Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Muz Murray ... who am I? ...

Who am I? ... Muz Murray (aka Ramana Baba) thinks he knows!

He has seen me at his satsang. He pronounces me "faceless and bland," "ordinary and banal," a "nobody," a "nothing." Oh yes, I am so profoundly boring I attend his pitiful mutterings and endure his abortive mantras that click in the ears like dying insects.

Who am I? I am an Invention of the Zeitgeist, the ethers made corporeal. I am the Vengeance of Carthage, arisen from the salt-laden ruins. I am Back from the Beyond.

So Muz Murray, who am I? Are you on my case, tenacious to the last? Are you Sherlock Holmes or the Inspector Clouseau of Vedic Confusion? Yes! I was there but only in the lost clouds of your imagined ramblings. I am descriptionless, beyond your little mind.

Muz Murray, who are you? Are you a New Age Vedanta sage or just an ageing hippy has-been stealing the mantle of a Ramana revival?

Muz Murray, who are you? A fancy-dress reject in a Lawrence of Arabia out-take?

You're absolutely clueless. You drone on in your third-rate romantic gatherings about destroying the mind, the glories of the Self and the legacy of the Upanishads. You are nothing more than a charlatan fool lost in remembrance of the 60s while The Tiru That Was has gone: swallowed up by a horde of Kashmiri clothes shops and real estate sharks.

Muz Murray, I know who I am. My mystery is beyond your grasp. I will never pander to your adled sense of self-importance and I would prefer crucifixion to the drivel and tedium of your satsang!


  1. I found this guy pompous all the while posing as a harmless old sadhu. There's no vibe or energy with him. He's not enlightened. SO why does he give satsang? Oh I forgit, you don't have to be enlightened to give satsang in Tiru anymore do you

  2. what a sham you seem so aggressive.
    As For Muz Murray aka Ramana baba my experience of him is quite the reverse of what you say. I am not an inexperienced, impressed by anything new ager. I am a yogin with over 40 years experience in the field of teaching hatha, advatia and mantra yoga. In my experience Muz Murray has only one predominant wish and that is to "share the quest" and help guild people home to the heart of hearts that they (we all) truly are. His knowledge of mantra is truly vast and he shares it beautifully. I'm sorry you didn't "get it". But maybe your path is by a different route. There are many ways to the one same truth. However there really is no need to try to discredit this true yogi just because you personally didn't understand him. In my experience many many people have had life changing, heart opening experiences from satsang and mantra yoga workshops given by Muz Murray. And just another note that you may not be aware of: Muz Murray shares his satsangs and workshops in Europe every summer, they continue to bring knowledge and bliss to many hundreds each year. He has been doing this since the 1970 when he was a pioneer of yoga in england and it was then he started "Gandalfs Garden" in London which became a famous beacon of yoga and light. He is not one of the many new faces giving all kind of satsang in thiru. He spent many years as a mendicant studying mantra yoga as he traveled. His Quest took him to Arunachala in the early 1970's and he spent a very considerable time at Sri Ramanasramam where he was recognised as a genuine spiritual yogi. He was even asked to take over the editing and publication of "The mountain path" at Sri Ramanasramam. He helped for sometime but gracefully declined the permanent post as his path lay in sharing the joy of being with people in the west. However before departing from Sri Ramanasraman he was given by them their blessing and the name of Swami Ramana Baba.
    I do hope some of this information helps put the record straight. I do understand that there are many new swami's giving all kinds of satsang these days in thiru and that people are sceptical (sometimes justly) of some of them. However I sincerely hope you don't "throw the baby out with the bath water". Sometimes people don't, for one reason or other, see the gem in their hand and throw it away assuming it a bit of old rock. Muz Murray is truly a spiritual gem. A true yogi offering to help as many people as want, to find their way into their truth, into their heart of hearts, into the Self of all.

    May all beings be relived of suffering and experience their true nature of bliss. Tarananda

  3. Ye Gods what a sanctimonious bore you are. This tedious litany reeks of rank spiritual EGO and inflated self importance. Do you really need such an extended CV to justify yourself?. If you don't like this site and it's opinions don't read it, it's very simple!