Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Satan is divine

This blog has often been described as a pustulential carbunkle on the backside of Arunachala. The main complaint is that the posts we write are "nasty" and the Chi-Ting Master is consumed by rage and lots of other bad stuff ...

Most of these comments come from people with a Christian mindset, which pits good against evil and is rooted in the very dualism that Advaita allegedly seeks to transcend. So pervasive is the instinct to reject the dark in favour of the light, we witness our critics falling into a Pavlovian, kneejerk moral absolutism again and again!

The Love and Light Club that exists in Tiru is fake and frankly nauseating. These bliss bunnies are just junkies in search of spiritual soma. The attainment of "I"-centric states seems to be the name of the game. This is an egocentric selectivity that reaches for comfort and emotional gratification: a one-sided view of life which constantly affirms the nice and fluffy while jettisoning the harsher realities of the world. Where is the anger which is also a part of life? -It has been suppressed and denied in favour of an unsustainable utopia that never was and never will be. It's a ridiculous rule-bound fiction that sows the seeds of extreme violence in its confused platitudes. The shadow side of the psyche has been rejected and remains unintegrated. But this is essential for there to be true spiritual insight!

This blog is not about purity to the exclusion of the ugly and coarse. It does not preach heart over mind or the angelic triumphing over the demonic. It is about a non-attachment to both poles of existence where each are given full rein and neither leaves a trace.

Dichotomy and competing binary pairs are found in all the religions to some degree. From what we know of recorded history, it began with Zoroaster and the war between the omniscient, uncreated Ahura Mazda and his evil rival, the destructive spirit named Angra Mainyu. (This is the world against you, with a malevolent force out there trying to do you in!) As a result the demonic 'other' is excluded from the company of the faithful. This polar opposition is by now so widespread and insiduous that its proponents do not even question the basis of their beliefs. Dualism pervades the collective psyche, its baseline assumptions are unquestioned and set in stone. The children of Ahriman skulk in the shadows, the lepers of our imaginations!

These themes have continued through Judaeo-Christian monotheism and Islam. The Jewish patriarchs recast their opponents as an evil 'other' named Satan. However this was a political perversion as the satan was originally one of God's angels: a helper sent to block or obstruct human activity and prevent man from harming himself. (Satan was not an animal or a monster then, but a superhuman being of superior intelligence and insider status!) Numero Uno conspiracy theorist David Icke interviewing Zulu sangoma Credo Mutwa gives this seminal event an interesting twist. He tells us that such satanic images derive from a far more ancient source: the horned reptilian race called the Chitauri. Dwelling in underground caves and being cold blooded, the Chitauri warm themselves beside huge cooking fires which they stoke in the bowels of the Earth. These stories have bled into the human psyche as the Devil and the Fires of Hell. Apparently this was the impetus for later Christians projecting the Horned God on to folk wisdom and indigenous religious practices - and denouncing them as "pagan."

Whether these ideas and images are allegorical or pure fantasy is besides the point. While philosophy debates the existential status of evil, this archetypal drama looms large in the collective unconscious. Even in our dusty temple town we have the example of Radha Ma's occult suicide. Then there are the persistent rumours of whole villages around Tiruvannamalai dedicated to black magic - and the undoing of the various curses that can be cast upon you. And what about the terrors of psychic attack? In the Book of Ieou, one of the apochryphal Gnostic Gospels, Christ describes a pair of obstructing Archons named Samaelo and Chochochoucha which, on reaching the fourth aeon during the stages of spiritual ascension, seek to derail one's spiritual evolution at its most critical point. The Archons in general are alien predators and the Nag Hammadi texts describe them as heavy, elusive shadow-creatures. The Gnostics taught that the true mind of human beings (nous authenticos) is part of the cosmic intelligence that pervades nature, but due to Archontic intrusion, this native "genius" can be subverted and even occupied by another mind. They warned that the Archons invade the human psyche and may also confront us physically as well. Their main impact though is on our paradigms and beliefs.

Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan Matus similarly describes how in the past, entity-like "predators" (also called "flyers" or "mud shadows") infiltrated us with their belief systems, ideas of good and bad, and social mores - making us think they were our own. Don Juan relates how they struck at a point in the past when man was a 'complete being' with incredible levels of awareness. The predators came from the depths of the cosmos, gave us their mind and thus man became sedated and enslaved. In The Predator Mind, he explains how the predators continue to use religions and ideologies to engender fear and fuel the ego. They then eat our divine energy - the glowing coat of awareness around our bodies - and we become their food:

By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudo-concerns.

The evil described here is, for sure, full of unpleasant outcomes. But Don Juan also makes it clear that the flyers are an essential part of the universe and the means by which it becomes aware of itself. Crucially, the evil of the predator is a "challenge" which can be overcome. The sorcerers discovered that if they taxed the flyers' mind with inner silence, eventually it would leave. The flyers' mind flees forever when we succeed in grabbing on to the vibrating force that holds us together as a conglomerate of energy fields. If we maintain that pressure for long enough, the flyers' mind withdraws in defeat because it has little concentration. With the discipline of perpetual serenity and an unflinching awe at the episodes of 'energetic flare' engineered to ensnare us, our glowing coat of awareness becomes unpalatable to the predator. In fact it grows, enabling our continuity in the universe. This evil is therefore friend as much as foe. Seen as grist for the mill of spiritual practice, it is more a type of complementary "anti-force" that can accelerate and liberate us.

John de Ruiter is perhaps the most renowned advocate of this view. In his dialogue "What is evil?" he speaks of an alternate dimension which has exhausted its reserves of Truth and taken over the Earth plane, entwining itself with our reality. Apparently we are mined as a source of food through tension, which is calculated to pull us out of what we are. Our mental and emotional reactions to this pressure yields an energetic output which can be fed upon. Further, many of us are expanding in consciousness, so an ever higher amount of energy can be mined from us. The energy we are capable of putting out becomes irresistible and because that energy is so high, the tension attacks us more since we pose a threat to it and promise even greater energetic yields. The idea is that as we begin to integrate what we are, we understand more and are able to see what is going on. The tension therefore only gets bigger until we die. We are a perpetual focus until we are shut down.

But de Ruiter says we can be "awesomely OK" with this force which attempts to separate, hurt and destroy. For him, the solution to all of this is to be what you honestly are, which is not a reaction, but a response to our 'innermost.' This is very painful and uncomfortable but it is easy. By not reacting, we will not give our energy away in response to tension and pressure. Energy will not be released outside of us but within us. When we surrender to what we are, we begin to awaken. This involves being highly responsive and making no move to alleviate that tension. That tension must be allowed to go anywhere inside of us and do anything with us that it wants. So it’s not extending ourselves outwards to stop something because it’s affecting our happiness, but the opposite. It’s completely opening up to what is and ‘what is’ being allowed to go inside and have free rein. When we are unconditionally and warmly OK with being devoured and destroyed, then the force of evil can do nothing. It cannot touch you.

From these descriptions it seems clear that while evil definitely exists, it can be transformed. It is not remote or separate from existence, rather, it is an indisputable part of it. Perhaps the only evil here then, is the suggestion that evil is something fixed and unchanging - something absolute and totally independent - that is inherently or externally immutable. If we accept this, we are permanently stuck with Satan as a negative adversary and the world falls cleanly apart into an irreconcilable battlefield between good and evil. Advaita gives us another option. Evil exists but because everything is the Self or Brahman, evil is also divine. The danger here though is that we resurrect the spectre of ultimate states by saying that there is always some "thing" that everything 'really' or truly is. By this token, evil is one thing posing as another, which revives the endless dualism that lies at the heart of the problem.

Perhaps we would be better off saying that while evil can be experienced, it is transient. Just like the flyers, the demons of our minds are merely fleeting phantasms. There is not really any Satan - or any divinity either - but whether we realise this depends entirely on who is looking. To the critics of the Chi-Ting Master we therefore say:

The great saw him as great
While the small him as small
To the angels he was an angel
And to the devils he was a devil ...


  1. Greetings Kevji,
    What you say above so eloquently - and with citations no less! — has been my theme for a long time. So many seem to equate being on the path with being blind (with particular reference to the dark side). In the Bhagavad Gita, Queen Gandhari - who voluntarily chooses to blindfold herself out of (misguided) sympathy for her blind husband - does her entire clan a great disservice. Much better to have served as her husband's all-seeing eyes.

    This sickness is evident in many yoga ashrams – I call them the “upper chakra yogis” – folks who suppress/repress anything that frightens them, but forget that the crap will all erupt one way or another, with much worse consequences. It is seven luminous colours, after all, that make up the splendiferous rainbow. Volumes more to on this subject, sigh ... let me say for now that I am both puzzled and frustrated by this childish refusal to call a spade a spade — as long as we are being authentic (and not cunning/manipulative). The folks I encounter who stubbornly refuse to look at the whole picture are invariably boring, tedious, unwise, incomplete — and most of all, scared! What we do not examine only grows more potent and deadly. So, while I stay away from purely toxic people, I equally shun Pollyannas. If I do not confront the tyrannosaurus sitting in the living room, and instead, pretend it does not exist, tiptoe around it, or shiver in fear, I also lose the opportunity to tame the monster, and utilize its awesome energy to shoot me up into the stratosphere. So bravo, Master, for this fearless dive into the subject!

  2. The thing I am left pondering is, who is right: the Advaitins or the alternative history merchants? Isn't it curious that they both seem to have a theology of supremacy and can sublimate the other into their own account! The Advaitins would say that all of this alternative history is complete bullshit, it's only apparent and there's only the Self. Then the Gnostics and Castaneda would say that this kind of religious theory is the precise brainwashing that we have to overcome and is some alien implant. Which is correct and where to go with it all?

  3. Bloody hell, I just have to look at the picture to know that the Master has it all wrong again. Any intelligent being knows that Satan must be androgynous; to picture him as an obvious male "Bruce Willis like" character must point to the Master’s orthodox Christian upbringing, the mindset he so much hates. So I did not have to read the rest, probably just a bunch of Christian mindset lies anyway!

    Here are some words from Satan Itself: stick them up your ass and sit a few hours on them, O Holy Man and start all over again ... ġrumble, grumble, grumble etc ...

    0 heilger Mann! Da wärt Ihr's nun!
    Ist es das erstemal in Eurem Leben,
    Daß Ihr falsch Zeugnis abgelegt?
    Habt Irh von Gott, der Welt und was sich drin bewegt,
    Vom Menschen, was sich ihm in Kopf und Herzen regt,
    Definitionen nicht mit großer Kraft gegeben?
    Mit frecher Stirne, kühner Brust?
    Und wollt Ihr recht ins lnnre gehen,
    Habt Ihr davon, Ihr müßt es grad gestehen,
    So viel als von Herrn Schwerdtleins Tod gewußt?

  4. It's obvious to me that Satan is wearing a special Martina Navratilova sports bra, so that his/her tits are not gropeable. This is especially useful in Hell, where there are lots of perverted little demons - much like yourself. Have you become blind since your infatuation with that troll Sven?

  5. Once again,His HoliMess manages to deliver yet another eagerly anticipated installment of long-winded,mind-bending, utter drivel and pure unadulterated cock. How tasty! Bravo!

    I learnt so much from watching David Icke interview Mooji's dad in S.A. Two truly brilliant minds, one-upping each others' hallucinations.Give 'em more money!!!

    SMister Klaus ovary reacted as always. Will s/he ever move up to the next chakra and do some Vichara?

    Good and Evil. Devils and Angels. Real and Unreal. Such talk is okay for goat-herders two thousand years ago. But times have changed. We have all grown up. Matured. Evolved.

    We see things as an Unbroken Whole.

    One, Indivisible, Seamless Unicity that...oh wait!..is that a fucking WALL they are building in that Toilet of Humanity called the "Holy Lands?"

    As for that little hunchback Sven...Bhagavan loves him and I do too!

    Peace y'all

  6. In the time when the Missus and I were hippies - we didn’t think about these things - Evil, Satan etc. They simply didn’t exist (even though the Stones had already done their Sympathy for the Devil!) There was only happiness and joy and life was a continual love-in. A veritable blessing and a gift of the divine. We were happy together (a beautiful song by the Turtles in 1968) and even in the 80s we were singing and humming "don’t worry, be happy".

    But it didn’t last, the world changed and I was one of the victims. I started to think and ponder about my life and the Missus bought these books about spirituality (aura healing and self- enquiry etc). We heard about Real Happiness and we started doubting if our happiness was actually real and valid and so our lives became miserable and full of worries. Nitpicking about ridiculous subjects and various interpretations of spiritual texts and methods. Suddenly our life was not happy together anymore, we were dazed and confused (great song by Led Zeppelin) and our love-life was a mess. The couch was my only refuge and I zap sulkily from one crappy channel to the other, stuffing my self with supersize Big Macs and gallons of beer. All to come to the astonishing conclusion that there is absolutely nothing out there. Sometimes I think that this absolutely nothing must be Nirvana, but the Missus says that I am mistaken and stupid and a fat factotum and she is probably right. While she persists in her spiritual quest. I aimlessly try to become one with my coach and to reach the state of the ultimate couch-potato-dom and I dream of the good old times. When we put roses in the guns of police and soldiers - were stoned all day and made love with whoever was available.

    Spirituality, it fucked up my life completely!!!

  7. so, how was tiru this year, minus mooji?

  8. Most Beloved, Erudite Holy Ganja Master,

    I send you many thanks for all the delectable mental excursions that you provide to your humble and devoted followers. It is difficult to see the real and hidden causes behind things. Examining what has happened in one’s life up to this point seems to be an almost useless exercise, since a random bird may fly past a window at any time and cast a momentary shaddow upon a baby’s bib. The baby drops its spoon to try and touch the fleeting shadow of the bird; the spoon falls and spills brilliant orange carrot baby food across the floor. Baby then searches for its spoon and soon it cries.

    Fifty years later Obesity Fighter wonders why. He tries to connect the dots between his life of grace in the 60s during which a rose stem was gently whispered into the barrel of a militia man’s rifle and his present life of angst, his endless hunger for burgers and beer, and for the girl who used to give it to him oh-so-freely, the one he now calls “the Missus” and who makes him feel lucky if he can get it once a fortnight or twice a month.

    It can’t be done. One’s life cannot be understood by analysis of the earlier events that took place. The shadow of a black raven’s wing, after all, is only one domino in an endless run of others which may be blocked at any moment by an utterly unexpected event, for example, as happened in San Antonio da Platina last week with a torrential rain of spiders.

    Yours, as ever

    Myles O’Blarney

  9. Kevin: Are the people which view your 'thoughts' soooo ... in need of such information? Satan is Divine just like everything else. I thought everyone knew that. There is no thing that is not a projection of 'Source'

    To change the subject ... it saddens me to see there has been a comment deleted on this site. What the fuck is that about??? Or have I missed something? Thanks.

  10. Actually yes, people desperately need this information. In Tiru the therapy mindset prevails and thanks to Mooji and his ilk, love and light is taken for the only version of reality. We are not against love and light but we fail to see how dualism in the form of excluding the shadow-side can ever be the definition of Advaita. Then there are the subtler points where even Advaita falls short as it is riddled by the same dualism itself. Try and find someone in Ramana Nagar who has realised this!

    And yes, we delete lots of comments on this site. If the comment is unintelligible, abusive or adds nothing to the discussion we erase it. This is not a vox pop pseudo-democracy!

  11. Oh Gregory, things are much improved since blubber guts fled to Rishikesh. Of course there are lots of Pune wannabe gurus running around, but hey ho you can't have everything.

  12. As a firefly it is obvious that I prefer the dark to the light, not only because it makes me visible, but also because it is sweet, soft and fluffy, safe and protective like a womb. I don’t associate darkness with evil - as most people do.

    But then, aren't evil and its posterboy Satan just part of an omnipotent, divine energy named God or whatever else it is called? Then there is the man made construction called religion. To divide this neutral energy into good and evil is with the obvious motive of the few being able to control the masses. There is no good and evil in nature or small children: no attachments and no traces of identity there at all. The urge to divide, to possess, to label things and people as right and wrong, good and bad comes with the ego. History proves that this ego is easy to control by the one who wants power. The strategy of "divide et impera" (divide and rule) was introduced by the Romans. Since then it has been successfully used by anyone who wants to control "the other" in every conceivable form.

    So these stories about Zoroaster, Castaneda, Super Idiot Icke, the Gnostic Gospels and even about that notorious liar John de Ruiter are nice and entertaining - but not really necessary - to prove the simple fact that Satan goes hand-in-hand with God and that evil comes with good in the game called dualism. And if you ever want to play that game you've lost, end of story. But to not be attached to either is indeed what life is all about.

  13. My dear Lightening Bug - Firefly,

    Hello my Dear!

    Thanks for your refreshing breath of sanity and insight on the question of how to deal with evil. I’m glad it works for you, but here’s the rub for me. Once the Devil and his minions have been created and unleashed by the ego-driven Captains of Industry, the Vatican elite, etc. to serve their own selfish ends, the question arises, how do we deal with these spirit devils which are now rampant and have been loosed upon the world.

    If your house is on a mountain surrounded by devils what you will need is some sort of air-tight cylindrical Argonne molybdenum devil-box and a devil tamper. The devil tamper is very much like a “tiger tamper”, which has been described as a kind of stick having a smudged end which allows one easily to pack a lot of tigers down into a tube. Armed with a devil tamper and a devil storage box one may clean up one’s mountain and keep the devils in a safe and controlled condition. But what are others such as myself and Obesity Fighter to do?

    Shiva’s strategy was the opposite to this. He created a lingam of light of infinite length emerging from Arunachala, then challenged his two Brahma-Vishnu devils to find the ends of it. Neither Brahma on his swan nor Vishnu in the form of a boar could do so, but in trying they expended all their energies and so became subservient to Shiva. Shiva, of course, is a divine being so this method may be a practical one for him but it's not practical for mortals.

    What happened in Obesity Fighter’s case was that “ . . . when the Missus and I were hippies - we didn’t think about these things - Evil, Satan etc. They simply didn’t exist . . . There was only happiness and joy and life was a continual love-in. A veritable blessing and a gift of the divine.” But now Obesity Fighter experiences his life as being rather like that of a jungle lizard, after having been caught and impaled on a spit by savages, is now being slowly roasted over flames. His salad days of the 60s are merely memories now.

    In your scheme of things, O Firefly, what advice can you give to him and to the rest of us so that we may recover our innocence and once again become the energetic idealistic souls that we once were?

    I shall be noshing on a slab of Guinness Cheddar and nursing some fine Murphy's Stout that I found hidden in the cellar, as I await your kind reply, good sir.

    Yours ever, as always

    Myles O'Blarney

  14. If you can remember the sixties, you're sixty

  15. Dear Myles and O.F.

    Reading is obviously not your best skill, my dear Myles. That is actually pretty normal these days. Most people are busy with all kinds of useless actions. Where is the time to use the eyes and ears and a little bit of common sense? I could just say: "Read the last sentence of my comment again and there is your answer." But that is probably too easy for you, your writings being broad and lengthy, somewhat long-winded and verging on the tedious (even if they do contain some very interesting elements).

    The answer to your doubts lies in O.F.’s behavior.

    Dear O.F., don’t listen to your bloody Missus. Let her choke on her "spiritual quest". Of course there is no such thing, it’s all a formidable scam to make and keep people unhappy. Don’t mind the burgers and the beer, they bear no weight, not even in your case. If you feel again that there is absolutely nothing there, stay in that position, don’t move, don’t react, and you have arrived. Nothing evil or bad can touch you any more; you simply stopped playing the game. But don’t be attached to this (non) state. Stay aloof or else the game will start again. That’s the trick. Others don’t know anything about it, whatever they say - especially the Missus and other so-called spiritual people. They are poor lost unhappy souls desperately looking for something that doesn’t exist.

    So my dear Myles; your devils big and small, green and pink, with two or multiple horns exist only in your head, created by your foolish attempt to be spiritual. The problem is your so-called spiritual longing to recover your innocence and to be that energetic idealistic soul again - which is not possible of course - since like O.F. you are a silly middle-aged old bugger now. "It can’t be done. One’s life cannot be understood by analysis of the earlier events that took place" ... Your very own words my dear! My humble advice is this: BE that silly old bugger with your whole heart ... Keep writing your slightly amusing comments, drink more Murphy’s stout and stuff your self with Cheddar. I also advise you to try the famous Dutch Old Limburger (known for its pungent odor) if you want to try something stronger than that slightly boring Cheddar ... and just be fucking happy, old fart.

    P.S. For this advice I will charge you only $2750 which is really a bargain for saving your life. The Chi-Ting Master knows my account no. since he is so generous as to deposit a handsome sum every month for the drivel I write to keep his blog going. Actually I just realised you and the silly Sister might also be on his payroll. He must be a very wealthy bloke!

  16. Bollocks, you are a total bullshit artist. I pay you 2 rupees 75 paise and that's just to get rid of you!

  17. Hear, hear ... Our Kevinji is actually paying people to keep his blog going. That’s no surprise, looking at the poor quality. I don’t mind being on the payroll too. My account name is B. Paterson, account no 23500471, sort code 41-29-43, HSBC Bank (Stoke on Trent UK). I promise to write weekly an original bullshit story, for let's say, 250 quid to keep the ball rolling. I also have some friends who do a bit of writing. Eagerly awaiting your reply ...

  18. Although good 'n' evil make up the world, and to profess any bias to either is to be cast out of the the 'awakened' non-dual reality by mere conceptualism ... I have to say, given the choice between munching on a Bounty Bar in a tropical island in the sun, or trudging towards a mass grave to be shot in the back of the head by Stalin's gang, I'm afraid I'm with the Bounty Bar brigade.

  19. As regards devils adn taboos, here's Sri Devi Bhagavan Maharaja Bill-muni Hicks:

    "Bill Hicks: You never see a positive drugs story on the news, do ya?

    No. Always negative. But the news is supposed to be objective. I mean, isn't it supposed to be THE NEWS? But every drug story is negative? I've had some killer times on drugs! I'm not promoting it, but I'm not denying it.

    Same LSD story every time: "Young man on acid, thought he could fly jumped out of a building, what a tragedy." What a dick! He's an idiot. If he thought he could fly, why didn't he take off from the ground and check it out first? What a moron. We lost a moron. WE LOST A MORON!!! I don't mean to sound cold or cruel or vicious, but I am so that's the way it comes out. Professional help is being sought.

    But wouldn't you like to see a positive LSD story? Would that be newsworthy? To base your decision on information rather than scare tactics and superstition and lies? Just once, to hear what it's all about:

    Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.

    Here's Tom with the weather!

    "I've had a vision. Even though this is a world where good men are murdered in their prime and mediocre hacks thrive and proliferate, I've got to share this with you because I love you, and you feel that."
    Bill Hicks"


  20. "When we are unconditionally and warmly OK with being devoured and destroyed, then the force of evil can do nothing. It cannot touch you."

    So, a good mantra would be, "Eat me," ?

  21. "The Love and Light Club that exists in Tiru is fake and frankly nauseating. These bliss bunnies are just junkies in search of spiritual soma."

    One sneaky ploy of the "Flyer Mind" AKA "their mind" is to create more separation and divisive antagonism by using ad hominems and arrogant put-downs to characterize others, as evidenced in the above quote, in order to make one's own position look superior.

  22. And what you say could easily be labelled the same. It's just moral grandstanding. As Oscar Wilde quipped, morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards the people we don't like. The thing that your comment achieves above all else is the shutting down of valid criticism, which protects the established order. Advaita has brainwashed people so much they can't even accept the basic act of criticism, falling into the very dualism they claim to have transcended.

  23. Whatever valid criticism that may exist in your essay is corrupted by the accompanying insulting and intolerant tone. On the other hand, if delivered with a sense of humility and patience, and dare one say "compassion", it would have been much more powerful and effective. A word to the wise, Brother . . .

  24. You mean humble, patient and compassionate just like you?! The essay is not aggressive or intolerant in the least. It is an opinion, one YOU seem unable to tolerate. So a word to the wise, Brother, your patronising and arrogant attitude epitomises everything we discuss in the article. That's why you've reacted so strongly. Who are you to dictate what is powerful and effective - and how we should write? If you don't like it, don't read it and please take your neo-Christian morality somewhere else!