Friday, January 23, 2009

Chi-Ting Readers' Wives

Chi-Ting devotees and their wives bare all! ...

As this blog has been described as the lowest form of spiritual pornography, we thought we would really go down into the gutter and let some right slappers strut their stuff!

Cruella & Nausea Khan:
Nubian consorts of Supreme Mongolian warlord, Genghis Khan. These girls really like to party when the boys get high on mare's milk. And for Genghis, the tent wasn't big enough for the three of them! Probably why he left home and conquered half the world ...

Lady Godiva:
Legendary stripper, the lady just can't keep her clothes on. This girl is FIT and needs no other qualification! Always up for a bare-back ride and will give any Peeping Tom a right eyeful. Her name means Gift of God and we concur! Outrageous and wanton we give her five stars ...

Germaine Greer:
Shagged her way around every campus in the known academic world. Stayed married for only 3 weeks - impossible for her to stay faithful. Wrote The Female Eunuch but we can guarantee she's got balls the size of an elephant! In her heyday, she was a cyclone of pheromones on heat ...

Lucrezia Borgia:
Up for absolutely everything including daddy, Pope Alex VI & bro, Cesare Borgia. Well known proclivity for poisoning unwanted husbands. This Venus is a black widow spider of epic proportions and will give you Cupid's Pox in the blink of an eye! How close to the flame do you really wanna get?


  1. I hope Germaine's been dipped and sheared.

  2. I don't know about you lot but Cruella and Nausea scare the shit out of me!

  3. To the lippy young man making sheep jokes, I've had 10 of your sort before breakfast in my time ...

  4. I am outraged and disgusted, Kevinanda you have really trawled the gutters of bad taste this time. Just you wait young man the grumpy Grannies of TVmalai will give you a moral enema you will never forget!

  5. Laughed my ass off. If Chi-ting is spiritual pornography what is Madhukar?!!!