Thursday, November 4, 2010

What to do?

I rescued this from the Comments section in the previous post:

Anonymous said: Many so called masters talk about the Lion's Roar, but fact a lot of us are sheep. What to do?

What to do? What to f##ken do!!!! I'm gonna blow a fuse. It's simple innit? Be like the child in the Hans Christian Anderson story of The Emperor's New Clothes. Tell the crowd that the Emperor has no clothes, inform them that his testicles and tackle are hanging loose for all to see. Prove that the divine breath is not wasted on you. Be a human being, not a capon ready to be stuffed for Christmas. Sheep get ba-ba-barbecued. Do you want to be a lamb chop just for the sake of social conformity? As fat drunken Winston put it: "Fight them on the beaches, never surrender!" These Pig F#cks are prostituting everyone's birthright for their self-aggrandising hubris and vanity, a pox on them and all their works! Do you want to truly live or be poisoned by a saccharine substitute of The Real Thing. Say NO to this palsied fatalism. Stand up and roar, for they will say in times to come: "Giants once walked this Earth". Ye gods I'm preaching to the terminally fuckwitted, it's bloody hopeless!

P.S. I have no connection to Papaji and never went to Lucknow. I was born this way, mad, bad and dangerous to know. "Tis my nature said the scorpion to the frog."


  1. Not SO Fuck-wittedNovember 4, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    When did it become so fashionable to listen to others? People are so stupid these days they even "test before they buy" and think they are more sensible than the rest! We have been trained into thinking everything can be found out and lies on the outside. Even when we question we only question in the way we have been taught to think. How could anyone know or show you truth? It defeats me what people see in these figures. Wake up. And question the institutions which enslave you.

  2. This blog is the saviour of many. It is the only original thing around.

  3. Exciting parlour tricks seen on the advaita scene are the
    classic 'advaita shuffle', 'Who's in?', 'The Three Card Find
    the "I"' trick and 'Truth, dare or promise'. These devices
    are fail-safes. If they don't work in producing awakening
    (and they typically don't in the hands of unawakened
    teachers) they at least provide entertainment, bewilderment and confusion!

  4. If all these 'flash in the pan' guru's are enlightened? Does that make us endarkened?

  5. It's hard to believe the number of people who are so willingly enticed by complete and utter losers. If these people were in their home country they wouldn't even toss them a coin on the street. Tiruvannamali is the last outpost of the desperately seeking. And those who encourage them are the antichrists at the end of the world

  6. It's deeply sad that these days people are so desensitised, brainwashed, Christianised and politically correct they are unable to feel what they really feel and denounce someone who has the integrity and ability to put it into words. We should all be bowing in homage to Sri Sri Sri Kevinanda!