Sunday, February 2, 2014

Food of the gods

As the seasonal invasion of Ramana Wannabes, Papaji Pretenders - and even an Imitation of Christ - reaches its climax, we invite you to chew on this ...

Is there any excuse for even going to one of these talks or trying out the methods they suggest, when all of these things bring you to exactly the same end: absorption into somebody else's cosmic superstate with the complete annihilation of your own personal autonomy?

All gurus encourage you to be a consumer. They invite you to a banquet of dependency, part of a pyramid type structure where you are energetically devoured by a superior über being. When you worship from afar, you will always be fleeced and sold on the slab come market day. If you ever actually meet any of these people, you will discover that you are a bit-player in their story of self-aggrandisement: a disposable accessory in their Movie of Me. We hate to burst your bubble, but that's just how it is.

Think about it. We all complain these days about being "slaves" to society ... The definition of a slave is "no personal autonomy" ... At The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, there is not enlightenment, but you ending up on somebody else's plate. It ain't rocket science: enter the ring with one of these psychos and YOU are the sacrifice on the altar!

Serve yourself up to a guru and you will be eaten alive. You are the pig on the platter: apple in mouth - chestnuts up ass!


  1. i think it doesn't matter ... people do what they want .. mostly, people here are on a cheap winter vacation; that it has a spiritual component in people's minds is nice for the ego.. it's a lifestyle .. some people go for golf, some people go for gurus ..

  2. Gregory: fatalistic, complacent, & lazy. Seems you have totally surrendered to the banalities of consumer society. Tiru is not that cheap anymore. Gurus are abusive bloodsuckers whose teachings/practices hijack, vampirize, and sabotage one's own intuitive spiritual connection. Their presence destroys the local economy and traditional lifestyle. They have also arguably contributed to the increased incidence of rapes in the mountain area. Seems you are far too caught up in your own delusion to notice. A smug, tired old man's comment.

    1. oh, tiru has been fucked since the late 90's ... the horde of trendy spiritual lifestyle seekers, the papaji flood, totally ruined ... bloodsucking gurus have been the least of the problems :-)

      and yes, i am deluded .. in all ways


    2. Gregory, you operate a commercial art-studio in Tiru churning out shoddy pieces of what you refer to as "spiritual art." They are in fact no more than items that would be better described as tinsel, trinkets, and bric-a-brac ... This glorified junk, which falls well short on artistic merit, has nonetheless earned you a quid or two over the years. You're using Tiru for your own utilitarian reasons and project your self-interest and motives on everyone else. Gregory, are you not the very personification of the trends you rail against: the creeping despoliation of Tiru, which includes using cheap local resources to produce art - then sells it for hard currency mostly outside India? Gregory, do you possess the intellectual honesty and moral courage to own up to it?

    3. sure, no problem, definitely lacking in artistic ability, and hardly ever sold anything, and that for only token amounts .. though have only sporadically been in tiru since 2008, the mooji-ites ran me out, i commend your heart-felt caring for the state of the world .. good luck with your sadhana

    4. and, yes of course, despoliation (cool word) is a side effect of all visits to the place

  3. Verse from the Emerald Shores

    When meditation’s gone and will not work,
    Though you do the best you can,
    When your Guru’s grace is missing out
    And your life is ruptured plans,
    When money's tight and hard to get
    And your horse has also ran,
    When all you have is a heap of debt -
    Then Darshan of the Guru is your only man.

    When your health is bad and your heart is weak,
    And your face is pale and wan,
    And the doctors say you must eat meat,
    Then Darshan of your Guru is your only man.

    The vow you made that wintry day
    to Sri-Sri Bagha-van
    now haunts your soul and keeps at bay
    the progress of your plan.

    It’s a time of trouble and a time of strife,
    And your confusion’s overran
    But you still can turn to a brighter life –
    Just ditch the Guru and understand –

    It's YOU my friend who IS, and always WAS
    Your true and only man.

    (a quaff 'o th Irish Ale might help a soul attain to this realisation)

    Yours as ever,

    Myles O'Blarney


    1. A clip of the video Myles O'Blarney shot in his local pub 2 nights ago, which reveals his profound understanding of this Chi-Ting post: A Pint of Plain - The Movie

  4. Such pretenders, what a motley crew! "If even my correct teachings are to be abandoned, how much more incorrect teachings?"
    (Diamond Sutra, ch 6)

  5. Kevji, are there really more rapes in Tiru? I haven't heard of any, which makes me very worried. Where do they happen - outer or inner path or up the mountain? If you let me know, maybe we can do something to prevent them.

  6. There was an increased incidence of rape in Tiru from 2008 onwards - and every year since then, there have also been several sexual assaults. The last major incident occurred last year on Siva Sakthi Street causing a furore. This led to an internet petition being handed to both the police and Ramana Ashram.

  7. I saw quite a few local Indian males mingle with the large crowd in the ashram....eyeing any western female under 30. The Indians were quite predatory whilst putting on an air of piety. Its the well worn gender game, old as time itself.

  8. Yo Anon at 10:01 P.M. Men every where are predatory if not worse than Indian men. You are living in India which means you feel safe at some level. .... or like the 'Gregorys' of the world (sorry Gregory) are you there to pilfer and plunder.

  9. Check out this wondrous new vid from Myles O'Blarney that puts it all in perspective: Beyond the controversy of Global Warming or NeoAdvaita.

    1. "Our Mother Earth will vanish." So what's the big deal? She disappears every night in deep sleep. Last I heard, there is no outer world.

  10. Check out the revolting offspring of Madhukar: Click here
    Seriously!? LOL!!

    1. Is this an Austin Powers movie and is that really Mini Me, or should I say, Mini Madhukar?!

    2. This must be quite a disturbed individual. One can only guess what happened to him in early childhood ... See these two robots trying to converse with each other in vain: Click here. The posed smile of the robed Advaita Meister is a riot!

    3. If you want a laugh, check out our OManand posts on Facebook.

  11. I would like to say farewell to my friend Kenneth from Texas who has lived about 10km out of Tiru on his property for the last 8 years. He left his body Sunday 26th January. He was widely known as the guy on his bike wearing the pink turban. Kenneth, I will always be indebted to you for shaking me up and making me realize that the sideshow going on in Tiru is a load of bullshit. It was a blessing to meet you in this life. Happy journey brother.

  12. Do you have a photo of of Kenneth?

  13. Sadly no, only a link to his blogger profile: Click here.