Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby Ben and Jeff: a love story

Boring, self-indulgent wankery ... we couldn't agree more ...

We switched off after 5 minutes, how long did you last? Baby Ben looking like a freshly squeezed zit with a scary rictal grin, sitting next to that horse-faced bloke from Brighton. In this Youtube they tell us "Awareness is Nothing and Everything" as they giggle and stroke each others' egos. Wot a pair of girls! ...

We've had our beady eye on Bentinho Massaro since he turned up in Tiru in Feb 2011 with his now ex, Karen Richards. He pursued that well-worn path to gurudom, a debut satsang on Ragini's Rooftop (following in the hallowed footsteps of Führer Renz and Mooji!) Baby Ben is spiritual ambition incarnate and his determination to be a star in the firmament was obvious from the start. He was weaned by Candice O'Denver who fed him on the mother's milk of her Great Freedom Teaching, itself a blatant rip-off of the work of Ponlop Rinpoche and certain Dzogchen teachings. Even worse, Candice was rumoured to have a "satsang machine": a device with an electromagnetic pulse possibly affecting DMT output of the pineal gland, which radiated theta and alpha rays to keep her audience in a blissful etheric state (certainly everybody in the seminar room in Tapovan Resort, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh in early 2006 had a big grin on and shiny eyes as if they were on drugs!) We heard Baby Ben cribbed all the Great Freedom Teaching and copy-pasted it on to his own website, Free Awareness, before being ordered by Candice's gang to remove it and do his own homework instead. This boy is so gauche, so full of himself, he doesn't even get the irony of asking the punters on his site to donate to "free" awareness!

Meanwhile Jeff Foster, a failed Cambridge academic, blatantly stole his manifesto from Tony Parsons and gave him none of the credit. Jeff has denied going to see any teachers but would secretly lurk at the back of Tony's meetings in Hampstead. After his so-called epiphany, Foster went to see Parsons to tell him what had happened and get confirmation of his newly arrived spiritual status. Apparently Parsons laughed in his face and told him it was "a very nice story" (i.e. implying that Foster was totally deluded!) Jeff was gutted and stormed off in a tantrum never to forgive or forget this affront to his dignity. This didn't stop him however from setting up shop almost immediately. But while his book Life Without A Centre has even made it to the fabled Ganapati Library, his meetings are an absolute disaster (he has all the personality of a wet fish!) An arena for safe, cosy enlightenment, yoga mums endlessly emote about their spiritual search while Jeff just listens, nods and grins. Any radical edge has been emasculated and he is totally devoid of charisma, warmth or insight. The session itself is aimless and dead. Jeff goes from banal statements about "the ocean and the wave" to even lamely agreeing with hecklers that his words are dry and lifeless. We were desperate to get to the interval but then we had to make our own cup of tea! At least Tony Parsons has Richard Sylvester as his official chai wallah!

We asked Chi-Ting Reporter Satsang Barbie for an informal tête-à-tête with Karen Richards who has recently arrived in Tiru. They met at the deluxe Shanti Internet Cappuccino Bar for a Girls' Own Gripe (there's nothing better than getting all the dirt from a jilted lover!):

SB: So Karen, what happened?
KR: Bentinho sacked me in California and made off with a blonde 20 years younger!
SB: How terrible, you must have been devastated!
KR: There was always something of the night about him. He is a bestial homunculus!
SB: I see ...
KR: And his friendship with that Jeff was distinctly dodgy!
SB: What exactly are you saying?
KR: Frankly some of his sexual demands verged on The Greek, if you know what I mean!
SB: You think he is just using that blonde as a cover for his depravities?
KR: I was used and then thrown away like a disposable tissue!
SB: So what do you say to people who say your satsang is like Listen With Mother on mogadon?
(Karen sobs into her latte. Satsang Barbie then offers more sympathy and a range of competitively priced therapies at her next California seminar! ... )

What do Baby Ben and Jeff have in common? They are a divine union of plagiarists who have complete contempt for their audience. Bentinho is Mr Awareness parroting corporate Buddhist mantras while Jeff feeds on the carcass of Tony Parsons, unashamedly pocketing his catchphrases, "This is it!" and "Nothing being everything." Together we get the no-brainer: "Awareness is Nothing and Everything." It ain't rocket science!

No wonder they are bosom buddies with their hands down each other's trousers! Both are shoddy second hand salesmen devoid of any vestige of originality. For them non-duality is just a career move for their own greater glory! It's a marriage made in heaven!


  1. It was only a matter of time before these two got together.

  2. hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahha....


    I am still laughing my head off.....

    1. me too hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha... bravo! :D

  3. Go to 1 minute 50 seconds on this Youtube: The Last Satsang. You may enjoy hearing some snorting answers Jeff gives to two deep advaita questions: 1) “Once the ego has gone, will there be just a spontaneous flow of the universe manifesting?” and 2) “After your ignorance is gone, will you know it has gone?”

  4. Most need a career, cash, fame, adoring girls etc etc ... That is why the guru business is the most popular. It supplies all in one and you need no qualifications, training or skills. It's the easiest way to become a star, without being one! Thus it's filled with impostors, failed actors and failed academics. Praise The Lord, keep up the good work!

  5. But there is one big difference between Jeff Foster and Tony Parsons which means that Jeff will never be a Tony. In his pretty, veiled, deceptive words, he reinforces the I and teaches a method. He vaguely calls this "noticing" or "seeing" and moves towards a Buddhist type of awareness. In his latest book "What is the Deepest Acceptance," Jeff massively trips up and says:

    "To ‘accept’ thoughts and feelings is to simply, gently, effortlessly notice that in this moment, those thoughts and feelings are already accepted – they have already been allowed in. They are already here. It’s not a time-bound doing, but a present-moment seeing."

  6. But Tony Parsons himself is the two truths of Buddhism plus UG Krishnamurti. Not much original there either. There are no "greats" in the Kali Yuga ...

  7. I must confess something: I am a murderer.

    Wait, hold on! Do not be shocked. I am only telling you what you already know.

    Yes, I am a murderer. I am a prostitute. I am a thief. I am the homeless man outside the station you pass every night on your way home from work. I am a vandal. I am a pair of sandals. I am the oceans. I am creation and destruction. I am all the galaxies put together. I am a giraffe. I am Mickey Mouse. I am the starving child on the TV with the hollow, staring eyes. I am everything that moves you and everything that leaves you cold. I am X Factor. I am Mozart's Magic Flute. I am as vast as a universe. I am tinier than the tiniest sub-sub-atomic particle. I am silent, yet I am as loud as seven thousand apocalypses.

    I take all forms, yet I cling to no particular form.

    I do not say "I am form." I do not say "I am not form".

    I do not say "I exist." I do not say "I do not exist".

    I do not call myself God, consciousness, awareness, presence, spirit or even Life.

    I have no name for myself. I am anonymous, yet all names are my own.

    Humans argue and fight and even kill and die over the names they give me. They form religions. They claim I am on their "side". They say I belong to them. They try to work me out. They claim to be me. They always will, they always have.

    They do not know. Mind is too limited. Yet mind is one of my many ingenious appearances.

    I appear as all, yet when you stop and look for me, you find nothing. I am cosmic hide and seek.

    I am these words, and all the spaces between them. I am the silence at the end of the sentences and the expectation at their beginning. I am the black and the white of it, and every shade of grey. I am the understanding and the lack of understanding. I am the similarity and the contrast. I am the separation and the unspeakable unity.

    I am the eyes moving across the screen and the screen moving across the eyes. I am the seeing and all that is seen. I do not divide myself between subject and object. Separation is not my religion. I know nothing of 'I', yet I speak 'I' for the simple joy of it.

    I am male and female. I am East and West. I am inside and outside. I speak every language fluently. I am all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. I am now, and never now. I cannot be reduced to anything. Eternities pass in the space of a breath. Aeons are my lifeblood.

    I am breathing you now.

    I am the in-breath and the out-breath. I am every sacred, intimate breath.

    I am every thought arising and dissolving in the vastness.

    I am every feeling surging like a comet through the universal body.

    I am always here, whether I am recognised or not recognised.

    I am the "am" even when the I is not.

    I am nothing and everything, nobody and everybody.

    I am the murderer. The murderer says "I am".

    I am the saint. The saint says "I am".

    I am the prostitute. The prostitute says "I am".

    I am the child. The child says "I am".

    I am the scientist. The scientist says "I am".

    I am the dying man. The dying man says "I am".

    The story of "I" is always different, yes. That is my creativity.

    But "Am" is always the same. AM. OM. That is my unchanging nature.

    Do not seek me. Do not look for me in time. Do not be proud that you have found me. I am not your trophy. I am not food for ego. Simply admit that I am already here. Admit that I have always been here. And live your life as a constant remembrance of me. Let your life be your love song.

    I hide in the universal "I" but really there is none. I am sneaky like that.

    With love,

    Your Beloved.

  8. No Jeff you're just a prat and ye gods you do go on ...

  9. Pleez ... even Mooji has more presence! Jeff buckled under the pressure at Cambridge University and had a nervous breakdown. It's simple: now enlightenment and being a spiritual superstar is his crutch! He even talks about chairs and wholeness and oneness EXACTLY the same as Tony Parsons. Did Tony grow him in the astrophysics lab at Cambridge so he could have a long vacation? Tony obviously forgot to include authenticity, a sense of humour and any type of good looks!

  10. It it wonderful and heartening to hear that all over the world in all kinds of ways, all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds are maturing like fine wines, going beyond the "I'm enlightened and you're not" spirituality, the-blind-worship-of-the-guru spirituality, the "there's nobody here and nobody there and I'm not a person and there is no choice and no free will and everything is a concept .... and that is the Only Truth!" spirituality, and discovering a spirituality beyond all second-hand concepts, beyond all fixed positions and regurgitated beliefs and theories, a spirituality that involves fearless first-hand looking beyond assumptions, rigorous questioning of all that we hold dear, and a constant and timeless return to the Home that we never left, the Home of Now and always-is and always-has-been. A revolution indeed. This is a real-time spirituality for the times we are living in. And the times they are a-changin'. Yet in the midst of the most tumultuous change, we are forever called to that which never changes and cannot change...

    This is a spirituality that does not separate itself from something that is not 'spiritual'. It has no enemies, sees no 'other'. Can we still call it "spirituality", then, when all boundaries have fallen away? Let us call it Life, and let us Live it.

    Who lives it? That is the thrilling pathless journey, the never-ending question with no answer, grounded in an ever-present discovery of a fresh new moment beyond time.

    Welcome to the adventure once again, my friends.

    1. CHI-TING APOCALYPSE, If you did not have your disclaimer above, and it is at least nominally read, one would have less or more of a disparaging view of all these guyz. Knowing Jeff and Ben are in quite distinct directions and communities now, albeit all gathered in Boulder and other surrounds, Jeff and Matt Licata are doing incredible things free of all criticisms, and Ben is still quite uniquely his work/message and himself. Humored by most all of what you speak as we know of which you speak. Blessings, all. Kyri

  11. Very ingenious, once again copy-pasted direct from Jeff's own blog. Maybe Jeff is vain enough to lift his own comments and insert them on this page or maybe it's one of his proselytising trolls. Regardless, it's like listening to some reanimated zombie spouting the same old bullshit manifesto all over again. Is this an episode from the twilight zone?!

  12. bentinho has a refreshing take on the subject of choice, something of a wakeup call for the neo-advaita sluggards we see around tiru

    1. The notion of choice is always in the context of it being mentioned. Did I choose to say that, CAN I choose to write the letter B, ten times, SURE, yet this bunny wouldnt be writing the lettter B 10 times, if not for the context of the word CHOICE, and the known implication of the definition of choice. Even if the notion of choice was accepted as so, it is still confined to the variants that can be chosen, and given that NO ONE, knows what is going to come next, well, what could bentinho say so refreshing about such a matter, or is this just spin, and if so, who cares.

  13. Ben and Jeff; "A sad story." A perfect example of the new generation of copy-paste satsang clowns. While the last bunch of jokers like Mooji, Cesar and others used the copy-paste formula in a disguised form. They at least try to give it a personal form. These new rascals shamelessly copy any kind of information from any source old and new and present it as a mish-mash of words hoping that there are some fools out there who might consider it as wisdom. Luckily there are scores of "seekers" who believe everything they are told if it is nice and gift-wrapped. So business assured guys. Now they call it "the real- time spirituality", "the never- ending question with no answer" etc etc. This is not new at all but thousands of years old. But who cares, there are enough idiots who don’t see the swindle. Fuck off guys, try to make a decent living like sweeping the streets or cleaning toilets. Or commit suicide if you can’t do that. Anything is better than this shameless, arrogant and childish attempt to fool around with people’s feelings and doubts, just for the sake of bloody money. Leave that game to the politicians.

  14. Vipassana for DummiesJanuary 8, 2013 at 12:34 PM

    Questioner: What’s life like for you now, after all you went through before and after your enlightenment?

    Bentinho: I’m just very confident in the fact that I am perfect as I am ... And of course there is the availability of a lot of states of mind ... and then you don’t have to be conscious of awareness twenty-four seven. You don’t have to beat yourself up about that, that will be much more natural. And of course there will be a heightened awareness throughout daily activity. And sometimes, maybe not, and you won’t beat yourself up about that either, because you see, you recognize in a moment of recognition that even your periods which you would have previously called unconscious, were actually totally infused with awareness -- and we’re not ever separate from this aware life. How could we be?"

    Bentinho thinks that enlightenment is the I being happy with whether it is aware of awareness all the time or not. It's pathetic. Enlightenment has nothing to do with the I or what it does or doesn't do. The Buddhism which he is copying clearly says there is no I to do or not do anything, and that there never was. Matters like being conscious or aware are obsolete in the case of nirvana. Likewise "states of mind" ... which Bentinho however, seems strangely enamoured of! This is not even Buddhism. It is Kindergarten Mindfulness.

  15. Bentinho: "Recognising your true self moment to moment is the only ‘practice’ – it seems like a practice. It isn’t."


    Bentinho: "Observer and the Observed are sensations arising in Consciousness."


  16. It's the Candice O'Denver cult that really needs to be exposed ... She emphasized critical theory in graduate school. Her thesis Metaspace specifies the basic state of phenomena as a ground of natural perfection in which all appearances are equal. The basic state is the comprehensive order of all phenomena:

    "Rather than referring to the non-existence or to the existence of everything, the emphasis of the basic state is the absence of the independent nature of phenomena. The key point is that all phenomena have two aspects: the basic state and a vivid appearance that is the dynamic energy of the basic state. The phenomena of the basic state are countless, ceaseless and indeterminate, arising spontaneously without any effort, without anything needing to be done."

    As you can see this is straight out of Dzogchen ...

  17. this is great! more please. Plus, I think girlfriend from hell, Unmani needs an urgent appraisal on these pages

  18. To the Right Reverend Kevinandaji Ji, Keeper of the Keys, Chi-Ting Master, His Holiness enseignant Formidable,

    I beg your leave, good Sir, to share with readers of this list, most of whom were unable to attend Your Excellency’s Chi-Ting Weekend Intensive on the 21st instant December, one of the wonderful parabolic happenings which occurred. It proclaims itself in answer to the long, tedious and profane pseudo-spiritual drivel uttered by these contemptible Ben and Jeff buffoons.

    It was when we were seated around you in a shanty structure near the Sadhu tank, intently concentrating on your words and trying our best to comprehend, that the volume of nearby playful children rose and began to make our hearing more difficult. At length, one of us withdrew to slip outside, hoping to quiet down the children.

    The Chi-Ting Master then looked up and asked, “Where are you going?”

    “To make the children be quiet” was the answer.

    The Chi-Ting Master then said, “Don’t do that. Let’s all go outside.”

    The children were playing a game, laughing and showing great delight. The Chi-Ting Master then said, “This is what we have been looking for. A life full of joy and gladness. Let’s join them.” And so we did. We entered into their games and we played together all afternoon.

    As we said goodbye to the Chi-Ting Master we noticed an especially bright twinkle in his eye. Yea, verily, is he truly a master teacher of the highest order, a teacher for us all!

    Yours, as ever,

    Myles O’Blarney

  19. since when did behavior or business practices become requirements for state of consciousness?

    pretty sure there has never been an organization, or a teacher, without flaws, or without being a culturally conditioned human.

    so what's with the criticisms? sport, maybe...

  20. Gregory, you almost sound petulant! Behaviour and business practices are not the point. Problem is these little boys are claiming to be beyond all that cultural conditioning, duping thousands into believing they are enlightened (while saying that they are not of course). Baby Ben doesn't have a refreshing take on the subject of choice either - he sounds just the same as all the others! The same bullshit and yet, you think he is saying something new ...

  21. With their immaturity and arrogance these two boys sadly do more harm than good to the poor spiritual consumer. What is there to find in that instant-enlightenment, cuddle approach really, apart from the standard answer, "nothing"? And lo and behold! Jeff has found the guts to enter the slaughterhouse rambling even more pseudo-advaitic nonsense - to make what point exactly? Oh yeah, didn't you already make that clear for us in your first masterpiece by visually stating that liberation is a concentration camp and a mushroom of an atomic bomb too!? Would indeed love to see your liberated grin under such circumstances then! So kids, grow up, get your ADD and ADHD under control. Don't pretend and get an honest job instead of selling your 'Free' Awareness or whatever product.

  22. Dear Myles
    The only reason I went to play with the little children was to try and steal their iPhones (even in Tamil Nadu there seems to be an abundance!)

  23. Karen Richards has touched base in Tiru and is planning to offer satsang soon ... goodness me ... more talking happening ... more concepts spraying ... and more misusing the vibrational field of the mountain and pretending it comes from a person ... Yuk I wanna puke!

  24. I can’t see any harm in these boys, I would invite them round for pizza and fries anytime. I had a good laugh and they reminded me of two guys in my favorite sitcom, who also talk rubbish but that seems to be part of the fun. Anyway why all this uproar, don’t you people like to just have some fun? But the Missus says that because my brain is upside down, I got it all wrong. She says these guys are very dangerous; they play with innocent and simple minded people’s lives; make them confused; and give them a kind of surrogate feeling of well-being; and with that satisfy their own big egos. "They are all bloodsuckers and parasites. They feed on simpletons like you O.F!" Wow, that hurts!

    But still I cannot see any harm in these jolly fellows and I think that tonight, when the Missus goes to her aura reading course, I will curl up on the couch with a couple of cold beers and watch these clowns again. Maybe I could even try to understand what they are actually saying!

  25. Fucking Hell. I thought that we had reached the summit of Mt. Madness with that Barking Horse and his fanclub, but still it gets worse. This is NOT funny, it is laughable and detestable Kevinji, that you give these criminals any air-space to ventilate their highly poisonous mind-fuck straight from Hell. It looks like a very bad Hollywood horror movie with the worst actors they could find. It’s pathetic. If ever I see one of these punks here in Tiru, I will break all their fucking teeth and kick them in the balls with my high heels. Let’s see how Bentinho's silly grin looks like then. Schweinerei!!!

  26. Gregory, I'd like to know why you think Bentinho is so original on free will?

  27. Kevinananda Ji,

    Boring, boring, boring verbal wankery, alas!

    CAUGHT ON TAPE: Karen Cougar with her Ben-tin Boy Toy, fresh from their steaming Tiru love nest, 2 years ago (click here).

    Note the wet laundry hung behind to dry! It is clear that Karen is a prime source for much of Bentinho’s new age blather, just as Tony Parsons for the Cambridge-spiffed Jeff. Listen to her spout it all out, while the smirking bedroom boy Ben, takes it all in, no doubt planning his next akashic move, smiling to himself at his insanely great, good fortune.

    The tribulations of Ben, as he tries to discover his deepest reasons for becoming a guru (click here). Be sure to watch it Full Screen to see all the details.

    It’s hard for an ale drinking Irishman, such as myself, to understand all these things.

    Yours, as ever,


    1. That's not smirking, that's being stoned off your tits.

  28. Myles...STOP sucking up to the Master all the time. You're embarrassing yourself in front of the whole audience. Do you WANT a dozen people world wide to think you're lame?

    Sister Klaus...HYPER DOWN! You need to strap on a set of man-sized ovaries and get back to your Sadhana.

    Firefly...please turn the Hate Meter down a notch...Have another Chai and take some deep breaths.

    Chi-Ting Master...the pedestrian mediocrity of your shallow insights is so refreshing in this age of Know-It-Alls. FINALLY...someone who takes pride in saying it as it isn't!

    As for the two boys...Practice, Practice, Practice.

    Love to All

  29. I bet Karen Richards didn't suffer when Baby Ben fucked off with another woman. What horseshit. If suffering was optional, we'd all be blissed out the whole time. Karen Richards is an overfed social worker who's a bit depressed. Karen, your illness returned after your so-called enlightenment: but that was optional, wasn't it? So what happened there? You are a complete fraud. It's all very well saying that things appear in awareness, as awareness, but that is just a pretty mental idea of yours which very obviously bears no relation with your reality.

  30. Myles is Baby Ben a devotee of Barry White? It worked for Mooji but will our young pretender steal the crown?

  31. Anon, I think not. Baby Ben may have heard the song, “Can’t Get Enough of your Love” a few times, but remember his current incarnation did not begin until 1987. Barry White’s songs were hits in the mid 70’s. My guess is his taste would probably be towards the Adele and Taylor Swift genre. Although some believe him to be a Dutch Matt Damon clone, he’s still just 25 years old.

    Not yet wizened like that ultra-savvy, dreadlocked Rastafarian, who is now constructing his Ashram in the mountains of Portugal. One can only marvel at his ingenuity and maniacal prowess. Many of his devotees, who have paid large fees to participate in “Silent Retreats” are sleeping outside in tents, and are giving their time and labour for free to help construct Mooji’s future dormitories and meditation halls. An awesomely shrewd manipulator of the naive, if you ask me.

    And what's next on his agenda, do you suppose? Surely he has a huge stash of the best Jamaican weed. He certainly has lots of starry eyed young ducks from England looking for instant “liberation”.

    Add soft moonlight filtering through pine tree branches and some Bob Marley from his iPhone streamed over his Bose Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and this Jamaican Übermensch’s seductions may not only rival those of the notorious Madhukar, but in the end may overtake him.

    As to which of the two will snare the most trout, a youthful Dutch Casanova, or a dangerous and armed reggae predator, only time will tell. Being a “spiritual guru” would seem to be a job with many “fringe benefits” yet having only a modest potential for the guru's own “spiritual development” .

    Yours, as ever,

    Myles O’Blarney

  32. So this is why the Sister has been keeping such a low profile recently!
    Klaus Kinski repeatedly raped me

  33. So Sister Klaus is the German Jimmy Savile!

  34. NO SELF:
    Choosing happens but there is no chooser and no choice (The Buddha, UG Krishnamurti)

    There is no choice/free will OR there is no-one to choose (Ramesh Balsekar, Tony Parsons)

    "Free will and destiny are ever existent. Free will and destiny last as long as the body lasts. But jnana transcends them all ... You are beyond will and fate. Abide as that and you transcend them both. Free will holds the field in association with individuality. As long as individuality lasts so long there is free will."

    "To be born a human being is valuable and rare as only the human being has the discrimination and free will necessary to aspire to a higher purpose."

    Individuals have free will. They can choose and based on those choices results come in accordance with the cause and effect relationships established by Ishwara. (James Swartz/Dennis Waite)

    "I make choices, sometimes I make the wrong choices, which sometimes I sense the need to fix. Other than that I feel whatever I want to choose. 'If I chose this, I might lose that, etc' but then you become aware of that." (Baby Ben)

    "There is a world of difference between blind belief and living realisation, between simply believing 'there is no choice', in quietly dying on the inside and tolerating the intolerable, and truly recognising, first-hand, that you have no choice but to live, to really live, because you are life itself and always have been." (Jeff Foster)

  35. Smug, arrogant Karen Richards on Buddha at the Gas Pump. Now she is so enlightened she's suddenly realised she had the desire to get well and that she wasn't surrendering as deeply as she thought she was! It's a disgrace. Nothing has ever happened to her except she got ME (if you excuse the pun) like thousands of other people. Now she doesn't care about whether she's ill and she just "being OK" with it and "relaxing into it." It's just therapy on the make and she has placed her personal, very ego-centred, prissy experience on a pedestal.

  36. Look at this bullshit! This is what Bentinho recently sent out:

    "Do we have Choice? That question again? Alright then ... I know there is this popular belief in traditional eastern teachings especially, as well as in those minds who have become somewhat of a follower or product of those teachings whether they realize it or not, that there is no choice. That's only partially true from the perspective of the 'small self', or: The Receiver of Experiences. From the Higher Self Perspective, or: 'The Giver of Experiences' (which the smaller self then receives) - there is nothing but free will!!!! How else could Life take form? It is only through the freedom of Consciousness' Infinite Intelligence to choose how it desires to experience itself at any given space/time or time/space reality, that realities can come into view. The universe is made up out of consciousness only, and consciousness chooses through its infinite extensions ALL THE TIME. Consciousness is The One's single agent with infinite extensions... Of which you are one. There is no single random event in the universe, or in anyone's life, anywhere. Promise. To say "there is no choice because there is no personal self" is to say so from the perspective of the perceiver of experiences: personal self... How Ironic. Now it wouldn't be quite as ironic if the personal self would believe 'that there is no choice' ... for from its limited view, that can seems quite true. However, it becomes rather funny when the personal self takes on a view that says: "There is no choice BECAUSE the small self doesn't exist." When that small self then calls that contradicting view 'non-dual wisdom, I advise you to get the hell out of there and don't drink the poison of spiritual victimhood."

    COMMENT: Oh dear ... the Eastern teachings don't say "there is no choice because there is no personal self." They say the opposite! 'No self' means there is choice but it is not based in personal autonomy: rather, a mystery which cannot be theorised, systemized or made into rules (even when it appears as conforming to laws temporarily). Common mistake made amongst Western commentators! Even the most conservative Hinduism says there is free will. And Buddhism certainly says there is choice ...

  37. Bentinho is just an arrogant boy who thinks he can tend his precious flock into the pastures of enlightenment. Despite his illusion of invincibility he is not the master of the universe!

  38. Sadly, I wasted a perfectly good afternoon listening to Jeff Foster wanking on about "Nothingness" or something or other in Baron's Court last year.

    Both of these guys are a giant pair of non-duality wankers.

  39. Most people today like to play the 'bating' game. They can become quite masterful at this, so much so that they become complete 'masterbaters'...

    Ohhh, 'self' pleasuring feels so good.

    As for 'oh-mummy', yeah less said the better...


  40. OMG! I just god it! He's Matt Damon's retarded twin brother (seriously he looks like Matt Damon), you know the one they kept in the attic: so he's the un-Bourn Identity; The un-Bourne Supremacy and the un-Bourne Ultimatum! Ha, eat yer heart out Stewie Griffin!


  41. The problem here is that these "non-dual teachers" think they are Enlightened and what they are teaching is Enlightenment, but in reality, what they are teaching (like the rest of the non-dual teachers like Jerry Katz, Peter Fenner, Tony Parsons, etc...) is a state that is intermediate.......that is, the state of "non-dual Awareness" or "non-dual Consciousness" is only a stepping stone - an intermediate level of consciousness or spiritual awareness.......true Enlightenment goes beyond both duality and non-duality. Yes, that means going beyond Oneness.

    The state of Oneness (non-duality) unfortunately, is not yet the complete dissolution and hence, transcendence of the ego by which one realizes God (i.e. the Self) as one's true nature.

    How do I know this? Because I myself have experienced the state of "non-dual Awareness" and somehow, I knew that this was not Enlightenment/Self-Realization because the ego has not been destroyed and hence, transcended.

    What these teachers of "non-duality" are teachingt is not Enlightenment, folks!!!

  42. here is a quote from Bentinho yesterday,"Pain and suffering has its place in the bigger picture, that is why some beings choose to be raped at an early age. It's not that they are doing something wrong with their vibration, it's that they want to learn specific lessons in this life."
    A True POS.

  43. This was a really great contest and hopefully I can attend the next one. It was alot of fun and I really enjoyed myself..
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