Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Pure life, raw, pulsing and vibrant, unmediated by identity or separation. It's a truly scary thought!

So we seek refuge in the cosmic heroin we call spirituality. In return we embark on an endless journey of becoming that gives us hope, aspiration and piety. This odyssey of Doing to Be causes endless pain, agitation and angst but is preferable to the gut-wrenching existential freefall into the abyss. This spiritual game we play is the ultimate mythology of ego. It is more rooted in separation than even the most self-obsessed acts that we all decry and disdain, because it puts the "I" on a pedestal which society universally approves and emulates.

We can rebel against the world because of pain, following paths that society rejects such as crime, drugs, alcohol and sex. And when all of these avenues are found to be empty and devoid of substance, we bite the spiritual bullet in the belief that we are one of the lucky ones who have truly arrived and transcended the squalid realm of desire. But heroin addiction is pure kindergarten besides this hellish world of eternal seeking. It is all the "I" - another extension of materialism in a more subtle and morally seductive world - except that now it is even more fixated than before!

This realm of spiritual experiences is the realm of the ego incarnate. Awakening and the bliss of yogic states only come about when the "I" is under such pressure that it transcends reality and projects another world of pure goodness out of its own separation. The spiritual seeker wants the spiritual orgasm 24 hours a day, maxed out on the credit card, debauched in the bordello with an unending source of narcotic comfort straight out of the genie's bottle. Even the quest for secret and arcane knowledge can never top this one. It is the ultimate quest of self-obsessed fixation all in the name of God!

Spiritual seekers reproduce the same moral judgement so pervasive of society within this transcendent domain, replicating it from a higher spiritual throne. They turn their back on the bad places they have been and the bad people who do not agree with them and threaten their sense of personal autonomy. They even spurn society saying they are better because they are no longer materialistic. But they are just more sanctimonious and more holy - usually a form of buttock clenching Christianity with New Age knobs on - and fail to realise the web of self-deceit has drawn them in even further. They have reacted violently to the world and are lost in an even more polarized fantasy world of good and evil.

There never was anything wrong with the world, the pain was simply too great. The seeker has become a Frankenstein monster of their own making and has retreated to a state of catatonic oblivion, because the reflected image is too grotesque to bear. "Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the saddest of them all?" ...

Spirituality is just junkiedom with a righteous attitude en Route 66 straight to hell. We are not talking about Percy Shelley and his chum Lord Byron having a laudanum jolly on the Swiss lakes, or even William Burroughs blowing his wife's brains out in a stoners' game of William Tell. We are talking about the social decimation of a whole generation on crack and the messianic meltdown that creates Hitler complexes ... a moral and existential car crash that would make even J.G. Ballard blanche


  1. Kevin and other commentators,one should understand when "the game is over" and have the good taste to quit an enterprise when it has lost completely any sense of creativity (even in the form of nasty sense of humour directed to all these cracks who pretend to be gurus).You have lost it,now this blog is just a babble of incoherent idiots who have probably,in the past,ingested too much ganjia and lsd. Now it is time for you to stop and find for your self a decent work,because,if this babble is the result of your meditation,it is clear that you should go back to work and try to be of some use in the world,before trying to transcend it.

  2. Spirituality is just materialism by another name. Everyone is out for what they get. I am tired of the new breed of seekers who justify their pursuit of courses, workshops and satsang retreats as "making a difference" and setting the 60s right where it all went wrong. You are right. There is no difference between a heroin addict and a spiritual seeker. Just that the seeker thinks they are better than the rest.

  3. Ah, and there is Bobbie or whatever name it takes, the perfect example of the person described by Kevinji. Every time I see that sad, wry and bitter face stumbling to Ramanashram to do its daily piece of self enquiry, aka fooling around in the mind and trying to impress others with devotional face expressions. I try to feel pity, but I can’t. Maybe there are just too many Bobbies around in Tiru who tragically mistake the state of mind-fucking for the spiritual path leading to some sort of surrogate enlightenment and finally end up at the place where all hope is futile - THE GATE...

    Why not just be happy with the simple things in life like love, happiness and joy, instead of reaching out for things like Truth or Reality, which are not meant to be understood by anybody.

    Life can be so easy Bobbie, if you can see the humour in it. But if you can not even find any humour in this blog, you will not find it anywhere.

  4. I found this on Guruphiliac, Mooji is doing satsang by web cam to America from Portugal, price $35 to listen to the fat prat on your computer and guess what it's sold out!!!

    Mooji said: ‎"One day you will come to see and find peace in confirming that all this is nothing but thoughts believed in. A day not unlike today."

    Guruphiliac: "I bet he'd be hesitant to jump in front of a moving bus, despite the fact it would be "nothing but thoughts believed in." Here is a prime example of a guru selling you bullshit because it sounds like what a guru should be saying."

    Neti Neti Media: Satsang Mooji