Sunday, December 4, 2011

The age of the guru is over

Chi-Ting devotees celebrate the fall of gurudom ...

We have replaced the worship of an ultimate state (God) with the worship of enlightened beings (gurus). But there is neither an ultimate state or an ultimate being, this is just a chimera of the imagination. Apparent reality is in a state of permanent flux and there is no ultimate truth, just a shimmer and a fantasy which slips away in the night, like teardrops in the rain. Enlightened beings are actors in a movie, very real in their performance but in the end just a part of the story. As the Bard sagely observed in Macbeth: "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!" This fiction is real but simultaneously unreal: that is the crux of the paradox.

We have assigned power and prestige to entities who exist yet are empty; totally devoid of substance. Gurus are no different from a blade of grass to be stepped on and then forgotten.

The time has come to step beyond the age of enlightened beings. They are like politicians: they will always fail you! These select individuals have never held the keys to paradise, it is just an exercise in religious fetishism that is as absurd as it is vacuous. As the old paradigms of control and hierarchy are crashing down around the globe in a Bonfire of the Oligarchs, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of former subservience. Our reality never was an ordered Newtonian assemblage of molecules with God's Anointed at the top of the pyramid. Schrödinger's Cat has now truly escaped from the bag along with the neutrino and the old stories have finally lost their power.

We are the children of great mystery. Things are NOT what they seem!


  1. can't wait 'til the new golf course gets built in tiru .. we can test your worship of gurus by seeing if you sign up for lessons from the course pro

  2. Mmmm ... Gurus are Spiritual Mummies and Daddies for the Kiddie Seekers who never left home. At some point reality must be faced naked and alone. This take honesty and courage. And you either have it or you don't.

  3. I like the gorgeous picture but what else are you trying to point out, Kevji? To whom are you speaking from your ivory tower ?

    Don’t you know that the masses like and need fuckin’ politicians and gurus and rules and laws and supermarkets and boring sitcoms.You write for a very small elite of think-we-are-better-than-the-rests called “the spiritual seekers”, who are even worse then the masses.

    Who is really interested in this?

    God, Guru, Self and even the small ego are One. To know that, is enough. If you realize that even the ego is just an appearance, you can relax! There's no fuckin’ anybody: then the game is over and there is no game...

    Also for you the time has come, Bobby predicted it, she may be totally mad and evil but she has the “eye”. Step down from your holy golden throne, before you fall by the weight of your own petty pretentions and join the club of ultimate losers and lemmings. Let's jump together from the edge of the world into the darkness of the unknown!

    Or, if you are not ready for that, let's carry on and just have some fun taking the piss out of the Moojis, Premanandas and of course that prat Godot in this fuckin’ circus called “life”.

  4. Et tu Sister? Actually I was just about to announce my retirement. Like my great chum Tertullian I have already pre-booked my place in heaven where I can get pissed on ambrosia and debauch pervy cherubs, while lauging at all the sinners burning below in hell!

    Of course there would be Elvis-in-Las-Vegas-style reunion tours and other merchandising extravaganzas.

    As for your kind offer of joint suicide, I would like to follow the example of that great Jewish nationalist hero Josephus who when finally surrounded by the Romans got all his associates to kill themselves before he coolly surrendered and began a life of furious collaboration with the enemy! So Sister you jump first and after you have gone splat, I will follow your heroic example!

  5. Rest in natural great peace
    This exhausted mind
    Beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thought,
    Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
    In the infinite ocean of samsara.
    Rest in natural great peace.


  6. Ramana also said the world is real and unreal, so this equally applies to the guru. His exact words:

    “The names and forms which constitute the world continually change and perish and are therefore called unreal. It is unreal to limit the Self to these names and forms and real to regard all as the Self."

  7. Everyone who comes to Arunachala is here for one reason, Ramana Maharshi "He is beyond Nam-Rup, the Nameless and the Formless manifesting Himself, through name and form."

  8. I don't know about the fall of gurudom, there seems to be more around then ever, a dime a dozen! "I Heard a bullfrog croaking. I thought it must have been seized by a snake. After some time, as I was coming back, I could still hear its terrified croaking. I looked to see what was the matter, and found that a water-snake had seized it. The snake could neither swallow it nor give it up. So there was no end to the frog's suffering. I thought that had it been seized by a cobra it would have been silenced after three croaks at the most. As it was only a water-snake, both of them had to go through this agony. A man's ego is destroyed after three croaks, as it were, if he gets into the clutches of a real teacher. But if the teacher is an 'unripe' one, then both the teacher and the disciple undergo endless suffering. The disciple cannot get rid either of his ego or of the shackles of the world. If a disciple falls into the clutches of an incompetent teacher, he doesn't attain liberation."

  9. Everyone who comes to Arunachala is here for themselves. They come to GET enlightenment and believe it is an external material object.

  10. Everything now is up for questioning: the financial system, politicians, greedy bankers, the very foundation of our societies. Gurus can be no exception. A culture of external dependency has brought us to ruin. And yet a life just dependent on ourselves will only be ruled by the ego. What is without is always only a reflection of what is within. We need another paradigm which embraces yet transcends both.

  11. All gurus - of any kind - anybody who believes to have ANY authority to tell you what is reality and what you are, how you or things should be or behave, where you and the universes are from or are going, who are trying to DEFINE you and your being or doing in ANY way are in fact of disservice to you, they are contributing to keeping you in a state of under-developed blindness, and therefore need to be COMPLETELY REJECTED, DISMISSED, FORGOTTEN, DISSOLVED, ERADICATED from the continuum. Because as long as you look for someone to follow, worship, believe or imitate you will be miserable, even if you might have another impressioin for awhile.

  12. It is about time that people realized that Gurudom is over. What we've been fed for thousand of years is worse than horseshit. Through the "teachings of salvation" we have only become more amd more enslaved. Now we are simply robots repeating and doing all the Gurus say. Wake up! Shake off these shackles and recover primeval freedom. Stop serving "masters" of any kind! Have the courage to stand alone and something new will blossom.