Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The second cuming of Kevinanda

From Tiruvannamalai, South India

As we enter the End Times, His Holiness Sri Sri SRI Swami Kevinandaji has arisen from his narcotic slumber deep in the bowels of the sacred mountain. His purpose to lead his legion of the damned, the lame, the holt (and the thoroughly corrupt) to the land of milk and honey ... while the guru loving hordes are dispatched to a purgatory of infinite torture. They will be tied down and made to listen to the inane satsangs of Karl Renz and Mooji simultaneously - hopefully until their circuits burn out and they become a conflagration of autoerotic banality ...

While governments tremble, banks collapse and the world of consumer credit chokes on its debit cards ... His Holiness has appeared to give special dispensation to Chi-Ting devotees and take them up to the safety of the Mothership, while everyone else fries in a fricassée of their own sin and lack of devotion to the Truth of Chi-Ting ... Rejoice, salvation is at hand ...

His Most Righteous Holiness Sri Sri SRI Swami Kevinandaji

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  1. I'm all for safety. Does your ship have First Class?

    a Devotee.