Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is Sunanda the new Mary Whitehouse?

Innocent old lady or harpy from hell?

This is the burning question that is igniting the chai shops of Tiruvannamalai. Singlehandedly she has organised a militia of grumpy grannies who are outraged and disgusted by Chi-Ting Apocalypse. These decrepit vigilantes were last seen stalking Usha's restaurant and the Manna Cafe chanting their mantra and battle cry of: "Bring me the head of Kevinanda!" ... They will stop at nothing to emasculate our much loved organ of literary procreation, this wondrous blog! We say to Chi-Ting devotees from all over the globe: Defend this blog with all your might, before these senile delinquents erase us from the mainframe of Advaitic reality!

Here is an example of Sunanda's work that we rescued from our Comments section. Be warned beneath her benign exterior, this woman is truly dangerous!:

I am outraged and disgusted by the cheap way that you take the piss out of that nasty fairy Mark-Hans. [We decided to slightly edit this section of her diatribe, as we were shocked and dismayed by the offensive nature of her assault upon a member of a sexual minority! We suspect Sunanda had been at the gin and sherry again. Like most Moral Outrage Figures, Sunanda is a bit of a lush on the sly!] ... The poor man needs to be institutionalised in a kind and caring Catholic mission, where nuns can attach electrodes to his genitals and he can be given loving electro-therapy until he repents of his rancid perversions. Your disgusting satires make it much harder to save this lost soul from his cycle of egotistical debauchery! Kevinanda, you are a psychologically challenged maggot and will be dealt with accordingly!

Sunanda, The Catholic Mission of the Warped Angels of Mercy
Quo Vadis Interfaith Centre, Tiruvannamalai


  1. Dear Sunanda you rock can i join you fan club

  2. Despite our best efforts Sunanda Whitehouse has turned into a Cult figure on the streets of T.V.Malai. If you wanna join her gang,hang out at the Manna cafe...