Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gott im himmel!

"Gurus play a social role, so do prostitutes" [UG Krishnamurti]

The Führer of Neo Advaita, Karl Renz has left Tiru abruptly for a new bolthole in Goa. Karl had been lurking near the village of Adiannamalai with his chum Kalidas for 10 days and was planning to stay for a full month, but suddenly he fled the stage. Are there no plans for the Deutsche Top Gun to unveil his latest verbal pyrotechnics? We know a mouth that big cannot be shut for long!

Karl had been sighted touring the fleshpots of Tiru, perched precariously on his 50cc moped (affectionately known as Der Übermensch). Karl is a spiritual colossus whose jutting jaw and clean cut profile announces his unquestioned supremacy. We asked him for an interview but unusually he was overtaken by a strange reticence. Like that fabled movie star of the silver screen, Greta Garbo, Karl replied: "I want to be alone!" It seems the mighty one has been overtaken by existential doubt: even his latest neti neti - "I am NOT a wanker, I am NOT a wanker!" - has failed to restore his Teutonic pride. Will a Goan beach babe be able to put the lead back in Karl's pencil? As Elvis so eloquently put it: "Are you lonesome tonight?"

Karl has avoided Tiru for a number of years now, since he was unceremoniously ejected from his Advaitic throne by that rapacious rastafarian Mooji. So he went on to Plan B which involved playing lots of computer games and hanging out at an infamous brothel on Koh Samui. In recent years he has muscled in on the Mumbai scene, jumping into the dead man's shoes of Ramesh Balsekar. Has the ghost of Ramesh come back to haunt Karl and is this the source of his malaise?

Anyway according to Ramesh, "Who cares?" ... If Karl gets his just deserts for being a jumped-up headfuck merchant, it's all God's will. Karl certainly deserves a good kicking. These days he sounds just like Nisargadatta Maharaj and has even revised his famous catchphrase of "That Which is Prior" to "That Which is Prior to Nothing and Everything." Sounds like a swipe at Tony Parsons to us, whose territory in England Karl has said he is studiously avoiding because he wouldn't win the turf war ...

Both Karl and his estranged cousin Tony are failed stand-up comedians, the stars of their own philosophical talking-shop. They claim their lineage from the Godfather of Neo Advaita, UG Krishnamurti, but it's highly doubtful whether UG would have endorsed either one of them. Parsons is lost in Dzogchen world, which rather curiously, he labels 'Nondual Buddhism.' Just like his 8th century forebear Gaudapada who twisted the Buddhist theory of ajativada to revive the fortunes of the Upanishadic Brahman, Parsons has sneaked in the Two Truths doctrine of Buddhist Madhyamaka to allegedly reacquaint us with the "essential essence of Advaita." Meanwhile Karl has fallen into telling pretty stories about an intentional Consciousness which is perpetually trying to know and find itself. Both have endlessly sophisticated explanations for the way that the world works, whereas UG stated that after the death experience he called The Calamity, such concepts would simply not arise.

During The Calamity, swellings of various shapes and colours appeared along UG's torso, neck and head. These resembled the hard blue chest medallions found on Krishna, the traditional cobra-headed image of Shiva in the form of a throat-ring, and the lotus-style lumps found on the crown of the Buddhist bodhisattva statues. As his third eye (ajna) took over command of his body, his nervous system churned, causing torturous pain. This transformation was not the product of a fevered imagination (à la Karl & Tony) but involved gross physical changes that went right down to the cellular level. UG even developed breasts and all sexual activity ceased. When questioned near the end of his life whether someone could take his sperm to make a UG clone, he famously replied that 'nothing came out anymore' (if you catch our drift!) Over the years Karl has become synonymous with a highly misogynistic attitude towards his sexual playmates, even going so far as to humiliate one of his ex's by miming fellatio in front of her in the midst of satsang. After all his bullshitting and nondual posturing has Karl finally succumbed to his own Calamity and become the Alchemical Androgyne?

To quote David Bowie, has Karl been going through "Ch-ch-changes" and is this the real cause of his angst? How will he behave now he's grown tits and his wiener and baubles have dropped off?

[BREAKING NEWS: We have just discovered that Karl Renz is a direct descendant of world-renowned fantasist Baron Münchausen. Is Münchausen syndrome a genetic or a contagious disease? ... See the explosive Firefly comment for the full disclosure!]


  1. Few people know that Karl Renz was born in Bodenwerden, Niedersachsen, Germany. It is no coincidence that this is also the birthplace of Karl Friedrich, Baron von Munchausen, the great connoisseur of the phantasmagorica ... or in simple words a blatant and notorious liar. In this small village inbreeding was as normal as getting pissed every night, so it is obvious that Our Karl (?!) has the same genes as his famous ancestor. We should therefore have pity on the poor sod for being a complete idiot: he can’t help it, it is beyond his control, it's all God's will! It is also obvious that he suffers from Munchausen syndrome, where like the famous Baron von Munchausen, its sufferers have always travelled widely and their stories - like those attributed to him - are both dramatic and untruthful. Poor Karl, will anybody believe him after knowing this? Should he not retire to his brothel in Thailand to entertain the naughty massage girls with his dull, dull fairytales about the nature of consciousness and other idiocies?

    Also the story about his becoming the Alchemical Androgyne, like that other notorious liar UG, is bullshit of course ... but for a full comment, this is more the métier of that silly, mad Sister.

  2. Karl is definitely having a go at Tony Parsons. He criticises the idea of "oneness" saying it is still a part of separation. Tony uses "oneness" every second word!

  3. Can someone translate the heading of this rip roaring post? And also is there a constructive way by which Karl could be rehabilitated in a compassionate way?

  4. The literal translation is "God in heaven!" The title is an exclamation like "Oh my God!" - but it also refers to Karl and his overinflated view of himself. As for his rehabilitation that is not in our hands - consciousness will decide. In ye olde times consummate liars were put in the stocks and pelted with rotten fruit. But these days a career in politics beckons!

  5. Contrary to MUCH Bigger’s advice, I am actually moving back to the lowest chakra to give my opinion about Super Clown Renz. His disturbing combination of arrogance, narcissism, misogyny and sadism is the perfect example of human failure. In short, a piece of shit, or as we say in Die Heimat, ein Arsloch! That he is a descendent of the famous Baron is obvious. His lies and ridiculous stories are conjured up just to belittle the naïve public who he despises. And you can see he fuckin’ enjoys it. Karl becoming the Alchemical Androgyne is complete rubbish. So is the description of what happened physically to the Supreme Master of Idiots, UG. Complete bullshit! The Calamity: what a ridiculous story! When the Great Change happened to me, nothing of the sort occurred. It was a gradual and beautiful transformation, not at all like the demonic, freaky version performed by UG. It just shows that he made the whole thing up to impress his silly followers. UG, Parsons, Renz ... rotten, stinking apples in a basket of half rotten fruit. Satsang bloody Masters ... Politicians and parasites ... Fuck them all!!!

  6. So Sister Klaus, if you are Self Realized (the Great Change that happened to you), instead of just using this blog for bashing the various impostors (Radha Ma, Mooji, Karl Renz, etc), why don't you tell us about your Great Change and how it happened - something useful for us "struggling souls"?

  7. Kalidas is back in tiru? I thought he was on the run from Indian police. Sssh about Sister Klaus. Rumours have it that she had a sex change o.p.e.r.a.t.i.o.n

  8. I don’t like to repeat myself but for some fuckwits it seems to be inevitable. On March 20, 2011 in the post - All that is solid melts in to air - I describe my Transformation and Awakening in this famous statement: “If God, Self, guru and devotee are one and if that unity is simultaneously real and unreal and we therefore are not totally existent, I can only conclude that we maybe exist. I can confirm that, I always thought it was a kind of suppressed madness in myself, but now the clouds have lifted and I am standing naked in the blazing sun of Awareness and Sister Klaus will shine forever as a Maybe!"

    So next time do your homework before you start writing this kind of rubbish! As for the other Anon, never believe rumours in Tiru. They are never true and totally not funny.

  9. OH WHAT!!??
    Our adorable SMister is claiming to be Enlightened! How fabulously delicious.
    Have we stumbled upon some real, authentic Big Mind here?
    S/He did identify UG as a total, complete Space Cadet,after all.
    And "The Quote" describing Existence deserves to be framed and hung in the Hall of Flame. Beautiful!
    But then...S/He thinks one Hill in the middle of countless Galaxies is...never mind.

    My dear Klausita, I'm almost tempted to come over there and have a cup of chai with you.But you better be wearing your Jock-Bra and brown loin cloth...'cause there's going to be shit on all four walls...

    In the meantime...Much Love and Peace to All
    om shanti

  10. Sister Klaus, I may have not read your former post "All that is solid melts into air", but there is no reason to insult people for this. Now I have just read it, and if Radha Ma's death creates a doubt in you about your Existence, it shows that you are a bit disturbed in the head (I do not wish to use the term psychotic) besides being a transgender; but being disturbed in the head may lead to humility and kindness, whereas,from the quality of your answers, you just seem arrogant, and so it is of no use communicating with you. Matter closed.

  11. Dear Anon
    Kalidas returned to Tiru after Rachel, Sunya and Vijay were acquitted despite Charlotte's blatant perjury. His trial now is a foregone conclusion.

  12. Kalidas still has questions to answer about why he fled the country and left the others to take the heat. So things could still get messy for him especially with his psychotic ex (Charlotte) on the loose.

  13. Glad to hear about the Sister's Beatific Illumination. Did you notice that following the publication of Gott im Himmell on Feb 27, Tony Parsons has doctored the Background PDF on his website and removed the phrase "Nondual Buddhism," which the post criticised him for. Now he has re-written the PDF and is finally being a bit more honest about where he's coming from. Parsons has at last admitted that he's inspired by the illustrious Huang Po and after very suspiciously 'omitting' UG from the list, UG is now included. Tony has endorsed UG many times at his meetings. He's even loosely affiliated himself with Ramesh by saying that Ramesh (and UG) is "broadly nondual." Even before this recent doctoring, Tony had made other changes to the PDF too. Earlier this year he started mentioning that he's aligned with Dzogchen, which is very obvious to anyone who knows anything about philosophy. Tony has finally "come out," himself!

  14. This post is not about bashing the Holy Hermaphrodite Sister Klaus, you ignorant fools! It’s about whacking that appalling creature Herr Dr. K. Renz, aka Caligula’s Horse ... So please give some attention to that or fuck off. For my devoted fans I want to share this wonderful small poem about existence:

    Du darfst nicht warten, bis Gott zu dir geht
    und sagt; Ich bin.
    Ein Gott, der seine Stärke eingesteht,
    hat keinen Sinn.
    Da musst du wissen, dass dich Gott durchweht
    seit Anbeginn,
    und wenn dein Herz dir glüht und nichts verrät,
    dann schafft er drin.

  15. Latest news is that the charges against Kalidas (re causing Radha Ma's suicide!) have been dropped by the prosecutor. Pity really, in a perfect world Kalidas and his horrid ex Charlotte would share a cell together for all eternity. It would be a fitting karmic comeuppance: after all he did flee India and let the other 3 take all the judicial flak. However the sexual harassment case against Vijay of Dreaming Tree fame is still ongoing.

  16. Master Kevin-Anandaji,

    Souls rustic such as we, in Tippperary, Barony of Clanwilliam, ever still the tillers of the bog by day, having put away our Irish work spades for the night and settled in on stone seats around the hearth, with jars of heavenly Porter to hand, now are anxious to see what news there be (if any) from Tiru and from the oracle of Chi-Ting Apocalypse.

    Alas we can hold back our anguish no longer. We rustic labourers may be, some with iPhones equipped and others yet enjoying the wide screen extravagance of monster Tabs or
    Galaxy Notes, we all quickly checked in again to the blog and then sighed again in despair.

    Alas our lovely shemale goddess Sister Klaus through her innate insouciance (or was it indolence, no blame there) we see has yet to dispatch the polluted Klausian avatar, and Klausian name, and adopt a fresher one, free from the taint of hideous child-daughter-incestuous abuse (which may have been a hidden factor in the fascination that gripped us to watch this wretched being when he performed on stage or in a park).

    The decent thing to do is exactly what the family of Jimmy Savile did (click here to see) when it became clear that their knighted hero, Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile OBE KCSG, was in reality a depraved human being, a pedophile who preyed on institutionalized subnormal people, and a necrophiliac whose volunteer work at hospitals had given him access to visit corpses on gurneys in the hospital basement and freedom of the morgue. These revelations are in no way more shocking than those we learned to our horror from the daughter of Klaus Günter Karl Nakszynski.

    I am, Sir, your most obedient servant,

    Myles O'Blarney

  17. Quoting David Bowie is even more deplorable than the unfortunate utterings of that other David (Icke) who was quoted in an earlier post. But then Ziggy Stardust could be the arch reptilian that Icke fantasises about ... Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do ...

  18. Post DMT musings for Myles!

    Yes because he never did a thing like this before breakfast bleep bleep oops it seems that i am in the wrong story or maybe not because my hormones are all mixed up and warped but oh oh dear myles what a sad story you are telling here in this very boutique of word jugglers and mindbenders because again you display a sorely distressed interest in the name and shape of the human species instead of contemplating the inner being as any intelligent being should do being a bloody irishman is no excuse if a daughter with a grudge against her father want to write a bestseller book she’ll have to write something about incest that is what people want to read otherwise nobody would buy her bloody book no evidence just rumours just like your pink and green little devils with all kind of horns yes and half of the girls in gibraltar wore them either what’s in a name dear myles here in india people are called hitler like the famous hitler locks factory in madras or stalin like the leader of the dmk party or napoleon or mao or nixon they don’t mind it at all your name might be isaac abraham or osama bin laden instead of myles who the fuck cares about that so i have to disappoint you and will not bend for your preposterous idea to change my name just because of some silly gossiping frustrated old hag and again where is your interest of my inner being the core that makes us all one yes to say yes my mountain flower first i put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfumed yes and his heart was going like mad yes i said yes i will yes.
    O dear….

  19. To Dear Sister, Defender of the Weak and Tender-Hearted, I entreat:

    Dear, dear Sister, I’m so sorry to have upset you.

    But worry not further. I have told all the lads here in Tipperary to take no further notice of the appearance of your Avatar nor to read beyond the word “Sister” in your Pseudonym, whenever they visit Sri Sri Kevinandaji’s oasis of truth (floating in this otherwise desolate spiritual landscape, as it certainly is).

    Life is simply too short for such triflings. Let’s move on, dear Sister. Let’s move on.

    When Klaus died in 1991 at the age of 65 he left two daughters and a son, each having been extruded from their birth canal by a different mother. May I suggest that should you, the good Sister, find leisure time and also have a wish to peruse the distressing claims made by Pola Kinski, you may first wish to see what Pola’s sister Nastassja has had to say about this matter and then read the words of Nikolai Kinski, Pola’s brother.

    After having read these comments you might have become intrigued enough by them to wonder what other knowledgeable, but non-family members, may be thinking: for example, what would be the reactions of filmmaker Christopher Ruter, who spent a great deal of time interviewing all of Klaus’s family members and his directors and fellow actors in order to assemble his documentary movie in 2000 entitled "Klaus Kinski - I'm not an actor" (I know I would be interested to know what his reactions to Pola’s allegations might be).

    Of course we are all waiting with baited breath for the “definitive interview” with Werner Herzog, but in the meantime it may be interesting to read someone like Arno Frank’s
    analysis and then have a look at the 360 or more opinions which follow his article posted by interested readers demonstrating a wide spectrum of belief and reaction.

    Alas and alack.

    I wish that Ireland and Tamil Nadu were closer, dear Sister. My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry about this whole miserable thing. I am sorry for the genius actor Klaus, and his family, and his followers and his lovers.

    Many hearts are broken.

    But then as Vivien Leigh has said, “After all, tomorrow is another day.”

    I abide in that.

    Myles O’Blarney

  20. Poetic beauty aside, the last 2 lines of Sister K's response to Myles reads like a collaborative effort between Kahil Gilbran and Rumi. A verse that's hard to trump in its powerful fusing of yearning and surrender.

  21. Actually it's that über paddy James Joyce.

  22. Vote for a next topic: a psychoanalytic profile of James Bender Swartz, one of the ultra rare once-in-a-million lifetimes authentic Vedanta sages. What was his relationship with Chinmayananda? Was it really so glorious as is portrayed? Who can eloborate?

  23. Dear Myles
    Since you are so serious about this nonsense. Here are 2 quotes.

    “Der Spiegel hides and distorts its actual topics and issues by manipulative semantics and rhetoric rather than by reporting and analyzing them”

    “It is alleged that Der Spiegel, which at other times showed no aloofness when exposing the Nazi past of public figures, may have distorted history and covered perpetrators when it had thus insiders hired to write about Third Reich topics”

    So you might have selected a more reliable source of information. Does that means that the stories about Kinski are lies that were manipulated and distorted? No of course not! He was a narcissistic sociopath, pretty mad, perverse and totally obsessed with sex. He wrote about this in his autobiography, so everybody knows already! And yes maybe he even fucked his daughter. So what?! He was a great actor!

    Here is a short list of famous paedophiles ... Thomas Mann, Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lewis Carol, Roman Polanski, Eroll Flyn, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Eric Gill, Caravaggio, Baden Powel, Pete Townsend and last but not least Satya Sai Baba.

    And here some mad geniuses ... Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Beethoven, Picasso, Pollock, Pythagoras, Lord Byron, Michelangelo, Mozart, Schubert, Tesla, Wagner, Keats, Tolstoy, Nietzsche, Sister Klaus and many, many others.

    So what to do with these poor sods who were just victims and sufferers of a very nasty disease. Should we erase them from history and burn their art, their words, their music and just keep the nice and the untainted ladies and gentlemen?

    Life is a mystery dear Myles, not to be understood by you or me or anyone else. And I suggest again that you might take more interest in the inner being, being mad, perverse or normal, than in the way it is presented to the outside world. It is much more interesting and not so bloody tawdry and cheap as you might suppose. And may I finish with a statement from that Super Neo Advaita champion Ramesh Balsakar, who was also involved in his own shady sex scandal (Blowjob-gate), ”Who cares!“

  24. A truce in the slanging match between Myles and Sister K would enable an erudite and incisive evaluation of RAM's(James Swartz) significant contribution to the correct understanding of vedanta. Given his unsurpassed oratorial skills and unmatched ability to offer lucid expositions. This puts him head and shoulders above many other spiritual teachers. His close association with Chinmayananda lends him the credibility so many others lack.

  25. where's the evidence against elvis in that illustrious list?..perhaps cliff richard is what sister k meant.elvis was never a rock spider.

  26. Elvis like his fellow 50s dough boy Johnny Cash was well known for being a bit of a speed freak. After 2 or 3 days strung out on uppers things can get a bit Jerry Lee Lewis and it's time to bring on the child bride! There were always rumours about Elvis.

  27. My dear Master Kevin,

    I have some good news about Klaus Kinski which I am sure will be of interest to the Sister. Klaus is now joyous over on the other side.

    I came by this knowledge a few nights ago in the following way: whilst savouring a bit of Irish Stout Sangria seated in the front bay window it slowly came to my attention that wisps of smoke and sparks were rising up from a copse just beyond a small hillock. Setting my drink aside, I went outside and discovered that, sure enough, ‘twas was a small coven of lady sorcerers dancing sprightly round a fire and enjoying a social evening out (as they are still wont to do in Ireland today). Soon they separated into small groups, the better to exchange news between themselves of happenings, whether between us mortals or from the spirits residing in the “in-between world” on the other side of death. One group of four ladies came over next to the gorse bush in which I was hiding but providentially they did not see me. Their close proximity now allowed me easily to overhear their gossip and their tales, however.

    You may imagine my utter shock when I heard the name “Klaus Nakszynski” thrown out with an air of utmost opprobrium. Klaus’s last name was intoned with an emphasis on the “NAK” followed by a hideously sibilant “SIN” and “SKEE”. “NAK-ssin-ssskee”, they said. “Klaus NAK-sin-sskee” revealing by their tone of voice that the news they were discussing was fraught somehow with a feeling of utmost disappointment.

    The problem, for them, it turned out, was that Klaus “had gone over to the other side”. He was now no longer a reveler with Beelzebub. He had betrayed the Prince of Darkness and joined the “Camp of Light”. “How could this have happened? Surely he was a committed follower of the Prince, all of his life. He did many nasty things. He was beholden to Evil in so many ways. How could he have escaped!!” the ladies gasped. It seemed an impossible occurrence to them. But they soon learned the full backstory on Klaus which explained what had happened.

    It seems that in the life just previous to Klaus Kinski’s life, the poor sod had been an actor, but a “failed actor”. On stage his performance, for the entirety of that lifetime, was insipid and boring. He had striven to his utmost, to emerge as an actor, but with no success. There was a huge karmic block. The hidden cause of his failure as an actor was owing to the recent previous lives he had lived as a celibate monk, as a priest, and as a petty functionary in government. These lives together had created a strong vasana of inhibition within him that resulted in a mind that was habituated to total control and suppression of all emotion. This of course was a fatal characteristic for an actor to have and one from which he was not able to escape.

    When that utterly frustrating life had finally finished, Klaus’s Guardian Angel, taking pity on him offered a proposition: he could experience a life as a consummate actor of rare genius, able to plumb emotions from the bottom of his soul and deliver unique acting performances which could not be duplicated by any other artist. But if he wanted to be able to do this he would need to agree to some other conditions.

    Self-centered uncontrolled narcissistic behaviours would be required to burn up the truckload of vapid boring vasanas that were imbedded in his mind which would otherwise prevent his being able to give stunning and unique acting performances. He would need to become a person of despicable moral perfidy. Klaus agreed to bite the bitter pill that came along with the immortal performances he craved.

    It seems he now dances and plays with butterflies for days and weeks on end, with a continual smile on his face and with a charming innocent look in his eye.

    Yours as ever,

    Myles O’Blarney

  28. The non inclusion of Richard Clarke in the mad genius category should be reviewed. His special talent was his constant meddlesome activity related to the inner path, which eventually contributed to its closure. The madness lies in him bemoaning and lamenting the outcome, which is partly of his own making. His incessant trumpeting to the world has been about him having discovered the path, improved it and rendered it suitable for use by every fee paying ass and mule who signs up for the various seasonal and seasoned satsang providers. This high profile character appointed himself as the FINGER on the pulse of Arunachala, which then provoked a backlash from the forestry officers. He should acknowledge his culpability in this sorry and depressing episode. I say to Richard: please come up with some viable proposals to reinstate the inner path and than act on it tirelessly.

  29. My Dear Sri Sri Kevinananda, Keeper of the Crypt,

    A brief word of explanation concerning my new icon: if only 10 percent of the readers of this list had become half as tired as I of seeing the visage of that old Victorian Irishman then they will now be happy for the change.

    I found I was beginning to dread seeing the image, so I have substituted in its place an earlier image of myself from another lifetime fashioned in a coin which was minted in Sicily in 472 BCE by the tyrant, Hiero I of Syracuse. This coin shows a true likeness of myself at that time.

    How do I know that this is an accurate representation of the way I looked then in that lifetime? The certain knowledge of this came to me during a veridical out-of-body experience I had in Tipperary, during which I received an “in-spirito” Holistic Past Life Regression by a spiritual guide whom I met in Monroe Focus 14, just before entering the “No-time” Focus 15.

    This guide, now in the 5th decade of his present life, is a student at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in London NW10 and he has also taken Graduate level courses in Advanced Mediumship and Trance Healing at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted Mountfitchet.

    I had the validity of my 5th Century BCE past life in Syracuse independently validated by undergoing another Past Life Regression on a trip I made to Limerick just for that purpose. So there now is no doubt in my mind whatsoever about the validity of and my identity as the individual in this past life (I can recall so clearly, as though yesterday, the musty smell and the soft texture of the purple tapestries behind Hiero that wonderful morning when he told me he has having a special Tetradrachm stuck in my image as a reward for my services).

    So I hope no one will be overly upset by my having changed my avatar's image.

    Yours faithfully,

    Myles O’Blarney

  30. Silly story Myles, Kinski would never dream about going over to the Light, it is so, so boring there. He would prefer aeons of torture in any of the circles of Hell. You are a nice chap darling, Kinski is not! He was as bad, as bad can be - as my chum Werner Herzog used to say - even though he loved him. You can see in that great documentary “My Best Fiend."

    Here is a small piece of prose you might like as an inhabitant of the Emerald Isle. Read it slowly while sipping a pint or 2 of Quilter’s Irish Death, a remarkably strong and dark ale. A bit Kinski-esque I would say: after a few jars you’ll be in Heaven.

    "A few light taps upon the pane made him turn to the window. It had begun to snow again. He watched sleepily the flakes, silver and dark, falling obliquely against the lamplight. The time had come for him to set out on his journey westward. Yes, the newspapers were right: snow was general all over Ireland. It was falling on every part of the dark central plain, on the treeless hills, falling softly upon the Bog of Allen and, farther westward, softly falling into the dark mutinous Shannon waves. It was falling, too, upon every part of the lonely churchyard on the hill where Michael Furey lay buried. It lay thickly drifted on the crooked crosses and headstones, on the spears of the little gate, on the barren thorns. His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead".

    With love from your beloved Sister.

  31. Dearest Beloved Sister,

    Please do not forget that Kinski, though he may have been "as bad as bad can be", was also eminently capable of exhibiting the most profound acts of tenderness. Werner has said:

    “Sometimes he would scream at me two inches from my face and then at other times he would be very loving and emotional and then even he would kiss me and hold me.”

    “Kinski was trying to protect me from my own insanity”.

    Such behaviour could not be that of someone embedded exclusively in Evil. And it may have been those parts of Kinski’s soul that blossomed after his life review, after death.

    I only wish you could have seen and born witness to the furious indignation and the stark lividity on the faces of those witches when they discovered they had lost Kinski's soul. Then you could have no doubt at all that Kinski now is dancing and frolicking with butterflies in the land of Summum bonum, never looking backwards and having no regrets that he evaded the fire and punishment of the circles of hell.

    If these images are troubling to you, Dear Sister, then may I say, with Flann O'Brien, probably "A PINT OF PLAIN IS YOUR ONLY MAN".

    As ever, I am yours faithfully,

    Myles O’Blarney

  32. Dear Myles
    This post has actually become a dialogue about Klaus Kinski instead of commenting on Satan’s right hand man, Karl Renz. I never said that Kinski is evil. He is just a bad, mad guy with, yes, some very nice qualities (as stated by his daughter Nastasja in an interview). In many ways he is an incalculable maniac, which makes him interesting and human. But I doubt any reader of this blog is interested in this nitpicking between you and me. So let’s go back to the subject of the post: Karl Renz.

    Now here is a perfect example of evil, because this so-called Master - and many other others of his kind - are playing games with the “souls” of people who put their full faith in them. Their nasty power games aim at the humiliation of the devotee rather than the destruction of their ego, as many of these sociopaths claim. A shortlist of candidates for the title of Most Dangerous and Idiotic Satsang Clown of the Year can be found in the righthand sidebar of this blog under the heading ‘Read about ...’

    The Master-Devotee relationship is basically sado-masochistic: the Master gets a kick out of the suffering of the slave and the slave rejoices in the suffering to please the Master. Both seem to be happy with that and so it’s a pretty harmless game as long it is confined to sex. But cover this with a slimy sauce of spiritual abracadabra and put in some words like devotion, advaita and Self-realisation etc and then you have the game played by Radha Ma, Saradamma, Nithyananda, Mooji, Madhukar and Karl Renz, just to name a few of the worst. This is a game where the Master is always the winner and the devotee always the loser. The devotee is never able to see this because he is “locked up” inside the play that the Master directs. He also feels safe together with the other devotees and so is unable to see the catastrophe the Master has set up.

    Compared to this, my dear Myles, Kinski’s escapades are Kinderspiel and innocent. So let him rest in peace wherever he is. Enjoy his splendid acting in Werner Herzog’s brilliant movies, Fitzcarraldo, Aguire Wrath of God, Cobra Verde, Woyzeck and Nosferatu and ignore the Hollywood shit like he did.

  33. start to see all these teacher folks as just people, the evil aura goes away ...

  34. It's interesting to hear that the Forestry Department won't allow people to walk the inner path (pradakshina) but turned a blind eye when the rogue Nithyananda chopped down hundreds of trees, removed tons of soil, only to make way for his grand ashram.

  35. Anon, No one goes unpunished in this world. Look at the problems Nityananda is going through since, not to speak of the humiliation he has had to endure.

    There is a saying in India, All of the sins we commit in the world, will get washed away when we visit a holy place but the sins we commit in a holy place, will remain with us for hundreds of lifetimes.

    So, think it is Arunachala's grace that HE is not allowing people who are not yet ready for the inner path to walk it. It is He who is not allowing these forest officers to let you suffer needlessly.

    Arunachala is a very compassionate God. He is a loving father who is protecting you. He is not depriving you of something you want so badly.

  36. i think the assertion by sister klaus regarding the sado masochistic nature in the guru-bhakta relationship does not apply in a case where the master is the genuine article,such as ramana maharishi.however such dynamics of power and submission may well be at play among the unripe masters and their immature followers,and as such it is a good observation by the sister.

  37. Ramana is an anomaly, who was fitted with Advaitic clothing in line with the cultural context of Tamil Nadu and South Indian religious beliefs at the time. The point is not whether the Master is genuine or not. The point is that wherever there is a so-called "Master", there will always be a sado-masochistic hierarchy of power and abuse. It's hardwired into the mainframe and is an integral part of the game!

  38. Nithyananda has the money, the lawyers, and the stamina to appeal and counter appeal, and besides, he has a hide as thick as a pachyderm! The forest officials are squarely in his pocket. There is another aspect to this saga: elsewhere in the world, by definition, a forest reserve is an amenity accessible to one and all. In this instance the local legislation declares it illegal to enter the forest reserve, which is bizarre.

  39. Nithyananda definitely does not have Arunachala in his pocket. Look at what he is spending his money on. He has no peace, fearing the midnight knock from the police or the jailor or the doctor who has come to check if he is man or woman. Nityananda is definitely not much at peace to do his spiritual practices that will get him the coveted self-realization. All this is called 'alakshmi', the opposite of 'lakshmi'

    Anon, you on the other hand, have been given a lot. You have peace of mind and the inclination to do spiritual practice in the holiest of places called Tiruvannamalai. It doesn't matter that for your birthday party, held at the local chai shop, and where the only guests who showed up were Sri Sri Kevji and Sister K. Maybe they didnt come with expensive material gifts and they went home on their rusty bikes, rented from Suresh's cycle shop or may be they got rich and took a ride home in Ramesh's autorickshaw, atleast they are good people and came to share, very genuinely may I add, your birthday with you. You, anon, have been given a lot more than Nityananda.

    If you are in Tiruvannamalai and resenting everything, Nithyananda, the local legislation, in short everything, then you are wasting Arunachala loving gift to you. Better you do Girivalam on the main outer path, like us lesser mortals and be near Arunachala in your heart. No one can take that away from you. Arunachala loves you, is protecting you more than you will ever know.

  40. May I ask why you are looking for a master when Arunachala is looming large in Tiruvannamalai. Bow to him, go on Girivalam (on the main outer path) and then go sit quietly at home (or in a temple). That is all you need to do. Arunachala's grace will burn away your karma and give you moksha.

  41. Just a quick reminder that this is a satirical website. That oaf Richard Clarke is at it again spruiking an upmarket hotel across the road from the ashram ... How he yearns to frolic between its walls and wine and dine there! His rating system is also askew as he constantly gives himself the thumbs up, how sad is that?

  42. Seems like a nice air-conditioned place to stay near Ramana Ashram and a good place to eat for those living nearby.

    Me thinks Meenakshi mummy and Richard Arunachala are doing a good job of bring Tiruvannamalai news to the world. If only Sister K, Sri Sri Sri Keviji and Firefly knew how to do something positive. What do you think?

  43. Do you think Richard Clarke has done "something positive" when all his bungling has succeeded in doing is closing down the Inner Path? And has Meenakshi Mummy done "something positive" when she defrauds real estate investors for her own personal gain?

  44. I was referring to their websites and the news of Tiru that we out-of-towners get. Yes, Meenakshi is a front for some really powerful and unscrupulous real estate and donation kings in the area. I know people who are simmering from their acts but Arunachala is towering large in the background. Do you think he will keep quiet. I know one of these people who has been repeatedly given his just deserts and hasn't learned the lesson. In time...

    As for Richard Clark, his mistake was he would not listen to the sane sage advice given by long time residents but think it is Arunachala who acted out of love and concern for his children by getting the Inner Path closed. He wants us all to reach HIM on the real inner path that is within us.

    As for the charity Richard supports, unless it is audited, I am sure there is some level of corruption... but we are talking peanuts compared to other scams in the area.

    My request is that someone start an online newspaper or something on the lines of Meenakshi mummy and Richard and bring us news about our beloved Arunachala and the Tiruvannamalai we love. I am sure advertising revenue will cover the costs and ensure an organization is in place when these two individuals leave or stop doing what they do so well. What do you think?

  45. I would welcome alternative voices who are an antidote to the saccharin bullshit posted by Richard Clarke and Meenakshi Mammy. Richard Clarke's disturbed reporting of Radha's occult suicide attempted to deify a disturbed and unbalanced individual. This helped fuel the hysterical witch hunt against 4 of her ex-devotees. These idiots are dangerous and anything that puts them out of business would be a blessing!

  46. Yes, alternative voices governed by the Press Council of Arunachala (and our very own Chi Ting Master, Sister K and Firefly.) Start one and show us. All proceeds to go to the non-saccharin reporting of the above mentioned folk.

  47. Ye gods, you're a bit dense! What do you think we've been doing for the last 5 years? And to be honest I'm not interested in your attempts at a moral handbagging. It's your hobby horse - get on it and ride it - and of course do it positively because we wouldn't want anything nasty or negative!

  48. This isn't directed at any one in particular but I came across this today in Swami Sivananda's book on "Karma Disease"

    -- "Sannyasins who falsely pose to be siddhas and cheat the people of the world will be suddenly overcome by impotency in the prime of their youth and will suffer terrible disappointment while eagerly hoping to enjoy pleasures"

    There is a long list, some of them pretty scary and funny at the same time.

  49. This business about whether anyone is enlightened or not is really very simple: If someone is enlightened they can't tell anyone else about it.

    And what's more, even if they could say anything about it, they wouldn't, because they'd be appearing to play a game of spiritual one-upmanship that might give offence to all those who believe that this stuff that's happening is Happening For Real.