Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The scary world of becoming ...

Oh the song and dance of separation!

The marionettes jerk around on strings, even believing in their freedom of choice. Like an old Lumiere Brothers' silent flick hardwired into an emblem of schizophrenic modernity like Inception, this drama amazes and confounds at every turn. Who, why, what, no-one bloody knows!

So what is the purpose of this blog? Well ultimately there is none. It's just a cosmic nihilism swirling around in the apparent disorder. But secretly in the midst of our delusional linear reality, Uncle Kevji has a plan to sow little, little seeds of disbelief amongst the spiritual drag queens who plague and infest Arunachala. The hydra's teeth rising from the ground will cut a bloody swathe through this Bonfire of the Vanities.

You may loathe this blog and worship at the feet of a bloated potentate like Mooji, Nithy etc etc. It doesn't matter what your opinion is. A ticking time bomb has been set and all those cosy assumptions will be rent asunder. Because, you don't need to become bigger, badder or better. The Unreality of Reality has always been in front of your eyes ... so close you can hear the heartbeat!

There is NO "ONE" THERE TO BECOME ANYTHING. There are NO ENLIGHTENED TEACHERS and the concept of ENLIGHTENMENT IS A TOTAL FALLACY. Reality is just a temporary flickering light show without substance (it exists but is not ultimately existent: Nagarjuna). You can amuse yourself for decades or even lifetimes playing this game but it's all ultimately hollow and devoid of purpose.

Eventually you will withdraw the succour of your interest from these attention-feeding clowns. Like the fate of old Queen Mabh who lost all her power when people turned away, we will forget them.

Ultimately all parasites without a host, disintegrate and die!


  1. Maharaji would quote 'Just as you filter water, have a working knowledge of Gurus'
    Neem Karoli Baba

  2. Did you read the piece or was that just an asinine quip? You do understand that Advaita teaches the world and its content are illusion - never the real thing?
    And what all this nonsense about a "working knowledge of gurus?" If that means spending 30 years acquiring spurious knowledge and polishing your spiritual ego, I'd say ignornace is bliss!

  3. You're putting the cart before the horse. You have to really know and understand the nature of existence before you can say the world is an illusion. Just reading about it in a book, no matter how profound won't do it!
    Furthermore some form of discrimination is initially needed upon meeting a guru hence the 'filter' quote. Otherwise you can end up drooling for months or years in front of one of these self appointed, neo-advaitic teachers.

  4. drooling in front of any teacher is the problem and discriminating against an apparition is hardly courageous. there's no difference between any guru, neo-ad or not. and as for knowing and understanding the nature of existence, that's straight out of neo-advaita itself. existence cannot be known or understood. it is a mystery.

  5. Certainly for the seeker it is a mystery. The yearning and devotion propels you on. For a jnani, well I honestly don't know but Ramana Maharshi was the most natural of men. Talking from my own experience any answer given regarding enlightenment would be pure imagination.
    Courage and one pointed effort is needed and cannot be sifted out of the picture.
    Where is this apparition you speak of? Seriously you are not being honest!

  6. Isn't making a smoking section in a restaurant like making a peeing section in a swimming pool? Can we have a neo-advaita section and an apparition section as well?
    All smoke and mirrors!

  7. Happy New Year Kevinanda. Though judging by the the level of comments so far, it's hardly anything to be happy about. "The world is not real" is the most basic of building blocks of advaita. Ramana was also very clear about it. Unfortunately the kindergarten seekers of Tiruvannamalai are lured by their yoga workshops, lurvy coffee shops and the docile satsang scene, none of which have anything to do with Truth. Then there are the appalling method gurus and Western popstars selling their wares. I am not surprised your post is totally lost on your readers. I doubt any of them do anything but use your blog as an excuse to whip up their Christian moral indignation and gossip about you in the Ramana supermarket. Sigh sigh. The End Times indeed ...

  8. If someone forcibly grabs your head
    and dunks it underwater
    You will struggle violently
    and do anything possible
    to gasp and grasp
    that next precious
    of air...
    To say the world is unreal because you've read so in a book is hasty and sadly premature.

  9. Why do you assume that this is out of a book? If that is not the case then your theory unravels and disintegrates!

  10. You may think I'm not f##cken real you low born cockroach, but even though I am reduced to being foul smelling ectoplasm in another dimension don't think you've escaped my wrath. The next time you smell rotten eggs and a giant lump of snot hits you in the the face you'll know I'M BACK!

    1. LOL HOly fuck that is some hoe down spiritual wording!

  11. The BBC has just shown a Horizon program called 'What is Reality?' Quantum physicists discussing a Holographic universe, Multiverses and other weird and wonderful stuff. It can be seen on bbb iplayer for a short while after transmision. It's worth the hassle!

    1. Mr. Chi-Ting Master...lololol you are one mean MF! I thought I was mean and nasty toward the whole 'spiritual market farce' and yes... the typical self help one was obvious. Then the nonduality one took awhile because it sort of smacked me 'up-side-the-head'. The only comment I have for you is; if non of these pricks ever spoke a word about may well be in an insane asylum..or heavily medicated...

  12. Wow, looks like some serious comments on this totally silly piece of neo advaita crap by Kevinanda, are you closing ranks with Mooji, Spermaman and the rest, well good luck Swami, did you run out of money and are you smelling some hard cash, huh ?!
    You can also go to bed with silly Lily, who wishes you a happy new year and then quotes "the world is not real". LOL, thats exactly the Neo Advaita mistake.
    If the world is not real, so are you and I and this blog not real, and so is your foolish plan with the ticking time bomb, silly bugger, there is not even a flickering light (of neo advaita) and that's the end of story.
    Still, we go on living as a non-entity, communicating with non existing others in a non existing world.
    That's the mystery of "life".

  13. Had a quantum bypass have we? Or is it a week long bender on amyl nitrate and speed, though I expect your 'urr friends' the rickshaw drivers have been putting the "ROUGH" into 'Rough Trade' and your a little saddle sore.
    I do find it a little strange to hear you are the standard bearer of traditional Advaitin values, especially as they chase you out the Ramana ashram with horse whips!
    I suggest sedation, lots of rohipnol & valium, you'll feel like a new girl when you wake up.

  14. What is all this silly talk about neo-advaita? This is a name made up by Dennis Waite and his cronies amongst others and it now means so many different things for so many different people, the label is virtually meaningless. Neo-ad is generally the mistaken belief that there's nothing to do and pushing a type of nihilism saying there is no person at all. But saying the world isn't real and what Ramana said about this is completely different. There is an I, it's just it is a maya and has no substance, so can't have choice and free will. It's an absolutely existent self with autonomy which is denied by saying things are not real - a SEPARATE person - not the person per se.

  15. Wrong again Swami.
    I do not know anything about Advaita, Neo or not, it is beyond comprehension. So I stick to nihilism and believe in nothingness, that’s easy to understand.
    As for my sexual interests, that’s none of your business, you are just jealous, because I know you fancy these nice young rickshaw drivers, but they ignore you and now you piss in your pants again.
    Meanwhile here in Satsang City things got worse. In 4 adjoining houses you can have a quantum leap (that’s not a bypass !) with Neeru, satsang with Cesar , sit-sing with Upahar and a meeting with a weird looking Indian guy. This is how far we came, isn’t that sad!
    As for Mooji, he went beyond all borders and now claims an Osho like status. The other day I tried to sneak in his sad-sang to see how he manages to make hundreds of people happy by throwing bullshit and other kinds of shit into their faces (they must be real masochist and that is interesting for a sadist like me) and found some people at the gate sniffing all over me, they didn’t like my perfume, my stockings and my hat and told me to bugger off.
    Now I think that the only solution left is to become a Muslim, put on a niqab, put some bombs around my slender waist and blow my self up in front of the silly man (who will go straight to hell) and hope that at least the virgins are real!

  16. Gonna go out with a BANG are we? We at Chi-Ting International will have a special Martyrs' page commemorating our heroic sister who has sacrified her non-existent holographic self for the great and noble cause of Chi-Ting. Your place in heaven will be reserved and the virgins guaranteed, so don't hesitate, just pull the rip cord and wipe the buggers out!

    As for Mooji et al ... in the words of a recent New Year's message:

    "9. Many great experiences occur in the path of sadhana resulting in temporary peace and bliss. To believe that this is Realization and to be stuck in that Maya and behave as a Jnani and to become a Guru is very bad karma and brings suffering life after life.

    10. Without destroying the mind if anyone claims to be a Jnani, he is the worst sinner and will lose all peace life after life."

  17. Plump old Richard Clarke has a write up on his site about Ram, who as you know can talk under water. Ram pontificates about vedanta pointing to the same old charts that Swami Chinmayananda did decades ago. What Ram fails to reveal, is that Chinmayananda kicked him out of his ashram years ago for unsavoury behaviour.

  18. The Buddha said: Nirvana is where all is empty of self because of the absence of a person to be classified as a self.

  19. No longer Richard Clarke, now he has metamorphosed into Richard Arunachala. Foolish, hoodwinked follower of Nome. Richard has now progressed and started giving spiritual opinions on his website....the lure of Guruhood beckons!

  20. That Richard - Club American Loser - think he is an AHAM reject

  21. "The Sri Isha (Jesus) Jyoti Sannyas Ashram brothers did not succeed in pedalling their original hand-crafted Om-on-Cross artifacts to the Hindus of Hawaii then, but in their new incarnation as sadhus of Atma Jyoti Ashram they have succeeded in getting advertising space in Hinduism Today (this has been queried to to the magazine’s editor without result) and the sponsorship of Sri Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai. Yet they remain, so far as we know, Christian priests in orange robes with false Sanskrit names and titles, the usual New Age bells and beads added. They are quite a success in Christian duplicity, if not in Hindu spirituality"
    Taken from the website written by a Canadian Sadhu 'Bharata Bharati'