply remove himself to Lemuria.... let them try to find him there.
    On the empty space, where once was Arunachala, we create a huge spiritual Disneyland and invite Nityananda and Byron Katie to open it with a good fuck on the lawn before the Ferris wheel, donated by Sai Baba's relatives.

  70. given their rat cunning and insatiable lust to discover and despoil,lemuria may not escape either.time will tell sister.

  71. there will be a gondola to the top of arunachala, and a macdonalds up there, soon. plus, the inner path golf course.

  72. Richard Clarke's latest posting where he is again trouble-some, meddling and involved in creating a path across Arunachala. He's obviously bored and probably needs to take up a hobby to keep him out of mischief.