Friday, December 24, 2010

Chi-Ting Christmas address

Dear Readers

Now that your turkey costs 3 trillion dollars and your house is completely worthless, we thought a patronising moral homily from these 2 fine upstanding sociopaths would fill you with the requisite seasonal joy.

"There is only one God: the Holy Trinity of Money, Power and Corruption."

"There is no God: only the Science of ME, ME, ME!"

While pondering these uplifting and inspirational diatribes, we have concluded that none of these worthless bastards exist. They are all part of the smorgasbord of maya and lila that captivates and deludes us into believing this silly bloody story.

So don't worry about saving the rainforests - or the decimation of the species by HAARP technology and the approach of Planet Nibiru. There is liberation in the End Times and The Rapture is available priced £450 from Mooji Inc while stocks last!


  1. Good old Mooji! How can any person who has touched the divine sell his experience?

  2. How can you be so mean to that nice old man in the silk and ermine dress? He may look like a bloodless vampire but he is a deeply holy apostle of God. Those young choir boys should be honoured to offer up themselves to his tender caress. Yours shocked and dismayed from beyond the grave!

  3. Ye gods a voice from the great hereafter. Sunanda it's Christmas not Easter and to qualify for resurrection you have to be crucified not OD on a cocktail of gin, valium and every other known narcotic! Maybe communicating through ectoplasm and some dodgy medium at the local spiritualist church has left you a bit confused.

  4. Rip their eyes out of their sockets and chew them till they burst!

  5. Transcendence through torture!

  6. These 2 rank specimens are an example of the patriarchal fascism which has subjugated the female genius for millenia.

  7. Christmas, and you serve us a senile pope and a silly scientist for diner, what a joke.
    In what part of the world are you, you silly bugger.
    Great things are happening here in Arunachala
    Here, today the ashram of his holiness Sri Shri Nityananda was reopened, witnesses by thousand happy devotees.
    As one of his groupies i was a guest of honor and what a jolly function it was, full of laughter, singing and dancing. The true satsang, the true meeting with the beloved.
    Fuck Mooji and the other neo advaitas, who are only out to diverse you from the real path of devotion, leaving you empty handed and pennyless in the gutter of this samsara. Join Nityananda and his happy path to liberation, before it is to late. And for the girls, become a groupy, i recommend it, he is awesome !!!

  8. I did go to a guru thing once, with flowers, I left when they
    began showing a movie of a man in a room with flowers.
    A bit disappointing, the poster said 'meet'.

  9. Due to a crass mistranslation from ancient Pali and Sanskrit, 'Meet' has become synonymous with the cruder phrase of "Give us all yer monies yer gormless sucker!" Just ask the newly re-branded Nithyananda who charges thousands of $$$s to 'Meet' low caste seekers!

  10. Kev, if you want to know someone who really charges dollars, try BRANDON BAYS at 15,000 US for a 2-week tour to India including Ramanashramam. Has been saying she's enlightened for years but only came out recently as "awakened". A very cynical self-help cult. Of course she is Papaji detritus.

  11. Who the hell is this clown who uses my name to make an advertisement for that ridiculous pompous prick Nityananda, if anything is worse then the neo-advaita scam, it is this selfproclaimed Godman idiot, who is definately only in it for the money (with thanks to Frank Z).
    Wonder what his connection with the other Godman (alias Godot)is !?
    So Kevin can you do something about this name stealing, there is only one sister K, and she is against everything and even against that, torture and torment being the only exception and off course her unendless love for herself in the form of Arunachala.

  12. You want me to police the Comments section to see if it's truly trangendered? WHAT IF IT'S JUST A FAG IN DRAG?
    OK I will release the rotweilers on any comment that does not have the Kinski trademark!

  13. Nasrudin is sitting in his house when a neighbor comes
    and asks if he can borrow his donkey. Now Nasrudin did
    not want to loan out his donkey, so he said, "I'm very
    sorry, but I loaned out my donkey yesterday." At that
    point, the donkey brayed in the barn. His neighbor,
    believing he has caught him in a lie, says, "Then what
    is that I hear in the barn?" And Nasrudin replies,
    "Friend, are you going to believe me or a donkey?"

  14. We can fly to the moon and tap genetic secrets, but
    human beings are as badly behaved and as miserable as
    ever. Is it because shrinks rely too much on words?

  15. "I told you that there are none but temporary
    Truth-Seekers; that a permanent one is a human
    impossibility; that as soon as the Seeker finds what he
    is thoroughly convinced is the Truth, he seeks no
    further, but gives the rest of his days to hunting junk
    to patch it and caulk it and prop it with, and make it
    weather-proof and keep it from caving in on him. Hence
    the Presbyterian remains a Presbyterian, the Mohammedan
    a Mohammedan, the Spiritualist a Spiritualist, the
    Democrat a Democrat, the Republican a Republican, the
    Monarchist a Monarchist; and if a humble, earnest, and
    sincere Seeker after Truth should find it in the
    proposition that the moon is made of green cheese
    nothing could ever budge him from that position; for he
    is nothing but an automatic machine, and must obey the
    laws of his construction."
    Mark Twain

  16. It's a good song:
    Sitting on the dock of the bay
    Watching the tide roll away
    I'm just sitting on the dock of the bay
    Wasting time

    Look like nothing's gonna change
    Everything still remains the same
    I can't do what ten people tell me to do
    So I guess I'll remain the same

  17. Where is Sunanda Whitehouse?

  18. She is 'Born Again' as a whisper in the wind!

  19. Yeah verily yeah - all is one. And yet, one wonders what one is doing...

  20. Neo-Liberal economics and all its bullshit justification about to come down ...