Monday, November 8, 2010

Here's Jimmy ...

Now that the Archangel Gabriel has left us for more salubrious climes, we are left to greet a less affable soul in the shape of our favourite troll-about-town, James Swartz alias Ram.

Now Jimmy is famous for his rants against Neo Advaita and he will pontificate at great length from his pulpit in Usha's restaurant against the evils of said creed. His most well known article is called The Horse's Mouth - which we in the Chi-Ting office renamed The Ogre's Anus - because like most of Ram's ruminations, it is dark, smelly and somewhat flatulent. Jimmy is basically a bad tempered Pharisee who likes to dress up as a reactionary Hindu. His powers of myopic conceit are truly mind blowing: he actually believes he was born vasana lite!

In a recent interview, he managed to slag off every Neo Advaitin on the planet and is being considered for the Guinness Book of Records for his feat of relentless abuse (if you suffer from attention deficit disorder please skip this link as he does drone on). Actually we do have to admit there are times when we are almost fond of him, as he is such a completely unapologetic, grumpy old git. Then he goes and does something really odious and we can't resist the temptation to stone him.

This year Jimmy has really done it and formed the Triumvarite from Hell, joining forces with David (Waiting for Godot) Godman and Premananda (Spermananda) to write a book on the teachings of Ramana called Arunachala Shiva.

Now I remember talking to Jimmy in early 2005 and he described in exquisite detail how he loathed and detested Godot with all his heart. Then when the original Chi-Ting Guru Gossip website went up in late 2006, Jimmy wrote to us saying (and I quote): "Anything disgusting you wish to make up about John David [an earlier incarnation of Spermananda] is probably true and he is guilty of far worse than you can imagine!"

Now he has got in bed with these two love bunnies and one has to ask, what gives? We are familiar with the Machiavellian adage My Enemies' Enemy Is My Friend but this ménage à trois takes cynicism to new heights of depravity.

So Jimmy, what's cooking? I'm sure that your Serious Seekers After Truth (and they do have to pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of hearing you pontificate) would love to hear a clear and concise answer to that one. And NO five hour declamation in the style of Cicero please. Remember: when Mark Anthony had the great orator murdered, he also had his hands cut off and nailed to the Senate door ...

It was said to be a permanent cure for the excessively verbose!


  1. That David Godman is seriously arrogant. He liekned himself on Arunachala Grace to Ramana being called to the mountain. The cheek of it!

  2. James Schwartz has always been excessively "cringeworthy. He uses neo-advaita to criticise neo-advaita, he is terribly confused and thinks he is the only Westerner who could possibly be enlightened. How gracious of him to deign to intervene and help us. Meanwhile he hangs out with the known deluded sugar-daddies of Hinduism turned-oh-so-boring; advocates methods for a person who apparently doesn't exist or have any free will (so why do they need a method James?) and delivers his pompous missives year after year to his braindead audiences. Frankly I detest the guy as you can probably tell. Anyone who thinks he needs to criticise neo-advaita has obviously missed the point and yet he seems to be on a heroic mission to save the world from it. Meanwhile he says he finds the message "there is no person" uninspiring. Of course you do Jimmy-Jackaroo: it puts you out of a job!

  3. I'm quite sure that David Godman wants nothing to do with John David (Premananda) As for Ram his understanding of Ramana Maharshi's teachings are patchy at best. Ram is abit of a gasbag and thinks he's a vedantic scholar.

  4. Urr the evidence is before your eyes, just click on the 'Arunachala Shiva' link in the post. And magically Godman, Premananda and Swartz will appear together like the three wise monkeys ready to dispense wisdom to the awe struck masses. They all loathe each other, it's is disgustingly cynical and is all about money.

  5. Godot has always been about the money. He was in that scam with that disgusting Arunachala Grace woman about the housing projects in Tiru wasn't he.

  6. I think Godman has something of an identity crisis these days. There are no more books to write and his guru has long not been interested in him. He wanders around in a bit of a vacuum hoping the masses still worship him but cynically with arrogance, pretends he doesn't care. He is just a sad man like the rest of us and this latest move is his last attempt at notoriety. Stick to what you are good at Godman, not this kind of low-down filth. Your "Living by the Words of Bhagavan" was a masterpiece, why do you throw your reputation away?

  7. Premananda and Ram are trying to use David Godman's name for legitimacy.
    He wants none of it!
    He knows to keep away from the loud-mouth Ram and the trickster Premananda.

  8. Hey Kevji, In this case you happen to be wrong. David Godman wants no association with Premananda or Ram.

  9. How wrong you are. He is not just wandering around. I know he is researching a book on Maurice Frydman. I am looking forward to it.

  10. If Godman wants nothing to do with Premananda and Ram, why has he collaborated with them and published a joint book? It's on sale now just look at the link!

  11. A menage a trois with those weird 3 is a bit more than the brain can manage. Such a tired old formula: nothing to write so let's do a commentary. How could someone like David Godman have anything to do with an out-of-the-back-of-a-truck salesman like John David? None of them are an authority on anything. They just like to think they are and authority is all they will ever aspire to.

  12. No one ends up in a book with Premananda and Ram by accident. Godman must have given his permission. Nuff said.

  13. Contrary to the belief of housewives from Germany, Premananda is not a guru, just a tour agent for Arunachala. He fancies himself as a film-maker these days and his Blueprints DVD was OK. But there is nothing spiritual about this guy, thus he is only able to "make commentary" about Ramana. Likewise the other 2 ...

  14. The 3 of them all write commentaries on Ramana and it is published in 1 book by Premananda. Godman was approached and said yes. He also conducted interviews with Premananda for blueprints which are on youtube.

  15. Godot is no blushing virgin at a perverts' convention ...

  16. AT least Godman doesn't think he is enlightened

  17. Godman was approached and at the end of the day said NO! Premananda held off for awhile and then went back on his word and pressed on regardless.

  18. "In the midst of terror and confusion,
    I reached out for the nearest metaphor
    And steadied myself
    For a moment."

  19. Well there's a moral in this tale isn't there? Premananda is a crook, we all know that. I heard Godot did not agree to his work being used by Premananda. But then why did Godot get involved with Premananda in the first place? What self-respecting person would. It's no good protesting now about being treated badly by an asshole when you went and played games with the asshole in the first place ...

  20. Already some time ago Godman complained to me that bloody Spermananda used pieces of a few years old interview with him, without his permission, for that silly book.
    So this Spermananda is not only a jerk, but a real crook!

  21. Poor Godot. This is a fate worse than death. To be found in bed with Premananda!

  22. Honney (SK) it must have been quite a few "pieces". Don't dance with the devil if you don't want to go up in the flames

  23. Richard Clarke is at it again as tour guide extraordinaire.
    Handing out contact details of his favourite rickshaw driver and guide. Is Richard getting a kickback?
    Why doesn't he curl up with Premananda in a dark corner and take a nap!

  24. "Great Vedantic masters like Swami Chinmayananda and his guru Swami Tapovan churning out many enlightened persons". This is a direct quote from the gasbag Ram. Don't you love the word churning? According to Ram, there must be millions of people running around fully enlightened!

  25. dear anonymous.
    All people are enlightened, except the ones who are anonymous, don't you know that.
    Maybe you should churn a bit more in the ocean of consciousness and find out who you are instead of pretending to be an anonymous.
    Even gasbags as Ram or spermananda ( with a very small s ) must be at least 1 % enlightened. With a little effort you can reach that stage and immediately you can start giving satsang, isn't that the secret desire of all anonymous people?
    your sister k.

  26. What a joke! Well sister Klaus or Santa Claus or whatever, you may as well be anonymous. What sort of bogus name are you masquerading behind? Just go to a masked ball!

  27. Sister Klaus is very distinctive in her green lycra fishnet stocking and gets catcalls from all the rickshaw drivers. There is even a rumour that she gave Santa a handjob in the cupboard at the office Christmas party!

  28. Sister Klaus, Are you kidding? What is 1% enlightened? Are we talking percentages here!

  29. How come any of us take James Schwartz and the other 2 seriously. They really are the 3 monkeys sitting side-by-side, just like Mr Chiting said. Even if Godman was tricked and his work used without his consent, strangely enough, he ends up connected with them. This says a lot. He has something in common with all of them. He lusts for fame and notoriety. He may be more educated than the other 2 but his knowledge is his arrogance. They are exactly the same in this respect. I think it is no accident they appear in a book together, intended or otherwise.

  30. Eh, an anonymous mentioned people running around fully enlightened, suggesting there are many stages like half, or almost enlightened or
    only 1%.
    I don't agree with that off course as an enlightened being, even if my state is beyond or prior (whatever you like) to agreeing.
    So be a good boy or girl and do your homework, you can always ask me for help, some donation in any form will help.

  31. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks they know! Heidi, the Ho (there, there, calm yourself)

  32. They are opportunists.
    I would like to make it perfectly clear that I have no
    idea what an "oppor" is, but I would be happy to tune
    yours for a small fee.

  33. Don't you just hate these teachers
    who tell you it's all about not being special and yet their
    whole lives are about being special. jeez i hate that.

  34. No mercy for Swarz, total damnation for spermananda, let them burn in hell.
    Cheating innocent pspiritual seekers is the worst crime.
    The benifit of the doubt for Godot, but we will follow his actions with suspicion

  35. I found this 'gem' on a spiritual forum. This nonsense speaks for itself: "About 14 or so people got together on Saturday
    night. People held court. A young lawyer
    of 30 named Andrew had many questions. He
    had such a sparkling personality we all agreed that
    he'd be wasting his time trying to understand
    nonduality and that he should immediately start
    giving Satsang. We decided we'd coach him in
    answers and questions."
    From he forum of Sarlo and written by Jerry Katz

  36. I’ve spoken with David Godman a couple of times a few years ago and there wasn’t an arrogant bone in his body. He was extremely helpful and I didn’t detect any ego.

    In my opinion he’s a sincere, humble and intelligent man. As far as money goes, the impression I got was of a man living hand to mouth for the last few decades. You anonymous and pseudonymous people ought to think about what you really know before slandering someone over the internet.

    As for Kevinandaji, he makes no pretense about not being mentally ill so he should get a pass!


    Michael Glowik

  37. I agree with Michael. I have met David Godman in the past and he seemed sincere and quite unassuming.

  38. Hi Michael was that a party political broadcast for the 'Pompous Old Gits Party?' I think I would put more weight with Sister Klaus's opinion who at least has known Godot for other 3 decades, not just a sycophantic hello at a book signing! Godman tried to chat up a friend of mine by impersonating his Guru (who has totally rejected him) and not looking directly at her as she was obviously far too tamasic for an an illumined soul like him! I'd say this type of behaviour was an example of massive arrogance and conceited pretense!
    Michael stick to tending the roses during your retirement, are all ex-TM-ers as dense as you?

  39. Michael makes the silly mistake that because he mentioned his name, his comment is more credible as some anonymous.
    History proves that almost all crimes and lies are committed by people with a name, even i sister S. Klaus (real name !)am not without sin, even though i am an enlightened being.
    As far as Godman, i know him for a long time, but i would not put my arm in the fire for his having no arrogant bones and he is certainly not living hand to mouth the last decade or so.
    Impressions are so many times wrong Michael, better stick to facts.

  40. Advice for David GodmanDecember 3, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    Wow, it must be tough for Godman recently. Despite all the criticism he has been getting he is a cut above the other two. Godman: if your work was used without permission take legal action through a UK representative. You could easily do this for free (no fees unless you win). John David would have to produce proof that you consented in writing to use of your material. Or, if you consented to an interview in writing but not (in writing) to use of that material in a further circumstance (like his book), you can legally make him withdraw the publication plus damages. Within the realms of the law, it is a very simple case. But if you do not pursue this, you leave yourself open to the type of accusations you have been enduring.

  41. Yes godman agree with this lawyer dude. Don't be too spiritual man, you need to prtect your reputation and send a clear message that you and your word should be treated with the integrity it deseves

  42. And Jody Radzik's doing a joint seminar with James Swartz!! The moral of that story is don't get in bed with Jimmy as you might wake up with Premananda!!!
    What a pratt.

  43. It seems that Mullah Nasrudin
    was once again telling his favourite joke.
    Everybody had heard it hundreds of times.
    On finishing the Mullah ROTFL (Rolled On The Floor Laughing).
    Everyone else was unaffected.
    'Mullah why is it you never grow tired of this joke?'
    'What,' said Nasrudin catching his breath, 'makes
    you think I am laughing at the joke . . .'

  44. Love this!' I am what I am and that's all what I am'
    - Popeye

  45. DONUT: In the beginning was the hole
    and it was alone and without substance
    and the hole said "LET THERE BE DOUGH!!"
    and dough did appear and surround the hole
    and the donut did appear with great power
    and all glory and much goodness

    the power of the donut is that it shall be eaten
    thus returning to the hole!


  46. Inspired, this could be the start of something big!


  48. NEVER mind global warming. What we should be more worried about is time acceleration.

    I mean, who can believe it's already Christmas?

    I can trace it back to the mid-80s, when the Government floated the minute.

    Ever since then, the second has been getting devalued such that we are now only getting 47 seconds to the minute.

    This needs to be stopped

  49. Wise words DC, those bastards will flog anything! If you tried some of the Chi-ting stash, time wouldn't matter anyway. Tis the season to get strung out!

  50. Sack Race Oh those silly contestants! Seems they put the sacks on their heads instead of their legs...oh well. The winner is - simply because she knew which end to put the sack on!

  51. This blog became even more silly than the 3 foolish Neanderthals, Schwartzman, Spermaman and Godman.
    Finish it off Kevin, more important tasks are awaiting.
    Don't you see the horrid amounts of tourists, making the streets around the Ramanashram a place of shame, despair and constant torment? I can't even go there anymore, without being raped by my devotees (well, that is not too bad, actually, for an old hag like me). For fucks sake, do something about it!!!

  52. Urrr Sister are you wanting death squads on the streets of Ramana Nagar? Severed heads on stakes and fat Marlon mumbling "the horror, the horror!" Remember this 'Heart of Darkness' is also salvation. Samsara is Nirvana! These moronic hordes show you your true nature. It is truly perfection at play. Unfortunately in your case Sister, that means loads of camp capers and trans-gendered weirdness!

  53. oh yes, death squads and heads on poles in front of the rip off supermarket that would be great man.
    There is no respect for the aged transgendered, so fuck them all and to hell with my so called true nature..... what do you know about that anyway, uhhh.
    Truly foot !!!
    Yes, the Sister is angry and dangerous, so you better watch out, you silly buggers.
    I have something nice waiting for you in my dungeon.

  54. Dear Kevinanandaji,

    DO you have any posts on Michael James? He seems to have taken over as the teacher in Ramana Maharshi forums in Facebook...very soon people will be wondering who Ramana Maharshi was

  55. I wonder why no one reads this -

    “There are so many sadhus; how can one know who
    is a genuine siddha?”
    Bhagavan Ramana replied in clear terms:
    “In whose mere presence, without any effort, one gets
    spontaneous peace of mind—that one is the real siddha.”

    - If people had followed this simple instruction all these Jughead Johns wouldnt have made fools of them!

  56. Dear Sun God
    Michael James left Tiru 15 years ago and has not been a social pestilence like Mooji and the rest of the Lucknow detritus. So we have no problem with him.

  57. Okay. Not sure if you are aware that he is leading Satsangs at London for the Ramana Maharshi foundation, UK -

    Please see below

    Final Reminder for UK Members: Saturday, to-day, August 11th .the monthlyRamana Maharshi Foundation UK's Satsang will be held at 120 Heath StreetHampstead, Friends Meeting House . at 2pm-5:15 -MICHAEL JAMES will be leading.Tea Party,discussion, chanting, meditation, talk. All details on Ramana MaharshiFoundation UKSite on Google. All are very welcome.

    - But its true he is way above the Spermanandas and Swartzmans, and yet it would have been better if he just kept quiet than 'explaining' Self-Enquiry or 'how to get happiness' etc

  58. When Andrew Cohen had his whole drama and issued a letter about stepping away and apologozing for having a Jesus complex - James weighed in and went to town on him. The following was on the front page of his website but seems to have been removed now:
    I find it disturbing that he goes after other teachers like this and positions himself as this true Vedanta teacher who is separate from all of contemporary spiritual teachers.
    From what I have read and heard, he is basically doing something to what Andrew Cohen was doing. He thinks he is at the cutting edge of spiritual understanding and is above the fray. And he goes after people in a similar way that Cohen did (and likely will do again) from this skewed bully pulpit. It seems that like energy attracts. He doesn't realize how close he is to the person he is going after with such righteous judgement. The teacher scene seems to be so messed up these days (always was of course) Are there any teachers out there who are deeply dialed in and humble? I'm sure there are, but they are few and far between.