Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaia ... the return

Oafish übermensch Gaia is set to return to Tiruvannamalai in early Feb ...

He has even sent us a love letter (or is it a veiled threat!) informing us of his imminent arrival with his delightful girlfriend (who has apparently had a complete personality refit at a top German clinic after her last visit here!) Using a refined form of Transylvanian English not used since the time of Vlad the Impaler, he announces himself thus ...

Hi Keninanda ... !!!?
In reading the article of the one who knows what Tiru wants and needs and how it has to be there and the comment of Sunanda, I can see that at least you 2 haven't been in any Satsang or haven't got the message. But you have many chances, also for writing gossips out of your real experience and not from your second hand information. My bitch and me ignorant snarler [he must really luv her in a bestial Hunnish way!] Will be again in Tiru for Satsang at 7th of february 2009. I am looking forward to really meeting you. May I send some of my colour pamphlets for your favorite places? We go now for ice skating ...

If you wish to read his full letter which includes the untranslated German stuff, please go to the Comments section under the article Gaia ... Wannabe Wang-kar of the Month. We await the arrival of more culturally challenged missives from Gaia, which we promise to post immediately ...


  1. It is really beyond belief but entirely expected that this miserable Gaia makes more comment about his male so-called "lineage" than the extent to which he has [not] been appalled by the comments made about his girlfriend. The poor girl and possibly somewhat unintelligent she is, since she accepts an all-too-human man who quite obviously has little regard for her sex ... beyond her being a female escort of considerably better looks ... Wake up poor child!

  2. Oh Wow, Germaine Greer!
    I always tought you were the best thng on the Late Show, Germaine, and that silvery top you wore really looked great.

  3. Ms Greer is refering to the German section of his letter, which we will post below
    Hi Keninanda,
    da du anscheinend kontrollieren willst, wer deine artikel kommentiert, durfte ich leider nicht komentieren.
    Deine veröffentlichten Infos über Isaac und meine Lineage stimmen nicht.
    Aber du scheinst jemand zu sein, der glaubt, was er liest oder hört.
    Bis bald in Tiru
    His major complaint seems to be his claim, that we are not telling the truth about his and Issac Shapiro's lineage. Lineage being the phallic symbol of choice for satsang teachers of the male gender, it's a Lingam thing!
    1/Isaac Shapiro is renowned for beating his ex-wifes lover up in Lucknow.
    2/Shapiro was personally invited to Kalki's 'Oneness university' 3 years ago and went 'Deeksha' crazy, his ex had to stop him compulsively giving 'Deeksha'to his children in Byron Bay.We do not know if he has given up this unpleasant habit in the meantime and gone back to just giving satsang, or like Pratima he has gone 50% Deeksha 50% Satsang, we do not follow Shapiro's career with much interest!
    3/To the best of our knowledge Shapiro has not been back to Tiruvannamalai since,unless he sneaked back for a quickie in the hot season, he has certainly not given satsang here for 3 years. So please Gaia what lies are we telling? Truth seems to be something you use to dominate others and polish your huge ego with!

  4. And I always had this fantasy, Germaine, where I am a hitchhiker, and you pick me up, and your hand brushes my leg when you change gears, and your such a sexy mature lady...froth...froth