Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Buddha is dead ...

Or so you would think, if you had the grave misfortune to attend the repugnant Dharma Face Off Event led by that opinionated doyenne of middle class head fuckdom, Christopher Titmuss

Here was Buddhism sexed-up for the masses, led by the elitist demagogue Christopher and serenaded by Big Daddy Mooji and the inanely grinning Werner. The only saving grace was Radha Ma's demented laughter in the auditorium (she then promptly left before fatally succumbing to nausea).

Christopher is an advocate of that dangerous brand of bourgeois spirituality, Professional Buddhism. He dogmatically tells you The Way It Really Is by manipulating What the Buddha Taught for his own personal end-game. Mooji and Werner meanwhile, the lame offspring of Club Satsang, seemingly stand in stark contrast. They both looked embarrassed and exasperated, shaking their heads in unison.

But in the Arena of Truth, both sides secretly collude in the same debacle: they are mirror images. In this game of charades and metaphysical one-upmanship, Titmuss hammers out the dessicated litanies of various Buddhist sects who lost themselves in the dark woods of the mind and endless debate, centuries ago. Then there's Mooji and Werner on the opposite end of the scale: “all heart” and "soft-speak". But their partial realizations amount to nothing more than limp "spiritual experiences", also well past their sell-by-date.

They are both the same. Each side only exists for showmanship in a pantomime of past glories for their own vain needs. Christopher remember: an ill fate has always befallen each new claimant to the Buddha’s begging bowl.

Better to let things lie … The Buddha is dead …


  1. Buddhism ... male intellectual masturbation on a massive scale, responsible for the sublimation of woman and the power of the feminine ... politically corrupt eunuchs who rape women of their divine heritage ... shall I go on?

  2. Buddhism is responsible for so much trouble, not the Buddha. It's overpopulated by male elite intellectuals who are wannabe politicians. They are enlightenment's con-artists

  3. Gotta say, this sesh was the most painful thing, no space for questions, the Christopher Titwank Show, so full of SHIT

  4. Burn ,rape, pilage and then deep fry their eyeballs!

  5. What illustrious company you keep Mr Chi-Ting.
    I'm almost as old as Germaine, with a 30 year zen practice and find your blog hilarious.
    I'm with Genghis, especially on the pilage question, inflict piles on all.

  6. Buddhists have no love. Titmuss is arrogant and confused, one of the "I know" crowd ...

  7. Who's this Werner? Ain't never heard of him.

  8. Swiss wannabe guru, former devotee of Mata Amritandamayi (the hugging Amma). His satsang is a soft soap Echart Tolle-ian touchy feely thang. He lives near Adiannamalai on the pradakshina road. Unfortunately he got involved with the deranged Radha Ma before her suicide - so his judgement has seriously been called into question.