Friday, January 9, 2009

Rajneesh in German Bakery bust-up!

Professional Punatic and wannabe empire-builder Rajneesh, has been involved in a stand-up screaming match with eccentric American masseur, Ishi.

The fracas blew up at the new German bakery on the Bangalore road. As the velocity of the abuse increased, Rajneesh told Ishi to: "Fuck off back to America!" and threatened to have him deported if he would not voluntarily vacate the country! And finally, as things really started to boil over, he told Ishi he would use his occult powers against him (Rajneesh is Mr Black Magic himself, a veritable devil in disguise!)

Very enlightened behaviour indeed, Rajneesh. You are a role model for all budding 2-year olds who throw temper tantrums due to excessive incontinence! We salute Ishi, who did not buckle against a Punatic horde of 20 idiots dressed in maroon, stood firm and gave the egocentric creep a stoical "Fuck off and die!" It's not exactly Leonidas and the Spartans at Thermopylae but by Tiru standards, it ranks as a heavyweight championship performance.

Ishi, you are now Chi-Ting Devotee of the Highest Order and if you would like to send your version of the fisticuffs, email us at

And as for Rajneesh ... Return to the sewer in Pune from whence you came and never darken the sunny horizons of T.V.Malai again!


  1. Hey Rajneesh,
    How about we do the Medici Makeover Party, know what I mean Big Boy?!

  2. Wot a freak!!!!!!!!!!