Friday, February 27, 2009

Goodbye to all that ...

The Chi-Ting Lingam of Fire!

So Dear Readers ... The season has come to an end. The punters are leaving and the gurus have fled to more fiscally rewarding pastures. Those who are left, broil in the heat and acts of madness multiply by the day.

So what's it all been about? Arunachala holds up a huge mirror to the soul, where all the poison in the mud hatches out and everyone bears witness! Tiruvannamalai seems to attract people driven by desire and self-deception, fashioning reality in their own perverse image, with none of the self-reflection or spirituality they so ardently talk about.

Take the latest incident at Manna Cafe where a woman was knowingly drugged with space cake and left abandoned at Rangammal Hospital (without even her clothes!) This sheds an appalling light on the corpulent alcoholic, ex-heroin addict pretending to manage the place, who ran for cover at the first sign of trouble. A compulsive liar, Steve dishes up more and more outrageous stories by the day (and even claims to be holding off enlightenment!) Meanwhile the restaurant is a shady den where he traps women into illicit sex (while calling it tantra!) and his wife struggles to bring their daughter up singlehandedly, with no financial income.

Then there are the leeches who see Tiruvannamalai as their own private investment market. For them, the town exists only as a financial opportunity for shops, restaurants and real estate ventures (all in the name of God of course!) With the influx of ready western cash into the area, the economic disparity between visitor and local has led to unprecedented greed. This septic bubble will soon burst as the recession bites more deeply and the Indian banks stop paying out against all the black market monies propping up the rampant house-building here.

Add into the mix, foreign women walking around with their bra straps showing and treating T.V.Malai as a sexual playground. Fucking the locals (definitely sadhana!) with little understanding of the religious and social mores is creating an explosive situation. A visit to any internet shop reveals young Tamil boys obsessively viewing Western pornography in the midst of their repressive home culture. Hardly a place of spiritual pilgrimage, T.V.Malai is increasingly a place to get heckled, sexually assaulted (even for those who dress conservatively and follow local customs!) and propositioned after dark.

Tiruvannamalai seems to draw the self-justifying ego. Under the pressure of Tamil Nadu power cuts, the threat of serious disease and the irritation of daily price scams, seekers grip on ever more frenziedly to satsang. Then the latest guru's in town and they jump from one deluded fantasy world to yet another: complete with satisfying explanation. This is truly the new frontier of crass spiritual tourism, blown up large for all to see!

As for this blog, we merely provide a voice for the disaffected fringe, who have the common sense to realise that all these gurus are Wannabe Emperors with No Clothes On. We just take the piss (it's only satire, not mass murder!) So why do people get so angry about this site? In reality they see a reflection of themselves (is that bullet too hard to bite?) What we write is only offensive to those with ego who have huge investment in certain personalities, postures and calcified belief systems ... in other words, spiritual elitists! We are showing you yourself ... Chi-Ting Apocalypse is the sadhana of all sadhanas!

After all, don't the people who criticise this page, at the same time engage in the most incredible self-indulgent bitchery and back-stabbing gossip in the various cafes of T.V.Malai? (These potted conversations contain more spite and ire than we could muster in a thousand pages!) Aren't most of the Westerners here just unreconstructed Christians who lie around in the heat, smoking pot and flaunting their elevated principles in a New Age guise? And if this site is so nasty, why does everyone read it so avidly? Everybody talks about it in hushed voices, sniggering in corners! The moral hypocrisy here is really stunning!

The real issue is not what you think or feel about this blog, the gurus or T.V.Malai but whether you use all this to dis-identify with your own ego ... Or are you simply using this town as a self-aggrandising prop to keep the whole edifice of your identity afloat?

QUESTION: Why are there so many false gurus?
ANSWER: Because there are so many false seekers!


  1. Good one :)))
    Keep'em comin'. you're doing a great service to everyone!

  2. Sad to see the Goaisation of this
    spiritual heart and temple town.

  3. It's Arunachala making us all think about what we want. If you don't like it you have to stop supporting the Satsangs and going to those places you don't like. Stay at home. Seek God within and learn the lesson, folks.

  4. I heard the gal at Stupid Steve's got brain damage. He should pay!

  5. I hope you're not shutting up shop, Mr Chi-Ting, now that the season's over.
    Where to next?

  6. Great now you are really writing, this is great Kevinanda, been waiting a long time to hear this. I hope you are upto to it, cause there is more to come, as the question comes back again, "Who benefits?"
    This Chi-ting Apocalypse has infact been an eye opener for many who have been through these pages, keep at it keep up the good work for all these suckers who visit Tiruvannamalai and spread their crap and leave, there are a few who clean up the mess, who have to keep it clean for another season and may be this time the crap is not going to be cleaned, the shit pots have to the left as they are so when these stinking bastards return for their next season let them smell their very own crap and deal with the stink that has been waiting for them for a year.......:) Hope to see you then good luck and good bye...

  7. Just heard heard Eckhart Tolle has
    landed in Australia. He is charging $160.00 for a two hour
    satsang and $1000.00 for a retreat.
    All this has been announced with a simpering smile covering the greed
    Partnership with Oprah has yielded
    its dubious fruit.

  8. The manna incident triggered epilepsy in the kitty girl and she collapsed a few days later in the Tasty restaruant. Rangammal have labelled her a drug addict. Steve have you no shame?