Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Death threats

It's been reported to us that death threats were consistently made by a Radha Ma devotee about the original Chi-Ting website ... 

Now this is probably just hot air and macho posturing ... but to even contemplate murder in defence of, shall we call it, Truth or Love is a very scary medieval mindset, more commonly seen in Iraq or Afghanistan rather than on the streets of Tiru. The person in question has replaced a 20 year addiction to a chemical substance (i.e. heroin) with an unhealthy codependency with a supposedly divine being (i.e. Radha). Quite how threatening to exterminate the writers of this blog fits into this confused religious drama we haven't quite worked out yet. But please, if any readers have an excess of testosterone and self righteous indignation, please go to the Holy Land and kill infidels or reform the Spanish Inquisition and do silly things with whips ... We guarantee you will feel much better after this bout of therapy!

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and a reasonable grasp of English can see that this blog is just spoof satire. We are not sacrificing babies and if a few overinflated egos get punctured en route, so what! That is the price of seeking power and dominion over others! All the gurus and teachers that we take the mickey out of, make very comfortable livings in one way or another out of supposedly giving spiritual guidance. That makes them fair game! They have taken the golden dollar and put themselves on an altar above mere mortals and we feel free to offer them a reality check. If you don't like it, DON'T READ IT. It's very simple!

After the last website was published we received an Advaita fatwā from that manic Master of the Universe, Madhukar, who sentenced us to 86 million rebirths with no chance of the redemption of nirvana. We sent him a polite reply asking if we could take a big book as this was rather a long time! We got no response, which just goes to show that Madhukar is truly Ming the Merciless, Tyrant of the Cosmos - a being beyond compassion - and with his track record of sexual abuse, it's not surprising!


  1. but madhukar looks like such a sweetie, is that the guy you mean? Or is it Madhukraut? I sure do love me some cute little german boy!

  2. Madhukar is actually the love child of Benito Mussolini(notice the stunning resemblance!) and an SS hooker, so he's only half Kraut.