Friday, January 9, 2009

Cult of the Tooth Fairy

Toothy Pratima Sephton ...

Yet another of the elite detritus that washed up on the beach (in Bali) after her Lucknow days with Papaji. Pratima claims that Papaji told her to give satsang in 1993 and thus her status as a spiritual teacher was authorised from on high! Did he sanction her international crusade or did he just ask her to give satsang the next day because he was knackered and bored with all the wasted dross from Osho? Either way she greedily gobbled up the opportunity, never understanding the fallacy of setting up spiritual shop and Papaji's little joke on her. Her subsequent "career" has gone forward in fits and starts much like the menopausal machinations of a woman who has truly lost it ... paranoia, secrecy, no website, no recent images etc ...

Rumour was that she had ceased giving satsang and then last year like a bad apple rising to the top of the tub, Pratima magically reappeared with special added Kalki Deeksha. And this is where it all gets very weird and dangerous. Kalki has been running a notorious enlightenment scam (or is it just an Amway pyramid scheme?) at his so-called Oneness University in Andhra Pradesh that costs (take a deep breath) 8000 US dollars! This is just an expensive nouveau form of Reiki for post-modern morons and frustrated therapists who are trying to beef up their spiritual credentials! So now Pratima has set herself up in the guise of a Worldwide Oneness Coordinator, recruiting innocent and needy souls for Kalki's insatiable Golden Temple project and "other investment opportunities."

If Pratima had truly realized the Self in the presence of Papaji and there is nothing to do and no doer, why is she hanging out with Kalki trying to save the world and enlighten everyone for 2012? (We could ask Isaac Shapiro the same question!) We are now in the realms of a very confused dialectical Frankenstein of sublimated End Time religiosity, with fresh body parts of Advaita stitched on!

In the last few weeks Ms Tooth Fairy has been hanging around with the likes of T.V.Malai's nerdy Roof Top Gang. These aged Armchair Enlightenment Enthusiasts proclaim their advanced state of awakening while seeking the blood of young fluffy consorts on which they feed energetically and sexually, in a vampiric Bonfire of the Vanities. Do not be seduced by this cabal of decayed spiritual ego, masquerading as a Gateway to the Promised Land ...

Ms Tooth Fairy and her elite gang are selling fantasies which will turn to dust when your wallet has drained away. Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it, in the neck!


  1. Love your blog, but please get your facts straight. Isaac Shapiro for instance, after a short period of his usual enthusiasm for new things, let go of the whole kalki thing real quick. And has never given Deeksha. He merely likes to examine new things. He is way not into Kalki! I know 'coz I see Isaac regularly. It is not nice to say this about him two years after he let go of this whole Kalki thing!

  2. The last we saw of Shapiro was 3 years ago and last year we got a little dinner table gossip from some Byron Bay-ites. Who said his ex hated it, when he tried to give his kids Deeksha. As we said in the Gaia piece we do not folow Shapiro's career with any interest.
    Oh yeah, we are not in the business of being nice, this is spoof satire not investigative journalism. We leave 'Niceness' to spiritual types with the dodgy religous agenda of being on the side of the Angels!

  3. Interested BystanderJanuary 12, 2009 at 9:28 AM

    Shapiro Apologist - Stop snivelling. The facts are accurate actually. I was there. Isaac was in thrall to Kalki - for one whole year! - no mere passing interest. Maybe your "pal" has been telling you some porkie pies ... And two years ago, twenty fucking years ago, makes no difference. It still happened. That's the point.

  4. Pratima gives off a horrid vibe. It's all about power - in the solar plexus. Arrogent and supercilious. She really speaks down to you. So glad you wrote this!

  5. She's nobody. Sells enlightenment over the mobile phone now ... have you heard?

  6. Why are you and the other commentarians so aggressive? Pratima gives a blend of Deeksha and other spiritual disciplines and beliefs which she has found resonate for her. She does this because she wants to offer some comfort to those who are in need. She does not seek or offer enlightenment in her brand of homespun and studied philosophy - she simply wants to share what she has found helpful with others who may find the same.

  7. Wakey, wakey Nick, why are you and your ilk so wet and gullible? Pratima is an apologist and recruiter for that Megalomaniac fraud Kalki, who drugs his own devotees so he can fleece them of all their monies. And why the erroneous and absurd belief that all things spiritual are soft fluffy and very camp. Anger and agression are an equally valid form of this bizarre reality in which we find ourselves, it's not only eunuchoid posturing, sometimes the Gordian knot of bullshit needs to be cut ruthlessly. As for Pratima's 'homepun and studied philosophy' please tell her where to stick it!

  8. This woman keeps turning up like a bad smell doesn't she. She's selling her New Age package to old people now and telling them they're all going to be dead in 2012 (quite a come down from Papaji don't ya think) course they're all petrified. Don't you remember from the good ole days Pratima, when Paps told you the world ain't real?