Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mad, bad and back again ...

Team Madhukar go for it in a frenzied attempt to get enlightened ...

Yes it's that time of year again, Madhukar is back in town. This priapic ├╝bermensch makes Mooji's carousing look like something from der kindergarten. Madhukar's evil leering visage can be seen on slick posters all over town, a fascist political manifesto for a serial offender who has found the keys to paradise! This time Madhukar is selling something called The Yoga of Silence, which probably means that any young girls under the age of 25 will be rounded up and chained and gagged, before being left to the tender mercies of The Big Bad Bald One. He handpicks his victims carefully and has reduced satsang to an aggressive act of dominance. How anyone can be taken in by this Benito Mussolini lookalike with his imperial pretensions is a complete mystery to us but year after year coachloads of the willing arrive to sacrifice their innocence and euros to his hubris.

If you like ruthless exploitation and humiliation, this dude is the Big Daddy of them all. Enjoy!


  1. Some very strange practices going on in your Egyptian illustration--are these religious or pertinent to the priapic ubermensch you mention? Intriguing!

  2. Not an other Andrew Cohen look alike, right down to his used car
    salesman suit. Spare us!

  3. Ellen, my awesome Chi-Ting powers enable me to access the 'Akashic Records'. I can state that Madhukar and his gang were up to some very Dodgy stuff on the banks of the Nile 4000 years ago!

  4. I would like this blog to be read by all those who are following any guru. Thank you all for it and for sharing your opinions!

    Now, about Bernd Merkle born 1957 in Stuttgart aka Madhukar aka Madhukar Narsingh Rana (how could he get that name ... you must know that according to his biography: "His childhood and youth was strongly influenced by internal dialogues with Jesus Christ"!!!! Well, when I met him he was a hippy market amber vendor in Goa who used to go to Mexico to buy amber cheap and to sell it expensive in Goa. Hmmmm ... strange things happen. Anyway, if anyone has some additional info about that joker, feel free to let me know. Thank you.

  5. Interesting... after having contacted a few people about Madhukar Narsingh Rana found at this link now shows a totally different page.