Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Elvis the alien ...

Hey ho let's go!

Is that a new guru just arriving in town? Looks like he's heading straight for those Auro-vile munchie bars just near the check out at the Ramana Rip off Supermarket. What is he doing here at this time of year, the real weirdos only come at Christmas with lump-of-lard Mooji and his Goan refugees. Maybe he escaped from a 1950s' sci-fi movie and just got lost, or is a more sinister plot afoot? (World domination, genocide, lots of shopping and all the usual bullshit!) Our intrepid investigative reporter approached Dead Elvis to try and cull a quote from this man of mystery. But all he could do was mumble: "Viva Las Vegas!" Is it a mantra? Will busloads of whackjobs with poodles on their heads invade Tiru?

We await events with baited breath but our suspicion is that the End Time has begun and it's gonna get really weird!


  1. Was spoof Elvis really in the 'rip off' supermarket or is this tongue in cheek?
    If he's really hanging around the ashram....I'm gobsmacked! Too weird!

  2. I can't believe you haven't seen this guy hanging around, everyone else has been pissing themselves for the last couple of weeks. Dead Elvis is just the harbinger of things to come, start adding Ketamine and LSD to your drinking water, cause your gonna really need it when the next reality shift hits town!

  3. Been teacher shopping? You've been through periods of seeing
    the world as a dream, seeing the body as real, seeing the body as
    unreal, have experienced various blissful states, beaut states,
    pleasant states, bizarre states, normal states,
    altered states, expansive states, contracted states...too much!!

  4. As a paranoid schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder I'd say that was normal!

  5. Elvis,never to be registered,
    never to be regurgitated!

  6. A limited number of people were given permission by Papaji to teach. When he was asked publicly about this, he said that they were 'messengers', not Gurus in their own right. Mooji did not even make this list.

  7. Mooji's comeupance is just around the corner, it's only a matter of time. Look at Nithyananda's spectacular public disgrace. Radha has lost virtually all of her devotees over 'real estate money issues!' And Karl Renz has fled the wrath of Chi-Ting and will now give satsang from his seaside bordello in Koh Samui. We live in interesting times!

  8. We seem all too willing to sit in church pews, satsangs, zendos, spiritual bookstores, and the like entrusting our spiritual growth to those who are as lost as we are - but sound better.