Saturday, April 27, 2013


Now that the season is over and the seasonal flotsam has been flushed out of Ramana Nagar only a few hardcore residents are left to sweat it out in the 40 degree heat ...

Even the famed Shanti Cafe is closing for the month of May and Chi-Ting favourite Kali Baba (alias Ali Baba and the 40 Personalities!) is now homeless and left bereft of Bambi-esque victims to molest. Kali Baba is the founder member of the T.V.malai Münchausen Society and is renowned as a world heavyweight champion fantasist. (His claim to the title is disputed by Karl Renz who is a direct descendant of the legendary Baron and the two of them were involved in a no-holds-barred bun fight that ended with spittle and invectives flying in all directions!)

Kali Baba spins fantastic webs of reality for the gullible while pretending to be the Anglo-Siberian, "Mayok Shamaan." Apparently he regularly travels the world ... yet hasn't left India in years. (Must be his amazing shapeshifting skills!) His fake mobile conversations have become legendary. Recently the boys at Shanti decided to phone Kali Baba during one of his monologues broadcasting his latest land deal in Tiru. Of course there was no one on the end of the line and his mobile rang in the middle of his fake conversation! And even more bizarrely, he has recently been overheard saying that one of his students complained that he had not even attempted to rape her! (Standards must be slipping!) The Black Clad Wonder announces to all and sundry how he is purely devoted to service and saving the planet ... Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the biggest liar of them all?

But Kali Baba does not hold the franchise on fantasy and self-delusion in Tiruvannamalai. In Adiannamalai, a select group of ex-pats host endless dinner parties in a re-run of some neo-colonial twilight zone. Jane Austen Society Queens bitch and pontificate, compulsively meddling in each other lives to give themselves a frisson of excitement. Here cruelty dresses as kindness. It's a game of musical chairs with each of them waiting for the slightest hint of vulnerability: an upper class dog pack getting ready to tear apart the weakest (they are vicious in a way that would make even a sexual predator like Kali Baba blush!) In this magic realm of therapy, psychic predictions, and Hindu moral conservativism, the privileged and the effete discuss philosophy and enlightenment at closed circle luncheons. Like an out-take from a Merchant Ivory production, this is Club Sari with its anti-sexual morality of celibacy and denial. It's a cult of purity where the moneyed, 50+, born again virgins buy land and set up their esoteric empires. Living off the funds of rich daddies, divorce settlements and capitalist investments, they are all the spoilt children of the system who have washed up on these shores to purify their souls and join the elect in heaven!

Here the celibates hang out with the tantrics and it's all very feminised. Even the men are like girls: Peter Pan figures and clean-cut devotees in freshly pressed linens, frolic in the meadows of Arunachala, drinking and dining their way through a never-ending programme of social niceties. But while everyone looks very white and crisp and clean, there's an undercurrent of extreme moral violence. This is a bastardised Hindu-Christian mindset laced with the explosive cocktail of rightwing elitism. Behind the polite veneer of all-loving friendship there is the ever-present threat of expulsion. If you do not conform to the code, you will be cast out of Eden. The unspoken rule is that you do not associate with the hoi polloi as you may be polluted by their grubby sins. Safe in their bubble of specialness, the Dinner Party Set have retreated to their secluded villas in order to avoid contamination ...

This is the land of the Lost Boys. Trapped in a parallel reality of narcotic fairy glamour, both the boys and the girls suffer from a dissociated male energy. This is because the active principle has been forbidden. Religious prohibition prevents expression of the sexual instinct in the world at large. This leads to the creation of an etheric pseudo-realm, where this repressed male energy can only wreak havoc and become self-destructive. There is a twisted inversion: a sublimation of sexuality where celibacy, homosexuality or a furtive promiscuity goes on behind closed doors ... Ageing women with dyed hair attempt to look like young Indian girls who have never been touched. Supposedly celibate career marriages espouse the cult of brahmacharya as a higher principle than lower chakra lust. Designer French sadhus who believe it is the dharma of every girl to give them head while their apparently enlightened wives take refuge in the family home ... It's a crucible of stunning hypocrisy and sexual angst. In this pleasure garden of enlightenment, vanity cases reign supreme and the beautiful is abhorrently ugly. Innocence has been lost like a crushed flower!

The beautiful people from Adiannamalai would be outraged at the comparison to a Père Ubu grotesque like Kali Baba. But in Neverland, Peter Pan goes hand in hand with Billy Liar and both whistle the same tune ...


  1. Kali can not be suppressed. Love HER and she will DeLight you! (fill you with light)

  2. hahaha....hilarious....

  3. Aghora Aghori Aghorohoho

    To de-light means to take away the light, you fucking moron. Are you from Mongolia or Kazakhstan by any chance ?

  4. Re the Dinner Party Set in Adiannamalai ... Is it true that Richard Clarke didn't meet the criteria to join this exclusive club because of his hoi poloi roots whereas Kali Baba is on the verge of being admitted on the strength of his self-proclaimed link to an esoteric genealogy, of which he is the chief representative in Tiru. His high breeding may yet appeal to their Thatcherite sense of decency and propriety ... Alas not even Kali Baba's famed talisman will save them from their inevitable ruin.

  5. Mr. Fly in Spanish 'de' means 'of' You did not catch my Spanish accent? Everyone I know for the past 40 years have understood it to mean 'of light'. So maybe we are all wrong and you are the only one right... but does it really matter? LIGHT IS and I AM and if you wish to call me names then you need to do it to my face. I live in Tiruv. permanently so if you think you are some kind of bad ass then make a personal appointment; then see what happens. What do you say Fly are you ready to be swatted? Maybe some of your blood on the street would help Tiruv. (you know a little blood for the demons at the temple) You should know Aghoris are always ready for some 'blood and gore'. I will close with a somewhat popular saying.... "Make my Day"!

    To Anonymous(12:30 P.M.) I am glad you got a 'hahaha' out of the comment. Isn't this site about truth and humor?

  6. I am curious. Did our beloved Sri Sri Kevji, Sister K and Firefly make it to this exclusive dinner club? If you didn't, that is ok. When I visit Tiru next season, we will have our own exclusive club. Just let me know ahead of time what items I should bring from the western world.

  7. Bringing items to India from the Western world! Why? They already exist in India courtesy of free global trade of which India is an enthusiastic and by no means a small player. Try the caste system for a taste of exclusivity and privilege for the high born. So there's no need for Westerners to have a chip on their shoulders. Instead look over your shoulders, as the Easterners are drawing level and will soon overtake.

  8. Especially liked the part about sublimation of sexual energy. I know some cases that happened in my country with the Hare Krisnas. They had a temple for some time and exactly the same things use to happen (homosexuality, orgies and pedophilia). Being bramacharya is very dangerous. Some of these people end up in mental institutions (too many mantras, no sex).

  9. I have to agree with anon "Try the caste system for a taste of exclusivity and privilege" Forget about the poor saps inviting one another to pretentious dinner parties. The whole facade of India in built on 'I can't break bread with you' cause I'm superior and a fear of pollution mingling with the poor and 'low born'

  10. Tilicho’s fatuous book on pretending to be enlightened is nauseating. A whole long list of “to do’s” revolving around “who we truly are” – yawn, yawn, give me a break! Apparently she gave the draft to some friends to copy edit who thought it was so embarrassing they didn’t want to go anywhere near it! Yet another book to adorn the cafes of Tiru: unread and never purchased!

  11. That is what I meant, stupid. An exclusive club so our very own Kevji, Sister K and Firefly will not feel left out. Western delicacies, directly from the kitchens in the west, are may be something the Jane Austin Society of Tiru does not have - like yummy chocolates from Switzerland, baked goods from the UK, alcohol from.... gettit.

    As far as I am concerned, these people are wasting the previous time they have been given near Arunachala. When Arunachala has had enough, he could so easily throw them out and then they will blame the forest officer or the local administrator for their plight. What idiots! If they can't see God in everyone, they have missed the point of being near Arunachala.

  12. I have to admit that I was invited to a few of their dinner parties, because they wanted to check out if I lived up to their standards, but soon I found out that it was the same childish quasi-intellectual bruhaha as in the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, where the conversation continuously goes like this:

    "If you knew Time as well as I do," said the Hatter, "you wouldn’t talk about wasting it. It’s him."
    "I don’t know what you mean," said Alice.
    "Of course you don’t!" the Hatter said, tossing his head contemptuously. "I dare say you never even spoke to Time!"
    "Perhaps not," Alice cautiously replied: "but I know I have to beat time when I learn music."
    "Ah! that accounts for it," said the Hatter. "He won’t stand beating. Now, if you only kept on good terms with him, he’d do almost anything you liked with the clock. For instance, suppose it were nine o’clock in the morning, just time to begin lessons: you’d only have to whisper a hint to Time, and round goes the clock in a twinkling! Half-past one, time for dinner!"
    ("I only wish it was," the March Hare said to itself in a whisper.)
    "That would be grand, certainly," said Alice thoughtfully: "but then—I shouldn’t be hungry for it, you know."
    "Not at first, perhaps," said the Hatter: "but you could keep it to half-past one as long as you liked."
    "Is that the way you manage?" Alice asked.
    The Hatter shook his head mournfully. "Not I!" he replied. "We quarrelled last March - just before he went mad, you know" (pointing with his teaspoon at the March Hare), "it was at the great concert given by the Queen of Hearts, and I had to sing 'Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at!'"

    So I said 'no thank you' to that Mad Hatter the Right Reverend Lakshman and took my high heels and net stockings to greener pastures. "Bunch of fucking morons" to quote that idiot Firefly. By the way, when is the fight between him and that other bullshit artist Aghori scheduled? It would be nice to see some blood on the street in front of the Rip-off Supermarket ...

  13. Finally a post on Kali Baba, I will never forget how Steve Woodman (another legendary fantasy artist) used to go on about him raping a girl with a broken leg. Steve may have been a lot of things but he did consistently warn the female travellers in Tiru about Kali Baba. May he rest in peace!

  14. This post and comments are so funny. It must be the best on this blog yet.

  15. Aldous Huxley said that one of man's greatest temptations is to escape from central reality into a false reality, what he calls "an imperfect nirvana of beauty and mere knowledge." Interestingly, he likened his psychedelic encounters with mescaline to the heavens and fairylands of religion and folklore, stating that in these ethereal worlds, a "preternatural light" of such surpassing beauty shines out of the landscape, that its lure is irresistible.

  16. All right Aghora, no I didn’t catch your Spanish accent, it sounds more like Texan to me actually. So if you want a fight you’ll get it, Friday 6pm sharp in front of the Ramana Supermarket. You can choose your weapons, but please leave that horrifying and extremely tasteless pink turban at home. Come and fight like a man and not like a dressed up Barbie doll. You'd better organize your funeral and make a will. Also invited is Sister Klaus, who I will happily punch in her ugly nose so her blood streams into the fuckin’ supermarket. Then that shithead Devakaran will drown in the Sister's blood: her life will not have been completely useless and served a noble cause. Ramanashramam will surely erect a statue of her in its grounds with the inscription: "She served our noble devotees by hand and mouth to the very end!"

  17. Anon at 12.21 P.M. you sound like a member of the Jane Austin Society.

  18. Have you come across Chris Jackson?

    A posh English closeted screaming queen who gets jealously irate at competitors to his hidden throne as the inheritor of Papaji and Ramana's mantle?

  19. Mayok is not bothered by any of the fanciful portrayals used by this silly blog to depict him. Neither is he intimidated by the slanderous fibs spun by his warped sense of fair play. Mayok will easily fend off all this malicious gossip and corral the perpetrator to a class of inner demons more powerful than those that possess him already. In this standoff the siddhas' sympathies are clearly with Mayok and Chi-Ting Master stands admonished, rebuked and almost forsaken.

    1. It's Clive Newman! Used to hang out in Broadlands in Chennai with his fat belly and maroon robes telling bullshit lies to any young girl who would listen. Conman.

  20. Hello Kali Baba or Mayok or whatever ... Yet more fantasy! Which one of your 40 personalities was that one? So your siddhas are bigger that mine, is that it?! Is this a dick waving competition? I will tell you a secret: I don't have any siddhas. Nor am I affiliated with any demons. Your behaviour is an open secret and a public joke: it's simply what people are saying. So call up all your mighty powers and go chase after everyone in town! There's even someone in this Comments section who thinks that Arunachala is wheeling and dealing and devising everybody's fate ... perhaps they can be your hobgoblin sidekick who helps you wreak revenge!

    1. You really depict Mr Newman really well!

  21. Hey Kevji
    Please have pity on poor old Kali Baba, his feeble fantasies and wet dreams are the only attributes left of the poor silly bugger. I have known him since he first set his dirty feet in this town. And I have never ever heard him say one sensible word, not one! Every place needs its village idiot and he is playing that role to perfection. Maybe somebody will give him a prize for his mindboggling performance. He is so much better than David Godot!

    And Kali Babaji if you read this, would you please take my place tomorrow in front of the Rip-off Supermarket for the big fight. I have my monthly period and it would not be appropriate if I turn up in my bloodstained sari, like Draupadi at The Dice Game. Since you are already a walking corpse, it would be a great honor for you to kill that pig Devakaran and end your miserable life in a glorious manner. We will find another village idiot, don’t worry. Do your duty!

  22. Explanation: I have to send this message in two parts because of the word limitation imposed.

    First I want to say Mr. FF I am out of town until May 8th but am free to reschedule after that.
    I would like to meet both you and the Sister if possible. I prefer first hand experience vs. 'hearsay and 'gossip'.

    Just remember this started by you projecting your "moronic" comment onto me about something you know nothing about; the word 'de' and its meanings at least in Spanish which I speak being from Texas which is made up now by 1/3 Mexicans.
    I am not sure why you chose to react in the way you did but methinks it really has nothing to do with 'de' but maybe with the message itself. I guess we will never know unless you want to confess?

    To sum up for Kevin's audience 'this matter at hand'(your rude and impolite name calling) I offer these last passing comments and facts.

    From ....

    Using the Preposition 'De'
    Spanish for Beginners

    De is one of the most common prepositions in Spanish. Although it usually is translated as "of," and sometimes as "from," its use is far more versatile than the translation might suggest. In fact, in certain contexts, de can be translated not only as "of" or "from," but as "with," "by," or "in," among other words, or not translated at all.

    As a side note I did a little research on Lampyridae and found out the following......
    Other name ..... "Firefly"
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
    "Lampyridae is a family of insects in the beetle order Coleoptera. They are winged beetles, and commonly called fireflies or lightning bugs for their conspicuous crepuscular use of bioluminescence to attract mates or prey. Fireflies produce a "cold light", with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies."
    Added by me: In laymen terms a ...'false light'.

    I ask you Mr. FireFly does this definition apply to your inner nature? Is your 'subconscious' trying to tell you something? Is this why you have chosen this insect as your 'avatar'? I must ask (what to me) are very necessary questions so I may know who and what you are.
    After all I am a Buddhist Psychiatrist.
    Methinks you are the one looking for the trouble and I am sure other people may have similar thoughts and feelings. I do hope you can get your 'life' together in time so you can move 'onward and upward' with the Planet. It seems you and the misses (Sorry/ Sister) may have some chemical imbalances as well.

  23. Second Part:
    So now to some of your comments.

    1st remark ..... ..."So if you want a fight you’ll get it, Friday 6pm sharp in front of the
    Ramana Supermarket."
    *** My My there you go again not accepting what is stated but trying to change it to mean something else. Please I ask anyone to show me where in my comments I stated I 'want a fight'. I just ask you to meet me face to face so we could come to a revolution/evolution. (Sorry/ resolution)!

    2nd "...chose your own weapons..." **** In the good old days(Texas) it would have been 6 shooters(they were called) but I think today "bug spray" will work just fine.

    3rd "........but please leave that horrifying and extremely tasteless pink turban at home. Come and fight like a man and not like a dressed up Barbie doll".
    **** Since when has traditional Indian dress become "Barbie"? ...not that it matters since I would prefer to show up naked but that is becoming more and more difficult in this 'uncivilized world'. This is why I own two acres+ and built a 8ft. wall around the property.

    **** I DO wish to agree 100% about the turd(Sorry/ turban) on my head but when you have 'big hair' as I do then it has to be protected when riding a motorcycle. If not! ... my hair becomes 1000 small knots in just a few km. It is impossible to brush the knots out; the hair has to be pulled out. But, hopefully soon I will purchase a car (and sooner ..... if everyone would donate some money to the cause. The more you donate the more you get to use the car when you are in Tiruv.) and then everyone will be able to bitch about my nice HAIR. I hate it but it has served me well... no dirty hair, no worldly odors and many other benefits.

    So in conclusion I think MR. FF you owe me an apology. But then only Real Men can
    apologize. A very 'human trait' so I do not know if a 'insect' can do that or not! Once again you only KNOW!.
    Thanks folks.
    Finished!...... and now Mr. FireFly you can have the last words which I hope for your
    spiritual benefit are the correct ones and not something you will regret later. 'Feelings and Thoughts' are two of your creative faculties. Use them wisely.
    KARMA IS .....absolutely ABSOLUTE!

  24. hahaha, it's quite clear that temperatures are rising in tiru.

  25. The Mayok circle is now fully appraised of Sister K's unreserved apology on behalf of her Master Kevji and accepts the mea culpa at face value. We therefore declare a truce, pending a lasting a reconciliation between our 2 camps ... After all, it is the same lunacy we share in common!

  26. Chi-Ting Master, you are wasting your time if you live in Tiru and don't believe in karma.

  27. Our point was not about karma. It was about personifying the mountain and assigning human qualities to it. You have projected powers of retribution on to Arunachala according to the ideas of karma found in Hindu moral conservatism. Arunachala is not the vengeful Jehovah of the Old Testament. It is YOU who believes in a punishment system of karma: this has nothing to do with the mountain.

    And who are you to legislate who should be and shouldn't be in Tiru? Do we all have to fit into your twisted universe of small-minded religious bigotry?

  28. I never met the great Shamaan - but I heard that he is also pretty overweight - and that he uses his incredible siddha powers to keep his weight down to, let’s say, walrus size instead of expanding to a balloon, the size of a mammoth, like me. Now this interests the Missus and me very much since I have met many people with so-called magic powers who promised to cure me in no time, but it turned out they were all quacks.

    So I wonder, do we have here a real siddha master: the healer of the sick and the downtrodden, our one and only savior, the new Messiah? Oh great Mayok Shamaan, can I invite you to my humble home in Alabama where you can perform your heavenly shamanistic skills for a small group of seriously obese friends of mine who have given up all hope of ever living a normal life again. We will pay you a handsome fee according to your wishes plus all other expenses. Our address is:

    Juniper Creek Heavy Weight Mobile Home Park
    Trailer No 27
    Alabama 36616

  29. Hindu Moral conservatism? Ha! Ha! Most religions believe in karma or what-goes-around-comes-around theory. Chi Ting Master, if u dont believe in it, espy living in Tiru, that is your problem. :-)

    Irrespective of what religious affiliation you hold, people doing real spiritual practice or even no practice at all, have experienced the mountain as divine. They talk to Arunachala, tell him their fears, problems, and he responds. He is also known to give people the whack they need. This is real. A lot of people have experienced it. If you haven't, I am sorry, you have missed the point of connecting with Arunachala.

    About legislating who gets to live in Tiru..umm there is an idea!!! Just kidding. Enjoy your stay in Tiru. You obviously earned it at sometime in your past.

  30. We've posted this so people can see how STOOPID you are. You seem to be the leader of the Limited Intelligence Squad: you're still, deliberately, talking about karma (which was never the point) and now you're talking about the mountain as being divine when we were talking about people projecting HUMAN attributes on to it (i.e. vengeance and retribution).

    Then there's your moronic religious fetishism: we are not medieval flagellants. We're supposed to be talking about non-duality not patriarchal punishment systems (but you won't understand that either!) People experience hardship in Tiruvannamalai just like in any other place in the world, but they don't need to explain it in terms of the mountain "whacking" them. But you do - that's YOUR problem.

    Lastly there's your phenomenal conceit: you seem to know what the mountain is; why things happen to people; and for what purpose they're in Tiru. That's quite a God complex you've got! Even Ramana said he couldn't explain those things. But apparently YOU can. That's a very high pedestal of moral presumption you've put yourself on. It's a tragic example of the concretisation of ego that results from a deeply dualist mindset and it's very dangerous. -Can't wait to see Arunachala "whack" YOU for all your heinous sins and transgressions!

  31. CHI-TING MASTER is at his observational best on MAY 3 @ 3.35, a welling up of recognition of our mutually held position on the principles by which we view both the transparent as well as the opaque aspects of what constitutes the Mayok school, articulated as no one else can by Kali Baba. Our 2 camps are finally merging.

  32. Kali Baba, you shamanistic imbecile. If I call you a walking corpse and a silly bugger living a miserable life as the local village idiot - you call that an unreserved apology! There is something seriously wrong with your brain - it might be due to heavy sunstroke. But actually I believe it is because you are so totally in love with your own rotten fantasy world, that you are not even capable of reading and understanding anything else. It is called a Narcissistic Personality Disorder where the person is excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. Time to see a shrink you fucking moron!

    And rather than merging with the Chi-Ting camp, you are actually merging with that other idiot who is possessed and aggressively attributes human and superhuman qualities to Arunachala. That is not only stupid but it shows a total lack of awareness of what Arunachala actually is: a mystery not capable of being understood by the likes of you or me. Every attempt to connect with the mystery in any way is doomed to fail. It leaves you with false hopes, in the hands of greedy bastards like that miserable Shamaan motherfucker.

    Why don’t you two marry, go to Goa and start an esoteric New Age community for Jehovah Witnesses and other feeble minded cretins? After a few yugas you might be able to come back and be part of the mystery called Arunachala!

  33. Strange that no one mentioned the idyllic enclave of Varunachalam. It's a secret gay citadel founded on the legacy of the Dutch colonial enterprise, all dressed up in camp Brahmin robes. This is the stage for furtive sexual dramas, hidden behind celibacy and sadhana.

  34. What's this hidden secretive Varunachalam? A separate post may provide more informative material on the goings on there. Are they affiliated to the Rotary Club or the Catholic Church?

  35. Aghori, I am not going to react to your incoherent and utterly meaningless rant. The point is that you didn’t show up at the appointed time for our duel, under the false pretence of being out of station. It just goes to show that you are a bloody coward!

    So in future stay behind your 8 feet high walls with all the things you apparently have to hide inside your fortress. There is no uncivilized world outside, that world exists only in your moronic brain. These are my final words on the matter.

  36. Mt. Shasta and Mt. Arunachala

    Highlight, Copy and Paste links into your browser address box.



    It has been stated by one of her devotees who accompanied Amma(Mata Amritanandamayi Devi- from Kerla) to Mt. Shasta in 1987 that when she first saw Mt. Shasta (the way Interstate Highway 5 is constructed you do not see the Mt. as you approach until the very last moment then it just appears in it is full Magnificent)she left her body while in the other words she passed out. Until you experience the mountain in person you can not even imagine the energy which is present there. At least 100 times greater than Arunachala and that may be an understatement. As the article above states they are both major planetary 'vortexes'.
    While I AM here let me explain about 'qualities' which people project onto various spiritual
    These centers around the world are simply 'collectors and amplifiers' of energy. Whatever qualities(karma) one brings to these places are magnified. What you experience around these 'foci' is simply your own akashic/etheric records...good of not so good. Since we are the creators of our own world; ... if you do not like something about yourself or your projections(creations) just transmute the negative quality and re-qualify the primal energy with a more positive, hopefully a divine quality. It really is pretty simple once you understand and apply the Laws of Energy/ Life. 'Energy' is about Physics not philosophy, religion or psychology. The Indian software will not help you. It was created for a different time and for a specific genetic race of people. That is why the western mind have so much difficulty with it. Let it go and download the new software which will resonate with your genetics and transform your body/consciousness into Light.

    I AM "IS" here to assist those who wish to make their Ascension at the close of this embodiment. No more rebirths.

    Also Wesak Festival May 24th full Moon).

    I hope all will place their 'attention' on The Buddha at the moment of the full moon.
    You may even receive a message directly from Him.

  37. 'The Indian software will not help you. It was created for a different time and for a specific genetic race of people. That is why the western mind have so much difficulty with it'
    What rubbish! The Eastern mind is just as materialistic as the Western...perhaps in this day and age even more so!

  38. The traditional Indian mind looked upon wealth as an important part of life. The present day Indian mind you are looking at has been modelled on western materialism where you all take God out of every thing including yoga. What idiots!!!

    Read Chinmayananda's commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. Meenakshi Mammy has a beautiful write-up on him in her blog today.

  39. Meenakshi Mammy: VOMIT VOMIT!!

  40. Swami Chinmayananda had the gift of the gab. A great talker and orator but at the end of the day he was just another pundit.

  41. i enjoyed laxman's blogposts, found through here ... cool to see those faces, weathered by sun, heat, bad diet, and life in that most squalid of sacred towns, tirufuckingvannamalai

  42. The Archangel GabrielMay 16, 2013 at 6:37 AM

    Kali Baba, whom I nicknamed Baba Bubu needs The Lord. And the Eton Adiannamalai elite need crucifixion. Praise the Lordess!

  43. Ha ha Kali Baba, I remember him well. He always went for the young women with babies ... He once told me how he thought I had killed off a saddhu by giving him his last meal ... which terribly annoyed him ... He always tried his black tantra (LOL), but I was too clever!

  44. The word "delight" comes from the old French "delite", which is derived from "de", meaning "moving off from" or "getting away from", and "-lite", which means "stone" in old French, and derives from the Greek "lithos". It came into English usage, where it became "delight" because of the association with the English word "light". But it's a mistake to assume the meaning is "getting away from the light". It's quite the opposite.

    So the word "delight" literally means "moving away from stone", or "going beyond the material reality". When people get "delighted", it means they are rising above the materialistic view of the world, and entering into a more profound experience of life. So the Gods are very much into "delight". Ask them, if you're not sure.