Sunday, November 4, 2012

The darkness before dawn?

2012 theories and the revelations of Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar ...

"We live in interesting times," as the enigmatic Chinese saying goes. Extreme weather conditions, economic meltdown and an elite oligarchy who do not even bother to hide the fact that they are robbing the coffers blind ... A population so stupefied they don't know or don't care as long as they get the latest iPhone and their hit of reality TV ... Add to this mixture the magic numerology of 2012, a few apocalyptic messengers and the promise of ET disclosure - and you have a potent bitches' brew of End Time eschatology!

In Tiruvannamalai, the deluge of Cyclone Neelam has just drenched the streets. Local sage Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar has published numerous predictions on her website for the seismic changes now upon us:

At the end of 2012, there will be lots of chances for having ‘natural calamities’: earthquakes, heavy rain, etc… all over the world. In Tamil Nadu, it will be less. In Western countries it will be a lot more. There are a lot of saints and siddhas who have meditated in Tamil Nadu. That’s why the impact of ‘natural calamities’ will be less here.

Siva Sakthi explains that in 2012 the Earth is going to rotate faster and then slow down again - because of the weight of humanity's karma. Our planet is not able to tolerate adharma, the path against nature or the 'truthless path'. So this is causing the atma jyothi - the light of atma or light of the spirit - to come to the centre with a 'jerk' (perhaps a major vibrational change or axis shift?) In March 2011, she gave her one of her most detailed predictions of the troubles to come:

There are more 'natural calamities' waiting to happen throughout the world by way of water, earthquakes and tornados. Natural calamities will happen in India. There will be loss of lives. Tamil Nadu will also be affected: wind and heavy rains; extreme heat. There will be a small, but felt, earthquake in Tamil Nadu. Rameswaram and Kanyakumari will get heavy rain and wind, which will cause the wave surge on the beaches in Rameswaram to get higher. People living on the coastline need to be very alert and careful. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka will get heavier winds and rains and more destruction ...

Siva Sakthi then advises that these 'natural calamities' can be mitigated through sadhana and bhakti. If we close our eyes and meditate, she counsels, focusing on the Diamond Light (manickam) inside for ten minutes each time, this light will then travel upwards and clear our personal karmic blockages in the head. (Basically if you're pure enough, you will survive these troubled times!)

Siva Sakthi's 2012 predictions take the form of an End Time scenario involving morality and environmental disaster. The indigenous wisdom of particularly North and South America and the Dogon peoples of West Africa foretells major Earth changes and contact by "star beings" (i.e. extraterrestrials) who they say, have always been in contact with their ancestors, elders and shamans. The predictions of Chippewa medicine woman No Eyes, recorded from the early 1970s by Mary Summer Rain, point to the earthquakes, nuclear accidents, extraterrestrial visitors, and economic meltdown to come. Perhaps most famously she says that when the Phoenix Days come - the time of the world's regeneration - there will be a greenish hue in the sky. Robert Morning Sky's Terra Papers give an elaborate galactic history, revealed by an ET named Bek' Ti to his (alleged) Native American grandfather. The Hopi Prophecies have also long spoken about the emergence of the Fifth World making reference to World War III and the time when Saquasohuh - the Blue Star Kachina - will dance in the plaza (presumably an alien landing of some sort or the arrival of a star or comet).

Non-human races are a huge feature of Endtime predictions both old and new. Some commentators think that Nostradamus predicted how the existence of ETs will be revealed. In Century 4-28, he says that with the event of Venus covering the Sun, a previously "hidden form" will come into view. Broadly interpreted, the quatrain possibly hints that world leaders will take an aggressive, warlike stance at this discovery. Additionally, as early as 1448 we have the detailed Mother Shipton Prophecy. These few lines are particularly striking:

And before the race is built anew, a silver serpent comes to view
And spews out men of like unknown, to mingle with the earth now grown.
Cold from its heat and these men can, enlighten the minds of future man.
To intermingle and show them how, to live and love and thus endow
The children with the second sight. A natural thing so that they might
Grow graceful, humble and when they do, the Golden Age will start anew.

Some think the "silver serpent" Mother Shipton mentions is an alien ship - and in the minds of many, these older and more ancient references make the existence of extraterrestrials an indisputable fact. As a result these narratives have been linked to the end of the Mayan calendar and also modern spiritual teachings of ascension, which state that under extraterrestrial guidance, mankind is currently moving to a higher dimensional (or fully inter-dimensional) reality. Thus today we have multiple websites sporting the channelled messages of Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation of Light (as channelled by Sheldan Nidle, Mike Quinsey, Greg Giles, Wes Annac, Steve Beckow etc), the Andromeda Council and many more. All speak of a battle between the forces of light and dark, the better of which are fighting for control of the planet and the coming of mankind's Golden Age.

David Icke who has visited Tiru as a guest of Jacqueline Marie Longstaff has long championed claims that an offworld race is controlling Earth via an organisation known as the Babylonian Brotherhood (the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, the IMF, the UN, etc etc). His infamous theory is that a reptilian intelligence called the Anunnaki from the Draco constellation is drinking our blood and has imprisoned us in a low vibration holographic reality, having seeded itself in an elite bloodline including that of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, the Bush family and the British monarchy. These days the mockery has truly worn off since many of his outlandish predictions have come true (e.g. the Gulf of Mexico/New Orleans hurricanes; the attack on New York in 2001; the corporate Orwellian nightmare scenario and the New World Order; an engineered economic crash in 2008; and the paedophilia of Jimmy Savile linked to the British government and Prince Charles).

The progenitor of Icke's vision is Pleiadean channeller Barbara Marciniak (she encouraged him to discuss reptilian bloodlines). In her cult classic Bringers of the Dawn, she explains how - 300,000 years ago - Earth was wrested from the hands of the Original Planners of the Family of Light and taken over by "space beings" who were part reptilian and part human. "The Lizzies" as she affectionately calls them, temporarily inserted themselves on Earth via a portal in the Middle East and proceeded to biologically engineer forms of life. Critically they downgraded human DNA from twelve strands to two in order to control mankind - and continue to this day, to feed on human emotions such as fear and violence as their source of nourishment. Further, these "Creator Gods" are set to return. It is therefore the spiritual task of humanity to throw off its reptilian shackles and activate the Living Library of Earth: to restore Earth and humanity to the forefront of creation. Apparently, at this time in history the Lizzies are losing control of the planet and our DNA helix is retooling. Additionally, just like the Pleiadeans, we are Game Masters who have the capacity to orchestrate reality in order to learn the value of life. By using our sexuality as a bridge to higher consciousness and restoring the feminine principle within each and every one of us, we can reclaim our cosmic birthright ...

The master narrative on which these modern contemporaries draw is the work of Zecharia Sitchin. He translated the ancient Sumerian clay tablets which in the Babylonian creation myth, the Enûma Eliš, speak of a non-human race called the Anunnaki. Sitchin said their name means "those who from heaven to earth came" and identified the Anunnaki with the Biblical Nephilim (the "Watchers" of the Book of Enoch). Then he sensationally declared that 450,000 years ago these aliens had come to Earth from the Planet Nibiru to mine for gold and minerals. However, they also mutinied in protest at their working conditions (sounds a bit like our so-called free market!) and as a result, head honcho Enki decided to outsource labour to improve production. With his half-sister Ninhursag, he genetically engineered a hybrid slave worker: a crossbreed of Anunnaki genes with homo erectus. The Anunnaki 'Gods' then departed after some seriously fratricidal in-fighting but left a genetically pumped up hybrid - a blue blood/reptilian elite - in charge to mind the shop (hence that famous nonsense the Divine Right of Kings!)

Meanwhile an important alternative cosmology comes from the little known Welsh psychic surgeon, Chris Thomas, who claims to be hardwired into the Akashic records. On his two recent Youtubes, he reveals that the reptilian influence came from a group called the 14th Faction who have systematically attempted to eradicate free will in our universe. His idée fixe involves something called the Human Plan where the population of the planet must complete their "soul reintegration" by the end of 2012. In the last 300 years however, an alien race called the Velon (with their 6 subtribes including the Hathor and the Anunnaki) have attempted to sabotage the Human Plan via their acolytes, the Illuminati, and claim Earth for themselves. He therefore suggests that the work of Marciniak and Sitchin plus all channelled material is a product of the Velon agenda: a reality insert meant to confuse mankind and make them think the Velon are their saviours and creators (i.e. the Gods incarnate). In a similar vein, Peggy Kane exposes the dark underbelly of both angelic consciousnesses and media depictions of blood, horror and war. Through her use of extensive reverse speech analysis, she maintains that these are simply reptilian strategies for feeding on human emotions. But she goes even further. She says that these entities are energetically raping us while we sleep. They are torturing humans and literally consuming their flesh in hanging pens on Orion and Mars (like a particularly grisly meatlocker scene from the TV series "V"!)

Where does all this leave us? Perhaps with a lot less than we might imagine ...

Take Barbara Marciniak. On closer inspection, she goes little further than The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, which inspired her. This series of channellings, which began in the early 1960s, focuses on creative manifestation, which via the work of Shakti Gawain, Esther Hicks, and Rhonda Byrne's The Secret (and many more) has become the callsign of the New Ager and their comrade-in-arms, the modern therapist. The message here is that you can shape your life. By the use of focused thought, visualisation, and positive affirmations you can transform the world. This is what we in the Chi-Ting office like to call the moral fascism of Louise L. Hay. That is: if you are not having the happy, problem-free life that you want, it's your own fault! Or put another way: if you have problems, you created them and there's something wrong with you!

This is nothing more than a tale of purity and spiritual betterment. 

The built-in assumption here is that the world (and oneself) is bad, wrong, flawed or somehow deviant and must become something else. Further, this transformation will naturally be desired by someone who is spiritually and morally 'correct'. Basically it's a rightwing consumerist guilt trip built on the legacy of original sin, flaunting a consummate belief in free will: the power to choose (or not) and control your own reality. David Icke spins the same line: we can make this world the way we want it: YOU can do it. Here we have a massive dose of personal autonomy - someone with the intrinsic power to achieve something - injected into the architecture of Christian dualism while climbing the Stairway to Heaven. It's good versus evil time again folks and only the elect and pure of heart will be saved!

All these jaded cosmologies offer us is a composite domination myth across a polarised battlefield of light versus dark. Nothing much has changed since the time of Zoroaster! What's especially worthy of note is that the Bible sounds very similar to the Sumerian cuneiform record ... and 2012 theories tend to mirror both. So perhaps the religions we see today originate in and mirror the mechanism of power and control, which existed in the Anunnaki times: set up across the hierarchy of Creator God, spiritual intermediary, and human subjects. Meanwhile within the new alien cosmologies we see today, across a modern-day hierarchy of spiritual power, we see aliens replace (or consort with) angels; nature (the original indigenous peoples of Earth) has once again been destroyed by culture (the technologically advanced, extraterrestrial Creator Gods); and the "higher" must for the billionth time, subsume or overcome the "lower". And as for the aliens coming to save us ... errr isn't that the Second Coming?! This is nothing more than an "I"-centric attempt to redeploy the divisive forces of Judaeo-Christianity in the name of "freedom" and "spirituality"!

It is easy to see, then, where the notions of the "higher self" come from which pepper New Age literature and 2012 theories. In both the Sumerian cuneiform record and the Bible, we have an authoritarian male Creator God from, or in, the heavens who is perfect and must be obeyed by the lesser mortals on the earth. Meanwhile these lesser mortals exist only to serve God yet rather curiously, perpetually go off-program. These themes have been translated into the higher and lower nature of man - the spiritual nature versus the animal nature - the latter of which must bow down to the former. Judaeo-Christian salvation lies in overcoming the animal nature, which inspired by the Devil (Satan) constantly conspires to tempt us.

It's equally unmistakable what these ascension parables really are. In Christian theology those who are good and obey will go up to Heaven, while those who don't will get left behind and descend into the fiery realms of Hell. Look at the hugely popular Ra material - The Law of One - which originates in the Orion Group and rather creepily mentions a "harvest" of ripe souls around 2012. Watched over by angelic consciousnesses, the Confederation and the Guardians, apparently those operating according to the "violet ray emanation" will undergo a transition from the third to the fourth density. David Wilcock who now speaks and writes prolifically on "soul growth, ascension and the evolution of consciousness" - and had the No.1 video on Youtube, The 2012 Enigma - started off with the Law of One. Then there is David Wolfe the self-proclaimed raw foods guru - and the newly re-invigorated Breatharian movement. In both cases, via our food choices (or lack of them), we can steer ourselves to a higher spiritual level and fall in with the agenda of good ETs who are battling bad ETs in a bid to save the planet. Interestingly David Wolfe and David Wilcock are friends: they have appeared together on Youtube talking about "Earth changes", a "transformation of the human spirit to a higher evolution" and welcoming in "visitors" while this shift comes into being. Wolfe is also deeply involved with the modern-day Essene movement. Meanwhile Breatharianism draws on the 90s' channellings of Charmaine Harley (made famous by faux Australian avatar Jasmuheen) and the Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs. The principle ethos here is that we must move away from the poison of cooked food to the purity of raw food, liquids and even just saliva, prana, ch'i or light. In so doing we gain access to a higher dimension; get lighter and less dense; and become more spiritual rather than material.

Suspiciously many of these endeavours end in the attempt to become 'superhuman' or even the gods themselves. But surely this is just the Anunnaki's semi-divine intermediaries - the genetically enhanced slaveworkers they left behind - and the very Creator Gods themselves all over again!. Now we must defeat the old gods, replacing them with ourselves, the new gods. Or even better, we must return ourselves to the state of those from whom the planet was stolen by the Annunaki. Fascinatingly, Sitchin's translation indicates that when they engineered their gold mining slave workers (i.e. US!), the Anunnaki or "Elder Gods" also spliced their own DNA with the prior, indigenous race of Earth (the "Ancient Ones") whom they had defeated:

Man is born of sadness, for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones, but has the Spirit of the Elder Gods breathed into him. And his heart goes to the Ancient Ones, but his mind is turned towards the Elder Gods, and this is the war which shall be always fought, unto the last generation of man; for the world is unnatural.

Here the battle is between the natural ancient/indigenous and the unnatural Elder Gods/reptilian influence. This is a war between blood and spirit, also heart and mind. And once again, we must restore ourselves to an original pristine state, which has always been a part of us, but has been masked by an interfering, alien "other".

This type of spiritual reinvention is common at critical junctures in history when there is endemic fear, confusion and doubt. For example, at the time of the sack of the Jerusalem Temple in AD70, the centre of the Jewish world disappeared, its community scattered and the position of the followers of Jesus became highly polarised in relation to other Jews. An eschatology of angels and demons could explain these catastrophic events, which the Jews and the virtue of their religion had been powerless to prevent. A newly transformed concept of "satan" (which was originally a superhuman agent of God sent to protect humans from harm) allowed New Testament writers to account for the misfortune of the Jews as the forces of "evil" acting through certain people. In a similar vein we see the Essenes - identifying themselves with "Israel" - calling themselves the "Sons of Light" in contrast with the remainder of the Jews who they refer to as the "Sons of Darkness." Their sacred texts invoke secrets of angelology allowing for the identification of themselves from evil 'others' within the Jewish faith. This is a veritable tale of the dispossessed: a way for the disenfranchised to put themselves back on the top of the pile!

In just the same way, today we have never been so unsure. Our economic system seems to be collapsing, it appears that certain powerful elites are squeezing off our food supply and in the mind of conspiracy theorists, there may even be a deliberate attempt to substantially reduce the global population. From this we can see it would be unwise to consider 2012 cosmologies and predictions apart from the politico-economic context in which they arise. These must in part be a counternarrative to the unfairness and inequality of the prevailing culture: an act of resistance by the socially disaffected. They are the cry in the wilderness of the victims of society: the lame, the holt and the blind. The God Kings of the market have failed and the roof is about to fall in!

This also reveals the nature of prophesy and psychic messages. Regardless of whether they are accurate (which is nearly always impossible to tell), such predictions play the all-important role of staiving off fear and providing temporary relief from hardship, pain, and not knowing. These elaborate doomsday stories are merely attempts to manage uncertainty and their future prognostications are only ever projections, rather than truth. Nevertheless they give space for an injection of hope and the possibility of a brighter future. A brighter future that in fact, may never come ...

You may think from all of this, that we at Chi-Ting are against ETs, don't believe in an alternative history of Earth, or think that there are no natural disasters to come. Not so. We don't doubt that there are extraterrestrials and that there is far more to the story of this planet than has been officially recognised. Additionally our species is constantly evolving and adapting to its environment. We know that man only uses a fraction of his brain capacity and that the field of DNA and human consciousness has barely begun to be explored. As Aurobindo said: "Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the Earth evolution." But we do suggest that these alternative cosmologies may not be all that they seem ... and that they can be hijacked for other, less than pristine agendas ...

Firstly, the thirst for an alternative account can lead innocents into the lair of wolves. Look at the cocaine-adled lunacy of the likes of Benjamin Fulford and his chums the White Dragon Society, the Gnostic Illuminati and the rightwing gun lobbyist Drake. All of these characters take some version of the Illuminati tale for granted and their conspiracy theories linked to everyday global politics have swollen to epidemic, fantasy proportions. (Apparently the new Messiah is none other than Vladmir Putin and the Pope was supposed to resign back in April!) Many of the "truther" websites inculcate far more fear and negativity than the original scenarios they are reporting on. Further, literally millions of internet readers were waiting and waiting this year for the infamous "green light". This was when the long anticipated mass arrests of the Global Cabal/Illuminati were supposed to occur alongside extraterrestrial intervention, prior to actual alien disclosure (commonly referred to as The Event). Of course nothing happened and it was all postponed to some imaginary date in the future with a host of 'good reasons' given. This is just another playground for psychosis. Cast adrift in a mental projection which has little crossover with everyday life, this world is just as illusory as the one beamed out by state-run/corporate media!

Secondly, there are other accounts apart from the Sitchin-inspired version which remain somewhat overshadowed and marginal. These also need to be considered especially as Sitchin - alongside his peers von Däniken and Velikovsky who pioneered Ancient Astronaut Theory - have been much criticised for their literalism, sloppy research and/or wide translations. The work of R.A. Boulay for example, may present a more coherent account of the reptilian/saurian saga, while the Nag Hammadi Codices are particularly important for presenting a more female-centred story. In Origin of the World 116, the Gnostics talk about the Archons (extraterrestrials uncannily similar to what today we call the greys and the reptilians) who they say were sexually attracted to Eve, wife of Adam. The text describes Eve as a "luminous woman": the Archons planned to rape her in order to obscure her inner light but she was aware of their plan and easily outwitted them. In this case alien intrusion into the affairs of Planet Earth was unsuccessful; Eve was smarter than the aliens; and the human race was never genetically corrupted by ET forces.

Thirdly, if Sitchin's interpretation has been questioned, what about the Sumerian clay tablets he was translating - or for that matter the Nag Hammadi Codices? Religious texts are always highly political and these would have been written by elite scribes to present a certain view. Here truth and fiction hardly come into it. What was the purpose of these texts and what did their authors intend us to think or believe as a result of reading them? Further, if there really are extraterrestrials, these texts may be the trance writings or direct channellings of these non-human intelligences. What would be the intent behind giving such information and would that information necessarily be true? As John de Ruiter once remarked, channellings are 'lower beings talking about higher things' ... Would a higher being engage in the mutually parasitic activity of channelling in the first place? What is the status then, of the messages received in recent times, which so often suggest the superiority of alien beings, a certain unsubstantiated worldview, and even a preferred American presidential candidate? These are questions which must be asked but seldom are ... Cui bono?

All of this information potentially leaves us floundering in the dark. Symptomatic of an "I"-centred state of mental agitation, we are left with more questions than answers. Is this really the darkness before dawn as the likes of Barbara Marciniak promise or a prelude to a fall into the abyss?

Perhaps Advaita can help to answer this question ... We started this post with Siva Sakthi and her revelations of natural disasters. Advaita tells us that all of this Endtime drama is shadow-boxing with ghosts of our own making: a wholesale projection of the terror engendered by the death of the ego. Further, because the world is both real and unreal, while debating which version of Earth's history is "true" is completely valid, for Advaitins, there is more to this than meets the eye. According to Advaita there is no time. History is only an 'apparent' happening. Nothing truly ever exists or occurs. On the one hand then, because these environmental disasters and the corruption and murderous intentions of the elite are definitely real, Advaita urges us to take these happenings very seriously. But on the other, because it also says that these events are equally unreal, Advaita reminds us that there is an additional dimension to economic meltdown and the impact of extreme weather conditions such as Hurricane Sandy and Cyclone Neelam. Essentially life is not quite what it seems: anything that happens is undeniable yet an empty, transient drama of unknown quantity. Advaita therefore fully acknowledges what is going on in the world today in all its profundity, while at the same time underlining its ephemeral nature.

This makes Siva Sakthi's predictions all the more fascinating and engaging. We seem to be in the midst of the Earth changes she speaks of and yet, this remains the maya of existence. Here perhaps we have the clothing for the skeleton of Advaitic philosophy. What can often be a very dry, abstruse form of Indian intellectuality springs to life when applied to what amounts to a new history of the planet; a galactic shift in human consciousness; and the possibility of other types of being. Is perhaps the attainment of the Self found in Advaita, the self-same "ascension" described in 2012 theories? Where do they cross over, if at all? After all, many of the modern-day writers and theorists we have mentioned in this post speak of Oneness and the end of separation. Is this the same as "enlightenment" described so often in the Eastern religions?

There are obvious correspondences but there are also substantial differences ... And, to get too drawn into this line of enquiry, overlooks the fact that Advaita has at least two serious problems:

1) Advaita is simply another calcified religious belief system. It seeks to dominate the human individual and place their spirituality at the feet of a divine being or the promise of a future realised Self. We already know for example, that the power structure of Christianity may build on the Anunnaki setup remarked upon within the Sumerian cuneiform record. The theme here seems to be "as above, so below". In ancient India, were there also gods descending into or interacting with their divinely appointed intermediaries on Earth: the priest-kings and their religious teachers? Does Advaita also originate in a hierarchy of power and control based on a long forgotten episode buried in the ancient past?

2) Advaita has not yet got to grips with the issue of personal autonomy. While talking about the Earth changes to come, Siva Sakthi pays homage to the god Siva and displays the predominant Advaitic fixation on purity. She operates within the moral framework of karma and advises turning inward to fix on the light of the Atma. Strangely, this makes Advaita appear not so different from Christianity since apparently, the Advaitin also has the power to choose to better themselves spiritually. But this is not actually the case when we look at Advaitic philosophy. Whereas personal autonomy is the lynchpin of Judaeo-Christian theology, Advaita purportedly questions this inbuilt assumption and instead, analyses its status. In Advaita, no single entity or thing has any absolute existence or non-existence. An "I" is therefore impossible (and so is the intrinsic essence of any object). So there is always free will but rather than it being "real" (as in a concrete, permanent entity), it is both real and unreal (as in a temporary appearance). Put another way, it is not that there is "no" free will. Rather, it is that there is no "one" to have it.

However virtually all of Advaita's proponents are caught up in the inane argument of whether there is or isn't free will. Just like Christianity, they too are stuck in the belief that there is (or isn't) the personal autonomy to do something. So when Siva Sakthi advises us to focus on the Diamond Light, there is a huge problem. There is no one truly there to do this and this means that whether it happens or not cannot be controlled. The Advaitic gurus who instruct their devotees to engage in spiritual practice are simply reinforcing the belief in an absolutely existent "I" WHICH HAS NEVER, EVER EXISTED! Here they are reinventing the notion of an all-powerful self with the ability to achieve something (the Judaeo-Christian Creator God again in a personal form!) This is the Gordian Knot explored in the recently republished Spiritual Humanism vs Neo Advaita. Convoluted verbal gymnasts Alan Stoltz and Möller de la Rouvière engage in a tortuous discussion with a slightly bemused Tony Parsons about self-enquiry - and who there is to do it. After a while it becomes a trilateral exercise in banality. Each of them argues ad nauseam and only succeeds in eating their own tail! Where is the wit, vigour and aliveness in all this verbiage? This is the graveyard shift locked in an endless loop of déjà vu!

Advaita - just like the New Age agenda and 2012 theories - is a promise to nowhere. All it has to offer is a perpetual cycle of extreme spiritual disappointment. And it's exactly the same fixation on purity and spiritual betterment we've been hearing about for eons! Meanwhile the rest of us are no better off. We are left with rising food bills and the struggle to afford petrol and heating: in other words full throttle existential meltdown. Perhaps this is the biggest apocalypse of all ...


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how few Advaitins really understand Advaita. This post will be lost on the majority of them who will keep banging on about atma vichara. Funnily enough it is David Icke who comes closest. His "holographic reality" explains how the universe might be "real and unreal" far better than any Advaita teacher!

  2. Your favourite KittenNovember 5, 2012 at 10:46 AM

    Great article ... Unfortunately I consider Icke part of that which he is supposed to be exposing. I wouldn't trust him if he had gold hanging out of his bottom ... And all the earthquakes, storms etc have clearly been created with HAARP so I do not think it is karma creating it. It is the elite working on the buttons even lately with Sandy ... The criminals need to be arrested but OK, I might have simplified it too much here.

  3. Apparently Sandy was engineered to wipe all our birth certificates off the computers? Look here:

  4. On the eve of something VERY IMPORTANT - the US Election - and the sure defeat of nasty reptilian Mitt Romney - and with 2012 almost over with no end-game in sight, and my birth certificate safely wrapped up in a tin box from Tiru market ... the Earth goes around the Sun, the crickets still chirr. The Mayans had to end their calendar somewhere. If it had been 2020 the internet would have been full of predictions for that date. One thing is certain, there is no end to stupidity.

  5. The only 3 Gurus as far as I know who make prophecies and advertisement for the End-game drivel are Sivasakti, Amritanandamayi and Satya Sai Baba. They are not really shining examples of Advaitic teachers, it's all about worship and devotion and getting a better life through service. And even our local clown and super-fraud Nithya seems not to be interested in prophecies. He has other fish to fry!

    My knowledge of Advaita teachers is very limited - so I can’t say if they also play along in the Endtime game - but even if they do it doesn’t matter. This End-game thing is just a load of bollocks, without anything substantial. And it sprouts from very scary people’s totally deranged minds. At least Advaita is a way of life - or a view you can embrace - acknowledge or ignore, whatever!

    Even if Advaita is not for me, I can imagine it "works" or might be useful to some people - to see their lives more clearly - even if it is outdated and disappointing. The End game thing is just a huge hoax, a mass-hysteria, a global deception just to satisfy some maniacs colossal Ego. Just look from which part of the world most of these freaks come - America! Exactly!

    And what is this rubbish about rising food bills, struggling for petrol and heating. About which part of the world are you talking, the stinking rich part who can easily do with 60% less - or poor farmers in the third world countries who commit suicide because of this economic debacle. But, yes, this is just is my humble opinion, which I will happily change for any other useless opinion. Maybe after a Premananda retreat I will see the light from a more divine perspective!

  6. My dear Firefly,

    I am so delighted to learn you are now booking your reservation for a Premananda retreat. You have chosen very wisely, if I may say so, myself.

    His Holiness, the Bhagwan Premanada is one of the few fully realized Masters still functioning in the Vyavaharika Sutyam following the Mahasamadhis of both his former gurus, first the Mahatma Rajneesh Osho of Pune, followed by His Eminence the Sri Sri H.W.L. Poonja, affectionately known as Papaji, latterly of Lucknow.

    Papaji as everyone knows, was one of the rare recipients of Nayana Deeksha from Sri Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi, of the Arunachala caves and foothills of Tiruvannamalai.

    As Master Premanada explains, one must have trust in the Master to obtain maximum spiritual benefit. And I believe your firefly’s light was an essential tool and a gift that has allowed you to obtain your inner trust. Your sadhana will therefore place you directly in an authentic lineage of genuine Advaita Masters and you will avoid becoming entrapped in one of the numerous, lethal “Neo-Advaita” spiritual backwaters.

    In due time we look forward to seeing Winter advertisements in
    Tiru for Satsangs given by “Swami Firefly” the Advaita Master who will "light your way to Moksha and Nirvana".

    With all good wishes and blessing for your rapid spiritual progress, I am,

    Yours faithfully,

    Myles O'Blarney

  7. really there is too little personal abuse in this article. Standards are slipping

  8. Let's say society is inherently evil because it is founded on violence, class struggle and exploitation. It might be a necessary evil, but it is still evil nevertheless. Forget about conspiracy theories, it's obvious greed and corruption from the 'big end of town' and myriad developers who have no regard for people or the environment are powering ahead.
    The law is a huge problem, only serving the wealthy and privileged. Forget the masses they have to somehow fend for themselves. You can't really change society. Ramana was well aware of the caste system and led by example. The Dalits and the downtrodden were refused access to well water. Ramana would stand patiently until the grass-gatherers came home with their huge bundles, hot and exhausted. He would draw water for them, showered them with refreshing liquid, and they thanked him for his mercy. As for David Icke, if he is the one who really understands Advaita ... well, pigs might fly!

  9. OBAMA: So the channellers were right and the astrologers were wrong! Archangel Michael puts the channellers ahead with a divinely inspired opening goal (see here). And astrologer Steve Judd makes a huge pratt of himself while putting the ball into his own net (see here).

    Final result: Channellers 2 Astrologers 0!

  10. Not everyone is thrilled about obama's election, over in the States. Icke has a number of Youtube videos: Obama - The False Messiah. He also wrote about Obama's links to the reptilians before his last election in 2008: Obama: The Naked Emperor.

  11. Separation has never existed even though it feels this way. Read this book: "Proof of Heaven" by Dr Eben Alexander. He was an atheist neuroscientist who fell into a coma and experienced non-separation. He says neuroscience tell us that at death the working brain switches off so consciousness ends: "Pull the plug and the TV goes dead" basically. For science then, he says that Near Death Experiences, enlightenment and mystical states etc are simply the conjuring of the brain apparatus. But during his coma, he found out differently. His neocortex went completely dead and yet he STILL encountered consciousness, completely free of the limitations of the brain. He says: "I had no real centre of consciousness ... a single awareness in the midst of a soupy, dark, muddy nothingness that had no beginning and no end ... I was part of the Divine ... the (false) suspicion that we can somehow be separated from God is the root of every form of anxiety in the universe and the cure for it ... No places to miss, no people to mourn. I had come from nowhere and had no history ... I was completely free of my bodily identity."

    He suggests that we are all in a position of 'partial amnesia' where we have forgotten some key aspect about ourselves while in fact we are love and never disconnected.

  12. I have listened to the earnest boy camper, Dr. Steven Greer talk about his Disclosure Project, watched videos of his presentation at the National Press Club, US, with pilots and govt officials confessing their incredible and personal experiences directly with UFOs. It’s all SHOW BUSINESS. Greer is a real nut job. He has spawned his own version of a loony California Flower Child UFO religion. He and his paying parishioners go to meadows in the West Country in the UK, often near Crop Circles, as Earth Ambassadors to invite contact with Extraterrestrial beings by means of group meditation and prayer. They then record anomalous events consisting of lights in the sky, or sounds, or voices within the static of tape recorders. Sometimes they get a crop circle manifested nearby with a shape meaningfully related to a form they have projected to the interdimensional UFO visitors.

  13. Forget Steven Greer, what about wannabe alien David Wilcock, he of the enlarged frontal lobes? He's been promising us Disclosure for years and was the patsy for the Drake NON-Event. He also believes he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. This nerd has been fed disinformation for years and he still hasn't got it! Please will someone erase him from the airwaves. This guy is just one buzzsaw headache!

  14. Interesting Election Data here

  15. I think Advaita definitely has a link with some kind of "forgotten past". Look at the murtis that are annually processed in Tiru. Indians invoke the deity and it is believed to actually enter the idol which they then garland and worship, carrying it around the town. If this isn't some kind of ET/entity entering a semi-divine intermediary on earth, I don't know what is. Icke suggests that reptilian forces may have entered shamans (serving a king on earth) with the intent of taking them over and obliterating their ancient/indigenous knowledge. This is possibly where many of the religions come from, including Hinduism.

  16. Pissed Off InsiderNovember 8, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    Take a look at Max Moore and his development of Extropianism leading to Ray Kurzweil’s bogus “The Singularity is Near” books and followers. What these Singularity assholes do not grok is that the planet is totally controlled by power-hungry Sicilian mafia-type dudes. If push comes to shove, there is no fuckin’ way they are going to let any fricken “Singularity” bullshit happen. You think they are going to let some kind of hippy computers move into their territory and take over? Think again!

    What can I say? Maybe there will be some kind of unexpected disruption at the assembly plant. Who knows? After which, 'lots of computer code is gonna be swimmin wid da fishes' ... if you get my drift!

  17. I am too stupid to read this post. My even more obese wife said: "Don’t read it O.F. You will break your feeble brain and leave me alone on the couch with our 5 obese infants!" Is it not possible to write an abridged, condensed or even bowdlerized version? Or maybe even just the highlights of this undoubtedly very interesting post? Or are we poor people punished with a mini-brain for our sins in a former life - left out as usual and condemned to watch another bloody soap, ridiculous sitcom or a silly quiz we don’t even understand! Also WE want to make some progress in the spiritual world, even if it is just a tiny little bit. It would make us so happy.

    Have mercy on us, the downtrodden of the Earth, Oh Most Eminent Kevinji, Protector of the Forsaken.

  18. Dear Blubberguts
    If your overburdened colon can cope with all that crap junk food you shove down your gullet, surely your raddled soul can digest something a little more palatable and nourishing. Try chomping on this post in a serene and enlightened fashion ... Illumination will surely follow. Yours His Holiness Sri Sri SRI Kevinandaji ...

  19. Pissed Off InsiderNovember 8, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    Hoo-ray and be-gosh! Now anyone, whatever his or her age or gender or formal schooling or level on the S&M scale, can now obtain an online Certificate from ExoUniversity via streaming video in the field of Exo-Sciences, Psi-Sciences and Exo-Politics. We can explore time travel and teleportation and discover the intelligent life forms on Mars. Alfred Lambremont Webre tells us that "the ExoUniversity Certificate will have marketplace, entrepreneurial and employment value. These days when you are going for a job," he says, "or you are an entrepreneur, putting this Certificate on your resume or on a job application may be a big help" since your courses at the ExoUniverstity "will address Energy Medicine and Quantum Access Sciences, which are not available at any other universities at this time."

    Wow. What a thrilling and unexpected advance!

  20. Thank you so much Myles, for your kind support. I am really looking forward to my retreat with His Holiness Sri Premananda - not only because I completely trust him - but because he is an honourable member of the Lightweaver Initiative. Its motto is to Love the Light, which I as a humble Firefly can understand so well. I also fully endorse the objective of the Lightweaver Initiative, which is the "expansion and interconnection of the global resonant field". Here is a great opportunity for us sadhaks to join hands and connect our love for Advaita with the wisdom of the bearers of the spiritual light. We can create a better world, a world where darkness doesn’t exist and Love prevails. We can put flowers in guns again as we did in the sixties. Our next meeting is at Deepavali, the Hindu Festival of Light on November 13, in Sri Sri Nithyananda’s (another famous Lightweaver!) ashram. My wish is to meet all the Chi-Ting devotees: Sri Kevinanda, Myles - and even that bitch Lucrezia. Then we can make a great push forward to free the world of the dark forces, Reptilians and other vipers, bloodsuckers and parasites (like Richard Clarke) and make room for the eternal Light of Truth, Peace and Love.

    P.S. ex Chi-Ting luminary Sister Klaus is not invited!

  21. Professor of World ReligionsNovember 9, 2012 at 8:50 PM

    The Advaitic definition of enlightenment has little to no crossover with the New Age one. Take Jasmuheen: "... enlightenment, so keenly sought by Eastern esoteric students, is achieved by fine tuning the four lower bodies [physical, emotional, mental and spiritual] not only in spiritual resonance with each other but to a pitch that allows the Higher Self or Soul and then the I Am Presence, Inner God or Christ Consciousness to take full residence within the physical body."

    "Enlightenment" itself is a Christian translation of the term "nirvana", a Sanskrit word. This Sanskrit word means "blown out" or "extinguished" - as in a total absence of all trace of identity or self (BOTH IN THE PERSON AND ALL THINGS). The concept of "enlightenment" meanwhile is a Christian invention which envisages someone being filled with a divine light, much like the imagery we see in the Bible.

    So "enlightenment" has nothing to do with the "Eastern" religions. And, for the record, there is no relationship between the "nirvana" of Buddhism and the "Self realisation" of Advaita. The Advaitic "Self" is a non-dual entity or state. In Buddhism, there is no entity or state, period, to have such non-dual characteristics. Such an entity or state would always be the attainment of a self or an identity.

  22. nah, professor ... it's alllll metaphor


    i liked this blog post, a summary of current western "spirituality"

  23. Religion has always been enslavement - and that includes New Agers and Advaita. Each person has their own way unique to them and that simply unfolds. It is built in and just happens automatically. It is our birthright and it is absolutely free. That 'path' which is in fact anything but set out (it is spontaneously appearing and very mysterious) may cross over with religions, spiritual ideas and practices many times but we always take what we need and move on. So the religions serve their purpose but they are never US or TRUTH per se. This is where the problem comes. Somehow we start thinking there is ONE way that it REALLY is. This is definitely the trap of religion and cults of ONENESS proliferate in the New Age and Advaita alike ...

  24. This is really relevant to the post. How we've been programmed to believe the EXACT OPPOSITE of what's true: click here.

  25. changing the subjectNovember 10, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    It is very comforting to know that Tamil Nadu will be less impacted by natural calamities than in the Western World. Thank you shiva shakti. Now I'm seriously considering settling in TN permanently. But what still concerns me is the impact of man-made disasters in the state. Particularly the nuclear power stations which were not given a clean bill of health by nuclear scientists in Delhi. oops! That must be what all the protests were about. Protests? Oh right, they were all hushed up. Only got media coverage in the Western World. Anyway, that was before the election. Now the focus is on the end of the Mayan Calendar and the fiscal cliff. But that won't effect TN because India is almost the leading economic power in the world, just waiting for China to blowout. And besides India doesn't need the Western World anymore, thats why the Brits will finish the 400 million aid by 2015. Of course, by then we'll be looking back to the beginning of a new consciousness and realising that nothing actually happened. That is unless despite the lesser impact of natural calamities in TN it was not enough to ward off a Fukushima type meltdown in a town not too far from saints and siddhas central.

  26. I am overjoyed that you could spare us a minute of your precious time, Oh Holy One, but a little disappointed that you (like the honourable Mr Myles) don’t really understand our problem. You are probably one of those slender-waisted gentlemen with very tight asses we see in fashion magazines, so I forgive you your ignorance. Even a Chi-ting Master cannot know everything, I guess.

    But on a more serious note ... The Missus was reading something about the latest trend of becoming a Breatharian and she insists that this will be our next destination in life. Now I have some doubts if that is a realistic goal for obese couch potatoes like us, but the Missus is determined to go all the way. Now I have this little idea ... If we succeed in becoming Breatharians and then also stop our breath, won't we become Arians? And then we can actually achieve what the Nazis failed to do: the creation of the Super Human Arian Couch-Potato Übermensch. We will rule the world and have our revenge on the tight asses!

    But wait a minute, could that also be the secret agenda of the Breatharian movement and is there a connection with the White Brotherhood? However, in our case there is a tiny flaw: my grandmother was Jewish! Do you think that would jeopardise our enterprise? Please enlighten us Oh Reverent Master. With humbleness and respect ...

    Yours O.F.

  27. Oh Humongous One
    Do not fear, help is at hand. Even from your recumbent position on the sofa, the following should be possible: Insert your left index finger up your ass and remain on the sofa for 21 days, the first 7 drinking fruit juices only. After the cosmic death experience, which will occur between days 7 and 14, you will experience the joyous realisation that you do not have a body. In the final week both you and your wife will start to feed on prana and light only. You will not become an Arian but a fully fledged, inter-dimensional ALIEN. So don't worry about granny since you will have fully transformed your DNA both forwards and backwards in time. Tomorrow belongs to you!

  28. Thinking that the whole world is a reflection of oneself - in the vein of creative manifestation - is rampant egotism. New Age therapy and reality creation has been mistaken for spirituality when it is the exact opposite.

  29. The article is yet another materialist worldview that they are all nuts, and after our money. One I might have written a few years ago. The problem is this is not the world view of those who have been in control of this damaged reality, it's not the one of bankers who pepper our currency and corporate logos with esoteric symbolism, not the the experience of military industrialists who we KNOW have had long interactions with ETs (a friend of mine's father worked with Generals and Admirals who KNEW ETs were real), not the mindset of Illuminati or the black nobility nor even much longer the belief of the general population. How dare the general population awaken! Don't they know their place?

    There are poseurs and frauds in the "new age", but careful study over a few months quickly reveals who is what.

  30. My comment to the gibberish of this post is brief, but to the point!

    “La conscience humaine est morte; dans l’orgie,
    Sur elle il s’accroupit; ce cadavre lui plait;
    Par moments gai, vainqueur, la prunelle rougie,
    Il se retourne et donne a la morte un soufflet”.

    Victor Hugo

    Sister K, cave no 7 south slope Arunachala, no flowers please!

  31. It's amazing how much of life Advaitins leave out. They are caught in an interminable dualism between what is and what isn't worthy of their attention. Just look at all the dessicated, dried up old cadavers trundling around in Ramana Nagar. They're barely alive and barely breathing. They can't see past their minds: lost in the labyrinth of an Advaitic Judgement of Solomon!

  32. What happened to the post? Is it dead ... Or are you, like me, paralysed by the thought that on November 22, the Eleventh Gate will be activated, the Canoe of the New will arrive and the fresh new energies coming from El Mao Mao, Beyond the Beyond, will finally manifest on the physical? Where can we hide? I guess we must trust our state of Bliss will be unaffected by these events!

  33. Unfortunately, this post is quite uncomfortable for both New Agers and Advaitins alike. While those in the realm of 2012 theories never question the reality of the world, neither do many Advaitins, even though Advaita directly invites them to. Advaita is also stuck in the crass dualism of discounting half of the world as not worthy of its concern. And then there is free will. It's very hard to accept that we're not in control of the world and that there's no one and nothing there - even when it feels that way.

  34. Why worry about all these bogus teachers and foolish followers? If you can stifle your laughter; at best look at them with detachment and compassion. Yes, sometimes the most heavily afflicted need extra tender care.

  35. Hi Glow. But no-one can do what you suggest, that's the point! You can't decide to stifle your laughter or look at them with detachment and compassion. It either happens or it doesn't and that's not under your control. You are reacting to this post and the world of spirituality as if it were really there. What you experience internally and externally is not a reality. It is an appearance. If you want to practice compassion, stop coming out with these patronising, flaky platitudes and start taking a more mature approach. But oh! ... You can't decide to do that either ... See what I mean?

  36. Ok lucrezia, what's a more mature response? Give us your version of mature approach!
    Please no neo advaita and no cliches!

  37. You still don't get it, do you?! You can't decide to take a more mature approach and its form is not under your control either. Nobody can say what a more mature response is, least of all me. In fact, we can't even hope - that when your spiritual pretensions get put on the spot - you will stop dismissing this as neo advaita or a cliche!

  38. Dear, dear, dear – my dear Gentlemen!

    The clamour and cacophony of the Bar atmosphere here is distracting.

    May I suggest we take our drinks and move into the Lounge or the Snug? There we may be able to relax a bit more on a cushioned seat and sit together at a table.


    Aaaah, here we are.

    Not bad, the ale here. I like its copper, rubyish colour with the thick off-white head and lacing. This one here has a nose of cinnamon, clove, and ginger. Palate is very clean. The finish reminds me of sipping a holiday ale by the fireplace with a Christmas tree smell in the room. . . . . .

    Oh, oh. . . Sorry. . . Got a bit carried away there. . . .

    Yes. Going back to the question of “free will”. Renouvier’s idea of free will was “the sustaining or selecting of a thought because I choose to when I might have selected another thought”. This choice of a particular thought has not been deterministically caused by the presence or absence of another thought. It is related to chance and is the opposite of determinism. The American philosopher William James earlier in his life had felt that determinism was inevitable and necessary but later, rather dramatically, he chose to believe his will was free. Putting his finger into the eye of all determinists he declared, “My first act of free will shall be to believe in free will,” thereby leaving little room for discussion.

    This was a mature position to take, I would suggest.

    Another round, gentlemen? Something to eat perhaps? Fancy some pork scratchings or pickled eggs? They’ve a slow braised lamb shank on a mild mustard mash with thyme that’s quite decent here, provided you’re not following a vegetarian scheme of things in your sadhana, of course.

    I think I shall sample a bit of their Perry.

    Yours as ever,

    Myles O'Blarney

  39. Keep your shirt on, I get your point!
    "There are more things in heaven and earth
    Than are dreams of in your philosophy"

  40. Kevinji ... I can’t believe my ears! Are you actually saying that there is no such thing as free will, that we are not in control? Are you converted into Schopenhauerism? Does that mean that even you can make progress? Do you remember that you and Mrs Lucretia condemned me to Hell and beyond, a few posts ago, because I had the nerve to say that there is no free will as such. Or did you just forget to type the magical word? Oh dear, oh dear!

    And then Myles is babbling in his usual drunken, delusional stupor from his “Stammtisch” in his favorite Tipperary pub - quoting a silly American called William James who already in his first act of free will contradicts himself. He says: “My first act of free will shall be to believe in free will”. But it was the same Schopenhauer who stated that: "You can do what you will, but in any given moment of your life you can will only one definite thing and absolutely nothing other than that one thing." (Lucretia would definitely slyly add the word "apparently" here, which I will not deny her).

    Exactly, no room for discussion! But a mature position, as you would suggest? Yes, maybe for a bloody Yank, but surely not for a person with any level of intellect and understanding. I advise another pint of O’MyGod’s best bitter!

  41. Has yer brain gone soft from being shagged senseless by that monstrous carbunkle Sven? Ramesh the rickshaw driver says your screams were heard from miles away. Have you read the post and do you even have Wifi in your paramour's cave? It's all a fucken paradox, it is and it ain't ... It is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, but perhaps there is a key? And that key is a blunt instrument (or preferably a baseball bat) that will bludgeon some sense into that thick Teutonic head of yours!

  42. Beloved Sister
    You are always so easy to deal with. You never read what the Great Master writes and so get yourself into needless trouble. The post says: "Put another way, it is not that there is "no" free will. Rather, it is that there is no "one" to have it."

    Now, take a deep breath. Read it again. Slowly. Of course, you still don't understand so I'll spell it out for you.

    You have been guilty before of Neo Advaitin crimes and here we are again. Now your good friend Glow has come to join you. What a divine couple you would make. Who would wear the strap on? Before you decide, this should get you hot to trot:

    Neo Advaita = something completely exists and/or something completely doesn't exist. E.g. sentences like "there is only the Self" or "there is no free will," "there is nothing to do" or "no method". All of these views presume the absolute existence or the absolute non-existence of something. Historically these two positions were known as eternalism and nihilism respectively. This is the dualist mirror through which everything is refracted ...

    Meanwhile Advaita, properly understood says that all things are real AND unreal. So it is never a question of whether things do OR don't exist. Instead they do AND they don't.

    So free will does AND doesn't exist. This is why we say it is an "appearance" rather than a reality (or unreality). It's there (and exists) but equally it's not there (and doesn't exist). It really is very simple my dear. Ciao bella!

  43. Mon cher Schwester Klaus,

    Ich wünsche Ihnen einen Strauß weißer Gardenien
    mit meiner ewigen Liebe.

    Ihr heimlicher Verehrer,


  44. Dear Ms Borgia
    I don’t care about the recital of supreme bullshit in the fucking post. I was referring to the Great Master’s recent comment: "And then there is free will. It's very hard to accept that we're not in control of the world and that there's no one and nothing there - even when it feels that way". If you read it quick or slowly it doesn’t matter, the import is evident. If this is not a nice example of Neo Advaita sweetened with a large spoon of Buddhist Nihilism I am a fucking clone of the late buffoon Steve Woodman. It could have been written by that other Great Master Sri Sri Spermananda. Maybe the Great master should try to read and understand your lengthy explanations, if his murky brain still allows that.

    Meanwhile don’t worry; I perfectly understand that I maybe exist and that I might have written these both real and unreal words in the hypothetical comment section of this imaginary post from my possible existing and similarly non-existing cave No. 7 at the slopes of an appearance called Arunachala in this or any other parallel universe. Are you happy now?

    Mein Lieber Verehrer Meilen.

    Ich bin so froh das mich endlich jemand Liebt, ohne Beweggrund, ohne Zweck, nur Liebe, endlose ewige selbstlose Liebe.
    Dein Strauss Gardenien schlägt bei mir dem Fass den Boden aus!
    Tausendmal dank, und vergess nicht das die Liebe immer stärker ist als der Tod.
    Vielleicht kann ich dich mal einladen in meine Grotte, nur zum Spass, keine Verplichtung!
    Ich freue mich schon auf unsere Begegnung
    Alles Liebe.
    Deine Schwester.

  45. Next time I see you it'll be more than the Buddhist spoon of nihilism that I'll bash you about the head with! Anyway you're shagging a clone of the late Steve at this very moment in time - in the form of the monstrous Sven. So you must get off on the whole Blofeld baldy thing! The Ian McShane cameo in Sexy Beast where he's shafting a banker and planning a robbery is the disturbing image that rears its ugly head!

  46. What’s that sound? Can you hear it . . . . .

    Regular pulsations of . . . “Whishhh . . whishhh . . whishhh . . . . whishhh”. . . . wafting up from the hand of the Divine Surgeon in his labyrinth on the East side of the mountain. Listen, as he lovingly hones and strops the gleaming steel of his blade. Surely a moment for surgical intervention is at hand. Shiva’s divine mercy will strike, and halt some descent into unconscionable depravity. Will it now be focused on Nithyananda's Dhyanapeeta with its garden of 1008 lingams which eats so deeply into the foothills of sacred Arunachala Siva?

    Just as a fragile canary may detect poisonous air in a mine, so the resident canary of Tiru, the poor and fragile Richard Clarke, has detected foetid excrescences blasting out from Nithananda’s public address system.

    He writes on Tuesday, 27 November 2012, “I heard from Nithyananda's Dhyanapeeta a song on a very loud speaker. It started playing the familiar and popular "Arunachala Siva" [which is sung daily as a devotional hymn at Ramanashram]. But then it went on, . . . . with new verses with the chorus [changed to] “Arunachala Nithya”, “Arunachala Nithya”. I am deeply offended that Nithya's supporters seem to think of him as replacing Siva . . and [that they] allow this song to be played at Deepam for the hundreds of thousands that pass by and have no choice but to listen, given the volume.”

    Our canary has detected a cancer, thereby mandating that the health and sanctity of the Giri Pradikshina be restored. Thank god I am safely in Tipperary and will not need to breathe the air in Tiru as the anesthesia begins to be administered.

    Yours as ever,

    Myles O’Blarney

  47. Ok we've seen all the religious pictures on Arunachala grace.
    Why not be honest and just say this is just a front for a realestate business.
    Put up your shingle loud and clear for land profiteering!

  48. predictions for 2013 ...

    a lot of ascension teachers, channelers, advocates will wake up in january and feel great joy at being able to drop a huge load of concepts that were driving them for the last few years ..

    a lot of satsangers, neo and regular advaitins will come to realize there IS an i, and begin to start making choices, designing their lives, creating, doing, and feel great elation at letting go of a huge load of concepts that were driving them for the last few years ..

  49. Dear Gregory,

    What a lovely, cheerful picture you've painted of tomorrow, full of sunrises and smiles. Very prescient.

    Wonderful things are happening also in the Americas. In the southern hemisphere, December 21st is, of course, the Summer Solstice, which Bolivians celebrate on Lake Titicaca on the sacred La Isla del Sol at 12,507 ft elevation. According to the Mayan calendar, this is also the date that all planets will line up after 26,000 years and the earth will enter a new cycle. The Bolivian government has made a thrilling announcement that, this year, the Coca-Cola Company will be expelled from Bolivia on December 21st.

    David Choquehuanca, Minister of External Affairs explained: “The twenty-first of December 2012 is the end of selfishness, of division. The twenty-first of December has to be the end of Coca-Cola and the beginning of our own MocoChinche (a peach-flavored Bolivian soft drink). It is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism.”

    The government is pledging to legalize the consumption of coca leaves. Bolivia also wants to “wake up in january and feel great joy at being able to drop a huge load of concepts that were driving them for the last few years”. Would that Western Europe, India and North America could follow their example.

    Yours as ever,

    Myles O’Blarney

  50. Don't cheer too early, Obama will send a couple of drones to these communitarian devil worshippers. This will restore free market order and repair the damage done to the superior democracy of the US Imperium (God's own country!). Coca Cola will return in triumph, its hegemony assured!

    Then some local news: apparently the Siva Sakti oracle spoke a few days ago and said that Armaggedon will not happen in 2012 after all - so we don't have to be afraid anymore. Now that will cheer you up. You can take a deep breath and go on with your useless lives without worry!

  51. changing the subjectDecember 4, 2012 at 12:32 PM

    Thanks firefly for your encouraging words from the oracle. I am definately moving to Tamil Nadu.