Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is there life on Mars?

H.H. Kevinandaji - in a moment of profound reflection as he fondles his favourite pussy!

Dearly beloved Chi-Ting devotees, it is with a heavy and deeply saddened heart that I must inform you of the defection of Sister Klaus Kumari to a life of bourgeois domesticity. She has foresaken us for a heterosexual dalliance! I too was utterly shocked by the news, having believed that the Sister had viciously removed her wiener and baubles while strung out on ketamine. This turns out to be a grotesque deception, having mastered ancient Taoist techniques of genital retraction the Sister was in fact not unmanned but secretly operational. Now consumed by outrageous lust, her bits have sprung back into position and he/she is fully functional and armed! The question remains will the Sister continue with the rabid drag queen chic? I believe this grave moral lapse has been caused by a fervent and unspoken attachment to "I"-centric states of attainment etc etc ....

To be continued ...


  1. Mildred Brown is a San Jose sex therapist who counsels patients with gender-identity problems. She also counsels their spouses or partners. In her opinion women involved with male transvestites must accept the fact that "the man is going to wear female attire openly or covertly with their permission or without it." Brown believes that the causes of transvestism, as yet unknown, are not really pertinent. "What is relevant," she insists, "is that the transvestite and the woman he is involved with accept him as he is, and not expect him to change or give up his desire to dress as a female. He probably can't change, anyway. Nor should a woman think of him as a pervert or a degenerate, which he certainly is not." !!!good luck, lover of the sister!

  2. don´t burn urself alive, sister...

  3. Swami
    As usual you focus at the outside of events, as is clear from your first a moment etc.
    What is hidden escaped your attention again.
    What terrible vasana’s are torturing you that you have to fall so low to believe all this utterly disgusting gossip.
    It is clear that you do not know the essence of the trans-gendered, I don’t blame you for that, since you are just a man, even as a holy man.
    It is true, my body tried to return to the old state, that is inevitable in the process of transforming into the holy hermaphrodite, a necessary relapse as it happened to Adi Shankara, when a woman questioned him about sex.
    At this very moment the secret and holy marriage is performed between Lord Shiva and me in the form of his beloved Apitakuchambal, at the summit of the Arunachala hill.
    Off course this will take some time and after our romantic spiritual honeymoon I might appear again as the holy universal hermaphrodite with a new name…..Sisterklaus Apitakuchambalammal and shine forever as IT.
    And then I'll deal with these un-funny satsang clowns and their silly devotees.
    Meantime you should sit quietly in your corner and contemplate why your holiness was deceived by appearances and ghost stories, missing completely the beauty of what is happening in the reality of maybeness.

  4. Bloody Hell, Countess Dracula has finally risen from her debauched slumber. So that's an official denial? Your shagging some bloke called Shiva (there do seem to be rather a lot of them in Tiru!) And not that Deutsche Hausfrau you were seen snogging in the village?
    Methinks there is no smoke without fire, there does seem to be rather a lot of bluster and blarney for one so virtuous and innocent.
    So shall we settle on a maybe!

  5. There is nothing to settle, since i admitted my temporary relapse as an essential part of my final mystic union.
    That escaped you again, do your bloody homework mister K.

    But is that not a picture of our friend Steve manna Woodman without make-up, that is, in his origional form ?
    Wow, man, he looks really mean, ugly and frightening ill.
    I think his final days must be near, maybe you should start writing a pre obituary, to help the poor fellow with passing over to the other side.

  6. Steve has been "Born Again" and was last heard of chastising people on the evils of the demon drink and the moral corruption of the "yoof of today". We await news of his inevitable demise and we can assure him that pissing against trees with a gaggle of witches in a sad parody of the occult, will not keep the Grim Reaper at bay for much longer!

  7. Sister thank God we may still worship at the base of your Celestial Lingam ... If we are deserted and left to the ravages of Tiru we will be like lost children wandering the streets, lured into James Schwartz's talking shop or Mooji's Zen bookstore for the coffeetable satsatsingers. Sister you are our only hope. I call on you to emerge from the depths of your torture chamber, having completed this act of final genital absorption, to speak once again on the glories of Arunachala!

  8. Because of my exhausting but lustful honeymoon duties i am not available at the moment, but if you want to read something about the union between Shiva's Lingam and myself, i recommend "the glory of Arunachala" by M.C.Subramaniam.

    Or bore yourself to death with spermananda's Arunachala Shiva, a disgusting peace of bullshit, which has absolutely nothing to do with Arunachala.....

  9. that certainly is a picture of steve manna woodman (no wood)after his final union and melting with aleistair crowley's remains.