Friday, May 14, 2010

Chi-Ting summer special!

Tired, depressed and lonely?

Verily your head is caught in a cleft stick! No-one wants to buy your Life Bliss Technology and all your devotees have done a runner. It can't get any worse or can it? Then some big bugger of a bull comes along and shafts you without lubrication!


Question 1.Is the victim ...
A) Nithyananda - caught on film playing kiss and cuddle with an errr ... 'actress'.
B) Nithyananda - pretending he's not really a boy but a girl in disguise so he couldn't have done it anyway!
C) Nithyananda - getting down for a bit of Jailhouse Rock.

Question 2. Is the perpetrator ...
A) Mr MOO-ji (geddit?) - sharing out some big time lurv-ing for a soul in distress.
B) Herr Madhukar - "Ja und anything mit ein hole that valks"
C) Professional Idiot Premananda (alias Spermananda) - who used to boast that the only reason he was in the guru game was to shag young women for free. "How else can a hairy old git get laid?" he remarked smugly as if reciting his daily mantra! This moron has even got a TV station to broadcast his prattle.

Answers on a postcard to:

PO Box 666
Post Office Road
Ramana Nagar
Tiruvannamalai 606603
Tamil Nadu

The winner will receive a voucher for a punishment session at the Advaita Monastery where top dominatrix and Chi-Ting devotee Radha Ma will be getting very strict! Dog food, chains, whips, the dental chair and the Mr Priapus strap-on, plus all the usual goodies including the cheese grater ...



  1. So glad you're back.
    The charlatans need a good shakeup!
    Good on ya!

  2. Regarding Nithyananda, his act of desecrating the foothills of Arunachela by erecting a bogus ashram is more grevious then any sins of the flesh.

  3. dear kevin
    where the hell where you last season, i was here, ready to kiss your holy feet and bury them under layers of my humble writings, (which i don't dare to compair with your writings of unsurpassed wisdom and elegance) and who where accumulating since that year i let you down so badly, that i had to flog myself constantly for a very long period, and collected buckets full of tears of sorrow and regret, now used for daily abhishekam of your portret.
    now here all alone at the feet of arunachala hoping for a sign of life from my master and what do i get ? a fucking stupid, silly, moronical quiz.
    is that all what we can expect from you in the future? come on, the future of arunachala depends on you, my love and wherever possible i will stand next to you and hold your hand while you drive the riff-raff out of this holy place with your magic wand and restore order,peace and happiness.
    in love
    your sister k.

  4. Draw your attention to one Richard Clarke whose voyeuristic indulgences and peurile comments on his countless photos of dead bodies and other mind numbing trivia, can serve as a text book for any aspiring paparazzi.
    Furthermore such shenanigans only serve to cheapen and trivialise the sanctity of this holy place.

  5. For all these so called guru's. There's nothing wrong with being in a "lower place" or a "higher place"
    The challenge is not: how to prolong it or escape it. The challenge is to
    no longer care one way or another what kind of "place" or "position" you
    occupy at any given time.
    Now here I am throwing away pearls of wisdom for no cash return!

  6. Organic India, Brindavan farm. Run by President Bharat Mitra.
    Dr Yamuna a long standing devotee.
    Global CEO Mr. Krishnan Gupta.
    I've got no beef with people wanting to make money but this is so corporate and all done in the name of Papaji and spirituality.
    Where do the profits go? I strongly suspect the bulk goes into private pockets.

  7. Quo Vadis, so called interfaith dialogue center in Tiruvannamalai. The truth is they just have a strong need to proselytise through the back door of Christian meditation for the unwary. Sneaky!!

  8. 'Born agains' are all born dodgy! And they sell the most expensive Dosa in Ramana Nagar. That's when they can be bothered to open their silly restaurant.

  9. Perhaps imagining that others are out to prove others wrong is all
    bullshit too. Uncovering untruths is bound to prove no one is
    exempt, we all got one hell of lot wrong even your precious preconceptions.
    Expose the lot, question every sacred cow, even look into what
    makes one complain that ones own sacred cows are being questioned.
    Yep things are gonna get pretty choppy alright.

  10. Just bringing to your attention that many a post Lucknow teacher is offering all kinds of psychotherapy on the side! Make of it what you will.

  11. It's called spiritual prostitution and it's been released in a viral form that is highly contagious!

  12. Everyone's saying: show me the answer. Show me the Answer! SHOW ME THE ANSWER!!!

  13. It's a mystery, a divine bloody paradox! Only those who solve the riddle of the sphinx can have their bottoms spanked by Radha.....

  14. Is it my imagination that there are more Mosques and women in Burkas in Tiruvannamalai? Come on give me some good old fashioned qawwali!

  15. The end times are a cum-ing and the children of Abraham are on the march. Even the Panzer Pope in the Vatican is polishing his phalicly shaped nukes for the big judgement day confrontation with his fellow monotheists. BRING IT ON!

  16. Nice blog!

    Have fun unravelling and exposing
    the elitist advaita club for wealthy germans and other perverts in Club Shanthimalai.

    Follow the soapy exploits of big money washer (for german tax avoiders) Dr Hellerich along with his side-kick Werner Nickl and his second-in charge lindsay manson
    along with gayboys dr bachman & lover manohar as they bring the poorest of the poor in contact with
    real life spirituality at the foot of Annamalai....