Thursday, January 8, 2009

Satsang Crime Commission presents ...

Rajneesh ... A Walk on the Wild Side!

Be careful boys you might get molested by the 3 Bears if you go too far into the woods today, remember what they did to Goldilocks!

Pune wannabe clone Rajneesh (full marks for originality with the name!) has arrived in town to give full moon satsang on the 10th and 11th of Jan. He asks the question Who Am I: err possibly Fu Manchu, Ming the Merciless or just some moron from Planet Pune who shaves his eyebrows so he can do lots of pervy things in the name of tantra!

Rajneesh, you have been convicted of the serious crime of Punacy, the sentence of the Satsang Crime Commission is an eternity in maya as a sex slave of that notoriously priapic German guru Madhukar. You will be taken from this courtroom in chains to an obscure dungeon in deepest Austria, where you will fulfil your new master's darkest fantasies in degrading and degenerate ways. Case dismissed!

Presiding Judge Jeffreys ... Err shome mishtake here ... Isn't it err Judge Kevinanda? Err too much gin for breakfast again! ...

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  1. Kevinanada, Your Most Hollineness, Did you notice he is opposite Quo Vadis, which he calls "Ramana Ashram" on his posters?? Duh!!