Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blubber Brother cometh ...

Yes, the Whale of LURV is coming back ... 

American immigration decided not to issue Anthony Moo-Young alias Mooji with a visa. So instead of boring his stateside fans with more of his ME, ME, ME stories, sweaty bonhommie and his Papaji tribute band impersonation, he has decided to inflict his presence on Tiru. That means hundreds of stoned idiots on the rampage mumbling stuff about Nothing To Do, Man while manicly spliffing up! Plus a massive increase in rents and a large mark up on eatables at the Rip Off Supermarket. OH WOE UNTO US!

We are a dysfunctional bunch of misfits here, a kind of cross between the boat trip in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Name of the Rose and Monty Python's Life of Brian. Truly we are the Enclave of the Desperate, it's just that we are not that desperate! This seasonal influx is like having a social toilet emptied all over the place and it ain't too clean to start with!

So please Tony, BUGGER OF TO GOA. It's the place where you can indulge your vices to your heart's content and lastly, don't forget to take your creatures with you!


  1. That must be Barry White! How come the Mooj was knocked back for visa application to the U.S.A. while being allowed to enter India?

  2. Insult to Barry White ...

  3. Dunno why the Yanks don't want him and it's shocking that he can come here with his legions of retards. What we want is an international banning order so he's confined to his council flat in Brixton. Ah the divine bloody leela of it all!
    Methinks the Day of Judgement is at hand."Let all the poison in the mud hatch out!"

  4. They trash the town with their stinking love and peace and leave their filth behind them. They have turned the mountain into a garbage can of their greed, spiritual materialism and sexual gluttony. A beached walrus of deceit of massive proportions, he hauls himself round the streets of Tiru like some nirvanic icon, when all he is is an over-inflated wide boy who used to like to knock his women around. We are sick of these droves of CONCEITED, SELF-OBSESSED people on our streets, they have no understanding of humility and are an insult to Ramana and to Papaji.

  5. Papaji never endorsed Mooji. He didn't even make the list of emmissaries. He is just a self appointed facilitator.

  6. Richard Clarke at his foolish best! Not only does he give Mooji the thumbs up, but sees him as one of the great teachers coming to Sth India.
    His watered down understanding of advaita shows itself in the articles and responses "The season starts in Tiruvannamalai" and 'Neo advaita' by James Swartz.
    He can't take any criticism and is very sour if anyone disagrees
    with his half baked opinions.

  7. Pretty soon the devotees will need crampons to scale Mooji's 'stairway to heaven' throne in Tiru.