Saturday, February 7, 2009

The beast within ...

Germaine Greer gets serious ...

(Kevinandaji: Germaine hit me with her handbag and she usually keeps a brick in there, so I had to let her have her say!)

Behold now the Behemoth that I have made with you
He eats grass like cattle
Behold now his strength is in his loins
And his power is in the navel of his belly
His tail hardens like a cedar
The sinews of his tendons are knit together
His limbs are as strong as copper
His bones as a load of iron
His is the first of God's ways
[Only] his Maker can draw His sword [against him]

Ermm ... What are you raving about, Germaine?
Job, you imbecile. Job 40! When The Beast thrashes within, unable to relieve itself without, it can't find completion ... The Behemoth symbolises the masculine gone wrong! It's all about Tiruvannamalai of course, Kevinanda!

Err right ...
The male energy's not right here. I've only been in this dusty temple town 5 minutes: the food is barely palatable, the male company potato-like and flaccid and there's not a nubile male teenager worth ravaging in miles: unless one indulges in the local rough trade!

That's quite a condemnation, Germaine. Anything to add?
Addicted, balding, impotent, overweight and pot-bellied, non-achieving, spiritually deluded, alpha males gone to seed. They're all asleep and scared to participate in this world! So they indulge in theological nonsense that only worships the mind, keeping reality at bay. It's all an act of confused self-justification! Truly an Enclave of the Desperate!

Any redeeming features?
Not from where I'm standing. The rest of them are do-gooding wimps: even more repellent! All mouth, no delivery ... Not a real man in the house!

So what about the girls? Are they any better?
Hardly, they suffer from the same imbalance ... and spend their time running around trying to save these no-hopers! They're either wilting Desdemonas or control-freak Terminators, driven by dissatisfaction and attracting what they loathe! It's all rather sado-masochistic ...

And the gurus?
What?! That breed of ageing pigs! The only reason they're in this game is so they can get off with young girls! Here we have the essence of the problem. They suck the life out of their audience, feeding on the adulation. And they prey on the female in order to satisfy themselves! The promise of enlightenment is the foreplay and the woman's sexual power, the sacrifice!

Yes, Germaine ... It's a vampire's flesh-fest ... So what?
The Behemoth must be served up to the surviving members of the human race!

Excuse me?
It's time we finished this dying breed off! It's a Biblical allegory for the integration of the male and female within, by surrendering the ego! What we need is a courageous, virile male rather than a deformed abomination! Even a retard like you can get your little brain around that one!

Isn't it time for your medication?
Where's my handbag? It's time I gave you a good bricking!

That's all folks! Germaine will be dishing out the punishment, any time the Ugly Head of Patriarchy rears itself in T.V.Malai. Teenage boys are advised to leave the area before she unleashes her monstrous libido!


  1. I am stunned at Germaine's masterful analysis of the spiritual scene---she may be a crazy, ravening lustmonster for youths but she seems to be channeling the great KaliMa herself.

  2. As for the future of TV Malai, please mention the subversive motives of the iron ore company planning to pollute the area.

  3. Is this about that guy who is always in Manna Cafe?

  4. These creatures are not men, they are slaves and catamites ripe for the sword!

  5. Dour Northern Viz reader manFebruary 14, 2009 at 5:54 AM

    I like Germaine's fantastic new insect shakespeare theatre that she has put in Viz. Do you get that in Indiah?

  6. Indiah is a cornucopia of delights all things are possible! Even Buster Gonad got a hand job from a blind beggar woman who thought he was a frisky elephant!

  7. Germaine, please shag me ...